Jim Winey (Magnepan) has passed away.

Just heard of Jim's passing away quite suddenly, I guess.

I was a dealer for many years.  Jim was great guy and brilliant designer.

R.I.P. Jim...thanks for the panels!!!


So sad to learn of Jim's passing. My first truly high end audio experience was from Tympani loudspeakers that were tri-amplified using Audio Research equipment and a Thorens / Fidelity Research vinyl front end. I own Magnepan 3.7i speakers.

May he rest in eternal peace. Made a great affordable product for so many in this hobby to enjoy. 

Sad to hear.  I recall when I first heard the MG-1's (I believe) back when I was a teen.  Walked in the demo room and did not understand all the fuss.  The I sat in the sweet spot and was floored.  Bought a pair for $500.  Not inexpensive for a teenager.  Managed to upgrade the crossover with mylar caps (back then those were the bees knees).  Jim was a great innovator and will be missed.  

It’s sad to read this. I sold Magnepans in the 80s. I’ve owned at least one pair ever since. They’re such great people up there at Magnepan. It all started with Mr. Winey. Proud MG 3.7 owner here. RIP

Maggie’s were the first panel speakers I ever heard and it was love at first listen.


legend in the hi fi world... stayed true to his beliefs and his (wonderful) products... r i p

The Magneplanar 1-Cs was part of my first high end purchase. Spent several years trying to find the perfect placement. On the right night with everything seemingly dialed in they were magical.

Winey was part of the pioneering group that put this hobby on the map. RIP

Rest in peace Mr. Winey.  Great speakers, I've owned many models from LRS to 20.7. Great company, product and affordable models. Decooney thanks for sharing the interview.

I had Tympany IIIs and must have sold 10 pairs of 3. panels. Jim Winey will be remembered with the greats, Edgar Villchur, Saul Marantz, David Fletcher, Paul Klipsch and William Zane. Nice going Jim.

I have owned Magnapan since 1982 - I got hooked on them when I heard them in college in the late 70s in a stereo shop in Evansville IN.

All of my systems have been built around Maggie’s. Currently have my Peter Gunn modified 1.6qrs paired with The Swarm subs in one system, and 1.7is with a Maggie base panel in my second system. Once I started pushing these panels with Krell - I reached a sound quality equal to systems costing in the mid 20s and up. 

Rest in Peace Jim Winey. My Maggie’s have helped keep me sane by reproducing my music and allowing me an escape from the stresses in my life with the push of a button.

  Another legend in the high end audio business has passed on.  Throughout the decades Jim's contributions to this wonderful hobby have been substantial.  May Jim Rest In Peace....

Sorry to hear this.  Prayers and blessings to his family.

Groundbreaking design.  I must admit these don't fit in a dorm room very well.  We had a set of single panel ones, can't remember model number.  I was around these alot about 10 years but never had room when I got my own apartment.  Great sound then and great sound now.

This is definitely a great loss to the audio world. Jim had such a broad range of models to choose from so almost anyone would be able to experience the magic of his speakers. I used to own the mg3as and they sounded good on anything from vintage tube amps to state of the art dual mono solid state. He will be greatly missed.

Such sad news to hear of his passing ( mortality sucks ). I hope he’s bathed in pure hi end audio where ever he is . 

I was honored to have met Jim back in the early seventies, we also were a Mangapan dealer in Calif.  He and Wendall are and were great men!  They would make dealer visits, and I was a kid that stood in awe. 25 yrs old. Thank you Jim for your revolution, you and Henry Kloss......heros.


What an impact Mr. Winey made on our whole industry.  He really got us thinking about different ways to achieve high fidelity. His speakers were such great conversation pieces in the homes of audiophiles when shown to their uninitiated friends. The look and sound converted many to high end audio.  RIP Jim Winey - a great legacy!  

Taught me the difference between music and hifi in 30 seconds (Tympani 1a). Thank you.


I was introduced to Maggie's in 2002, never looked back, never had another box speaker..

My condolences to the family. Seems indicative of the industry as a whole.

It’s always special when hearts are touched by music.

Gratitude from many, thanks and R.I.P.