New favorite VINYL Album?

Wolfgang Amadeus by PHOENIX great sounding, fantastic music, highly recomended. my new favorite vinyl album.
J.D. Souther's "If the World was You", is my current favorite new album available on vinyl.

(I won't say it's my absolute favorite of all time of course, but it a really good album. FYI, it sounds pretty darn good on CD as well.)

My two cents worth.

PS The new self-titled Wilco album is pretty good too.
I really like the new The Arcade Fire lp and the fairly new Kings of Leon. Recommended if you like the music.
Macdadtexas ,
What label is this on? I've got a 30 yr. old copy that sounds pretty crappy so I'd be interested to replace it .
Muddy Waters, "Folk Singer". I know it is always mentioned. I had the CD which was good, but I just got the Mobile Fielity LP. It is truely great.
Milcho Leviev Quartet /w Art Pepper Blues for the Fisherman. A high water mark for Art Pepper even without George Cables and a great pressing on Mole Jazz.
Purchased both the Levon Helm and Wilco LP's a couple of weeks ago along with Junior Wells' "Hoodoo Man Blues."
I bought one from the Rhino site and waited 4 months, every week getting a note from Rhino that is was on backorder. It never came. Then one day I walk into my local record store, and there is a new Rhino pressing of "Machine Head" on display. I paid my $19 and ran out. Sounds great. My old pressing sucked too.
other new albums i bought recently, that were my fav before phoenix was the FUR's blitzen trappper and SM & Jicks's real emotional trash. both really great and highly recomended. thromgard i will order the new arcade fire lp.
James Blackshaw "The Glass Bead Game"
Lyrical 12 string guitar passages extended to include some strings and piano. Somehow manages to make each new record more beautiful than the previous one - not sure how he does this but I'm glad he does.
Melody Gardot, "My One and Only Thrill." Vinyl version even has one track not on the CD. Great sound, great singer/songwriter. Google her backstory.
Quicksilver Messenger Service, "Live at the Carousel Ballroom". For Quichsilver fans only, "The Fool" is interesting. "Who Do You Love" is a little disappointing. I've not heard the jam lp yet.
Marianne Faithfull's new release "Easy Come, Easy Go". It a double album. She does a number of covers and does multiple duets (my favorite is her duet with Antony). Extremely well recorded. In fact a friend of mine commented on the quality of microphone on the front cover of the LP. You can hear every cigarette she ever smoked!

I agree with Jloveys, the Thelonious Monk Mosaic Set is fabulous!
I agree with Utahusker, Live at Massey Hall has rapidly become one of my all time favorite LP's. To hear Neil's 'Young' voice, is like hearing him for the first time. And the way he interacts with his audience is pure magic. And if that wasn't enough, the sonics are absolutely stunning. Highly recommended.
James Newton Howard & friends, - Sheffield Lab 23
Organic Jazz, very dynamic & just fun.
Hear are some very tasteful new indie with excellent sonics and music

M. Ward ~ Hold Time You should buy Post War first. Then a few of his older stuff just released on vinyl...then Hold Time

Devander Banhart ~ Cripple Crow (you got to hear this)

TV on Radio ~ Return to Cookie Mountain

Black Morning Light~ I cant remember the album names but both are incredible sonics and if you like a pink floyd, with more blues, classic rock, roots you will love this.

Dan Auerback (from black keys) Keep it hid

Explosions in the Sky ~ They have two albums...good

Cat Power ~~~ You Are Free

CAt Power ~ Jukebox and The Greatest
The scary thing as an analog devotee to admit about the Massey Hall LP is that it was digitally remastered--and probably altered--before going back out to the lathe. I guess we're just getting a good vinyl version of a CD. I've often wondered if such "digital" versions improve sonically by having them pressed on vinyl. At least here is no DAC in the chain! But is it really analog...
Rokia Traore - Tchamantche and The Specials (remaster)

The first is great music and beautifully recorded. The latter is just classic!

Kipdent, I too wonder if maybe some of the new vinyl(and which ones?) have had digital involved. Now that digital has improved, maybe it isn't quite as necessary to have all analog. I do know that I don't listen to earlier lps that have digital in them-even on Japanese vinyl.
Kipdent - I have just a few digitaly remastered LPs that sound decent, most of them - particulary Pop or Alternative - sound almost like my digital source (just with clicks and pops).
I recently had a audiophile friend over for a listen.He brought his copy of Sphere's "Flight Path". It absolutely floored me. It had such a low sound floor. I really don't know much about these guys other than they were Tholonius Monk's band.These guys have chops! A really amazing performance on what may be the best sounding jazz album I have ever heard.

I just found a copy for myself at the local used record shop for $3.99!
Emorrisiv, an absolutely phenomenal album. Note the unintended irony of the
title, "Flight Path," and on the reverse, a photo of the artists
standing in front of New York's twin Trade Center towers. The album was
recorded (by Rudy Van Gelder) in the early 80s.
Dopogue you are dead on. Seeing the guys in front of the WTC with a album titled "Flight Path" is very ironic.
One could wax about the flight path of the country in regards to the greed of Wall Street,but of course the obvious 911 deads have nothing to do with that.(talk about irony)

I just listened to it again this morning on my small system (Snell E, junk Technics reciever,el cheapo Radio Shack turntable, Sony PS1 CD player)which is surprisingly revealing and was blown away. the bass player is a genius,and the Snells showed it very well.

On my big system,(Acoustat 2,Audio Alchemy DLC,Hafler 220,VPI HMW19/Benz Micro)it is absolutely magical. Maybe the quietest,detailed,nuanced,holographic record I have heard.

Can't wait to go back to work and upgrade to some tubes.
gidde up economy!
Furr - Blitzen Trapper
Sea Sew - Lisa Hannigan
Not Animal - Margot and the Nuclear So and So's
Plague Park - Handsom Furs
"A Bande A Part" by this group called "Nouvelle Vagues". I was at Rocky Mouuntain Audio Fest last year and this album was played in the Verity/Aretemis/Schroeder room. It was dynamite. Luckily I managed to find the album online but had to get it shipped from the UK (seems rare or unavailable here). It stands out as the best recording I have, and the music is one of the best too. I also got their self-titled album on CD, and again, it's one of my best if not best CD recordings.
Rancid "let the dominoes fall" if you like punk, clash, green day, a must hear. double vinyl album with a lot of great punk/protest music. for mild head bangers. highly recomended! i am now a RANCID FAN!
neil young's "FORK IN THE ROAD"; 60's,70's, 80's, 90's and 2000, 5 decades and STILL THE MAN!
Dear Koegz: Not for everyone and a challenge for any audio system:

Laura Branigan: Self Control.

David Bowie: Cat People.

Billy Ocean: Caribbean Queen.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Patti Smith - Trampin'. Her best album in years. Atmospheric songs, a brilliant and empathetic recording and less than 15 minutes a side on a double album for great dynamics and bottomless bass. This will give your system a workout.
New vinyl in heavy rotation:

Fleet Foxes "Eponymous"...OK it was released last year but I've only just caught on

Cocktail Slippers "St. Valentines Day Massacre"

Noisettes "Wild Young Hearts"
Mark Knopfler - Get Lucky
Julie London - Her Name Is Julie (45rpm Analog Productions)
Dopogue, have you heard the Sphere's "Live" disc? Italian pressing. Very close to the quality of "Flight Path". Just got one off Ebay for cheap.

Just got the Led Zeppelin 'Mothership' boxed set. Brings back great memories, and the music is great, song after song (and sounds pretty damn good too). Crank it up, it's just great fun!
Dear Koegz: Thorens 125 anniversary, Jim Hall " Concierto ", Mary Black " Full Tide ", Irene Kral " Where is Love ? " and even Anne McCue " Amazing ordinary things ".

Regards and enjoy the music,