Just purchased one of these beasts from Israel of Coincident (quite the gentleman).

I already have a few SET amps that buck the trend of little bass and dynamics that often get associated with S.E.T. amps.

The Frankie is a top notch power amplifier.  Not a good value.  Not a giant killer.  A true, top quality power amplifier period.

I swapped out the stock tubes and what happened next shocked me.  Of course the midrange is gorgeous,  But I did not expect the highs to sparkle and the bass to have definition, texture, and punch.  Sorry,  I intended to say PUNCH.

As always, speaker matching is a key and a stable 6 Ohm speaker will sound best - but these babies are the real deal.

BTW, they retail at around $2,500.

Disclaimer - I am not a Coincident dealer and have no affiliation with Coincident.  I am a NOS tube dealer.







It took about 9 days for the power amp to get to me.

Always hoping for  some WE 300B tubes - but man are they being forged.




Good move and congratulations!!

I have been singing the praises of the Frankensteins mono blocks (And its sibling the Statement Line stage) since I purchased them new from Israel Blume 13 years ago. Both are superb and I understand your joy and admiration. What 300b tubes are you using? I have the EML XLS in mine. Apparently you have the new stereo single chassis version.



Hey Charles.


Your previous posts pushed me to get the amp!

I am using the TJ Full music from 2003 (NOS) - but the real sonic changes came from substituting the stock driver tubes for Tung Sol NOS 6SU7GTYs and a Mullard rectifier.

Likely, I will purchase the Frankie monos next month and compare them to Gordon's Wavelength Tritons.



Likely, I will purchase the Frankie monos next month and compare them to Gordon's Wavelength Tritons

I look forward to your listening impressions. Two excellent 300b amplifiers, could not choose wrong with either one in my opinion.


WTF with $2500 retail price?


Don't doubt they are top notch, I have Statement MKII pre, I'd have the Frankensteins if not for rather serendipitous find of very special bespoke 300B monoblocks, once in a lifetime find.


And I mentioned this in previous threads, one is not hearing any DHT based component at nearly their potential without top notch tubes. These circuits relatively elemental, the tube provides for large measure of their sound.

WTF with $2500 retail price?

Yes, this is a new amplifier in the Coincident line. Stereo rather than mono block Frankensteins. The stereo version is using the 6SL7 as driver tubes, 6EM 7 is used as driver in the mono blocks. Not sure how long the 2500.00 introductory price will remain. A surprisingly low cost to get a single chassis Frankenstein 300b SET.


Shazam! Wow, Israel changing the lineup yet again, just learned about the MkIII vesion of Statement pre. Thanks for the update Charles.



Frankenstein 300B Stereo Amplifier

Frankenstein 300B Stereo Amplifier Frankenstein 300B Stereo Amplifier

Coincident is excited to introduce the newest addition to our series of power amplifiers - the Frankenstein 300B Stereo Amplifier. The Frankenstein 300B Stereo amplifier is the stereo version of the highly acclaimed Frankenstein M300B Mono Amps. The two Frankenstein amps share the exact same mirror finish stainless steel chassis, virtually the same design and circuitry and industry breakthrough performance. The differences are the Stereo amp uses the 6SL7 input tube instead of the 6EM7 and utilizes the 5AR4 rectifier instead of the 5U4GB. Both are all hardwired share the vast majority of components. The Frankenstein Stereo 300B will be the best constructed, finest performance and best value of any single ended 300B available. It represents a breakthrough at its reasonable price point.


Output Power - 8 watts RMS SE class A
Output Impedance - 8 ohms
Frequency Response- 10hz- 20khz- +/- 1db
THD- less than 1% 20 hz - 20 kHz
Input Sensitivity - 800 MV full output
Input Impedance - 47K ohms
Power Requirements- AC 115V or 230V 50,60hz ( user selectable on the rear panel)
Dimensioin - 15” W x 12” D x 8.5” H
Net Weight - 17 kgs- 38 lbs.
Tube Compliment - 6SL7 x2, 300B x 2, 5AR4 x 1.

Price - $2499 US, All tubes included


I know what you mean. Coincident does not do model changes or update models often. It was roughly 10 years between my original MK II Frankensteins and MK I Statement Line stage received updates. 13 years later and my early models are sounding fabulous! 😊 If the stereo amplifier is “close” to the sound quality of the mono blocks, this will be an exceptionally good deal.



Woah when I read this I though the $2500 price was the price of the 300B tubes Paul rolled in not the amp lol. That looks like some screaming bargain and also goes to show you just how much chassis/metalwork adds to the cost of equipment. Well done Mr Blume and thanks for the heads up Paul!

I have the 300B Elekit TU 8600S integrated amp paired with the GR Research NX-Oticas.  Best sound and soundstage I have ever had.  Previously had a $100k + Gryphon system.  Still use the silver Gryphon cables which are incredible.

Using the new Western Electric 300B’s.

Listen to the GR Research!

Just to be correct, I think these should be called the "Monster" amps?  Afterall, Frankenstein was the Doctor, not the creation.  🤣

I was looking hard at this amp about a year ago. I ended up going with the Tektron. Between 300B’s, 2A3’s, and 45’s, I prefer the 45’s. Looks like a great deal - enjoy. 


I was looking hard at this amp about a year ago. I ended up going with the Tektron. Between 300B’s, 2A3’s, and 45’s, I prefer the 45’s. Looks like a great deal - enjoy

Any one of those 3 tubes is excellent with good amplifier implementation. You obviously have very efficient speakers if you are able to use the 45 tubes.


I'm curious about this amp and if it would be suitable for my 4-ohm Tektons. I will give Israel a call to find out some specifics, but any experience or thoughts here would be appreciated as well.

In looking at the website now the price is excluding the 300B's. Were some 300B's actually included a couple of months ago?  





A few years ago a friend had the Tekton Double Impacts and asked if I could bring my Frankenstein mono blocks over. I was happy to do so. The 8 watt SET drove his Double Impacts exceptionally well. No issues or strain/stress at all. His listening space is roughly 15x18 feet with 8 ft ceiling.

My Frankensteins lack a 4 ohm speaker tap. I have the early edition of this MK II (2009) amplifier which has 8 and 16 ohm taps. Newer models have 4 and 8 ohm taps. We used my 8 ohm tabs. So could potentially be even better matching with a 4 ohm tap.


These speakers are an easy load.
They are 4 ohm nominal but probably a very flat impedance curve and no steep phase angles to deal with. I don’t know how close the stereo version is to the mono block version however. If pretty close, then no problem.


I think you can’t compare stereo and mono Frankensteins. The maximal power is not the only important thing. Is even much more important that stereo and mono have different driver tubes and power supplies.

I don’t have Frankenstein amplifier but I have my DIY 300B amplifier that I did dozens changes and tweaks. I can say, for example, changing powers supply capacitors value, type or model can make more impact on sound than changing of output transformers. Or increasing current of driver tube can change sound dramatically. The amplifier with weaker driver, smaller and sheared between two channels power supply can’t sound similar to monoblocs.

That’s why I acknowledged that I don’t know how close the two Frankenstein models are. I do know that Israel Blume won’t present a new product to market if he does not think it is worthy. My suspicion is that it may not equal the mono block s exactly 100% (As is often the case between stereo and mono blocks) but knowing him , it will be very good. @paul_lindemann is very pleased with his stereo Frankenstein.


I also would prefer mono block in the right situation; however, my existing set up makes that conversion possibly more challenging than I feel like undertaking. 

With three new pieces recently added that stepped in the right direction, I feel I'm pretty close to having music reproduction I'm content with. So, with that in mind a very good properly matched stereo amp I'm hoping will fit the bill.  




paul_lindemann Are you familiar with the Willsenton R300? If so, how would you compare the sound between the two amps"

I can’t compare the stereo to the Willsenton but I can with the monoblocks. First, you’re comparing power amp to an integrated so not exactly apples to apples…


The Willsenton is nice, but it’s not on the level with the Franks… the Coincident’s are just more organic and natural. Significantly better low end and depth of soundstage. I would think the stereo amp is very similar 


the Coincident’s are just more organic and natural. Significantly better low end and depth of soundstage. I would think the stereo amp is very similar 

I have not heard the Willsenton 300b SET amplifier. I do agree with the above description of the Frankenstein 300b mono block SET. I’ve owned the MK II model since 2009. In my opinion they are very authentic and natural in their presentation of recorded music. The antithesis of “electronic “ , contrived and canned sound. After 14 years of ownership I appreciate them more than ever.


This is a very interesting thread that got my attention a while ago. I'm curious as to what preamp or type of volume control people are using? 

Coincident Statement line stage (101D DHT tubes and transformer volume control).


I received my Frankenstein 300B stereo several days ago and I totally agree with the above praise. The Frankenstein 300B Stereo is very well built and sounds very good. I'm very pleased with my purchase from Israel of Coincident Speakers.



👍 Congratulations!!!

With appropriately matched speakers you’ll have many years of superb music listening experiences to look forward to.


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I have been considering whether to get the new Coincident Frankenstein 300B stereo amp or a  used pair of older Coincident Frankenstein 300B  monoblocks.  Does anyone have an opinion on which ones would pair better with my vintage Altec Flamencos?  Also, would this be a significant upgrade over my current Bob Latino ST 120 amp powering the Flamencos?


I have no experience with new Coincident Frankenstein stereo chassis amplifier. Word of mouth feedback says it’s very,very good. I’m an extremely happy owner of the Frankenstein MK II mono blocks bought new in 2009. My amplifiers use the 6EM7 (Driver tube) and the 5U4G as the rectifier tube.

The stereo version uses the6LS7 as a driver and the 5AR4 as rectifier. I don’t know what accounts for the different tube selection. I know that the late Art Dudley simply loved his Altecs paired with Shindo and other good quality SET amplifiers. They will be a different sound compared with your 6550 tubed push -pull class A/B Bob Latino 60 watt amplifier.

I believe that the Frankenstein will provide you with excellent transparency, inner detail, tactile presence and superb tonality. 8 watts of pure class A single ended topology. Your speakers are 16 ohm load which is terrific! My speakers are 14 ohm. I went from 100 watt KT 88/6550 mono blocks to the Frankensteins and have not looked back (14 years). It just depends on what sonic characteristics are most valued by you.