Best speakers for about $2000 a pair

I was looking at the Magnepan 1.7's but not real thrilled about some quality issues I hear about Maggies. So, what others should I be lookoing at. I tried out some Klipch WF-35 and they are just to bright and not much for soundstage. I can drive just about anything.
I was going to say the Vandersteen One's since your limit is 2K, but if you can go a little over and you have the space for the 2ce Signature II, go for it.

For box speakers, how about the Totem Sttaf? These speakers are the least "hot" sounding of their line, but still image well and are well rounded.

I also really like the Epos M16i which come in right at 2K.

Some others I would look at include Revel Concerta F12 which is not bright sounding, the PSB Imagine T, and anything you can find in your price range used from Spendor or Harbeth
Vandersteen 2CE Sig II. If you have room for Maggies, you have room for them, and a used pair would be about $1500 or less. A great speaker. The only thing I didn't like about them when I owned them is their narrow vertical listening window. Great when you're in the sweet spot, but a little less great when you're up and around the room.
A used set of Dunlay SC-4s, Alethas or Cantatas would be significantly better than anything that could be purchased new at this price point.
Proac Tablette 8 signature.
$1900 new
If you have a smaller room they're hard to beat at any price.
Proac's best imaging speaker.The bass very good in a smaller room.
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Never heard them, but Salk Song Towers have gotten some nice reviews and I think they're in that price range. Best of luck.
What "quality issues" have you heard about Maggies?

In my experiences of 30 years, they are one of the most consistent and reliable audio companies around.

I notice this is your first post. Are you a dealer?

Or did a dealer who does not sell Maggies mention quality issues?
I'm also curious about the "quality issues" comment.

I had a pair of Maggie 1.6QRs which I thought were great. The only reason I still don't have them is I moved and the new room wasn't suitable for them.

They aren't as fancy a finish as some of the other speakers on the market, but they seem appropriately built for a consumer product and trouble free in my experience.
Listen to B & W, Thiels, Vandersteen, ProAc, MArtin Logan,KEF, to name a few in your range
You should look into Salk Songtowers. Not one bad review professionally or from users.
Grant Fidelity RBS-1 or PBN Mini Monitor. I would lean towards the PBN but both are exceedingly good for right at $2000.
Salk most certainly.

Also Triangles are super. Look for the Celius which can be had for about 1200 used. The new floor stander is is Antal which sounds the same. Sam Tellig gave them a great write up several years ago in Stereophile.
"quality issues"? The only one I know of is that the old speakers had issues with UV light rotting the glue that held the wires to the diaphram. But that was only after about 15 years or so. I know for a fact that glue was changed and improved many years ago.
If you have the amps to drive them Maggies are hard to beat if you like the sound of panels (I do). You'll also need the room, they NEED to be at least 5 feet out in the room and 10 feet is better.

Thanx, Russ
My $2K went to a pair of Vandersteen 2Ce Sig IIs. I haven't heard or heard of anything else that makes me regret that decision.
Quality issues?

I've used Magnepan Spedakers for 10+years. (1.6,& 3.6)

In this time I have never heard mention of any "quality" issues, nor have I had any with mine.
Pstores: I want to know about the quality issues you've heard about the Maggies -I'm interested in owning a pair -like this year.
am looking for the tube amp which can match the proac tablette 2000, my budget around 1000usd, am form Viet Nam
Tks all
If you can find a pair on the used market, I would suggest auditioning Meadowlark Ospreys. Finest transmission-line speakers made, IMHO. Organic well-balanced presentation w/ beautiful mids. I've heard Pat voiced them to go exceptionally well w/ tube amplification, but I've been running mine w/ a Sim Audio w5/p5 combo for six+ yrs. now, and absolutely love it. Happy listening...
Used Revel F 30 , sometimes as low as $1500 around here which is a great deal. Well extended Bass that can shake the rafters, midrange fantastic, better highs than the Vandersteens IMO. They can really fill up a room with a wide soundstage and can play fairly loud with little distortion.
Easily the Fritz Carbon 7's.

Do yourself a favor and at least give him a call.

I recently picked his $1700 Carbon 7's over the Totem Forest, Proac Response 1.5, B&W Nautilus 805, Usher X719, and a few other speakers.

They are THAT good.
If your room is not larger than 1600 cubic feet, I would recommend trying Ohm Walsh 1000s. They are not too bright (if anything, maybe a tad rolled off up top) based on my experience with the similar Ohm Walsh 2000. They come with a 4-month home trial, so you only lose the shipping if they don't float your boat. Ohm also provides excellent customer service, IME.
If you can drive the maggies, then I'd do Snell Type AIII or AIII-i's...if you have the choice, then the AIII. You'll have money left over and wonderful sound to boot. You may need to have the woofers re-foamed, but this is do-able without much trouble.
Exactly Donjr, every now and then a post comes up that makes you go hmmmm?! Especially when there is a negative comment about a product. Makes you question the veracity of the OP.
There are plenty that love Maggies, and I'm not sure I understand the "quality" statement - just not an issue IMHO. That being said, the Vandersteen 2Ces are excellent and close to that price new. However, I would look for a pair of used Merlin VSMs, once of the finest speakers at any price.
I agree with the Fritz Carbon 7s. With a free in home trial, how can you go wrong giving them a listen?
First, Thanks to all that have replied. I am going to look at the ones that came up over and over again. The room is a funny size. The listen area is about 16x16. But it is open to the dining area. adds another 10 feet. And stairwell area adds another 6 feet. I really do like the sound of the 1.7's. But, the room maye to small.

DonJr I am in the Twin City area of MN.

I am not a dealer. I just read that there can be some issues with the ribbon wearing out after awhile. Not sure how long that takes.
Aerial 10t, since you can drive anything. The more power you give these the more they relax and sing, but they do need some room to work well. You might have to stretch a bit more toward $3K.
If you raise your limits to $2500, there is no question–the LSA1 Statements. Nothing else is even close.
Heard a pair of VMPS 626's. About $1200. Tremendous imaging. Easy to drive and would be terrific with a decent tubed amp.