Audio people you've had contact with that proved to be good people.

Not just audio...but good people in many ways....  For me, Henry Kloss, Saul Marantz, Jon Dahlquist, both Mr. Conrad and Johnson, Harry Pearson and some others.  On the opposite end, I did meet some large egos that have mainly faded into the walls. 



- Roger Modjeski (Music Reference, RAM Tubes)

- Tim de Paravicini (EAR-Yoshino)

- Ralph Karsten (Atma-Sphere)

- Bill Johnson (Audio Research Corp.)

- Max Townshend (Townshend Audio)

- Harvey Rosenberg (New York Audio Labs)

- Keith Herron (Herron Audio)

- Walter Davies (Last Record Preservative)

- Chad Kassem (Analogue Productions, Acoustic Sounds, Quality Record Pressing)

- Brooks Berdan (Brooks Berdan Ltd., hi-fi retailer)

- Randall Cooley (hi-fi retailer)

- Ken Kessler (hi-fi reviewer, author)

Two folks that put their customers and passions first:

Tri Mai (Tri-Planar Tonearms)

Dan Wright (Modwright Instruments)

Carl Marchisotto (NOLA Speakers)

Dave Thomson (Raven Audio)

Jim McShane (McShane Design)

Dan Wright (Modwright Instruments)

Ty Lashbrook (Tyler Acoustics)

Tony Barnette (Ellington HiFi)


I can’t drop any big names like you guys but Walt Lewsadder at Woodland Stereo was very kind to a young audiophile. If you know your history he helped Arnie Nudell with the Servo Statik loudspeaker system and sold a ton of them.


+1 on Randy (Randall) Cooley @ Optimal Enchantment in Santa Monica CA. Great and cool guy.


Steve McCormick of SMc Audio (formerly McCormick Audio) and his major domo Patrick are wonderful.

Richard Vandersteen has always been a sport... will often call back when you email or leave voicemail for them. He once chatted for 20 minutes, answering many questions.

John Rutan at Audio Connection in NJ is a peach, and widely praised for his generosity sharing his knowledge.



Ralph Karsten, Steve McCormack/Pat at SMcAudio, Richard Vandersteen,

Ariel and Ryan at Ayre have been outstanding designers that stand by their equipment.

And, though he isn't a designer, Johnny Rutan at Audioconnection, who made me like dealing with a dealer.


This is a hilarious question - the implication being that meeting an audio person who is also nice is an exceptional occurrence 🤣🤣

quite simply, meeting people that are genuine, thoughtful and respectful is not all that common.....  hence the word good rather than nice.

@jusam That comment wasn’t meant to ridicule the OP, or the validity of the topic.

I just thought it was funny; “anybody ever met an audio person who was also a good person?”

@tylermunns I have met a few that were crooks. All nice and take your money and never deliver.

So yes they were not good people. 



Michael Klein was with Audio Concepts and opened a new store in Pittsburg.

Skip at Audio Thesis.


Mark Schneider (Linear Tube Audio)

Dan Wright (Modwright)

Jose Ramirez (Dr Vinyl)

Gary Gill (Capital AudioFest, Pacific Audiofest)

Bob Grost (Cerious Technologies)

Had a very pleasant experience with Damian and Michal at Mytek. They went above and beyond to fix an issue with my unit.

Don Sachs -- makes equipment, responds and is very instructive. Brent Jessee -- Audiotubes -- has made numerous recommendations to me and never steered me wrong. Roger Gibboni -- owner Rogers High Fidelity Most of the posters that I've done business with at Audiocircle and USAudiomart have been fantastic.

Louis Chacos of Omega Speaker Systems. Above and beyond regardless of whether he would or wouldn’t get a sale. 

Mr. Polk the speaker designer.


He was nice and down to earth.


I asked him to give a 2.1 computer speakers and he obliged - he said it was a good business suggestion. He offered me to buy me esoteric pre/power amps which I had to turn down, since I couldn't reciprocate his kindness...


We chatted audio a few times and I thanked him for giving us pretty good sounding speakers for the main stream at a more than reasonable prices...Lately, his works have been getting more upscale for a little more money, if you want to check them out, with good reviews from the pros - still under $1000 per pair. 


He also offered to draw up X-over for my speakers project - I wanted to place many drivers in my wall instead of enclosing them in a box.


What a smart, able, kind gentleman!


I also had a chance to talk to workers from the Bose and Niles speaker companies. They too were informative and nice...


Mile Nestorovic (RIP):  seemed like a good guy when I talked to him about a much needed speaker repair.  Mile was a designer for McIntosh during the day before he branched out.  

+1 for Dan Wright, Jeff Joseph 

Alberto Guerra - AGD

Taylor Everhart - Gold Print Audio

Scott Bierfeldt - Verdant Audio

Brian Zolner - Bricasti



Aric @ Aric Audio - A real gentleman who is always eager to help. I’ve owned two of his amps and bought both on the used market. He was responsive to my queries even though I didn’t spend my $$ with him.

Arek @ Hattor Audio - I bought one of his preamps from Poland. Very responsive and quick to respond to questions. Made the long distance deal very smooth and easy. Great products at great prices.

Kevin Carter @ K&K Audio. Met him in person 20 years ago after he built me a phono preamp. Awesome dude who loves what he does. Foolishly sold the pre, but will own one again someday.

@stuartk +1

Rob Fritz seems genuinely nice. I’d probably purchase more of his cables - even if they didn’t sound nice (they sound great btw), simply out of principle of him seeming to be a solid guy.


Rob Fritz seems genuinely nice. I’d probably purchase more of his cables - even if they didn’t sound nice (they sound great btw), simply out of principle of him seeming to be a solid guy.

I wholeheartedly agree on all points!