CDP to replace vinyl

I'm going to sunset my vinyl gear (WTTT&A) and I'm looking for suggestions for a CDP that will give me that "vinyl" sound. The rest of my system consists of a CARY 300sei and a pair of ProAcs 1SCs. I listen primarily to classical, jazz and vocals. My first though is a Cary 301 tube unit. Thanks for your input. Dave
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Northstar model 192 dac & transport should get you a similar sound to lp playback. It is very detailed and smooth. I can't give you an opinion on the Cary because I haven't heard it. I don't know if you will actually get the "vinyl" sound from any digital but the Northstar was the closest I heard in presentation. Hope you find what you are after.
I am a huge fan of vinyl, I purchase about 600 lps a year, have a nice Nottingham TT, Shelter etc. But, I do think that one can build a very pleasing system with digital. I have an Arcam FMJ 33 CDP. Though there are many much nicer, and more expensive, I find this one to be very musical, detailed, warm and well, vinyl sounding. I have heard great things about the cary, and Ayre. I would also take a look at SACD, I listened to an Esoteric recently with SACD that was very impressive.
My Resolution Audio Opus 21 comes close, but it STILL doesn't have that soft, woody, warm, smooth "vinyl" sound compared to my 1981 Hitatchi turntable with a $300 cartridge.
Cary 303-300 would go well. Lots of adjustments for slight sound changes, all available on the remote.
Look into CEC belt-driven cdp's, they are known for a "vinyl like" reproduction.
If Cary has worked out its build problems, then maybe a Cary. But my Cayin 17 doesn't sound too shabby. I'm trying to roll the 4 6922's to see if I can get even more out of an already fine sounding player, I'm trying for a quad of BugleBoys, under $100.
look into an Esoteric DV-50 nice multi format player. The used one's are a good price now.
The most expensive Naim you can afford. The CDX2 is a great unit and from there it only gets better.

However, no matter what you get it won't be better than your vinyl.
Naim CD5X w/ Flatcap 2 or higher up the Naim ladder, very analog sounding;
47 Labs Shigaraki transport and non oversampling dac,(47 Labs or Audionote); Audio Aero tube player.

Please don't sell your Well Tempered, but if you do, let me know.
I agree with Herman, you won't get better sound than your vinyl, but perhaps your life will be simpler.

For my taste, I like the (tube) Audio Note DAC's, as they're easy on the ear. Perhaps you could buy one used here at Audiogon, drive it with a DVD player and be happy (assuming you already have a DVD to watch movies).

I had the new Cary for audition for two weeks. It has wonderful bass, tight fast and deep, but has a couple of places in the midrange frequencies that were troublesome to my ear, so I was glad to send it back.

For me, digital is better if it's not bright or "in your face." I will accept less than ultimate digital resolution, in favor of being able to listen to more CD's.

Your goals may be completely different, so choose accordingly.
One thing to be aware of with CDs is that recording quality varies greatly and is more of a factor than with vinyl. Not related to things like microphone placement but mastering. This is particuarly true of CDs made before about the mid 90s. Before that, you are probably better off with vinyl.
I agree with Baddabob ... I'm running a Krell KPS 20i with a Levinson 360s and I go from amazed to dissapointed by just switching a disc. Most all of my post 1995 CD's are very good to great but some of the 1970's and 80's recordings leave me wondering why I bother. I never had that feeling with vinyl or at least not to the extent that digital formats vary.

Case and point ... The Eagles :

On the boarder - Not good ... in fact bad.

The Long Run - Great sound

Both titles released before the age of the digital formats.

I see many of the classics being reissued and remastered. I'm hoping it will clean up some of the more dismal sounding older titles.

All that being said ... If I had it to do over again I think I'd go with the Cary 306/200 SACD and in fact I still might. I do really like the Levinson DAC but it was spendy and I dont know that a similar sound couldnt be found for less cash. I have heard that Cary has a fantastic build quality and wasnt aware they had build issues. I guess I'll have to do some more reading.

Good Luck ... I'd keep the vinyl however. I'm going back to vinyl as soon as I can make space. I'll keep my CD's as well.
If you can find a used Conrad Johnson DV2b cdp then you will obtain near analog results.
Buy yourself the new Olive Musica server, load your Lps onto the hard-drive direct from the Lp source and get the best reproduction possible.
I can't believe no one has mentioned the Exemplar 2900 or Exemplar 3910.

Replace vinyl? I don't know about that, but my Exemplar beats every other unit I've owned. That includes Sony SCD-1, Meridian, Reolution Audio Opus 21, Ayre, and a few others!. The next best I've ever owned was quite good as well: The Electrocompaniet.
I also think that naim cdp is the most vinyl sounding one among commercially available quick solutions. We recently compared cdx2 and ML390s to an analog rig. ML390s has such a dadaist soundprint, so different than analogue, while cdx2 was remarkebly close. None the less, I also urge you to look at Altman dac. I recently heard it. The most life like music was produced by the rig in which was inserted that I have ever heard.
Exemplar Denon 5910. I almost got fooled into thinking I was listening to vinyl.