Your Best Hobbies (other than Audio)

It would be interesting to know what other things interest the audiophiles who are obviously so passionate about hi fi and Audiogon. I am similarly obsessively interested in cars and motorcycles. What are your interests?
I paint. I picked-up brush about three years ago, sold few paintings, but as anything else, it is cut-throat bussines. Check my web-site: Also check short stories on "Lunch with sick salad".
I collect art, mostly primitive and whimsical paintings and some sculpture (not outsider art). I used to collect wine but no longer drink, so now I collect kitchen/cooking stuff. Right now its old Descoware, enamel covered cast iron cookware. Before that it was French advertising bar ware. I also cruise thrift shops for music (which is part of this hobby) and have had a good week so far with almost twenty additions for less than $20.00. I guess that I enjoy hunting for things that I do not have to kill.
Eldragon, nice site. Being a fine arts major, and a painter as well, please visit my photographic site: my images are protected by a new technology (I am part of the beta team) please allow about one min. for the free software to load from Alchemedia. Thanks, Albert
Albert, I live in Dallas and have seen many photos of downtown, but yours is the coolest. Excellent work, great colour. Riding down the freeways, I love gazing at the skyline. I also paint, and although I've had offers, I can't seem to let any of the paintings go. I play tennis too.
Paragliding: open, airy, smooth, beautiful, relaxed "floating lounge-chair" pace or aerobatic crescendo (whichever suits me at the time), the pure sound of wind in my lines, the soothing feel of wind on my face, and always exhilarating.
Great thread. I enjoy hikimg in the mountains, taking flyimg lessons, ancient history, chess, shooting pool, and working in my wood shop. There are so many great things to do and learn that you never seem to have time to do them all.
i love to play acoustic blues on my taylor's(512 and 514) and play softball for actual exercise. peace
A near complete (and very sloooow) restoration/rebuild/modification/ of a '63 Chevy Deuce. About half way there! Nicely tucked away in the garage for the winter. Maybe next year ('02) I could drive it to CES! My other love (other than my girlfriend) is my pup, an AmStaff named Moxie. (Doing much better BTW Danvetc - presumed Bordatella URI). Also love any and all ethnic foods! Kindest regards to all!
I play hockey and ski in the winter, and golf in the summer. I'm a car guy too, I like to tinker with my '89 Toyota Supra Turbo, and drive my 2001 Acura 3.2 TL Sport way too fast.
I love both cooking, and exploring the great restaurants of this region. I work out 6 days a week. Mostly weights, but also walk about 1 3/4 miles during the week(to and from the train station). Gave it up for the winter, as I almost got hit by a car a few times(gets dark too early these days). Can't wait for the days when the sun stays out longer... Was big into taijiquan and jiujitsu, but haven't done it for the past four years(I really should get back to those things). I love to read about Chinese philosophy, especially Taoism. Did try to get deeper into it, but soon discovered it was no different than any other religion. A BIGTIME Philadelphia sports fan. Some would(and do) call us hooligans. Favorite sports are football, hockey, and baseball. Developed a real interest in investing over the past 8 years. Thankfully, I soon realized I am a born contrarian. This has kept me out of the Nasdaq. Thankfully I haven't lost much money during the bloodbath of 2000. Have a real penchant for being the class clown, and comedy is something that I think can perform miracles. Favorite comedians are Rodney Dangerfield and Dom Irrera(like me, another Italian from South Philly). Used to be a car buff, but have lost the time for that over the years. Still lust after many cars. Cars would be my art collection if I ever hit the lotto(too bad I don't play).
I like my Jack russel terrier...smooth fox terrier also. They are truly great dogs...personality alot fun. Motorcycles, Boats. Classic autos resoration, and rejuvination of old things. Things that are bygone products that imbarrasse what people buy now. Living near the ocean. Travel.. Bob,
My other passion is motorcycles. I just purchased new this year a 2000 Honda Valkyrie Interstate, big machine, big fun.
Well I have had so many hobbies over the years and was obsessive compulsive about each of them when I was involved. They include woodworking (28 years now, little time for this these days), swimming (the best excercise and kept me in the best shape of any activity I've ever done), bicycling, basketball, softball, karate (black belt) and sport cars. If I could afford one and had the time I would own another Porsche, to me the ultimate fun driving machine short of a Ferrari. Now I have committed myself to learn the piano. I have waited too long to fulfill this desire but I don't expect I'll have another chance if I don't get started NOW!! Have purchased over the past couple of years "The Teaching Company" tapes which cover a wide variety of subjects from religion, phlisophy, physics, music, business to Shakespere's plays. I listen to these in the car when traveling and highly recommend them to all. It puts our world in a better perspective to me.
Hey Trelja How bout them Eagles? I'm in a dilemma, Eagles or Tampa Bay? Da Eagles.
Amateur (ham) radio, weather watching, walking, mathematics (also my profession), and the best hobby of all, the one that I've had since about age 13....girl watching...Happy New Year
Living in New England, my wife and I are boating afficionados. But wait- we've named our boat after my spearkers (Eidolon). Pretty pathetic, huh? No one in the boating world has made the connection yet.
Books. Books. Books. Six cats (Persian exotic shorthair). Four (sw)fish. One crab.
Hobbies: 1)Screaming down a snow filled trail at ridiculous speeds on my Arctic Cat ZL500 2)Sitting in a tree freezing my nads off waiting for that 12 point buck to come along 3)Cutting a hole in the river ice with a chainsaw and jumping in after a 200 degree sauna. (Requires large amounts of Yukon Jack antifreeze!) Kinda makes the high end seem normal eh? OLY from the frozen northland
Mine is Designer clothes and assessories- Suits, Knits, Trousers, Jackets (leather), ties, sunglasses, bags, shoes etc. All really top names. Georgio Armani is my favourite. I lean towards the Emporio Armani line because it has more casual and modern look. Versace is another extreme I go to. Calvin Klein, Mondo De Marco, Kenneth Cole assessories and more. I probably have 25 suits, 400+ shirts, 400+ ties, 40+ pair of shoes, 50+ pair of sunglasses, and tons of cool looking knits.( not to brag but some time I wonder is this a hobby or manic obsession?) I probably have more invested in my ( and my wife's ) cloths than the Stereo system. About 100K vs 50 K( 2 channel plus Home theater). Automobiles is my next hobby. Mostly read about , I mean. Currently I have Lexus LX-450 SUV for family ( 2 daughters) and Mercedes SLK for my self. I wish I could swap cars as often as cloths..... Next year I may swap my SLK for a Boxter.
Riding dirtbikes and ATV's, can't afford the Porsche 911 Turbo 2001 yet. Looking at attractive women is a nice passtime also. I used to aspire to be an industrial artist, but that part of me has died.
A fun thread John. AUDIOGON chat for the last year!!! As an old coot (57), I've been through a lot of hobbies & interests over the years. Trout fishing when I was poor(er); White water rafting and later kayaking; Dune Buggies and dirt bikes (Hi Carl) on the Oregon coast dunes; nature photography for 25+ yrs.; Handgunning, shooting, collecting, and loading for some years-- out of it now; Following college football, especially PAC-10-- big U of O DUCK fan; I've played guitars off and on for 40+ years, but I play my stereo much better:>) Cheers. Craig.
i, too, have had lots of hobbies other than audio, per se. i still collect japanese lp's and have finally completed all of paul simon's work but for his latest. i have several collections of art. in my music room, i hang my rock & roll art that includes several original album prepresses and signed original posters by the big 5 of the fillmore west/avalon ballroom days. i also have a fairly extensive collection of 19th century prints by audubon, mckenney &hall and gould.
Having been seemingly born with a strong belief that life is to be lived, not simply endured, I have tried many an avocation over the years. Only a few have survived the test of time. In addition to music (30+ years), the mainstays are computer gaming (20 years; mostly first person shooters and flight simulators; I even build custom machines for the task), backpacking/fishing (40 years; the two are synonymous in my mind), the San Jose Sharks hockey team (since their inception 10 years ago; even hold season tickets; front row, upper deck, visitor's blue line) and hang gliding (12 years; Advanced Pilot rating, approaching 1,000 hours; currently goal is to fly 100 miles (longest to date is 65 miles)).
Tubegroover. As they say, "You can take the kid outta Philly, but you can't take Philly outta the kid". Damn right !!!!***EAGLES***!!!! Tampa Bay is the better team, but we got the addytood. Proud of ya!
Everybody should check Albert Porter's web site. His work is more than just a "hobbie".
Golf. Serious addict. I mean Zen, mind-over-body, Shivas Irons Golf. 3 hour rounds, 6.9 handicap. Lucky enough to have one of the best teachers, (Jack Lumpkin- who is Davis Love III's swing doctor,) and an inexpensive Donald Ross designed home course, the Brunswick CC. The only place better than the "sweet spot." Also can enjoy a Flor De Farach without stinkin' up the listening room. I am a very fortunate man! Happy New Year! Will, thanks for the tip on the "Great Courses on Tape" from the Teaching Co. I have wondered if they were as good as the flier looks. Have you listened to the Greenberg lecture tape "How to Listen to and Understand Great Music?" It sure sounds like something some of us more "low-brow" AudiogoNers might benefit from. (As long as we can pick our nose while we listen [:)] )
My other main hobbie would have to be cars. I have a 2000 Acura Integra Type R that occupies most of my time in the summer. I also like playing tennis. Girl watching also of course... bye
Yes Charlie I have listened to that one (48 lectures, it took a lot of driving time I'll tell you) He is a superb lecturer and I highly recommend it. You don't have to be a "low brow" to be humbled by Greenberg's knowledge of his topics. I think all who would listen could learn something and enjoy. It covers music from Classical Greece through and up to the Modern era. A must for anyone who calls himself a music lover.
Food and wine -- eating, drinking and cooking. My Alfas -- on the street, running the canyons and track time whenever I can get it. Used to race bicycles (road and cyclocross), but I don't have time for everthing, so I followed the course of least resistance. I'm happier, a bit heavier, and I don't have to shave my legs anymore. No smart ass comment on the last part, please.
Trelja, I take it that you have Deng Ming-Dao's "365 Tao". For Christmas my wife gave me a great book entitled "ZEN Images, Texts, and Teachings" (published by Artisan). If you haven't already seen it, you may want to check it out. John, what a great post. Gives us some "quality time". Thank you and Happy New Year.
I too was an amateur "ham" as a kid in the 60s, and a wunder-kid baroque organist. Now I'm in a more romantic period with my lovingly-restored (and FINALLY broken in--takes TWO YEARS to burn in the new Swedish steel strings...that's why most rebuilders don't use 'em!) Steinway B. Am enjoying my new-found improvisational abilities, meager as they are. Wish I was better steeped in our great jazz history. Voicing this piano, as well a few crossover designs has taught me what's important in this hobby. (e.g., it's interesting to note that a 5-10% change in relative humidity affects the sound way more than most cable-swaps!) I've had a one-person used Subaru business long enough to not get too excited about cars anymore, but I do enjoy my MR2 Turbo in nice weather. (2000's dot.compost phenomena has pretty much destroyed any chances of getting that Boxster S, esp. with daughters' tuitions, etc.) Linkster: cute idea--perhaps I should name my road-bike "Parsifal Encore"? My wife's the prof cook, but I've had fun tweaking a seventeen-spice "berbere" rub that makes my chicken to die for! I'm adding a rowing machine regimen to my Tai Chi, and just shaved my beard for the first time in 30 years, so something's abrew...hmmm. My ref system is hopefully nearing completion, so I hope to spend major time reading and listening to music as well as polishing those Schubert Sonatas. I have quite a few prof musician friends, and am toying with the idea of piano-trio work, as well. Visiting these threads is a Catch 22 for me...taking away time from the above...but I'm glad the Audiogon community is there (except the flamers) for me to make the connection. Thanks. Ernie
Living in the foothills of the rocky mountains lends itself to outdoor pursuits. Summer is hiking up mountain summits ,mountain biking and horseback riding. Winter its crosscountry skiing and downhill skiing and indoor riding. My children are 6 and 8 and I work full time and help my wife with her growing buisness so my free time is limited. Although there are many things I'd like to try Im happier doing a few things well than many things poorly. In my younger days I was totaly car crazy and was involved in a few amature racing teams . I bought a piano for my girls a few years ago and think next I will learn to play as well. Cheers Steve
Albert Porter. Nice site. Do you mind if I ask where that that organ is situated? I'm an organ fan and can just imagine the sound with the pipes nestled in behind you. Thanks in advance. steve
I envey you Alberta Steve living near the Rockies. I am on the east coast and there is a lot. White Mountains in NH, Berkshires in Ma, and the Andarondacks in NY. There is a lot of veriety but nothing very high. The highest is Mt Washington which is only 6200 feet high with a relativley low vertical rise. To make up for it MT Washington has some of the worst weather in the world and we dont have switchbacks. Our trails go straight up the mountain. I would trade it all to climb a mountain over ten thousand feet.
"Great paintings Eldragon! I like "your" girls, especially the "playful" one. And who is that "suicide" kid?
I play quite alot of golf and wish I had time to play more. I gave up my membership at a local club because the conditions of the greens and my handicap has suffered a bit. I used to ride motorcycles, my last a 1995 CBR 900RR. I gave that up with the birth of my first child a year ago. I am in the process of buying a 10 year old porsche 928 S4 to play with. That should be fun.
El Dragon very erotic "Bare Naked Ladies" I also like your post impressionist and cubist work. Keep pluging and remember it usually takes a rich patron to make it to the big time otherwise Picasso may have remained unknown. Albert Porter your art as your audio system is a reflection of the man. World Class, I'm impressed.
Eldragon, are those ladies reflection of your past experiences? And the one bald, is it maybe a self portrait? heheh! Joke aside, you are very talented. Wish you luck!
Alberta_steve, thanks for your interest. That is the big Morman Church in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was in Utah doing photography for the Ski brochure for Southwest Airlines, and got permission from the leader of the church to do that photography. This church is really beautiful, and the man at the organ came in, turned on all the lighting and played for me in order to get the image. Southwest Airlines loved it so much, they ran it in their magazine.
BMW race cars...Isetta's a link...
I am an avid windsurfer and cyclist, both road and mountain. Between all my hobbies there is a lot of gear to tweak.
Dear Khrys: Regarding your hobbies of "Sloth, gluttony, and lust" you might enjoy spending some time in London. Although the weather sucks, the food sucks, everything is overpriced and the people are a buch of xenophobic, yank hating, parochial wankers, ambition is frowned upon, there is plenty of cheap fatty food and booze served in pubs, English girls are easy and prostitution is legal. Sounds like the perfect zip code for you.
as many know, a wif & a 9 & 5 year-old child tend to take up a lot of time! :>)

*other* hobbies i have are cars - currently italian - mostly alfas, plus a pantera, cuz i cant afford a ferrari or lotus v-8. machine-wise, i also love my buell s2, hotted-up to make ~90rwhp, & my '78 ducati darmah. budgetary constraints keep the size of the fleet down.

i also enjoy eating different foods - lunches in bethesda, md, are a treat, with ~150 restaurants all within a few blocks of each other.

i also enjoy yust loafin' w/friends, on the back porch w/a view of the potomac river, the blue-ridge & harpers' ferry gap in the background. also visible thru the listening-room windows from the "sweet-spot! ;~)


On the physical side, I play tennis three times a week and work out in a gym three times a week. To balance this out, my wife and I love to cook, bake and share food and wine with our friends. The SF Bay area is a great place to live and enjoy the things we like doing. I paint multimedia large-scale modern stuff for myself with no interest in selling. I love architecture, art and music and we attend subscribe to and attend concerts, ballets, and art shows. We travel to enjoy same things from another cultures and is what we do for big vacations. For mini vacations, we do extended weekends in northern California, were we live, and Colorado (wife's family) as breaks from our busy work schedules. Along the way we have collected art from various places and remodeled our house a couple times. It (house) seems to have become my big design project. Lastly, I do high performance love cars and tweaking them to my preferences. We have had high performance BMWs, since 1968 (pre-yuppie), and Porches and really enjoy the driving them. Our family car '91 M5 has 158K miles on it and is going to replace with '01 M5
Whenever time permit, I go scuba diving. Unfortunately, winter is the best time to dive and the water gets pretty damn cold (even with a dry suit).
CW: Throw in your girlfriend's '98 740i and the Los Lobos CD and we're talkin' heaven.
In no particular order: Univ of Washington Husky football; jazz and classical music; woodcarving and woodworking; scuba diving; underwater photography; international travel; good food and wine.