LP shipping

I'm not going to name any names, yet, but I just gotta get this off my chest.....

I ordered the HIFI News test LP along with the DB protractor from a well known source. These people just placed the LP in a box with some foam peanuts and their shipping label trash along with the protractor. No media mail packaging, nothing. Shipped it via USPS to Texas. It's over 100 frickin' degrees here. USPS put the box in a mail box in our apt complex, and it sat in there until I got home from work. Needless to say, the LP ain't mirror flat as it should be..... WTF?????
Maybe the record wasn't mirror flat before it was shipped (probably). Well, you could either send it back for another try, or get a vacuum table, or a VPI with a peripheral weight and a spindle weight. I live in Arizona and store my records in the un-airconditioned garage where it frequently gets to 115 degrees (but its a dry heat). Anyway...I have lived here now for about 4 months and have no warpage problems.

I strongly suggest you bring your LPs inside ASAP!! We are getting to the time of year when we will actually get some humidity. I have been in Az for 21 years and records will warp in this weather - especially in the August/September time period. Just a suggestion.
I doubt it was mirror flat to begin with, but...... who the heck packs LP's for shipping that way? Well, we know of one source that does.......

The VPI is somewhat tempting, still not sure about the unipivot..... so is a Sota non-vacuum. I say non-vacuum because the pump would have to be in the room........ totally non-WAF...... :)

Regardless of the heat, if they didn't put it in a proper LP shipping box then their packaging was insufficient to protect the goods. Any company that ships LPs on a regular basis would know that. I would definitely ask for a replacement.

Ask for a replacement but be nice, you get better results with sugar. Trust me.
I always have my stuff shipped to where I work for this very reason.
If I had items shipped to my house it would sit in the sun all day.
I would argue to the seller that to ensure the test record remains flat, a vacuum hold down system or VPI peripheral weight be included gratis with every LP shipped to Texas or Arizona.
Well, I did mention this to them and they are sending a replacement. I have a RA #. We'll see how the next one comes...
I like that idea....... "tell you what, I won't mention your company's name on Agon if you send me a VPI Scoutmaster, no charge".......... :)

Think it'll work?
Are they going to sent it with the same packing? Maybe they should revise it?
The only time I have had LPs warp is when the shrink wrap is left on. Granted,I am in NY, but leaving the shrink on (sealed LP) will almost certainly warp a record if it is left in a car while you are doing other shopping.The first thing I do is slit open the end.
I have received my LP order from one of the internet mail ordering store, all LPs have scrathes or marks on them. All LPs were new and sealed. I believe it was not the problem with shipping but the quality control as the package was no damage and well delivered by UPS.

Here is the policy and offer by the company.

" We will accept returns of any defective or damaged item for replacement of the same item. Customer is responsible for shipping backto us. We will pay the shipping to ship back to you (Continental UScustomers only). For International customers, the customer is
responsible for returning the item back to us. We will send your replacement with a $50 minimum order only. *Phono cartridges and headphones are non-returnable. If defective, we will exchange for the same cartridge.* There will be a **20%** restocking fee on non-defective merchandise. We will accept returns within 30 days of theorder date. Please call for an RA# prior to returning.
If you would like to return the defective items for replacements please

let me know so I can give you an RMA number. When the replacements aresent to you they would be marked on your invoice as free replacements soyou do not have to pay taxes on the items twice.

If you do not want to go through the hassle of returning the defectiveitems we can give you the items at our cost of which would be a total credit of $30.00. This credit can be refunded to your credit card oradded to your Acoustic Sounds in house account."

The total order I paid for 4 LPs is appx $160, plus $50 shipping.

What do you guys think ? Definitely It is not worth it for me to return them and pay for shipping cost. Is $30 credit acceptable?

Need your opinion.
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"Sending an LP in the SUMMER in the Southwest is silly unless it is sent 1 day air"

I agree it seems silly, however I've had good luck with it. I can't go 6 months without getting a new LP! In fact just got JT's Mudslide Slim from Acoustic Sounds and there are no warpage issues. They know how to pack correctly. In this case, I ordered it 14 months ago and it was released this week - they then ship without notice. Which is another problem. I like to know when an item is coming so I can be on the lookout. I would say I have had at least 200 LPs shipped to me in the summer heat and had only 1 LP that was warped upon receipt.
That's why I refrain from buying LPs online during the summer months. ;-P

If they are packed properly in the media mail "boxes, with the correct amount properly cut cardboard to fill up the box, there shouldn't be a problem. On the other hand, if someone just throws it in a large box with peanuts, well....... And I agree with Az. Got's to buy new stuff......

I tried to use it last night...... not happenin'..... not even sure the VPI peripheral ring would flatten this thing..... Although, I did manage to get the arm/cart to track tracks 6 - 8 on side one.... :) I was running no anti-skate before. Track 6 was good, 7 not so good, 8.........
I just received this from.................. yikes.....

"I sent your replacement in a pizza style box with some bubble wrap......"
Crud, I feel like an idiot. I just ordered a dozen 180 gram special editions and had them shipped ground...to Phoenix Arizona.

At least I had the foresight to have them delivered to my office instead of my home. Here's hoping for the best.
The "pizza box" type of box is hopefully the kind specifically for LPs. That should give you better results.
Don't feel bad Shaz. I just ordered 4 LP's today....... NOT, from the same source......
Hi folks, i haven't had any warpage issues as much as getting the LP's with corner damages. Countless of them. The more you order at once (10-12), the heavier the box and if same, God forbid, is dropped the increased likelyhood of getting your precious vinyls corner damaged. Winter/Summer, it does not matter. Ordering vinyls mail order is like ordering a box of chocolate......