John Prine, singer, songwriter, legend - Dead at 73 from COVID-19

John Prine, singer, songwriter, legend - Dead at 73 from COVID-19

My sympathy goes out to his family, friends and millions of admiring fans. This makes me very sad. He was, by all accounts, a wonderful person. He will be missed.
So lucky to have seen him at the Beacon theater last year. A wonderful songwriter and great human being. I'm very sad. RIP John. Prayers to the family.
“....'cause I'm gonna have a cocktail: vodka and ginger ale....yeah, I'm gonna smoke a cigarette that's nine miles long....I'm gonna kiss that pretty girl on the tilt-a-whirl....yeah, this old man is goin' to town....” - John Prine

I hope he’s having that cocktail and cigarette.  RIP
What a tremendous loss. I had just read that he was ill last week and spent reminiscing with a friend about some of his best songs. What a great song writer with such entertainment value in his lyrics. He leaves a treasure chest of happy memories behind.
My deepest sympathies to his family and his fans as well.

Sitting here spinning some JP with alligator tears in my eyes and knowing the world is a better place because of him, taking this one hard. God bless his family. Goodby my friend that I never met.
Sitting here spinning some JP with alligator tears in my eyes ...
Alligator tears? Why alligator tears?

Or, maybe, you don’t know what "alligator tears" means.
Favorite songs -

Clay Pigeons
In Spite of Ourselves

plus many more ..... He will be missed.
@tablejockey,@cleeds, well I certainly have misused the term alligator tears in my response to JPs death but leave it to you two for the clarity, after all someone has to be that person or persons. 
RIP John
he gave back to generations of songwriters 
hope he is tearing it up just past the border of heaven
His music will continue to take me to a special place for the rest of my listening life.  What a treasure he glad I was able to see him perform live.
An enormous loss indeed.  Deep down I felt this coming but was apparently not prepared.  John Prine has affected me more than any other artist.

I was fortunate enough to see him five times, the last being October 2019.  The last song off his last album seems appropriate.

When I Get To Heaven

RIP John
I share in the grief of his passing, one of the greatest songwriters of our generation with a voice perfectly suited for his lyrics.  I loved his music for ~40 years.  RIP, JP.  
Sad,sad day indeed! I can still remember hearing "In spite of ourselves" the first time.I thought who is this guy? He has to be one of the most underrated songwriters of our time.Right up there with Kris Kristofferson, Dave Carter, Merle Haggard, etc.etc. 
My favorite album,I will have to admit, was his later 2005 "Fair and Square". Oh I hate it when that happens to me! 
Fairwell and RIP.

The Mt. Rushmore of topical singer-songwriters includes Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, and, of course, John Prine. John Prine is one whose work has profoundly influenced, indeed impacted, everyone, even those who never knew his name.
I think that there are 5 separate threads active about John Prine’s passing is a testimony to how many lives he touched. I myself have not been able to get Dear Abbey and Illegal Smile out of my head.
The first and only time I heard John perform live was in a small coffee house in Ottawa, Ont. in the 70's. It was a staple in that city that catered to people with a passion for good acoustic music. Place probably didn't hold more than 150 people. Surprisingly, they had some very talented musicians and most weren't well known at the time but others were.

That night John was playing second act to Jerry Jeff Walker (after his Mr. Bojangles song was out). A very special night I will remember forever.

The best to you from all of us Mr. Prine. You certainly gave your best to the world. I read that we was considered a Mark Twain. Indeed.

I am so sad...thinking that he is gone. I send the best thoughts to his family. Only two other artists affected me in similar ways...yet...differently...George Harrison and Tom Petty.

I heard that there was so much "industry" respect for him as a singer/songwriter that when he would come to town, all the greats would go to hear him. To me...seemingly much like the actors who would surround a movie set to watch Spencer Tracy work.

I saw John Prine once... at the Cerritos Center around band...all by himself...just his guitars. What a show.

To me, his lyrics were sooo clever...yet Hank Williams... Prine’s observations cut so close and deep...packing a sly yet tender wallop...and...his words were indeed "naked as the eyes of a clown". What a Master.

I heard we was a humble and kind man,,,and a gentlemen...generous and thoughtful to his fans...and thoughtful and generous to fellow musicians trying to move their own way through. the end of a wonderful life...all there is ..."melted ice cubes in a paper cup..." Mr. Prine, thank you for the humor, insight and selfless gifts of yourself... you’ve given so much to countless people. Your journey home...truly deserves a "New Train". Good Night Sweet Prince. I wish that you rest in Blessed Peace.
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We lose so many these days it seems. This one really hurts because he was such a class act inside and out. To me, he represented the musical embodiment of Polonius’ declaration: " brevity is the sole of wit". His writing was always infused with humanity, humor, love or some combination thereof. I listened to him last night and tonight.
I’m listening to The Tree of Forgiveness right now. Wow. Prayers to his family. RIP John. I hope Heaven is everything you thought it would be and much more.
Ain't Hurting Nobody

The Moon is Down

What a treasure to our souls. Will be missed. 
One of my favorite John Prine songs " Please don't bury me"  We had this performer by the name of Stan Farrlow come to our little town in Canada in the early 70's and he was very talented and was Friends with Merl Hagert and
Kris Kristofferson. Stan was a draft dodger and that's what brought him to our little town.
But sitting in that little bar listening listening to Stan play John Prine songs was very special indeed as I never heard of John Prine before. Now I own all of John Prine's CD's  You can actually find Stan Farlow on line, as he had a few hit songs in the US
Hadn't thought about John Prine in a very long time. Growing up in the Chicago area presented a lot of opportunities, even for a dimwit like me. Happened to fall in with some good people. Very late 60s and early 70s was able to go to some clubs in Chicago's Old Town for music and comedy. I had the great fortune to hear John Prine. A talent who could touch me, if you know what I mean. Don't know about the acoustics of the clubs, likely wouldn't pass muster here, but I doubt I could ever duplicate the experience with any system today. That goes for many experiences from back then. One of the worst parts of getting old, saying goodbye to those who helped shape us old farts and built our memories.
John Prine had prior heart problems and cancer. His immune system was compromised. They do know he had contacted Covid 19. Many who die from coronavirus have compromised immune systems, and are even dying of the other condition but its being counted as a coronavirus death in the stats.

Many people are now walking around with Covid 19 and have no idea they have it. And, are afraid of getting it! There’s the irony.

Its propaganda that drives the masses to panic rather than treating it logically. If you know how.. You can get a herd of placid cows to stampede by making them panic. Refuse to be herd bound!   Learn how to nutritionally boost your immune system.  Smoking compromises the lungs integrity.  Eating and drinking wrong as well.
One of the best. My wife and I saw him twice last year, and were lucky to see him at least once a year in the prior 3 or 4. After the throat cancer, his voice was obviously not the same, but he took such obvious joy in performing that it was infectious, and you couldn't help but have fun at his concerts (well, once Iris DeMent opened for him and that was a sheer sonic horror - he made up for it though).
Woke up this morning
Put on my slippers
Walked in the kitchen
And diedAnd oh, what a feeling!When my soul
Went through the ceiling
And on up into heaven, I did ride...

His songs have the power to bring you up when you're down and bring you down when you're up.  If listening to "Sam Stone" doesn't rip your heart out then you might want to check to see if you have one at all.
i loved him. ill miss him. but his passing shouldve come as no surprise to anyone. 
John was the very definition of UNDERLYING CONDITION.