Are you an audiophile or a music lover: take 4

Lucifer's "ticked off" now, because of all those who chose to keep their music in the previous three threads, he's (she's?) decided to allow all you Music Lovers only ONE genre of music, ie Rock, Pop, Classical, Opera, C/W, Blues-- well, you get the idea. And please no quibbling or weaseling your way into multiple genres. "Big L" knows there are a lot of "cross over" artists, and sup-categories, but you've got to stick to the generally recognized main ones-- or the heat will be turned up.

This (to me) is tough'cuz I like a lot of different types of music, but I'd go with Blues. Good Luck. Craig
I would have to go all jazz. There are many types to keep it fresh and interesting. Everything from classic jazz to acid jazz and everything in between----ya, jazz!
Since Rock includes everybody from classic songwriters as Brian Wilson,Dylan,Mitchell,Vega through heavier material such as Zeppelin,Metallica etc. into mutiple genre players such as The Waterboys(Folk,Blues,Country),Neil Young et al,as well as more diverse stuff from Talking Heads to Can then Rock it is.
I think I can smuggle in Bitches Brew and In A Silent Way too-no?
I'm going to burn aren't I?
Actually being serious if you are a big fan of the bigger genres Classical,Rock and Jazz-you could find a piece to match any mood-so although you'd be limited you'd get by.
I refuse to stress myself out trying to imagine having to pick only one genre of music to listen to for all eternity. You're all possessed!
Egads, these are awful choices, and one after the other, at that. I'll take the same route that I took during three years of being tormented by the "would you rather" game in college (...would you rather fellate a horse on TV or administer a honey mustard enema to your father and retrieve it orally...) and refuse to choose! I'll admit that the "would you rather" game became almost unconscionably perverse, but these choices are not all that much better...;)
Since I have to choose one, "classical" music has the most real meaning for me, even though I don't think I listen to it more than half the time. Charlie
Yeah........tough on me too. I'd have to have everything from soft, acoustic Delta to high NRG Chicago Blues, with some Texas, Memphis and everything in between to survive.

KP; No habla (sp?) Please advise.

There are quite a variety of "confessions" here. Zydeco's gotta' be the most exotic-- so far. Craig
The 'son' is the most sublime, for entertaining the soul

a (very) brief intro:

I'd take jazz. "Jazz" encompasses a very broad range of musics. It overlaps son, folk (clever reply, Cornfedboy), blues, "classical", almost everything to some extent, unless Wynton (and I don't mean Kelly) is your guide.
Guess I would go with "Multi-Folk" as well, like Kelly. Afterall this is the basis for most music anyway.
I agree w/ CFB and I'll pick folk music. After all didn't Ray Charles once say...It's all folk music 'cause donkeys don't make no music.
Well you tell me Craig, if you see live music in all the categories you mention pretty much equally without necessarily preferring one over the other and listen at home across a broad band, how do you choose?

If the question were based on seeing live, probably classical music because on the rig it doesn't do it the same way as in the concert hall. What the hell kind of trick question is this? :)
Whatever you choose--he's going to make you listen to Rap music at ear damaging volumes. If by some chance you like RAP he'll make you listen to the Prairy Home Companion (same episode--over and over). NO ONE CAN LIKE BOTH OF THESE--but if they do, I compliment you on having the widest range of musical tastes ever--and may have actually foiled lucifer.
Much as I like rock and folk, I could live without them. Not so with classical--that's my choice. I think Abstract's right, though, based on my experience (it's required to sell your soul to the Devil when you become a lawyer).
Craig, well, "folk" might be closer to the truth, if that includes Iris DeMent and Doc Watson. How about Mary Black? Does Irish count as folk? How about Alison Krauss? Bluegrass count as folk? If I call it Hillbilly music is it folk?

Here's why I say Zydeco if it's a pact with the Devil. The Devil is, well, evil. And if he allows you to pick the genre, he reserves for himself the right to pick the tunes. I love folk music, but there's a lot of bad folk music out there he'd make me listen to. I love rock, but there's a lot of bad rock out there he'd make me listen to. Same with classical.

The difference with Zydeco is, I have never heard a Zydeco performance or recording that didnt have me grinning from ear to ear like the Village Idiot.
.......any "negotiating" of what is included in a genre has to be done with the Horned Bugger. IMO, Alison Krauss is one of those artists who successfully performs in Blue grass, C/W, Folk, and probably Pop too. Best of Luck. Craig
Abstract7 - Reminds me of back around the way where all the homies was fly, all the honeys was ballers, and all the shorties was 5%'rs. (Put me in the camp that likes (some of) both)).

To answer the question in the way it was intended, rock (although I'd be sick for months about losing Jarret, Bird, Bach, and Woodie). To answer it in a more smart-ass way, I think that a lot of the answers that are being given point to the fact that ultimately categorization of music begins to break down and so, to a certain degree, the question lacks meaning (I said it was smart-ass).