can you help me narrow my speaker cables short list please?

seeking a pair of speaker 15ft  speaker cables that I can get in white or white covered jacket covered for under 1k

At the moment I'm using Analysis Plus Oval 12, very happy with them but need to switch to something white, my shortlist as follows;


Nordost 2 Flat,

Wireeworld Stream 8,

Chord OdysseyX,

Bluejeans Octoquad





If you've happy with what you have why not just buy a jacket to slip over them.

I’d get a white cotton sheet and cut it to the length of your cable and width enough to make a tube with enough diameter so your cables can be inserted through it, then take it to a local dry cleaners and have them sew them into tubes for a few bucks.  They’ll probably sound better too, ehem.

Or, alternatively you could just use some white heat shrink tubing made for electronics like this…

Either would likely be much cheaper than buying new cables, and you get to keep your current cables if you like them.  Just a couple ideas FWIW.

current ones are too short

I guess I could DIY a sleeve/ cover, amazon has tons of em


I’d be inclined to find the cables that sound best to you and then do a cover or whatever.  Choosing only from white cables would be debilitatingly limiting to me, but then sound is paramount in my world and realize there are other considerations for others.  Such is life.

at this point, my number one preference would be white cables under 1k

listed are the ones I've found

from that group, the best sq


You can find that on Amazon. No audiophile blessings, bragging rights  or name brands for the most part  though.  Just nice quality wires for < $100.   

You left out a very crucial details for any useful advice - what components do you have in place, particularly speakers, preamp and amp; and what sort of a sound appeals to you most?

You will save a LOT of money if you build your own speaker cables out of CAT 8 cable. They sound great.

15’ +; 15’ - is 30lf for one cable. x 2, you need 60lf

here’s 75 lf white Cat 8, oxygen free copper

cat 8, white, 75lf, OFC

cut the ends off, strip and twist/crimp the 8 copper strands, attach them to these banana, or spades

banana plugs



8 strands 26 awg is equal to 17 awg.

combined wire gauge calculator

8 strands 24 awg is equal to 15 awg

cat 8 24 awg

Cables are very dependent upon the equipment on either side.   For my Krell -> GR Research 24 Speaker cable -> XStatic Electrostats the pairing works well.   For my Nad M33 -> Cardas Clear -> Totem Element Metal V2, I preferred the Cardas.   I don’t think there is a right answer, just experiment and see what sounds best to you.

I do love the look of my chord music cables,  very white with sparkling effects. Might be hard finding a pair for a grand 😁

From your list of options: CHORD ODYSSEY X ….. highly recommended 

I use them too in my “B” and “C” systems.

If you like the cables you already have, go the eBay or Amazon and search for braided nylon sleeving.  There are some white ones there.  It will cost very little.  Then just finish them off with heat shrink tubing to fasten the ends.

Go to any YouTube for DIY speaker cables and you can see how it's done.

GR-Research's website also sells a white DIY speaker cable kit that is high quality and great value for the money..


Roger Russell Speaker Wire

His Guidance, do the ’between the lines’ math

17 awg, 4 ohm: 20lf max

15 awg, 4 ohm: 30lf max

"Simply removing and cleaning the wires and terminals and reconnecting them can make an audible difference".

An advantage of the removable connectors shown: remove the connector; cut off the prior stripped conductors; strip 1" and you have new copper.



Bluejeans will be equal to anything else you'd buy but at a much less ridiculous cost.

Check out Performance Audio. Scroll down to Custom Speaker Cables. They have a wide selection of colors & connectors. Go for the Canare 4S11G cable. They can build them for under $300 depending on your choices..but they will also sell you everything so that you could build them yourself if you wish. 

I believe it is a Pro Audio site but many good systems & home audio cable builders are using the new-ish 4S11G cable. The 4S11 was already a very popular choice and the 4S11G is considered a step up in copper quality. 

I came across this site recently when I was looking for some bi-wire cables and specifically that Canare cable. I ended up going a different route though. 

SUPRA Sword... color might fit but cables are excellent and under $1K. Speaker cables do matter. In most cases you get what you pay for. Buy preowned if possible. Just my opinion 

Blue Jeans they have it on white, Made for Belden very nice cables as well. I got mine from Amazon.

Put down the snake oil and get the cheapest copper wire you can find. Just be sure the gauge is large enough for really long runs. You could use a coat hanger and not tell the difference, and that's a fact.

Twisted pair of magnet wire. After all that’s what you have > 50 ft of in the speakers.



its only a fact for those with cheap gear and/or genetically deficient hearing. 

15 foot is a long distance is there anyway you can get the amplifier closer and have longer XLR cables? 

if not, you’re not going to really get better cables than what you have now in your budget. what kind of speakers do you have? What kind of electronics do you have?

……really ; “ a coat hanger “‘. Imagine what that system sounds like . Wow …..maybe another hobby is in order if that’s how building your system is approached . This one is fist for me .

@garebear -

 You could use a coat hanger and not tell the difference, and that's a fact.

……really ; “ a coat hanger “‘.         

Wow …..maybe another hobby is in order if that’s how building your system is approached.

      Perhaps they might try knitting sweaters and scarves; so they have something to hang.  

                 Imagine what that system sounds like.

              Probably would, "sound" better with plastic hangers.

                                     SAFER WAF, too: