New Audiogon URL restrictions are too much

I recently attempted to post a URL to Wikipedia article related to networking and was notified I was blocked.  I think the current restrictions on embedded URLs in messages are a little too much.


That's odd! I've never had an issue posting links here, @erik_squires. What exactly was the message you got when you were blocked? Was the entire post blocked?

@cleeds Yes, it blocks and erased the entire message.  It was a mundane message talking about network speeds, buffers, caches... etc. For kicks, would you try replying with a link to a Wikipedia article?

If I try to reply to this thread wiht a post from Wikipedia about Transmission Control Protocol I get;

Sorry, you have been blocked

You are unable to access

Why have I been blocked?

This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.

@erik_squires I found that thread and inserted your link, which was an excellent suggestion. For whatever reason, I wasn't blocked. Most odd.

Post removed 

Perhaps one work around is to describe the search formulation you use, the author, name of site, date (if content is dated) and within the bounds of fair use, quote some relevant portion if you are engaged in critical commentary. 

For those that commented in this thread that were having problems, can

you try again?  I believe we have fixed the  issue.


@erik_squires  Please send an email to with the link you are wanting to add and I'll be glad to help you.



This happened to me just once about a month ago when I tried to link a video from YouTube. It took about four attempts to get it to work and alls been fine since. 

Here's a link from Wikipedia on networking.

All the best,

I cannpt post links.

I get big X from Cloudflare the past week. And, if you try to go back, everythinh you have written is goneXXXX

I've been writing Tammy, so far no solution.

Great site. Wait for AI. Nobody will know up from down. Hope not. Not a reflection on AG.

OK, I see the problem.  If I try to copy/paste a bare link it will not work.

On the other hand, if I embed a link like this one it works fine.

Having the same issue trying to post a link to Genie Clips.  Ended up suggesting the OP simply Google the product.  Hope it's a temporary issue.  

This is a test. You cannot edit and paste your link. You have to use the link symbol above.

This is a test link

@erik_squires, please review the above and try again. Thanks. My link above is a link to Wikipedia.

@hgeifman Yep, as I noted above, embedded URLs in text work fine.  It is only bare URLs that won't work. 

Had a similar problem (getting blocked) last week, but it was just the link, not me