Any Tekton users in UK???

I keep reading rave reviews about these speakers.

Tekton don’t have a distributor in UK or Europe.

Just wondered if anyone in UK has managed to get hold of a pair?

.......and are they as good as they say?
Looks like an ad, complete with testimonial. Gee, “...are they really as good as they say?” Oh, brother!

P.S. change “don’t” to “doesn’t.”
Wind your neck in.

I’m in UK & interested in hearing Tekton.   

What’s your problem?
Tectonic sells direct with a return policy. There is no distributor anywhere.
Ah OK thanks!

Can't imagine their return policy covers UK.

I’d really like to hear them.
Good luck with your Tekton speakers purchase. I just hope you don’t end up singing the blues. LOL
@singingtheblues  --  There are a great many folks who have had great experiences with Tekton, quite of few who love the speakers but had some irritation waiting for weeks or months for their grills, a few who tried them and found they weren't their cup of tea, and (weirdly) a handful of trolls who, like tonykay here, pop up from time to time to offer nothing but a cupful of snark. I hope you get a chance to hear or try a pair. I've had three pairs (the Double Impacts, Double Impacts SEs, and now the Encores), and in my opinion, they are amazing speakers if given a fair amount of time to break in. Best Wishes...

This is the fourth Tekton thread on the front page of the forum. You couldn’t ask this question in one of the other open threads? 
Just call Or email Tekton and see what they can do for you.  Great speakers! 
I ordered a set of Double Impacts on 12-31-18, cant wait to get them.  Haters gonna hate, pretty sure none of them have Tektons.  They spent much more on their speakers.  They are big and heavy so by the time you got them shipped over seas they still would be cheaper than a lot of other brands.
waltersalas, and (weirdly) a handful of trolls pop up from time to time to offer nothing but a cupful of snark... 

I also don't understand the desire some audiophiles have to badmouth this company. But they certainly do it every chance they can get. Perhaps Eric's marketing may have melted some of the audiophile snowflakes into a puddle of anger? He did say after all that his speaker design in theory, has made every other high fidelity loudspeaker on earth obsolete (LOL). Anyway, they make a wonderful product. I thoroughly enjoy the sigma's in my system. 
I'm a UKer living in NZ, bought Enzo XLs 6m ago, Omg, stupendous, esp for 2000usd. Eric gave me 60 days right of return . His sound per pound is so high that import costs are still worthwhile, and he does hustle shipping on your behalf. I have replaced lovely Maggies, I am happier in every way. You will sell them fast if disappointed! Checkout his specials. If I cud I would buy his new encores.
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Thanks guys!   

@lesslosslover , Tekton gave you right to return from New Zealand???
Would that be practical?

I’ve sent Tekton an email.  See what they come up with.

Hi sing, yes, but would have charged restock fee  and my cost shipping of course. Honest  they are coherent  transparent, engaging, go real deep. Open window to rest of system blah blah. Sensitive too. Ask Eric to put u in touch with customer near you?
I wouldn't worry about sending them back. Considering the rarity of them in your country and the huge buzz around them in dont think you would have any issue unloading them for what you paid. Just a thought. 
To waltersalas, You having owned 3 tekton models, is the claimed efficiency difference between 96 (encores)  and 99 (DI’s) dB noticeable in terms of  impact or drive when you listen especially at lower levels? I don’t know if these are claimed or actually measured specs. Thanks
@singintheblues Tekton Design has shipped to a number of countries across the world. I recommend going with a standard finish for speed of delivery to you and for your ability to resell locally if you decide to, as an alternative option to returning them.

As for:

.......and are they as good as they say?

I say yes as do many other happy owners.

However, speaker choices are personal and system dependent. All the best with whichever speaker you choose to go with.
If I were to buy any speaker internationally, I would make sure I know all of the details upfront. I.E. Is full international shipping included, or is there an up charge? How would shipping damage claims be handled? (That is a biggie.) What is involved in returns if not satisfied? Do not rely on the people in a forum (no matter how good their intentions). Get the complete understanding of all facets directly from the manufacturer. Don't pull the trigger until you understand and are satisfied with all of the answers. Good luck.
@bigwave1 --  To be perfectly candid, I am not much of a measurements guy, unless something sounds way off. I do like efficient speakers because they provide more flexibility in choosing a wide range of amps.

I have been happy with all three sets of Tekton speakers I have had. Further, I think all three sound good-to-excellent at lower volumes. A comparison is complicated, if not impossible, because I am driving my Encores with a different amp than I had when I owned the Double Impacts, and I think that is an important factor.

Having said that, the Encores driven by my Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 sound better at lower volumes than any system I have ever had in my room, and that is one of the reasons I am so pleased with this system. The sound is excellent across the range, from low to high volume, never giving up anything at low volume or becoming too strident at high volume. I've been very pleased. I know that's not exactly the answer you are looking for, but I hope it may be helpful in some way.

One of the most important aspects for me was to find a speaker that played well at low volumes. I tried the Maggie 1.7 and .7 with 80 watt good. I bought the Tekton Electrons...much better at low volumes with the same amp. Add a musical sub and its get even better at lower levels.
@singintheblues I just purchased a pair of DI’s a couple of months ago. They are the best speakers I’ve ever owned. They need at aleast a month of break-in for the bass to come in, and they are very “directional” speakers. By that, I mean the treble is not well-dispersed and there is definitely a sweet spot. 

That said, I live near Tekton’s manufacturing facility and even visited before purchasing mine. They are a growing company, and I think at times get a little overwhelmed with the amount of email they get about their products. I would recommend a phone call to them.
@willrich47 I’m surprised to hear the treble isn’t well dispersed.   With all those tweeters, I thought that would be a given.

Yes, they’re clearly overwhelmed at the moment.   I’m happy to wait.   I really want to hear a pair before I buy.

Heard two pairs of Tektons a couple of years back D1? and one that looked like half of the D1. To my ears they are like the drinking the Queen's brew with salt in it. 
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The tweeter is the one in the middle.The other six are for the midrange.They do take a bit of fiddling to get them positioned just right,but well worth it.
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Hot tea with milk. Adding salt gives tea a nasty taste. It's what Ma'am drinks, obviously without salt!
Iron maiden and Tekton  D1 are not a happy pairing, well the dude in the Tekton room gave my cd about 30 seconds then took it out and starting chatting to people who walked in the room. Glad he took the cd out actually as it sounded pretty unpleasing.  
Iron Maiden while enjoying hot tea with milk and some lovely scones.Interesting image:)
So one tweeter surrounded by seemingly the same size drivers for midrange?  Am I missing something here?   
It's made to be like a point source similar to KEF. The midrange tweeters are crossed over at a different frequency. What's the question? 
I own The Lore with the Audax gold tweeter. Incredible speaker. Tekton is indeed special. Whatever Eric is doing its very very good.

I just acquired a mint used pair of Lores with the Audax tweeter.   Powering for now with an Onkyo tx-nr809 receiver set to pure audio mode which bypasses all the digital processing and tone controls.   Running though an older NAD dvd/cd player and a Schiit Modi Dac.   All I can say wow!!!!   The speakers cost me $500 the dac $150 the receiver $150 and the dvd player $50.   I’ve had higher end gear in the past - Doge, Monarchy Audio, Jolida…. and yes is it better but not be a whole lot and definitely not worth 3x the cost.    These speakers are very musical at low volumes through loud levels and everything in between.   Best $500 I’ve spent on speakers period!!!!!

The Brits are too smart to buy Tekton loudspeakers. They are use to much better.

Seriously.   Why would any audiogon member post such a response?  Not nice.