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Ebay fraud alert
Could just picture some Euro soccer hooligan sitting in an internet cafe in Prague cooking this scheme up. They are easy to spot and have been showing up here on the Gon too. 
Leaning towards tubes, but need help long
If you could squeeze and extra $500 there is a used Mcintosh MA2275 tube integrated available here on agon. I own this amp and it has many of the characteristics you mention. It is auto biased, has phono, and a remote. Its really hassle free and I... 
Dynaxox Dyna Station CD player
I may order one from Darren at Avatar and roll a pair of Gold Lion KT77's. I was fortunate enough to audition the 3se against my MBL nobel dac and transport, was suprised how rich this player sounded. Its not just warm but has amazing resolution a... 
Toughest hombre west of the Pecos?
Barney Fife! Rest in Peace Donny, your sweetnes will be missed. 
Toughest hombre west of the Pecos?
Jack Palance, freelanced as a vampire when he wasnt doing 1 armed pushups at the age of 80. Definatly a tube dude, prettyboy Robert Conrad 2nd place. Try and knock that battery of his shoulder..hands down solid state dude. 
Best Integrated for JM Labs Micro Utopia BE
I believe the Micros are voiced with YBA amps, Mcintosh has a nice integrated too at under 2000.00 in the MA6500. Lots of nice choices with the Micros. 
Difference between MBL "D" and "E"?
Agon member bluetrump carries the mbl line in the US, Im sure he could answer your questions. 
mac mc2200
Jgiacalo is correct on wood tuning feet and tubes. I own a MA2275 ( c2200 pre section in my integrated ) and have already rolled 3 sets of tubes. Yesterday I received a pair of Telefunken ecc 801s and heard the most dramtic change yet to my mac. F... 
bi-amping with Mc352 and Mc2102
Hi Larry, you seem to be a mac fan like myself. I owned the 800N and didnt care for it, powered it with a mc402 and just couldnt get the bass to do anything. Previous owner had a pair of levinson 336's bi amped with similar poor results. Bi amping... 
Changing the Wood trim color on 3.6 Maggies
I wouldnt mess with the time effort and money, 3.6's sell like hotcakes on agon. Flip yours for the finish you desire...even at a loss I cant imagine the cost exceding changing the trim on your esxisting speakers. 
Tubes or solid state for Sonus Faber Grand Piano
I own a 2275 and awaiting a pair of Ushers, current speakers are 87 db Audes and 84 db Ascendo E's on loaner from the distributor. The Mac has been amazing, of course both speakers have pegged my mac, but its done a great job in my huge listening ... 
Which Power Amp to buy
Having owned the sa250 and the mmg I really liked this combination. Try and find the sc26 matching pre and you've got a fantastic budget rig. 
VTL IT-85 or Mcintosh MA6500
Sure Jerry, after the MA2295 comes out...; ), in the meanwhile buy Lesvan's It85. 
Pres that go with Mcintosh amps
I had excellent results with the ARC LS25, if its solid state your after try a Conrad Johnson 18LS. My MC402 matched very well with both these preamps. 
Spanish Guitar music
Ottomar leibart and Alex Fox, not exactly classical but gets the heart pumping.