OCD mickey website and negativity.

I see videos from this individual frequently he's got a show every night almost on YouTube which is live. It's interesting.

I'm not familiar with the brands on his website and he doesn't seem to be happy about lots of stuff. He visits stores and complains about how terrible their equipment is and that no one knows what they're doing without really explaining him himself.

I've learned many things from him but I don't know why his gear that he represents seems lacklustre, I'm not gonna mention it here but maybe I'm wrong. There are many outstanding so-called higher end audio gear that's out there and he doesn't seem to carry any of it.  




My quick take on him:

He's a smart guy, been in the industry a long time, and knows a lot.

From what I've seen of his videos, he is often informative and helpful.

The gear he carries seems like very good stuff. I don't know how his customer service is.

He has a very loyal following, often willing to attack in youtube threads.

He himself is often snarky and supercilious. He markets his business on the back of the campaign, "The audio industry is lying to you but I can tell  you how and why they do that -- and sell you gear."

His critiques are sometimes on-target, sometimes off-target, but his main tactic is to generate buzz by being snarky and presenting himself as a radical "truth to power" guy.

Surely, he's right some portion of the time -- about bad gear, bad marketing, hype, and the over-targeting of the super-rich in audio. But he does this in a way which makes him a hero to some and a villain to others.

That's my take after watching many videos and having some online exchanges with him.

I generally agree with what hilde45 said. I would add, Mickey is a refreshing alternative to the "everything sounds great if they advertise with us" magazines and the "only measurements can tell the truth" people out there. He has strong opinions based on his experience. Yes, he can be snarky but he can also be really funny and helpful. 

He seems to ignore a lot of very good gear that's out there and tends to be in a very narrow product line.  I'm not sure what to make of what he offers and it all seems on the lower end price Side.  

Hard to say whether he's trying to make money or just likes doing a YouTube channel. His website really doesn't have very much on it when it comes to used gear. It's kind of a spar website overall so I don't think that's his main goal to promote and improve this website. He doesn't seem to care if you buy from him or someone else so he's definitely a mystery.  Sort of in the camp with this other guy called Jay and I think they're great friends but hard to say.  Doing a YouTube channel is difficult and you don't make money from it so it's very weird.

Many of these wannabe YT influencers manufacture drama and anger to create a sense of excitement and urgency and, they hope, a loyal following. It just all seems so silly to me.

I am more attracted by the purely human side of the reviewers...

Or pure scientific acoustics video as those of dr. Choueiri or Toole etc ....

The audio side of these video annoy me generally because i dont need anything really more than what i have... I must be deaf or as some could say ignorant of high end gear...😁😊😉

I smile at these thoughts about me because the sound we listen too convey all acoustics factors, and they are there or not for our satisfaction or for our frustation, they are there relatively optimally considering for sure the specific design quality level of the gear we use and the way we had embed it.

For sure my sound experience with my system/room or headphone is not the TOP in the world but i live already in ectasy... Then... I conclude the way we use the gear matter as much if not more than the gear itself.... My goal was enjoying music without any sound frustation not going to race with no budget limit... I succeeded.

Then i favor the human side of the reviewers if i go listening them , i am attracted by their personality, not by their gear knowledge only or mainly ... ( i love Huff, Guttenberg, cheapaudioman, i will add Jay because in spite of his acoustic knowledge limitation till recently i think he is an interesting honest character, there is others but i dont listen much about audio gear these days because music is there now and my sound is satisfying enough to put me in ectasy)

If i want to know something about sound experience i go elsewhere than listening audio reviewers ...😊

I forgot to say that anyway when i was searching for upgrade with the right piece or buying my first top amplifier for example i search for owners customers  reviews not official reviewers... I read them all BEFORE buying...







Against my better judgement I purchased an item from him recently and I was pleasantly surprised by the good customer service and even a phone call after the online order. He seemed a little goofy to me on the videos he made but we had a good conversation on the phone. I would definitely recommend him. Also don't forget for new customers he has a 10% off deal.

Even Manson….. had his followers….

I agree with @hilde45 concise assessment…..

As an aside… there are a LOT of blowhard…. When read others input i look for ; ownership and how long or tempered by significant seat time in a known system room, and basic level matching skills….. so few SPL meters……. 

His website recommends nat and Jeff Rowland gear pretty much exclusively in amplifier and pre-amplifier areas. For speakers it's Fisher and Fisher and tad pretty much.   

The nat amplifiers, on the pricey side up to nearly $100,000, contain this very very large tube which is really really cool until you break it.  I've never seen anything quite like this. No idea how it sounds, anyone familiar with this?

Jeff rowland I think has a lot of credibility making solid state amplifiers.

I'm not familiar with the speakers.

Also you can join a tribe I just signing up I don't think there's a fee. When I was really young I was a member of Indian guides I remember it was a lot of fun, maybe this is for grown-ups.


If you don’t like his persona or his views, simply don’t subscribe to his channel.  I see no need or purposes of posting a negative comment(s).  

baits? I haven't been fishing in years and miss it. I do like to eat salmon a lot if I can trust where it's been caught. I need to go back to Washington where salmon still run free and wild

Good to know. I think OCD is the same guy who falsely accused some members here of lies. That video title had "bait" in it. I watched that video a bit (lots of skipping) and a few others. You are right - he always complains. Reminds me of a colleague who always complains and sees faults in others and ignores his own. Some people are like that. Cannot help it. Just ignore and move on.

I hope you get to go to Washington and catch a lot of salmon.

I think he is a joke. He’s got the hand signal for his tribe (followers), kind of childish. He’s against most brick and mortar audio stores but turns around and does the same thing he complains about. Unless you buy from him, everything else is crap, according to him.

Personally, I think some it the YT reviewers/audiophiles are more truthful/believable  than any audio magazine reviewer. When have you seen any magazine review that wasn’t off the charts positive? You won’t. I have seen numerous YT reviewers have negative reviews, and not just against products that they don’t sell. 

@emergingsoul Well….i can certainly attest that ignoring my vinyl addiction, a serious salmon fishing boat and habit can eclipse the expenditure for a decent reference music  system…. Of course, i’m a snob about both and the Meticulous care of salmon i catch… IF you make it to Washington, stop by for some great fish, wine and music ;-) 

By the way… Tomic lures 601 is my favorite salmon fishing plug…. no, my name is not Tom



I have made 2 five-figure purchases from Mike Powell, both times he brought the items to my house for a relaxed no pressure audition. He stands by his products and in my opinion has a great set of ears and excellent decades of experience with the inner workings of equipment and the place along the price line where you get great bang for the buck and which is often not the most promoted brands. He does recommend equipment that he does not carry such as ADG and other brands.  When dealing with you as an individual I and others have found him very respectful, not putting down your equipment, taste or budget. He seems as much or more interested you being moved by the music and establishing a long term audiophile friendship, as in making a sale.

@gammajo Agree 100% I'm sure many people's comments here are from people who have never done business with him before and talking out of their ass!

If you don’t like his persona or his views, simply don’t subscribe to his channel.  I see no need or purposes of posting a negative comment(s).  

This is a forum. This is commentary. Human beings analyze and comment on things. It's what people do. It what you just did. Everything's gonna be alright.

@hide45- you are da man!  If most of you knew reviewers, you may have a different opinion on what they say about gear.  And most people only know from their experience.  Now others know what makes something sound the way it does. For example,  most people do not know what effect a transformer does to the sound.  I was at a recent dealer demonstrating an amplifier, he knew exactly that the transformers used was producing the sound compared to other amps he was selling.  He knew why that amp was sounding better and in what areas the parts used were impacting the sound.  OCD may have some of that experience, I am not sure what his experience is.  Some of what he says is true in the industry.


But to each his own and as long as you are happy and listening to more music, then that is all that matters.



OCD Mikey is very entertaining to say the least.  He is also very critical of the status quo and the good o' boy network (collusion?)  in the HiFi industry.  He is a disrupter.  However, he does attack certain stores (e.g. Magnolia)  / brands (e.g Denon, McIntosh) which I find to be unnecessary and frankly, uncalled for.  I've always been of the opinion of "Look how good my stuff are" vs "Look how awful the competition's stuff are"  would be a much better strategy.  That is, stress the positive in what you have to offer without bashing the competition.

I would love to get some of his gear but they are priced in the stratosphere.  I can only afford sub $5K components totaling way less than $ 40K.  So, by  his definition, I am in the mid-fi (LowFI ?) category. Oh well.... I am thrilled with what I have and able to afford without mortgaging my future.


He is also very critical of the status quo and the good o' boy network (collusion?)  in the HiFi industry.  He is a disrupter....I would love to get some of his gear but they are priced in the stratosphere.

There's the rub, no? He's against the good ol' boys network -- cool -- but where's the affordability for the "regular guy" (or gal)? There's at least a tension here which remains.

Say what you will about the commercial audio market, the regular person can do pretty well with a lot of products out there -- priced reasonably, high quality, high value. We're talking your Cambridge, your Rogue, your Vincent, your Omega, your Fritz, your Quicksilver, your Van Alstine....the list goes on and on. Some of these are big companies, some small, and some (gasp) market and advertise. But one can achieve very good sound, get a warranty and customer support, and not break the bank.

Mikey's a good guy. We've corresponded in emails...I believe he means well and does know his stuff. I have 4 Rowland amps so the fact that he believes in them so strongly assuages any skepticism for me. 

To be clear, I like Mikey and follow him religiously . If he is able to carry sub $5K components, then I will be all over it.  I just do not see myself spending $10K to >$20K++  for one component.  These are just my priorities in life....     I know he has a business to run and I totally get it !

His "personality’ can be an acquired taste, but stating "I don’t know why his gear that he represents seems lacklustre," while he carries Meitner, Playback Designs, NAT Audio, Jeff Rowland, Viola Audio, TAD, Fischer & Fischer is a bit much to say the least


I used to watch this guy regularly but he has crawled so far up his own backside I don't bother now.

What really bugs me is that he trashes so many other highly regarded companies simply because they are not exclusive enough.

If you don't like a product, fine, but to alienate so many other watchers like me is just plain stupid.

I think what he's doing is pretty smart. After over 35 years in the hobby in one form or another, I learn something new from him each time I watch. Of course a dealer is going to strongly rep his brands, but being very exclusive in the brands you rep is a statement in itself. I'm mostly bored with many of the other YT audio channels, but Mikey, whether you agree with him or not on any particular topic is authentic and entertaining. I haven't done business with him yet, but will even if just to support what he's trying to accomplish. 


I enjoy his reviews---he's a breath of fresh air and I appreciate his honesty when it comes to reviews. I believe he truly tries to help people. Speaking of reviewers, does anyone know what happened to Markonhifi??? He completely disappeared from social media. His YT channel was growing and I enjoyed his videos as well. Very odd.

if this is the OCD hi-fi guy, it was interesting and entertaining til it wasnt, which didnt take very long.

i enjoyed reading about his real-life customer serivice.  


I don't know Mickey. Whatever he is doing seems to be working. He is getting some free advertising here.

Mike has a lot of experience and knowledge in the industry. I appreciate that he limits his lineup to what he feels is best over several price points and doesn't try to be all things to all people.

He's a good guy and genuinely interested in only selling you something you can afford that also fits your system and is the biggest bang for your buck.

He wont sell you something you dont need or wont help your system.

I have bought several things from him and had good phone conversations with him.

He has become a trusted friend and advisor.

Haters are gonna hate but until you request his services you wont know how genuine he really is.


Just like many people he uses the media platforms to market his business.

I always say listen before you buy and you be your own judge 

All reviewers focus on their favorite gear pieces...

All reviewers differ in their ultimate choices...

For me, basic synergy between gear pieces first, then electrical,mechanical and acoustical installation, implementation, optimization, modification matter more that the choice of specific gear and their price tag... ( one piece can be synergetical with many others possible pieces or not for sure then synergy come first)

I am in what some call low-fi with my actual speakers-headphone system...

It is not even wrong to say that about my system but it is debatable , my AKG K340 modified is not low fi at all for example even if his price tag correspond to low fi gear pieces.......😊

But the minimal acoustical satisfaction threshold is enough when it is reached to put you on ectasy...And creativity increase your pride and make you pity many of those who own higher costlier system because some are very good and better yes but many not so much better than yours... 😁 Sorry for the unconfortable truth...

Most people dont know how to make it happen, then the only solution for them is a race toward upgrades toward High Fi higher cost...They forgot music  to focus on sound problems captured by frustation encountering unbalanced sounds factors and acoustic ignorance. They buy an upgrade before experiments mechanical,electrical and acoustical treatment and cures...

What is pathetic and comical is how bad some very costlier system can be ...

It seems no one take the lesson : What we do with what we buy is more important than what we buy ...

Forget reviewers, it is consumers induced entertainment .... Begin study basic and experiment...😊


He’s offensive to the kinds of guys who like the establishment- or long to be a part of it.

I think he’s clever and fun to listen to. I also think he’s really good at calling out the frauds- even the ones here on AG who pretend they are audiophiles but who are actually paid trolls. Clue: They have massive volumes of posts- often multiple posts per day.

I also think he’s legit as he does not pretend he’s not trying to sell you gear. Are you a dealer or a privateer? Good! Put it out there for all to know so they can discern the motive behind the words.

I also think he’d be fun to party with. He's probably funny AF.


Your response is spot on! Many on here would be offend by his supposed truth-telling but the reality is that there is a LOT of snake oil being peddled out there and the truly highend has gotten so far out of hand that most have a hard time disputing what Mikey says! One of my favorites is his take on Preamps! 😉

I had some interactions with him when shopping for a DAC. He sent me a Metrum Pavanne and a COS (don’t recall the model). I didn’t end up buying either one but I’d have no reservations approaching him again. We got into some deep e mail discussions of spiritualty, so I saw another side of him that’s not evident in his videos. My main issue with him is that he seems to display a pattern of severely trashing brands he once championed.

Like Mikey, Steve Huff seems like a good guy whose opinions never stick for long. Every few months he’s got a new "favorite" box. There’s no way I can take his assessments seriously, given how often they change. But I still find him interesting and appealing on a basic human level.

When it comes to reviewers, I prefer Tarun, Hans and Sean from Zero Fidelity.








OCD Mikey just released a new video. It’s a digital versus turntable rendition of John barleycorn must die. It’s been around for a really long time. Video takes place in what appears to be a customers home and these types of videos are always cool to see what other people are doing.

It’s a bare bone presentation without much commentary. It’s a record being played on a very expensive turntable versus a streaming of a remastered version of this song. Frankly I hate sometimes when they remaster older songs from the 70s and perk up Instruments and tonal frequencies to embellish things. I’m not sure it does great service to these wonderful classic recordings. Perfect example are the Beatles albums where they have screwed around by doing all the remasterings and most new versions don’t seem very good but there are a couple that seem better but overall it’s kind of annoying. Let’s respect the Beatles for what they did and after all this is what they heard when they did things and this is much preferred versus how someone else wants it to be sounding regardless of all the technological advances in the current age to make things sound better.

I think today’s video from mikey is somewhat positive although it would’ve been good to have some commentary as to what he was hearing but that didn’t happen so kind of disappointing. And maybe a rundown description of the individual system would’ve been of interest. Very impressive to hear him talk about technical aspects of a record being played near the end of the video in the way he rattled off lots of terminology. I learned a few things from the video.

Lots of Mikey’s videos are rambling and go on and on and then you have to be patient to hear the value of the video. It is quite an investment to listen for 20 minutes for purposes of capturing a few morsels of knowledge and his brain is just chalk filled with knowledge. The volume of videos is pretty impressive and lots of time goes into these videos every day and then there’s these Live streams he does almost daily which can be compelling to listen to along with 150 other people which doesn’t seem so bad

. I’m at a loss to understand why these audio oriented YouTube channels produce so much video content when they only get 5000 to 10,000 views which is a really good thing for an audio youTuber but the amount made from these videos is probably less than $50 so I guess it’s more about creating Goodwill with his audience which ultimately leads to sales of product.


Hilde45 did a spot on breakdown.  Only thing to add is Mikey is building his brand with the contrarian schtick. Likely more down to earth in a one to one situation. Would like to see a cage match between Mikey and Amir.  

@texbychoice "Only thing to add is Mikey is building his brand with the contrarian schtick..."


On that note, a funny analysis from Quora Bot Assistant, LOL, quote:


"Some people may prefer negative attention to no attention at all for a few reasons. Negative attention, such as criticism or conflict, can still provide a sense of validation or acknowledgment of their existence. It might also be a way for them to feel in control or to provoke a reaction from others, even if it’s negative. Additionally, some individuals may have experienced a lack of positive attention in their lives and have become accustomed to negative attention as a way of receiving any form of interaction or recognition. It’s important to approach this topic with empathy and understanding, as there can be complex psychological and emotional factors at play.", unquote.



I've learned many things from him but I don't know why his gear that he represents seems lacklustre ... There are many outstanding so-called higher end audio gear that's out there and he doesn't seem to carry any of it.  

I too have learned from Mike as he is very experienced in the business side of audio as well as the technical side. As far as the gear he offers ... He concentrates more on gear that generates (to his ear) an enjoyable musical sound vs. hi-fi-tech sound that seemingly much gear these days provides. He also shares his knowledge in the field, and also points out gear which he thinks is over-priced or over-hyped and demonstrates specifically WHY he thinks so, often by dissection of the gear to show you, to save you, the consumer, from unknowingly making a bad purchase. So not only does he provide gear, but also a service to the consumer.  For these reasons, I value his opinion more than some other dealers'. You can choose to disagree with his assessments, and that's OK. But IME/IMO he is honestly trying to provide a better audio experience for the consumer.

 He does offer more "affordable" gear than the NAT and Rowland. You'll need to speak with him to find out what he has. I purchased a Simon Audio CD player, NewOntech DAC, and one of his power cords - all for very "reasonable" prices. When I first contacted him, I made it clear that I didn't have much of a budget and would possibly NOT purchase anything. He didn't mind. He graciously invited me over to his place to hear his gear. He also came over to my place with gear so I could hear it in my system/room. We spent hours of time together on several occasions and not once was I ever pressured into buying anything or made to feel inferior (budget-wise). We always had a good time talking and listening to music. That's been my experience with Mike - always informative, pleasant, fair, and above all, human.

Well hello there gang. Nice of you to all show up in my honor. LOL

I’ll take a second here to try and let you know little bit more about me and my methods.

I’m not your typical audio dealer. I’m actually a cable manufacturer that got into dealing due to demand from my clients. I’m in this business because of my passion for music and a technical mind. The way I got into dealing was by championing the brands that were my favorites. This is why you do not see a hundred different brands on my website. I am not out here trying to dragnet the marketplace as an order taker or box pusher. There is a clear distinction between a box pushing type businessman, and someone that does this for the love of music. I am clearly the latter. Some of you have noticed that I don’t care if you buy something from me. I’m here to be your friend in listening to music. If you choose to engage my services, I treat you like a friend just like I would any of my friends. This means I never leave you hanging out to dry or stick you with something that doesn’t work. I scour the market for products that hold up to my rigorous standards. I find it ironic that someone named "emerging soul" seems to be miffed that my products are not flashy or expensive enough.

This has been my career for 24 years. Not a side gig. I’m not a trust fund kid, nor did I bring my landfall from another industry into hi-fi. I’m completely bootstrapped, and I’ve made all my inroads through a long and arduous time in the industry. At this point of the game I don’t need to please anybody to be popular. This means I don’t need to suck up to the brands and use their names to get notoriety. I don’t need flash and pomp to get people to notice me. I’m honest and direct to a fault. I speak my mind and many times it comes from frustration or resentment from this industry. It’s hard for me to understand why the end user doesn’t like my tack, when I completely stand for the end user against the establishment. This alone should let you know that I’m not an industry shill. I call out the charlatans. I do videos that open up pieces of gear to show proof and back up my words. Do you have any idea how much this upsets the industry? But somehow end users want to slam me ? I’m "childish" or stupid, or something worse, just because I give you my real feelings and say it direct? You dislike that I don’t fall in line with everybody and say nice things about everything? In order to do that I would be compromising my integrity. I would be selling out in order to be liked by everyone,and not hurt anyone’s feelings with my opinion. I apologize if this upsets you. I stand for integrity, and clear direct communication with how one is feeling. I understand this can be off-putting. It is my belief that the end users in audio industry deserve at least one guy that’s willing to say it like he sees it after a 24 year career in this industry.

If you don’t know me, all you can do is guess and try and judge with no foundation. People love to put words in my mouth and make stories that are not true.

For example: the other day I went into Magnolia at the back of Best Buy. I made a short video letting people know to not be misled into thinking spending money in this room would yield high-end results. Somehow, people with negative bias took it as me making fun of them. I’ve got absolutely no idea how someone came up with this. I stand by my statement that McIntosh is no longer top of the heap. It’s a petered out overpriced brand at this point that does not deliver results, IN MY OPINION. So slam me all you want your if your feelings are hurt that my opinion does not match your own. I’m not going to change my opinion just so that you like me. Because that is manipulating you.

Next, for the guy above who thinks I trade gear every other week like all the reviewers do. Why have I only been pitching one DAC for the last four years Playback Designs? Why have I only been pitching one solid-state amplifier Jeff Rowland for the last four years? This is what you guys get from the forums, somebody that doesn’t watch me that makes a claim as if he does watch me. These forums are rife with misinformation, so remain aware.

Awareness these days is as at an all time low. If you want to get to know who I am why don’t you call me? Then you can speak from experience.

And yes I have a live stream every Wednesday evening 9 PM Eastern on my YouTube channel. Just tune in. You are able to come on either by video or just by typing and ask me any questions you want. this is the best way to determine what I’m all about. My videos are often misinterpreted just like I outlined above with the Magnolia visit.

I wish you all a great weekend and happy listening, and please by all means join my live stream on Wednesday night and ask me the hard questions, you know, call me out if you like, I invite it.

FOR THE RECORD : I have DACS starting at $1K made in USA

All the best,


Drama is entertainment for many. His bashing of Focal/Magico and Wilson Audio speakers was immature but it creates drama for both sides.

So expressing my dislike for something you like is "immature" huh ? Would it be more mature to placate my audience and fawn over the hyper marketed brands ? If I did that I could probably get a pair or two sent to me to make videos and get high clicks... I could ride those companies marketing dollars into your subscribership. That would raise my payout dollars from YouTube... I must be a horrible businessman.. 

I was unaware Playback Designs made a $1K DAC, send me one.

I think you meant windfall vs. landfall….

Hi Mike,

Thanks for stating your case very plainly.

No sense in feeding the haters and trolls.


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I get a kick out of someone who likes a brand being offended by someone who doesn't care for that brand. Kinda like the guys who wear some dude-who-plays children's-games-for-a-living's jersey shouting done another dude who wears a rival jersey.  Clown Show. 

No sense in feeding the haters and trolls.

This is true.

It’s also true that not everyone who has a criticism is a "hater" or a "troll." Unless one is a narcissist, there is a middle ground.

Once someone decides to post public videos and build an audience and community, they tacitly become a public figure. That requires some restraint on their part, some modesty. Those who exhibit such moderation earn respect and trust, at least in my book. Those who take pleasure in randomness or snark do not.

This YT'er has 24.5k subscribers and 1k videos. He makes videos for public consumption. He sells to the public. That is why he is discussed on this public forum. He is not just another guy selling audio or offering his opinion. He has succeeded to a point where public opinion seeks to discuss his views. That's an accomplishment for him. But it's not without norms.

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