Good Sounding Speaker that Won't Attract Thieves?

Moving my painting & drawing studio (formerly our living room + den while the wife was at work) to a 14' x 24' metal barn and am basically looking for a pair of speakers with a sonic personality generally similar to a JBL Century 100 that I can pick up cheap at a rummage sale and run with a plain Jane 2 channel receiver. Preferably something that's a sleeper, soundwise, but which which, cosmetically, practically screams to a crack addict, "You probably couldn't even trade me for a six pack of beer." Any suggestions?

Maybe you could tear the grill cloths a bit and clumsily cover the cabinets with wood grain vinyl?
I don't think a crack addict could tell the difference between a high or low dollar speaker.He will steal it anyway.Just a thought.
why not just weigh the speaker down with lead and sand then bolt it to the floor. That should be much more then any thief would be able to handle?
Vintage KLH or AR speakers///Usually look beat up but still sound very respectable..I actually like the KLH 6 very much.........
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I have a friend whose house was broken into on several occasions. The thieves would walk past the Wilson Watts, Audio Research and Theta to steal his Sony TV. Finally they broke in and stole the woofers out of his Duntech Sovereigns.

So, I guess the Wilson Watts are the way to go.
I don't have an answer for your problem... But I love this thread !

Good luck .

Vintage Magneplanars would not only be awkward to steal, but might be mistaken for room dividing screens not suited for most crack house interiors.
Crack addicts are just like you and me. They are not looking for good looking speakers but are more interested in GREAT sound.

Fasten a string to the back of one of them and attach it to the ceiling with eye hooks. Run that string through several more eye hooks and tie it to the trigger of a 12 gauge shotgun mounted across the room. Preferably all this is built into the ceiling and behind drywall (lets keep in mind gun safety and be responsible here.) You might loose a woofer or damage the cabinet if you don't angle barrel low enough so tweak it and get it right.

Treat yourself to some nice speakers that you can turn quickly if you need money for legal fees.
Depends on the quality of the speakers - I doubt that any self respecting second rate crack head would steal anything sold in a big box store. No, most thieves would likely only steal something after several auditions. So long as the abode is broken into only once - there should be no problem. What you could do is simply hook up cheap cables to the speakers; then, when the psychopath breaks in and turns the system on the sound will be so terrible he won't take anything. Use a stock power cord on the amp - just to make sure.

I think Bob [Acoustat6] is definitely on to something:

Crack addicts are just like you and me. They are not looking for good looking speakers but are more interested in GREAT sound.

I would suggest a large sign that reads:

CAUTION!! These speakers require a MINIMUM of 500 additional hours of break-in before you even CONSIDER auditioning them critically!

That should keep them safe!

Your idea as to signage is a good one, but it assumes most crack addicts can read.
Well dogs, an alarm system, and.... guns. Also nice surveillance systems are cheap these days.

Audiophiles need to realize that they would be a target if low-lifes new what they had. Keeping a low profile is always good. Some people are really into their car and what not though so it could make it hard. I am not into cars so much and live in very moderate house and yes I do have all of the things I listed above...

Really I can not believe it when I hear stories about multiple break-ins at the same house. Many states are covered under the Castle Doctrine these days. Among defending family and your life in your home, it allows for some defense of property too. Some legal food for thought below. But to answer the posters question I would buy used Magnepan 1.6s. They look like junk but sound great.

"Physical Force in Defense of Property

A person is justified in using reasonable physical force when and to the extent he reasonably believes it necessary to (1) prevent attempted larceny or criminal mischief involving property or (2) regain property that he reasonably believes was stolen shortly before.

When defending property, deadly force may be used only when it is necessary to defend a person from the use or imminent use of deadly physical force or infliction or imminent infliction of great bodily harm as described above (CGS ยง 53a-21)."

Castle Doctorine
I would be more concerned with the ancillary equipment, ie
items that can be carried quite easily through a window or escape exit.
Do you really think a crack adict has a clue about speaker brands or models...that's funny.

If you want to dissuade someone, then make it look like it's not worth anything because the cabinet is painted/gouged/generally ugly. Your best bet would probably be in-wall/in-ceiling mounted speakers which aren't easily sold if ripped out...and a pain to pull out.
Hooking up to a shotgun is too "iffy".
Connect the string to your preamp's on-switch and have a P.J. Harvey CD ready in a player.
That should drop the vermin dead in their tracks...
When faced with the terrible prospect of meeting a burglar,
one could always use the Clint quote;

"Go ahead, make my day"

I personally would put beef pate all over his gonads and give him a question just before I let my 100lb of drooling rottweiler/German Shepherd mix think xmas has come around again,

'is she a biter, or a licker'?
Somewhere in all of this is some sort of variation on "speakers that disappear".

(Sorry, It's getting late and I couldn't resist.)
Go big I was robbed a few back my system was far to large to take so they took a DVD player;) DVDs CDs left the costly CD player took the cheap old DVD player still bet the CD player would be worthless to crack heads since they are more into state of the art electronics;)
Old Sansui speakers don't look like much but I understand some of them sound pretty good. May need refoaming etc. but you should be able to pick a pair up cheap if you can find someone local selling some.

Soundolear. I don't know what they sound like, but they are built to look like a floor standing lamp, so the crooks will walk right past 'em.

Or maybe something like MBL, B&O or another isobaric design that dont look anything like a speaker that crooks are used to.
I have a pair of old KLH 6's in my back shop that really sound great but to look at.. no body is going to waste time taking these
Panasonic Thrusters that K Mart used to sell.To be real though I would think a big and heavy pair of speakers would not be on a robbers list since it takes time and effort to move when they are wanting to be in and out fast to get the most goods one can carry.
You could always grab a pair of Wilson Sashas.The crackheads will think they are garbage cans,an no self respecting crackhead will ever steal a garbage can.Just a thought.
Aside from us, nobody buys anything that won't fit in their pocket these days.
Big, heavy speakers would be the answer if you're really worried about it.
If no one knows you have it, you should be good2go. An alarm system should be used.
I can only suggest what not to buy - Sonus Faber Minima Amators. I had some stolen in a break in. They look great and are easy to carry. They left the stands!