Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all. While this place can certainly qualify as a slightly dysfunctional family with a wierd uncle or two, I have gratitude for everyone who shares and contributes to my growth in this hobby of ours. In this crazy world it is nice to come home, cut on the music and feel restored. Cheers.


Happy Thanksgiving!  I certainly have a lot to be thankful for.  Enjoy the day and may God bless you!




Friends, family, music. Sex, drugs, rock 'n roll. Turkey, stuffing, gravy. Yeah, all those.



Happy Thanksgiving! I too have a lot to be thankful for in my life. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. 

Cheers to all! Going to play Burrough's Thanksgiving Prayer today to keep centered.

Happy Thanksgiving to all here.

I am thankful for the privilege of having lived a long life in the greatest country on the planet where the Constitution and the Bill of Rights continue to keep the totalitarians at bay.

I am thankful for a totally functional family where honesty, charity, faith, and a fierce work ethic are at the forefront. I am thankful for the health of my two wonderful daughters, four educated hard-working grandchildren, and five healthy great-grandchildren.

I am thankful to be able to sleep comfortably in my bed at night without the fear of facing violence because there are tough guys in blue out there on the streets facing that violence for me.

I’m thankful to my mother for instilling a love for music and literature in me as a small child.

I am thankful for life-long friends, some stretching all the way back to the sixth grade in 1949 in room 10, Wilson Grammar School, in Santa Barbara, California where providence put us in touch with the greatest teacher in the country at that time, Mister Frank Van Schaik.

I am thankful for the friends I’ve made through this site named Audiogon. It has been through this site, that I have increased my knowledge on how to improve my audio system to the point it is now, which is a world away from what I ever thought I would have.

Happy Thanksgiving, guys.


Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Be safe if you are traveling.

Be tolerant and be charitable on this day.


Happy Thanksgiving, the 400th consecutive celebration of the first Thanksgiving dinner.

Yours in music,

Ted Denney III

Lead Designer/CEO Synergistic Research Inc.

I am thankful to God for choosing me, an atheist, when I didn't have the good sense to do so. Thanks for allowing me to face cancer and look death in the face  and teaching me the things that really matter in life. Thanks for a great wife who has helped me to be more balanced in my life where I live by the motto that anything worth doing is worth doing to excess. 😀. Thanks for the posters here on Audiogon (AA & elsewhere) who have increased my knowledge and understanding of audio equipment. Thanks for Audiogon where used equipment which I could never afford new, often comes up for sale at a price I can afford. Thanks for all the stuff you have given to me over the years which have helped me to enjoy my life more. Thanks for the family which I have had. And thanks for the great friends I have accumulated along the way.



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Happy Thanksgiving to all here and your families!
I spent time yesterday slicing up Brioche and drying it in the oven.
Soon I'll be making some stuffing and then onto see my family.
Have a great and filling day, relax, and get your turkey groove on!

All the best,

7.9 billion people giving thanks at once, now that's something to give thanks about.

NOW if we could get everybody to give thanks the other 364 days..

I'm not complaining, one day at a time, Today we start.. :-)

Enjoy the wonderful day and lets work on the rest.

PS My New Used Thoren 2030 arrived yesterday. Today it starts on it's journey with me.. Minor issue with the dust cover but the seller is a capital kind of guy.
Huston! We have a go.

The best of wishes to all. 


Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Imperfect union such as it is. My great hope is we can restore it to the improving arc it was on….

Blessed i am


I decided a while ago, every day is "Thanksgiving" or Christmas (and I’m a Jew). That is, why do we need a special occasion to feel good, enjoy with friends/family, recognize the good things we have? Time is short; life is but a dream. (apologies).

Happy holiday! :)

Thankful for a great wife and a career that's taken me around the world to some acclaim. And in regards to audio, that I'm don't have the level of gullibility that so many do.

Well I am thankful for the fact that secretguy isnt my dad, uncle, friend or even casual acquaintance.

I thankful for life and best health through intense weigh lift that turn girl head all day. I thankful for fourth grade teacher that show me what special about woman in age ok way. I thankful for wife, wife’s sister and maid who become part of our circle of good time. I thankful for rockport and Maggie and Wilson and B&W and other. I thankful for sexy woman turkey and good fuse. Amen. None of this a man and woman be crap. To the men 🥃

While not a regular  contributor here, I too am grateful for the knowledge I have gleaned from you all. I am thankful not to have grown up under tyranny or privation.  I feel immense gratitude that my boys are healthy and well-adjusted. While it doesn’t come close to those other blessings, I am grateful for my gear, including my wonderful Luxman IA, my classic TD124, and all the other gear that allows me to sink into music and recuperate from the world. And to my amazing wife of nearly a quarter century. She makes everything “betterer.”

I am very grateful to have such excess that a Thanksgiving Meal for two

is rather decadent thing. 

How many people are staving today?  I mean in the USA.


Anyone at Woolsons this Saturday may be treated to hot turkey/stuffing/cranberry

sandwiches. Cooked on an italian style press. Best I can do in terms of feeding the world.

Grateful for many things, not the least of which is still having almost all of my hearing while pushing 70. Life is good and God to be praised for another Holiday Season living in freedom and abundance.

The WKRP pseudo-cast was actually based on 2 RL events.

One was a drop of live turkeys with the idea that the birds would flap their wings on the trip down.

They didn't comply, instead just folded and fell.  Messy....and basically inedible.

The second event was with frozen turkeys that broke windshields, dented hoods, roofs, and clipped the unwary.  Edible was...variable.

Hope yours was limited to Unc Ernie being....well Ernie. ;)

Us?  Opted for lamb, already...dismembered. 👍😁

*We now return you to your Black Friday pursuits. Shop early and often. We have a national budget to restore....*

Kidding aside....hope it was/is the holiday you'd hoped for.
Warm wishes from the psychotroll....*G*