Lessloss or MAC PC's w/ conditioner????

Hi I am a newbie and have a pair of Usher Be 718's, a Tube Audio Design Preamp/DAC and SS Monoblocks.

I have read amazing reviews about the Lessloss cords. However most of these reviews are for the $595 version of the cord. I am considering the Mini ($299), which according to the site, does 95% of what the regular version does.

However, i have read that the Lessloss actually are not really meant to be used with a conditioner (guess i can save that money), although i'd still want some kind of surge protection.

At a cost of $1200 for 4 Lessloss Mini PC's, i can get a Furman or Shunyata and 4 MAC Cables or whatever anyone reccommends at about $100, whether Iego or DIY, plus a 20amp cord for the Hydra or a PC for the Furman.

Anyone compared the audio improvement using Lessloss PC's versus say a Shunyata Hydra Power conditioner or a Furman 15PFI?

Is the improvement greater with a conditioner or with power cords? I live in a pretty urban area in an apt complex.

This is a hard one, because, logically, the conditioner and 5 MAC PCs would be the right choice. But the reviews for the Lessloss seem to speak of a quite large improvement.

Any thoughts? Thanks!!!
my guess - IMHO only - no brainer

you will be better off with a power conditioner that actually does something to clean up the power then a cable that wishes it could... be sure to consider BPT in the mix and at your budget point the very respectable, very functional APC H series


for power cords be sure to consider the Harmonic Tech 11 cords which you can find used for 100-150 here on the Gon - probably can collect as many as you need in a month

FWIW most people will tell you to put your best cord between the wall and the conditioner - try that but also try it between the conditioner and the source
What are your priorities, detail and nuance in sound reproduction, or power surge protection? The cables can't fix problems with AC upstream. My opinion, if cost is a factor and the power in your home or at least to your circuit feeding your stereo is clean and quiet, you are better off with the best power cable(s) you can afford than going to a conditioner and less quality cables. Shunyata conditioners are terrific as are their better power cables, but if you are not running these or similar quality all the way from your AC outlet to your power conditioner and then to your gear, you will realize your best overall performance with better cables and no conditioner. I suggest buying the Lessloss cables now, and a really good conditioner later, and unplug your system when not in use/during storms if that is a concern in your area for insurance. If your home AC is crappy, go the conditioner and lower cast cable route.
The Lessloss DFPC did not work well with my PS Premier, period. I would not use it with any conditioner or regenerator. Given a choice, I would try the MAC.
The braided/silver MACs work great in my system, but you should not overlook a good power conditioner. I loaned the MACs to friends and they prefer them also.
I had great success with Iego cords of various models. Sold my Lessloss for them. Try it out. Great build from conductor to plugs and cryo'd.

That said, I would get a quality conditioner first.

Good luck,

furman ref IT 15 i or 20 i ---will be a great improvement add used pwr cords later
How about buying a conditioner from Running Springs Audio? Or even the Furman Elite or Power Plant? $1200 will come close to the price of one of these used.

However, if I run MAC cables from that will i "lose fidelity" according to Knownothing.

I live in an apt. complex that i will move from (can't install a dedicated line, but i move alot, doesn't ever make sense to install one, as i would have to drop $300 every single year), in an urban area, but i do most of my listening after 10pm.

I would at least try putting the Lessloss into even a Home Depot power strip with very basic surge protection. Have no idea when storms will come through.

So which do you think offers more improvement- a Running Springs conditioner w MAC cords or the Lessloss? The problems is that both have stunning reviews, AND they can't really be used with each other--- so i really can't buy one and buy the other at a later point!!!

This is a real toughie.

I would also look into the high current version of Vintage Audio Lab. $150 shipped. The audiophile who recommended these to me replaced his LessLoss DFPC with these.
Indiesound, not so tough really. Given the additional information about apartment living - I would definitely go the conditioner/MAC route. Lots of potential junk in apt. building AC and no real way to control if moving frequently.

Under any circumstances, I would not put a cheap surge suppressor in your line - chances for noise and clipping current peaks drawn by your amp far outweigh cost savings for audio applications. Just make sure any high quality conditioner you purchase also has surge protection built in.

Not sure this one has surge suppression, but in another thread recently someone recommended using the $495 Audience Adept Response aR1p which is a single line conditioner in association with a quality power distributor like an Analysis Plus Oval 10 4 box downstream to plug your gear into. I suggested another alternative is to use the Audience aR1p conditioner at the wall plug in association with the audio version of the simple Wiremold audio power strip ($70 or less online or at Naim dealers) in place of the more expensive Analysis Plus outlet box. The Wiremold audio strip provides very clean and quiet power via nine outlets, all hand wired, no power switch, no surge suppression and no lights. You could combine this set up with the MAC or other reasonably priced power cables to supply your gear. I assure that this combination would be much better than stock cables in combination with a hardware store surge suppressor.
I use the regular LessLoss plugged into an original Hydra and it sounds grand. Superior to many of the "big name" PC's I have used. Have not tried it straight to the wall outlet, though. Probably should.

I also use a LessLoss PC to connect my Shunyata Guardian PLC to the wall outlet. I have everything except power amp plugged in to that Shunyata PLC. It works for me.

I think a good PLC can do more for you though.
I'm using Lessloss DFPC on all my components,amps ect.
I even use one on my balanced 20a TORUS PIU.
If they weren't doing it for me I wouldn't be using them.
Isolation transformers work very well. Oneac, Tripp Lite hospital grade, Kleen Line. Used with Vintage Audio Labs pure silver power cord and high current cord. Oneac and Kleen Line has power regulation which is a plus. The Tripp Lite hospital grade is a beast of a transformer. All have surge protection. The 1000 watt Tripp Lite goes for around $300+ and looks to be a great deal. I use the Kleen Line but you pay more for regulation. I have sold all my Lessloss cords now and have found very clean power and these Vintage Audio Labs cords can hold there own for a lot less money ($150) on ebay.

Interesting product at that price point to say the least. Have to love this text taken from body of their product description on ebay:

"We sell this power cord for long times, over 100 power cords of this type sold in past year. Almost all custom feel very happy when this power cord plug in their ausio system. It will give me abviously more details, very clear and transparent sound."
Knownothing, bit of a communication gap there but I promise you good results for the money. Build is not there like Lessloss but still really good. The high current cord rounds things off a little more (warmer) than the pure silver. They work pretty well together for me. The cleaner the power you have coming in the better that pure silver works. The Lessloss would clean things up but at the same time I heard more compression over the pure silver cord. Without clean power the Lessloss can kill some harshness. Like always, my results may be different than yours.
Pure silver shielded cable with rubidium plated plugs for $150!!!??? And it sounds good? What's not to like. Thanks for the tip.
Knownothing, the plugs are actually Rhodium. Not sure where you got rubidium from. Is that another form of metal?
Glad to help out!
It's number 37 on the periodic table instead of number 45 - and they both start with "R". Brain fart.
Knownothing, look at the speaker cables and ic's. The ends are unheard of in this price range. They remind me of Furutech. They can't be making much money on these cables.
Hi Jp1208,

Thanks for the tip regarding the Valab cords. I have a silver PC w/ Rhodium plated plugs burning in right now. Will be trying out their speaker cables soon.

Also, their VALAB NOS DAC is top notch! It bested the Bel Ccanto DAC3 in my system for musicality. The Bel Canto is now sold. All this for $200 clams.