Acoustic Guitar on Vinyl

Can anyone recommend some decent acoustic guitar on vinyl? it seems a little hard when doing search on the vinyl web stores. Much appreciated.




Michael Newman on Sheffield if you can find it.  Some say the best acoustic guitar sound ever recorded.  Elliot Fisk plays Scarlotti on Mark Levinson Recordings.  Not really acoustic, but Michael Hedges, Ariel Boundaries on Wyndam Hill, Gittarr Kvartetten on Opus 3 and Berkley Guitar on Tomkins Square records.  All great recordings AND great music.  All too rare, unfortunately. 

 As mentioned-Michael Hedges, and Alex De Grassi who also adds the "New Age" vibe to the music.  Muriel Anderson,Earl Klugh 

Going a little deeper check out Charlie Byrd, Paco De Lucia.

You may already be familiar with Tommy Emmanuel? Gabriel y Rodrigo? Both current popular performers.

For pure audiophile delight try Sir John a Lot. by John Renbourn

Excellent production and performance.

@pilrem -- Yeah, Sir John a Lot, by John Renbourn is certainly a candidate. Saw him live a couple times, too. One of my major acoustic guitar influences. Have his songbook.

You've gotta listen to "Nils Lofgren Acoustic Live".

The best live guitar recording I've heard, from E Street Band's former lead guitarist.

John McLaughlin with Shakti - A Handful of Beauty-.

Composition "India" is best.

Buy original Japanese, don't buy original US though White Label Promo sounds better than regular.

Joseph Spence

David Lindley

Martin Simpson

Robert Johnson

The Tony Rice Unit -  Mar West




For something a little more modern and less stodgy, try Jesse Cook or Govi or Ottmar Liebert.

To get more specific on Richard Thompson, the album Strict Tempo!, which is acoustic guitar with Dave Mattacks on drums, is very well recorded and seems pretty reasonably priced on Discogs.

Slaw -- Saw John Fahey perform at McCabes in Santa Monica.  I might have mentioned this already but he might be my single biggest influence in any of the instruments I play. His performance that evening, though, was simply terrible. Clumsy, disconnected. He seemed singularly unhappy to have to be performing live.

John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia, AL Dimeola- Friday night in San Francisco



Joe Pass is one of my favorites - been listening to him (he's deceased) for over 30 years.  Check out some of his stuff on YouTube.

As mentioned earlier, Michael Hedges.  Any and all releases are fantastic.  Also Tommy Emmanuel.

Stephen Stills, Live album

One side is all acoustic guitar and the other is electric. Both sides are packed with great music.

This is where a Qobuz subscription can come in handy. Search and audition before you buy the album. One point from me imo streaming can sound very good but for some reason or another drums always sound better on albums. There is a full ness that digital just can’t replicate.

Bruce Cockburn / Crowing Ignights or Speachless

Some of Kelly Joe Phelps is on vinyl  but not the acoustic albums Western Bell and Roll Away the Stone . Still worth checking out on CD o r Stream

Joe Pass  /   virtuoso 

Just one song, but Emerson, Lake and Palmer's "From The Beginning" is my go-to acoustic guitar song.  "The Sage" from their Pictures At An Exhibition Album is excellent, as well.

+1 anything w/ Michael Hedges, Aerial is his classic

+1 Friday Night in San Francisco, saw them live in San Diego, Steve Morse opened on acoustic, then came out for the encore...amazing!

+1 Kottke if you prefer nylon strings, same w/ John Williams (yes, if recorded well) , Andres Segovia

If you like the Spanish influence/flamenco, Ottmar and Carlos Montoya

And no matter what, enjoy the music and the talent! Enjoy!

I second Leo Kottke and Friday Night in SF

Friday night in SF reference piece for me

Check our Jorma Kaukonen solo stuff , Burgers has drums but mostly acoustic guitars

Any Jerry Garcia Grisman albums , all amazing

Acoustic Alchemy for some easier Jazz

+1 on Bruce Cockburn. No one has mentioned Jorma Kaukonen!  The first Hot Tuna album on RCA is a RtDF. Others…Mississippi John Hurt,Today! on Vanguard, David Bromberg with Norman Blake “The Boggy Road to Milledgeville”. Doc Watson on Vanguard. 
Not sure about vinyl, but The Wailin’ Jennys get amazing guitar sound on their records and the vocals are sublime. 

Octave Records vinyl has quite a few acoustic guitar selections. Some of the best vinyl in my collection. Outstanding recordings, vinyl mastering and pressings. I use them as my vinyl reference recordings.

George Benson's White Rabbit album from 1972 has some good acoustic guitar work

Most of it provided by Earl Klugh and Jay Berliner layering in and out and all around George playing electric

California Dreamin is the highlight IMO

This post probably doesn't belong here as I couldn't find any vinyl copies  but I just became aware of the passing of Kelly Joe Phelps. 


Segovia from the 1950s on Brunswick.  Mostly mono but no matter.

Segovia remains the greatest classical guitarist with impeccable rhythm touch and style.  I have quite a few of these LPs.

Thanks for reminding me to get them out again!

Bert Jansch - “Rosemary Lane”.  Actually, anything by him.

Bert Jansch/John Renborn and The Pentangle - “Sweet Child”

Jose Neto…..Mountains and the Sea.  If you can find it, it’s worth it.  Extremely well recorded.  The John Renbourn Sir John a lot of is another good recommendation.  The Michael Hedges stuff can be fun, but I’ve found the recordings to be a little bright and overly processed sounding.

Mickey Baker “Blues and Jazz Guitar”. Mostly acoustic and he is joined by Stefan Grossman who produced the lp. Excellent. Acoustic Alchemy for jazz-pop genre but excellent recording and strong melodies. Leo Kottke of course. Jorma. Larry Coryell made a couple lps with Phillip Catherine that are pure acoustic duos. Andy Summers made a couple of stunning acoustics guitar duo CDs , but I have looked high and low for these on vinyl to no avail. Any of the Brazilian masters lps are easily found in used record stores, i.e. Laurindo Almmeida solo or w/ Charlie Byrd. John Abercrombie and Ralph Tower (ECM label). I love acoustic guitar and will follow this thread. Keep em’coming! 

@seikosha I love Jose Neto’s playing on the Flora Purim lps and have looked for his solo work. Thank you for posting!

The Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins album Neck and Neck has some extremely tasty acoustic playing on it.

Also, Standard Brands - Chet duetting with Lenny Breau.

Or anything by either player individually.

+ 1 John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia, AL Dimeola- Friday night in San Francisco

A live recording that captures a magical moment. The energy between the guitarists and the fans is palpable.

Yazoo Records made wonderful compilation albums of those beautiful 78s made by the likes of Charley Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Mississippi John Hurt, Skip James, Bo Carter, Skip James, Blind Willie McTell, Scrapper Blackwell and others.

Their sister label, Blue Goose, is another good source for vinyl in this vein.

Not sure about best vinyl sources but Son House is awesome.  

Lightnin’ Hopkins. Leadbelly. 

Unfortunately can’t speak to vinyl pressings with any specificity, but nobody beats Django Reinhardt.

Leo Kottke’s an amazing player

Bert Jansch is wonderful

I think Chet Atkins is a god but a lot is he and his gorgeous Gretsch, not acoustic.


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