I can't go for that.

If you get a chance head over to your AV unit on The Youtubes and watch the original Hall and Oates official video of I Can't Go For That.  Then watch the Daryl's House version with Cee Lo Green where they put a funk beat on it and replace the sax with a electric guitar.  I think the later version blows the original away and shows the versatility of Hall. 


It wouldn't be hard to blow the original away. That period was well past their prime.

I like Daryl’s House too. Consistently great soul. Here is my favorite Sara Smile with Daryl and Tom Wolk (RIP):


I sorta brushed Daryl aside when he was uber popular back then, but after watching a few episodes of Daryl's house, then went back and streamed a few of his albums of old and realized what I missed.  Heart and soul, baby!

If you like Hall , check out Robert Fripps 1979 Exposure album.  Hall is credited as composer and sings on much of it.   Much different than what he and Oates were putting out in that time period.



I’ve only seen a couple of Daryl’s House and have enjoyed what I’ve seen. When I get some time,? I’ll be sure to check out I can’t go for that and Sara Smile.

That entire episode with the Spinners was great. The longer they played together the more energy and fun was obvious.Back Stabbers, Love Train,I Can't Go For That


Hall & Oates in their hay day's were fabulous. So many hits that have aged very well.

I miss '60's and early '70's soul/R&B so much.

Al Green, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, Little Stevie Wonder, The Jacksons, etc..

If you can sit still listening to it, then someone should check your pulse.

Hall & Oates my favorite band all time.  So many hits and so enjoyable to listen to.  Guaranteed to be played at any of my BBQ,  4th of July is coming.