Name the most recent album that has shaped your musical world

Every now and then, sometimes when you're least expecting it, an album comes along that shifts, develops, and extends the shape of your music world.The album/artist/creation doesn't have to be a sea-change from your previous taste, but it does have to add a flavor to that taste palette that was missing before.

In the past few years, creations like M83's "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming", TV on the Radio's "Quartz", and Wye Oak's "The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs" have all done this. But most recently, Janelle Monae's "Dirty Computer" eased me into a new musical shape, itself populated by Erykah Badu, Dominique Fils-Aime, and others I wouldn't have discovered had it not been for Monae's brilliant, game-changing release.
Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Session
On this recording my Vandies creates a staging not only record deep but also wide. It’s comes close to a intimate experience recorded direct on a DAT tape an 1 stereo mic pure recording the natural reverd of the church..
Current 93 - Thunder Perfect Mind.
David Tibet is a weird one. Poetic, mystical, humorous,  and enchanting. 
Soap & Skin - Lovetune for Vacuum.
Anja Plaschg is an experimental pianist and acoustic poet. Psychedelic punkett.
Carmen Gomez up pop the devil. Not only a great album but the recording IMO Is sound liaisons best work. Happy hunting 
Roxy Music Avalon. The euro pressing, the cover is a little taller than usual, had to change the shape of my musical world to fit it on the shelf.
Avalon has always been an amazing album, especially in the oversized pressing....ha
Cue some Diablo Swing Orchestra....any of it but Pandora’s Pinata is sweet....all on Tidal too.
Nothing quite like an amalgam of eastern European tunes combined with orchestral phrasing and metal.....not everyones cup of tea but pretty dang interesting and well executed.
I work from home and play music all day, every day. I like most all genres of music; however, when working I tend to levitate towards ambient music. My foray into ambient really started with my deep love for Moby. I’ve created huge (4 x 4,000+ cuts) ambient Tidal playlists (happy to share, just send me a private message), but what really sticks out for me in more recent times was the discovery of a great album and recording of Pauline Anna Strom’s Trans-Millenia Music. She also has such a compelling musical story that begins with her being born blind (think about that one for a moment). Cheers!
Rokia Traore- Beautiful Africa
Ibrahim Ferrer- Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferror
@mapman So true. Putumayo collections were a major part of my musical maturation.
Don't laugh, but played these every night for a month after the grammy's
Finneas-Blood Harmony

Billie Eilish-When We All Fall Down
You’re welcome. I’ve got lots more artists most haven’t heard of that are great. Always happy to share my music obsession!
Gary Numan - Savage
Amazing mix of Middle Eastern harmonies with an industrial/metal anchor. Real "ear opening" stuff. Made me look into more of his stuff and his influences (Trent Resnor). So what it did was make me explore outside my usual box. And I discovered........ another sound I now seak out.
Puscifer’s ‘Existential Reckoning’.  Released last month.   Quite a great album.  
Jamie Cullum- Twentysomething CD/SACD (Verve) 2004
easily became my Reference disc upon purchase.
Emmylou Harris' Wrecking Ball. I'm working on getting all her albums now and have found I like some traditional country music, and bluegrass too, enough to actually acquire some. Having grown up near New York City where Country and Western was almost anathema that certainly represents a shift. No danger of going to any NASCAR races though.

skyscraper, don't miss her musical partner Rodney Crowell. Listening to him made the same change for me into (some) country music. Together with Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels on a Gravel Road. A showstopper.
A great recent discovery was Dead Can Dance - In Concert. Massive electronic music with eastern rhythms. 
The recent reissue of the Heshoo Beshoo Group - Armitage Road was a recent game changer for me. 

I'm a big fan of African Music but this reissue of the only studio record put out by this short lived South African Jazz Ensemble is really cool.  Despite the age and quality of the recording options they had in Joburg in the late 60's early 70's, it still come across and a wonderful exploration of American jazz & South African rhythms merged.  

The cover is an awesome play off Abbey Road.

I also listened to Duke Ellington's Money Jungle (w/ Mingus) recording from decades ago.  I am used to listening to tight jazz trio, quartets and quintets, so this took some getting used to.  Couldn't quite figure out Duke's playing.  Then it struck me - his playing in a small group created a much bigger sound to the music.  It wasn't intended to be a Bill Evans-esque solo, but a layer to the music that resulted in a wonderful band sound, ala big band without the big band.  I now get Duke.

Glad you're posting on the BEST music thread.

The most recent band that has impressed me is The Mountain Goats 
The debut cd from the korean group..." Leenahchi"..... It is on takes on from where ssingssing left off.........folk songs in a ancient form of korean, in  amazing strange harmonies.........Shamanistic......also look at them on you tube
@slaw I always hear about the mountain goats and I've never checked them out. Would you recommend them?
Julie London - Latin In a Satin Mood
James Taylor - American Standard
Connie Stevens - The Hank Williams Songbook
Skyway Man - The World Only Ends When You Die
Lana Del Ray - FNR
Soccer Mommy - Color Theory
A Man Called E
Its a Beautiful Day
Bert Jansch - Just a Simple Soul
The new Buster Poindexter record featured on Qobuz.  An upbeat, high energy treat.  I actually saw the guy live back in the Seventies (Eighties?) when he was the lead singer of the New York Dolls.
Very impressed three recent 2020 releases (yep still buying CDs):

1) Miklos Rozsa: Ivanhoe - Sinfonia Of London - Bruce Broughton condt
Intrada - limited edition release
Lower strings and french horns in this recording absolutely rock.
This one deserves to be my only answer to this discussion as it stayed in near
constant play after arrival.

2) Katia & Marielle Labeque - Phillip Glass Les Enfants Terribles
Piano duo that can make everything they play captivating. DG

3) Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Outtakes
Who needs a flux capacitor for time travel when you can listen to this.
So many great recommendations here. Thank you!
Two that have really brought me joy and comfort of late:
Regina Carter’s “Paganini: After a Dream”
I keep reaching for the volume and turning it up. Sublime!
Socrates Garcia Latin Jazz Orchestra “Back Home.” The sound quality on this is so pure. Beautifully mixed and engineered. Makes my heart dance. 
Somebody mentioned Billie Eilish and said don’t laugh. No reason to laugh and she’s pretty darn good and I’m 59. I have discovered a lot of old stuff as I got older, But I have to go back a while to find something that was new at the time and from a relatively new band and it made me really set up and take notice. I would tend to leave out stuff like them crooked vultures because that was a group of guys that I already knew.I’m tempted to say white stripes elephant, but I think realistically the two that belong in the most recent records with the greatest influence Would have to be Radiohead OK computer and toadies rubberneck which I didn’t discover until a few years after it came out.
I just discovered Carl "Safe Sax" Ferris, CD is "All Blown Out " and love his music. This from an old fart who joined the KISS Army in the 70's as a kid and thought ACDC were heavy metal Gods when Bon Scott was alive. 
Not recent. 1974 I purchased from the local Peaches an import record before actually hearing anything on it (did that a lot in those days.)  Fripp & Eno ‎– (No Pussyfooting). Didn't really care for it and had no idea I was listening to what many people would later say was the birth of the ambient genre.