Anyone love TIDAL lossless streaming like I do?

I love Tidal. The sound quality from its Hifi mode (lossless) is truly amazing and awesome. I have lot's of SACDs and lossless on even old recordings in 16/44 rivals it. If you felt sorry that there was not enough Hires content, try Tidal.
My little Chord Hugo dac produces sound that is about on par with my EMM XDS1 cdp. The Tidal streaming even sounds better than the Hires downloads I tried from Acoustic Sounds and Musicdirect. I'm not kidding. I hope people support this because I don't want it to go out of business. Please give it a try. I'm just a user and longtime audiophile with no other interest than keeping this remarkable service alive so I and others can use it.
I also love Tidal and agree with everything you say. I also stream from Clssicsonline which streams classical music up to 24/192. A great site for classical music lovers. It is created by Naxos
I agree. I just wish they would have a family plan so that I didn't have to have 2 subscription services.
I've been a Tidal cheerleader since day one, which was when I signed up.

Tidal's da bomb...
Tidal is great, I enjoy it every day since subscribing. Check out Roon at if you haven't already. I use Roon as my music server software, itegrates Tidal seamlessly.
I'll add that I love it too, quality, variety. They are always looking to add more on both fronts. What's interesting for me is that it does not reduce my desire to purchase cd/sacd in fact the diversity of the program allows me to listen to things I may not have and if I really like it I'll purchase it.
I put my self on the waiting list as soon as I read that Tidal was coming to the US, and signed up on day one. I love it too; a great way to discover music and the sound is lovely through a little Parasound ZDAC from a MacBook Pro.
Listening right now. I think it is great. It integrates seamlessly with my Lumin A1 player..I,too,have not stopped downloading HD albums.Will try Roon when they create an iPad controller app.
OK you got me to bite. Signed up and 1st tune I listed to was Paula Cole, "Tiger". Very impressive. That song has an extremely wide sound range. The bass notes shuffled the wifes china around the cupboards a bit. I love it when it does that. Thanks for the suggestion.
I also love Tidal. The only thing I miss from Spotify is their remote iPad app so I can control song choice and volume from my ipad. I hope Tidal comes out with that feature soon.

It's a shame more music lovers don't value sound quality; I'll be grief-stricken if Tidal doesn't succeed. I have no faith in anything Apple is working on either. As much as I like my iPhone and some Apple products, iTunes is like something from the 1990's.

Keep up the good work, Tidal.

I get my Lampizator Big 7 DAC in a couple of days - can't wait to put it through its paces on Tidal.
I don't understand the problem with a family plan. Once you have a password you can log onto any computer. Unless you are talking about multipul people listening to different music at the same time.I don't know what would happen if you logged into Tidal on 2 or more computers
Yep, Tidal could have fooled me into believing I suddenly had upgraded to a megabuck DAC or amp. I don't usually go totally overboard on anything audio, with listening for pluses and minuses, but to my ears, this is 100/100, like magic. I'll probably get flamed, but so be it, I'm just being honest here. I listen to a lot of old crappy 60's/70's music, and somehow Tidal gives it new life like I never heard on my own CDs, and maybe tied with my SACDs of this. (Anyone remember South Street by the Orlons? Oh well, just me I guess...)
Tidal says it has a free 30 day trial, but everything I try asks for credit card info
Are the samples low rez files

I also like listening to Tidal Streaming music because it is easy to use and I love the variety. Of course, the best part is their excellent uncompressed sound quality. In addition, I can change my mind on an album and quickly find a different album to listen to. The flexibility and sound quality of Tidal is a big listening plus for me.

Tidal music selections are improving and additional albums are always being added. There is a very slight delay when starting music on Tidal and another slight delay from song to song. This is not a problem for me since the sound quality is very good.

Tidal also offers various play lists you can select or you select your own album. Another advantage with Tidal is that you can select an album and then page down to see additional albums by that artist. Tidal Streaming is ONLY available on the Chrome browser so I installed it on my MAC Book Pro computer.

You need to decide if the Tidal $20 per month charge is worth it. I feel the Tidal sound quality is well worth the $20. I suggest you give Tidal a try for one month and then decide.

Tidal Customer Service is excellent. Last week, I discovered that Tidal played one song from an album and stopped. I immediately contacted Tidal and they very quickly reported they had a temporary outage on their server’s; as a result there were a variety of playback errors that occurred. Everything is operating smoothly now. They stated they were very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and are working very hard to make sure this does not happen again.

I highly recommend Tidal Streaming.
I also love Tidal. It makes me wonder if I need physical media at all. My LP's, CD's, and hard drive all require care and space to one degree or another. And what a pleasure to sit on the couch and call up new releases on my system from my iPad or android phone.

And, Rgs92, I do remember The Orlons . . . "South Street," "Don't Hang Up" and "The Wah Watusi."
I also love Tidal even for $20/month fee. Yes, they not cheap but worth every penny. They made all music sound sweet without any tweaks.
i stream with Sonos and Parasound Dac for less that $1K. Wonderful deal...
I'd like to run it USB in. How are you guys getting it into your systems? I have a CD player with USB in that is my fave but can't figure a way to get it done except to run a computer into it.
I keep finding amazing rare stuff on Tidal like Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974. All sorts of great obscure original versions of well known songs. And thanks for that Ncarv. Those are awesome brilliant songs IMHO.
I am LOVING it! Its become my most used source. I have eveolved to a squeezebox transporter into an esotric upsampler/reclocker into a K03 and the sound is pretty awesome. Use my ipad as the remote and Im in heaven!
As I stated above, I am a big fan of Tidal Streaming. I noticed that Sonic Studio's recently released Amarra for Tidal Streaming (see press release below). The cost is $39. Has anyone tried used Amarra for Tidal?

Sonic Studio Reveals Definitive TIDAL Delivery Platform

Company announces Amarra for TIDAL streaming music player for Mac and Windows

15 MAY 2015

FAIRFAX, CA — Sonic Studio, US manufacturer of high performance music software, outlined the upcoming release of version 1.0 of Amarra for TIDAL. The latest member of the technology family, Amarra for TIDAL joins Amarra, Amarra Hifi, Amarra sQ+ and Amarra Symphony High Resolution Audio (HRA) player software for higher fidelity music enjoyment.

Recent trends in consumer audio have hastened the rise in popularity of HRA, including new higher resolution, network streaming services. Sweden–based TIDAL, controlled by Jay-Z’s Project Panther Bidco, leads the way with their massive multimedia library and strong artist support. Built using the Amarra Audio Engine, an optimized audio pipeline bypassing the computer’s audio software, Amarra for TIDAL is ready for a truly hi–fi exploration of TIDAL’s vast music collection. Being software–only, Amarra for TIDAL is future–proof and easily upgradable as TIDAL’s services evolve toward even higher fidelity.

Developed in conjunction with TIDAL’s engineers, Amarra for TIDAL delivers “bit–perfect,” high resolution music. The Amarra Remote feature for iOS frees users to control their music throughout the home. With support for both Macintosh OS X 10.9 and 10.10 as well as Windows 7 and 8, it is a true cross–platform solution that provides the best fidelity available for playback of TIDAL’s 44.1kHz, 16 bit streaming music service.

Amarra for TIDAL includes professional–grade Sonic EQ and 14 factory presets providing compensation curves for popular headphone models from Apple, Audeze, Grado and others, while additional presets address popular music genres, from acoustic and classical to jazz and rock. Users may also personalize their presets and save them to be recalled at any time.

Founder and company President Jonathan Reichbach saw that, with the emergence of high resolution audio services like TIDAL from Aspiro, the integration of Amarra can provide substantial benefits to streaming audio listeners. “The days of the MP3 are finally over,” Reichbach said, “...and thanks to Amarra for TIDAL, streaming an endless library of songs now sounds better than ever before.”

Amarra for TIDAL is the ultimate music playback solution for streaming audio, and will be available from the Sonic Studio web site for US$39.95, while the free Amarra Remote app will be available from the iTunes Music Store. For more information on the entire Amarra family, visit Sonic’s web site at SONICSTUDIO.COM or e–mail
Thee is an AWESOME playlist on Tidal called "100 Racks 3.4.2015 Computer Audiophile" that I think is worth checking out.
Cerrot...thanks for playlist! I had major trouble finding it, but finally did.

I've noticed on Tidal that you MUST spell things exactly right or it won't find it. Tidal needs to correct this.

The correct playlist is: 100 Tracks 03.04.2015
VERY sorry for my typo MoFi... did not even realize until now. Spent all niht listening to that, and made many of those tunes "favorites" so exploring those artists now. Cecil Mclorin Salvant is aewesome.
Cerrot is absolutely correct! Playlist "100 Tracks 03.04.2015" is a musical goldmine! Thanks. After 10 minutes I can already see I'm going to like this service a lot.
I haven't made it completely through the playlist, but it is
indeed excellent!

Good call!
I feel so cheated... Only 96 tracks on that playlist. 😪

Actually, it's a good set. Many of the tracks are in my regular rotation, but many new-to-me cuts as well.

Thanks for the pointer.
I finally found 100 Tracks 03.04.2015 and agree that it is a "musical goldmine". Did Tidal create this playlist? If not, who did? Is the 100 Tracks 03.04.2015 playlist fixed or will the tracks change (be updated) over time? Is there a similar playlist for classical music?
The 100 Track Playlist was created by Chris Connaker of Computer Audiophile.

Only the creator can change the playlist. So it might stay the same or get added to, but it would have to be by Chris.

Not sure about a classical playlist. I'm not a classical music kinda guy.

We can share our own playlists, but just with friends. No way to actually post it on Tidal, unless Tidal says it's okay.

Here is what I found about playlists on Tidal.
Cerrot...thanks for the playlist. I have found one I really like
called "Working Class Rock".

Another one I found that has 368 songs is "Spotify 60-80s".
I will check them out. Fun thing to do - open one of those playlists and "favorite" the artists you like so you can hear their other stuff.
100 Tracks 03.04.2015, Acoustic Covers, Working Class Rock and Spotify 60-80s playlists have been described above. For example, as noted above, "The 100 Track Playlist" was created by Chris Connaker of Computer Audiophile. If I do not know the name of a playlist, where do I search in Tidal to find what other playlists that are available (non Tidal created)? Is there a playlist for classical music?
To find the classical playlists, choose PLAYLISTS (under WHAT'S NEW on the top left side) and enter classical into the playlist search bar.

I tried it and it comes up with 20 or so lists.

You need to do this from the Tidal webplayer. I haven't tried it with any other source.
You an also just search for a composer (or conductor). Search shastakovich or Chopin or Bach.

You will then see the albums as well as any related playlists. Bingo!
Of course I would never do this, but, I can take the digital out of my transporter and connect in to the digital in of my alesis cd burner and you can burn tidal playlists (and albums) onto cd. You would need to do the meta data manually but you can bring those tunes into your car (or bring a compilation disc into the offic, give as gifts).
Tidal Streaming Customer Service is excellent. For example, I asked "Does Tidal have playlists for Classical music?". Their response is below:

"You can go to genres, and then select classical music. Here you will see a variety of content. While this is not our entire classical music catalog, this is just a start. We have playlists, albums, and some featured tracks on the genre page.

If you go to the Artist / Composer page you can use the appears on section to find albums where that Artist / Composer is featured a long side with other classical music. I find the Appears On section on the the best for finding new music based on an Artist that I enjoy listening to.

Another alternative is to use our partner Roon. They have spent years developing a huge metadata search engine which provides users with some incredible search flexibility and power. Roon is a paid service, but they do offer a 30 day trial. Here you can search for your favorite composer and see every instance of their work on TIDAL.

For classical music lovers, it is definitely an application to check out".

Roon looks very interesting. Does anyone have any experience using Roon?
Please see the link below for "ClassicsOnline HD•LL. It is the first HD (high-definition) and Lossless (CD quality) classical music streaming service".


The info below was copied from their web site:

"ClassicsOnline HD•LL is the first HD (high-definition) and Lossless (CD quality) classical music streaming service to use adaptive bitrate streaming technology which allows subscribers to listen to classical music at the highest possible sound quality available on their home or mobile networks with minimal loss of sound quality. Over 60,000 classical music albums from the world’s most pristine labels including Naxos, Sony Classical, Harmonia Mundi, Chandos and many, many more are available for streaming and downloading at recording quality up to 192khz/24bit. Full album downloads are also available in high-definition, lossless (CD Quality), and MP3 formats.

ClassicsOnline HD•LL offers a wide range of classical music from the world’s leading independent and major labels for both streaming and downloading. High Definition (HD) recordings which exceed CD quality are available as are CD quality recordings which we call "Lossless".

Over 60,000 albums are available from hundreds of labels including: Harmonia Mundi, Sony Classical, BIS, Chandos, Naive, Naxos, BBC Legends, LSO Live, Pentatone, Ondine, Delos , Signum, Hungaraton, and many more. To see the complete list of labels currently on ClassicsOnline HD•LL, go to "Search," click on the "Advanced" box, and open up the "Label" dropdown box. All albums available to download are also available for streaming with a streaming subscription.

ClassicsOnline HD•LL subscribers stream at the highest audio bit-rate quality that the network connection can support. With a good network connection, subscribers can stream 16-bit and 24-bit music. No other music access service streams lossless audio higher than 16-bit, 44.1 kHz quality today utilizing our advanced "Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming" technology. The cost is $14.99 for a monthly subscription (First 28 days of listening FREE) or $149 for a yearly subscription (receive 2 months free)”.
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I never could find the 100 track playlist through Tidal. I had to google it and came right up.
This is an outstanding list of excellent recordings assembled by Philip from On Higher Note (Luxman, Mola-Mola, Vivid speakers, etc) and Randy Cribb of Audio Advice for Tidal. If you do not have Tidal Streaming, maybe you should consider it. Uncompressed music at $19.95 per month. This playlist is has great songs and is wonderful to listen to.
Another avid fan of Tidal. I agree 100% with lot of folks here, SQ quality is superb and on par with SACD's. Awesome integration with my Aurender app.  
Heads up to anyone (like me) using Amarra for Tidal. I just checked and you can now download the Amarra for Tidal remote for iOS from the App Store. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but the video that Sonic Studio posted looks good! I’ll try it tomorrow. It’s way way past my bedtime.

Below are all the links you need.

- Woody

App Store Link > Amarra Remote by Sonic Studio
Amarra for Tidal >
Video >

No clue what Almarra is but I stream Tidal through Sonos to my Yammie dac and love it!
I listen to classical 90% of the time and use Spotify Premium as a supplement to my vinyl collection. I recently bought a terrific Cambridge Audio CXN streamer so I decided to try Tidal again. Of course the sound is great but for Classical Music Tidal leaves a lot to be desired. If you do a search for Sibelius, for example, you get a listing for records for a mixed bag of composers, many having nothing to do with Sibelius. The listings are very limited and incomplete.They seem to have some kind of generic album listings for many composers that comprise some sort of assembled playlist and are not specific recordings by some artist, orchestra or conductor. Compared to Spotify or Naxos/Classicsonline they are not good and the improvement in sound quality does not make up for the poor selection of artists and recordings. I will cancel Tidal again when this monthly billing is used up. For the money and for my ears Spotify Premium fills the bill. I use it to explore music and composers so when I find something I really like I find a vinyl recording for my library.
theo1124, Please send your feedback about missing classical artists and albums to Tidal Streaming. While there is no guarantee they will include the items you listed above, it is very important for them to hear their classical musical catalog needs to be updated with additional artists, etc.  Tidal needs to hear from its users what classical (or other) artists and recordings are missing from their catalog.  Unfortunately, I know that Tidal needs a legal contract with the artists and/or distributor of these recordings so this process may take some time.  There is a artist feedback form on their web site to summit your requests.  Thanks.

We have both Tidal and Spotify Premium.

The sound quality from Tidal is definitely better (44.1k/16 bit is markedly better sounding than 320k MP3).  When I go to find albums, not all of them are available on Tidal, same with Spotify, but maybe to a lesser extent, not enough to be concerned about.
Giving Tidal hifi a second try about a year later. It's still just ok.
It's catalog still seems incomplete.I get about 70% when importing playlists.  The front page is filled with beyonce and rap. Not my taste.Overall the UI needs serious improvement.  Really weak with triphop and downtempo which is what I listen to for background music. Most mainstream 60's70's80's and classic rock is there. The biggest deal breaker for me is buffering. I am curious where the servers are located. I am in LA area.  No other program, gaming, streaming service has this issue and I have decent speeds. 200Mbps download 25Mbps upload. Will most likely not renew