A $250 Power Conditioner?

Howard reviews the Puron, which is a small AC power conditioner ($250 USD) "plug" that is distributed by Vera-Fi Audio. It’s said to cleanse the electronic circuit that feeds and audio system. Many tweaks cost a pretty penny for little or no performance increase. Is that the case here?



I haven't tried that but, in my experience an "AC regenerator" is the only thing that really works, but they're not cheap and cost several thousand for something that puts out enough amperage for power amplifiers.

@russter ​​​​@lak Thanks for posting.  Very interesting, and as audio tweaks go these seem very reasonable.

I used the Shunyata Venom plug in conditioner and it worked well, cleaned the noise from the outlet   When I bought mine, I don’t think it cost more than $200 but now the price is up to $300.  If the price is right, it’s worth a try.  If you buy from a place like MD, you get a generous  return policy if you don’t like it. 

Not sure if I can see how a small unit can clean the system but it might not hurt to try

All I can say is I use 3 Puron’s in various systems I have in one room and 2 Puron's in another system and I’m a satisfied customer. I don’t know how they work but I like very much what I’m hearing.

Can you really hear a difference when using a power conditioner?  If so how significant?  

Interesting how many audiophiles base their decisions on cost vs if it actually improves the sound. This item won't.

@roadcykler Have you direct experience with this item to state that it won't? 

I have a couple of old High Fidelity MC 0.5 power outlet thingys that use some sort of magnetic principle to clean AC that sound like beefed up versions of the GreenWave products mentioned above. 

They were all the rage a few years back. Haven't tried any comparisons once I got my AQ Niagara 1000 but I still keep them in on unused outlets.

All the best,

The doubters of this product needs to audition them in their own environment. I’m pretty sure Mark at Vera-fi offers a satisfaction guarantee testing. Most in our hobby will find the pricing reasonable.

I was very skeptical early on, and even had a negative experience with my second Puron. This was not the fault of the Puron, but in my set up which needed to be sorted out.

Forget about that they are too small or too cheap. I have many now and as I added them, they continued to improve the soundstage size, focus, imaging, just overall increased realism.

For reference I utilize a P.I. audio group Uberbuss for my DAC and transport only and had 3 MC 0.5 that I used for a couple of years. The only place I found to be detrimental with a Puron ironically was directly in the Uberbuss.

This thing treats your entire system at once and is right up there with the best audio purchases I have made.






I have also found that placement of it in the wall outlet itself provides the benefit vs plugged into the power conditioner.  I also like the Shunyata Defender. The NCF CLEARLINE i found to have no sq benefit.  

@roadcykler knows not of which he speaks. I have been using the Puron Filters since that came out and yes there is a benefit. Will depend on your system also. This device is not going to make your low end gear sound like a million dollar system either (some million dollar systems sound like shite). WBF has been very keen on all of Marks new devices and many of us there know by experience not speculation. Also the Swiss Digital Fuse Box is a real gem too!  Give them a try Mark has a no questions asked return policy, or is it you do not have $250.00 

@amtprod you know this how?  Really could use an ignore user feature. 

35.  Is and does exactly the same thing.  If it "does anything at all".

After reading all the posts about these things, I decided to try them for myself since there is a no questions asked money back return policy. I'm currently using five Purons, but I have seven dedicated circuits feeding my dedicated audio room, so I'm thinking to add more because I love what they are doing in my system. But how many is too many? Anyone running more than five in their system?


I currently am using 9 with a few additional that I am currently evaluating. My system concern is becoming too dynamic which is so source material and location dependent. My best guess to this point for my rig is somewhere between 10 and 13? Time will tell.

Everyone’s system/systems and electrical setups are so subjective that it would be difficult to project what’s right for anyone.

What’s nice is they settle in very well within a couple days with no break in. This makes it very easy to even try 1 or 2 at a time and do careful testing to find what’s best for you.



More coming from this great company.

Thanks for asking - YES, we are ready to go

220/240 up and running - Production timetable to follow

We also have shown our SnubWay Product - also working with all line voltages.

Viet has made a nice Video here

Further information here

We tested ParaSnub (aka SnubWay) with a simulated SMPS noise source that has an 1kohm impedance. This is to simulate a typical SMPS transformer impedance between the high frequency generated voltage and the line (mains) that it is connected to. We inject about 5Vpp 400kHz, 100kHz and 60kHz noise using a function generator and get between -30dB to -33dB reduction in noise (about 100mV to 150mVpp). This is a significant amount of noise reduction and can really help clean up the SMPS noise contamination in our power outlet strip. The level of reduction may vary, and will depend on your particular SMPS noise source impedance, your equipment, and your particular house wiring, etc.


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I haven’t tested this product. In general i think that trying to filter noise from a 60hz power feed is a losing game. If you actually get it done, you limit power. but I have an open mind. Maybe some alchemist will figure it out.

Here is the before and after oscilloscope shots of my ps audio P10. I wish every product that is designed to improve power would show these graphs.


Facten:  Agree re. Your comment about the NCF clear line.  It looks impressive but it didn’t do anything in my system.

This one has a faux carbon fiber veneer and about $100 more, therefore it has to be" BETTER."4-QSINE_EU.jpg (1500×1500)I





"Again, $35 and it does the same thing."

How would you know this to be true?

I would assume that there are many factors contributing to dirtying ones electricity. What do you base your belief of identical performance on?



In my systems I prefer one Puron each.i notice with 2 the transient speed is slower.I prefer the natural sound on 1 Puron. Other user prefer more than 1.Ipretiring with 2 on my systems dynamic remain the same with one Puron.

Tablejoxkey it would be nice if there is one here to compare the QRT and Puron.

this product doesnt filter or change ac at all

usually those type of products fail miserably

my understanding is that this product detects noise and tries to override it with its own noise that may be more pleasing to human ears

its not a power conditioner at all. its more of a sound tweak


I’m not knowledgeable how it is constructed, but it DOES improve the audio and video. And isn’t that what this forum and hobby is about, to share info?

You probably should actually try one and then comment. There is a money back guarantee.


Ozzy agreed. Love the trolls come out every time, never tried it and don’t have $250 to try it so it has to be BS. 

If you have never tried this device, just shut your pie hole. 


I have tried many parallel filters and sometimes feel they can rob a bit of dynamics and naturalness despite the filter not being in series.

But this ParaSnub sounds interesting. It only targets the SMPS noise?

@tablejockey the QRT does work. My neighbor has 4 in his system. They work quite well, have you ever tried them? Read any of the reviews and tests? 

@lpretiring  there are countless posts on various forums about 'power line conditioners', 'power line filtering' devices, to include the one I mentioned.  They all perform the same function, and they all make the same claims, and they all make same/similar demonstrations with same/similar "reduction" in AC power "noise".  These devices have been around for decades, and they all perform the same function to varying degrees of efficiency and varying degree of effect.  So, you can spend $200, or even $2000 and likely higher on a gadget that does the same function of a $35 gadget.  Maybe the materials are much higher quality....maybe that in fact makes a larger "impact", or efficiency, or SAFETY.......maybe that "impact" is audible....maybe that is worth the cost of the device. 

For me, I would try something cheaper first to try out, listen to hear if there are improvements and get some scope tests done to see if at least it is "cleaning" the power coming from the wall, before I would drop $200. 

Brightness city wow


its like taking an equalizer and going +9 db to the treble

i can understand why you guys like this, but it does NOT mix well with silver speaker cables

i had it plugged into wall next to Galileo sx power cord. At first i liked it, and immediately thought it was a positive improvement

I’ve spent the past week trying to figure out what’s wrong with my system and what was causing the unbearable brightness. I tried everything, finally i removed the puron and immediately my ears stop ringing. I now realize the puron has simply just broken in. The first day or two i was just getting a little bit of the puron and it was good. Now thats its broken, its just too much


i decided it give it another shot, this time in my power conditioner instead of wall outlet…

its the same thing.

maybe if i had copper speaker cables or a much less resolving system i could see the benefits


I have a Puron in my main system (detailed in virtual system page) . Speaker cables are Clear Day silver the Puron works just fine with the cables and system as a whole , it doesn't cause brightness or any other deleterious impacts.


I owned the SR Galilo SX power cord for a while, and I thought it was too aggressive in the high mid/treble region. 


Power line "noise analyzer" starts after 6:40 in to the video

How noisy is your AC circuit at your wall plug... let the debate begin, hahah.  


I have one of these Entech noise analyzer that I purchased maybe 2 years ago based on a previous discussion, so I tested things out.

On setting up on an unfiltered outlet, it would only have an affect from the one Puron that is within 5 feet of my breaker box and not on the same circuit. On setting it to about 100 it was very quiet with only hearing a faint radio station with extremely low interference. Nothing like the unfiltered noise level on the video. Kind of needed it in a headphone position to really hear it well. I then went to the one circuit for my system which currently has 8 Purons on it and the reading was actually higher at 127. It was still very quiet but higher!

I then went to my Uberbuss power conditioner which is on the 8 Puron circuit obviously and its reading was 13. That was a difficult position for me to be navigating in so I only listened quickly and didn’t really hear anything in the couple seconds.

In the who cares department, on my unit when you overload it that small round spot parallel to the volume adjustment illuminates red. Having watched the video I don’t believe his lit up. Not sure why.

Also, I don’t think silver cabling has much to do with varying results for the auditioner. I have Duelund 3.0 silver foil speaker cables with pure silver Aero spades, Kimber KCAG interconnects, Kimber D-60 digital cable, and Lavricable Grand power cords, two of them. All pure silver cables.

The only connections that are not silver in my main rig is the umbilical from power supply to my transport, and the 3 Signal cable digital reference power cords for my transport and Dac going to my Uberbuss, then to wall outlet.

I plan on continuing to add and subtract the Purons I have along with varying locations to hopefully achieve the best sonic results for my application.




The iFi is only 110 dollars!!

I could buy two iFis and a bottle of whisky for the price of a Puron!!!!

Why the hell would i buy a Puron?!?!?!

Sounds like you boys got Puroned... 🤣


How many hrs needed before my TV picture will improve using Puron . My Tv is 65 inches Samsung Smart LED TV connected to Furman $26 power strip.i have not notice any difference .

@deep_333 "

The iFi is only 110 dollars!!

I could buy two iFis and a bottle of whisky for the price of a Puron!!!!

Why the hell would i buy a Puron?!?!?!

Sounds like you boys got Puroned.."


Well you won’t know if one is better than the other without comparing - maybe you got "IFI’d". Puron and Shunyata Defender are both better than the NCF Clearline in my direct experience. Point don’t criticize what you have no experience with


Try plugging the Puron directly into the wall outlet that your system (TV) is plugged into. Your power strip may be doing some filtering.



I totally agree with what facten has stated in his reply to your posting. That is, there is probably different levels/strengths and/or technologies that separate the different units.

Try a Puron and then compare it to your iFi unit.


@ozzy ​​@facten

Of course, I didn’t expect anything fancy from this iFi purifier, like i do with my AQ Niagara. But, it did some resolve a couple of issues with my monitors in my PC Audio/Office rig. Your mileage may vary depending on the default state of power quality in your house.

For example, here’s some dude on YT showing a demo of it in action (4:25) for one problem....


Later on, i discovered that there was a malfunctioning dimmer switch hidden away in my spouse’s adjacent office room injecting noise. Any audiophile should get dimmer switches completely out of the house, or, at the least, put them in a fully ON/OFF state.

After such noise culprits are systematically eliminated, one should just get away from these type of bandaids and install a proper dedicated line and install something like a Niagara. If you need to break through a lot of drywall, etc, just move other lights, appliances, etc in that line to a different line, thereby, making it a dedicated line!

The Niagara, ime, is the best thing that happened since sliced bread for hifi. The reserve/supplemental current it holds/offers for some demanding tracks at high enough SPLs is even better than plugging amps into the wall (common tribal knowledge), whilst protecting all your amps. i.e., Niagara is better than wall for your high current amps. Power Regenerators (PS Audio, etc) = current limiting, no matter what the marketing is.. I haven’t seen any practically sized power regenerators with transformers huge enough to prevent that, if you have a big enough amp at high enough SPLs...it maybe works ok for dinky amps/flea watt amps and just other sources.

P.S Ah, it does appear that my post from last night looks "too exuberant" by normal Agon standards...could have been the Bourbon.


If you view my systems page, you will find that I have a Niagara 7000, Dragon power cords etc. Great equipment!

But the Puron still improved my system. So, give it a try, you may be surprised.

P.S. I also own quite a few iFi units.


One day I am listening to my system.After one Album , I noticed I wasn’t enjoying the music. I realize the Puron is not connected.It was  on the power’strip of my TV.As soon as the Puron was reinserted the system came back to life.I ordered 2 more , they are on sale.The price will increase to $295.

Milpai read the OP thread , He has a good description what it does.Adding 2 more Puron total of 3 on my system. To my surprise it made more music more energetic involving, flesh out more music , smoother and still remain natural and dynamic., Milpai Verafiaudio has 30 day trial. My bet you will keep it and order more.