Omega speakers -- mostly sold out, all the time?

I've always been curious about Omega speakers, especially because I have tube amps.

It seems that whenever I go to their website, most of their products have a SOLD OUT banner across the speaker.

Does anyone know the backstory with Omega? Are they a company in trouble? Why would a company be mostly sold out for most models, most of the time?

I ask this respectfully and with genuine affection for a boutique builder like Omega.


Small company high demand, i think most orders are custom by order, not stock

take a look at the list for Decware amps-waitinglist is about 12-18 months

OP omega is in good shape.Lois the owner at times , he has good sale, they don’t last long, they sold out, because they are very good speakers. Call Him he will be gladl to take your order. Very good guy. I have omega rs8 , and 3i...both makes music on tubes.

With Omega, their Instagram page is the most up to date in terms of custom speakers or one-offs that are ready to ship. I usually send an email message and Louis will typically respond with timelines and prices. If I remember, he was pretty busy during the pandemic and had stopped taking orders. One-man shop, but what a product he creates - worth the wait (if there is one).

Thanks. I previously bought from Salk and his website rarely lists things as sold out, and Fritz speakers don’t say this either. Nor does Ascend, another small maker.

I realize that a one person operation probably does not have the time/bandwidth to spend much time on their website, but the impression the website gives is that there’s no reason to pursue Omega.

I guess this is how he wants to do things, but for every custom order he takes now, there’s someone else out there who is just crossing Omega off their list.

Salk has a section on their website, Speakers Available Now, there are no speakers listed...

I’ve had a couple pairs of Omegas over the years, they frequently come up for sale.  Only thing I’m not a fan of is that he changes designs all the time, so it seems.  

Although the last pair I had were the Omega Super 3XRS which have been around the longest.

@lou_setriodes "Only thing I’m not a fan of is that he changes designs all the time, so it seems."


May be an opportunity for thrifty-shoppers to buy the last version from someone eager jumping right back on the treadmill for the "latest-and-greatest".

With someone like Fritz’ you do not see designs changing all of the time. "If it aint broke, don’t fix it" etc. I’d prefer to buy a proven aged design over time vs. one that keeps changing more frequently. Some take years/decades before the next release, with lots of up-front diligence and R&D.  

👍 I have passed on Omega in the past as well and left wondering  when the site says nothing available. They should really fix that if not the case.

@jl35 Hadn't seen that on Salk site. Of course, two bad websites don't make a good one. ;-) 


usually the Salk website has 1 or 2 speakers listed as available, I’m guessing it’s not a website issue, but that mostly speakers are made to order...lots of small manufacturers simply cannot afford to have a storeroom full of gear waiting to sell...

I have respect for any mfg that halts orders when they are busy or there is a parts shortage.   If someone really wants an Omega speaker they are likely to check back 

Decware is laughing all the way to the bank with over $500k in deposits.   

Decware builds about 650 - 700 units a year,  the wait list is 2200 deep,  that is over 3 years 

I know Louis and have owned 4 different Omega speaker models over the last 20 years.  The Super 7 Mk II are my personal favorites.

Rather than guess as to what his business model may or may not be, call him.  He builds to order for the most part.  

He is as good as they come in this industry.  If there is a match for you, great!



Rather than guess as to what his business model may or may not be, call him. He builds to order for the most part.

I may. I am not shy about sending an email. This is a post trying to understand his business model, in part. That’s allowed, I assume, on the forum. (Not every post is an end user seeking personal advice in the form of a general comment, but thanks for what you’re probably thinking is the nudge you think I need.) Sometimes a forum post is a general comment.

My general conclusion, then, is that it’s odd to have a website where everything is sold out, most of the time; where everyone who wants a speaker is best off ignoring the website. Maybe it leaves people wanting more if they think he has no inventory.


I called Louis over a year ago.  Long story short, he custom made me a pair of Super 7 MkII's in Padauk veneer to match my Erhard Ray SET.  It took several months.  I regret sending Louis a grumpy email on the delay.  After the speakers arrived and a brief listen, I sent him an apology for my email.  

These speakers are wonderful paired with a small SET.  The cabinetry, the  matched veneers are just beautiful.  Well worth the wait.  

Moral of the story.  You may not like his business model, but the loss may more likely be yours, not his.

Everything Louis builds he sells. His models are sold before he can even put them on the website.  Every few weeks, he actually does put a model or two up on the site.  Those are usually sold in 24 hours.  If less people bought his speakers, there would be models for sale on his site.  I’m a little perplexed as to why this is odd.

The only alternative is for Louis to hire more people and obviously he doesn’t seem to be interested in pursuing this.  Not everyone out there wants to be a mass manufacturer.


He isn’t technically SOLD OUT. The BUY NOW section seems to be just like Tekton speakers, Lot’s of B Stock, cancelled ordered speakers, returns etc.

The PRODUCT section is where you order the speakers to be build, he has dozens of models and finishes to choose from.

I guess to prevent people thinking OMEGA is in trouble maybe he should rename the BUY NOW section??


@hilde45 Everything is built to order basically. He has almost a cult following, and for good reason.  

Omega speakers should be on every audiophile's "got to hear" bucket list. 

Quality SS gear works just fine too. I strongly favor his alnico driver over the smaller RS5, haven't heard the larger ferrite models. No affiliation.

Hi OP,

Louis is fantastic and the bill quality is superb.  He used to be a cabinet maker and had a passion for HiFi - combined the 2 into building speakers.

His website and marketing aren’t his strong suites.  His products are a tremendous value for the $$.  His designs, speaker type are specific, his speakers won’t fit everyone’s gear, needs but if they do, wow.  Call him, he’ll ask the right questions and custom build a great speaker based on the gear you have, your preferences and needs.  He’s a great, knowledgeable guy who cars, has passion and takes great pride in his craft.  

I can totally see why you would ask about Omega based on his web site and how he goes to market, has a strange, hokey feel to it, don’t let that scare you off.  Good Luck. 

As I said in my OP, I’m not trying to trash him or his company. Rather, the way his website was listing things was confusing if not misleading -- that’s all I was saying.

On the "Available Now" page, everything says "Sold Out". Perhaps the banner on the home page could be repeated on this page -- Accepting Orders, or words to that effect.

Pointing out something misleading is not a criticism of a "business model," it’s constructive criticism and that’s all. It is surely a "good business model" to accept constructive criticism from potential customers. Over and out on this thread, which I regret posting.

Louis is as easy to talk to about what you want as any in the business. And the fact that you can get a custom build in a short time frame is worth it. I have the SAM’s and love them, may get a pair of passive subs at some point from him. Check out his Instagram page, an incredible gallery of his builds. Plus why would you want something of the shelf when you can get exactly what you want with a short wait.

He often has speakers for sale but they sell quickly. I have a pair of Super 3 XRS HO towers (may have butchered the model name) and they're my favorite speaker thus far. I run them with a 45 SET tube amp and also a Rogue Cronus Magnum 3. I would just email or call him, he's a really nice guy, very helpful. This is art he's building, sometimes the websites just aren't a priority.

This would not be the only small manufacturer that confuses or chases away potential clients with the wording on their web site. Ohm Speakers was doing something similar -- when you clicked on their order button, it said "unavailable" regardless of which model you selected. By itself, that started some online rumors that the company was having problems.  However, it was nothing more than them working through a backlog of orders. Once pointed out to them, they switched their ordering system to having people just call their phone number where the potential buyer could have a discussion with a live person -- a much better way to handle things.

I was in the same situation some time back. I was using an Inspire Firebottle power amp, and Omegas seemed to be a natural pairing with with ten to eighteen watts of SEP power. The website was frustrating in the same manner. However, a phone call to Louis with my initial ideas led to a wonderful discussion. He suggested Super 8 High Output monitors, seen nowhere that I can recall on the website. Later he gave excellent suggestions for amplification. His veneer work is amazing.

Call him, and pick yourself a great pair of speakers, and with a finish to personalize it. Be patient during the break-in process. I believe you will find it very rewarding.

The bargains found in big box stores that depend on vast networks of employers paying low wages in the third world have warped our values. In America, it seems that instant gratification takes too long. For instance, waiting two years for a new Decware amp shows us the true value of the product, as it concentrates decades of passion, expertise, and patience.

I've had the pleasure of owning three models of Omega speakers, and I've spent considerable time on the phone with Louis on several occasions. He is unfailingly patient, knowledgeable, and helpful. I have found his creations to be some of the most satisfying values in audio - assuming you understand their limits and get the rest of the chain and the room right, as with all speakers. Louis will lead you to the right model for your parameters, but the rest is up to you.

All Omega speakers are essentially one-of-a-kind, as Louis mostly builds to order. You select a model, call him to discuss it, and in a few months, you have it - faster than waiting for the right pair to surface on the used market. Occasionally, he builds something a little different or has a B-stock pair, which he posts on his "Ready to Ship Now" page, and they usually sell almost instantly,

It is inspiring to see an individual hold their own in a crowded and complex field simply by designing and building products of great value, by hand, one at a time. These craftsmen, such as Volti Audio, Salk, DeVore, Spatial Audio, and others, carve out unique niches and sustain them over many years. Thank goodness for passion-driven audio craftsmen!

It is inspiring to see an individual hold their own in a crowded and complex field simply by designing and building products of great value, by hand, one at a time.

Yes. It's very inspiring. Bravo to those creative entrepreneurs.

One more comment -- just saw this on the financial website -- Ferrari's wait time for certain models now extends into 2025 and are very proud of this, and the extra profit it is generating for them. They are publicizing the backed-up demand for their cars as a way to create even more demand!  (And honesty on this point also has the benefit of creating realistic expectations in buyers who now can't accuse the company of taking their money and being slow to deliver.) 

I will add another regarding the sound quality. The OMEGA speakers for the price point to me, is way too low for what they sound like. These speakers are probably ignored because of the cheap price.

I am beginning to think that if you go for more affordable gear, simple designs like the Omega will compete with much more expensive gear. Baby Omega stand mounts with a SVS 3000 Micro sub is incredible sounding.

I compared a pair of the top line Rethm Saadhana ($16k Retail) to the Baby Omega and to my ears and others the Omegas were far better in every aspect.

Yes, I've heard they sound good. That's why I was concerned they were all sold out. All the time. I know better now.

"@zarf Later he gave excellent suggestions for amplification."


Can you share more?

A friend and tried his omega’s with three different Inspire amps. Kept the amps and resold his Omegas. What did Louis recommend to you otherwise...more power, or ...


I know a local audiophile who sold his Harbeth speakers for Omega a couple of years ago. He went back to Harbeth. Doesn't take anything away from Omega but to suggest that they're ignored because of the cheaper price tag does not make much sense. No one purposely undersell their product ... usually the market decides :)

We have a variety of styles that folks point to as the proper way to assemble a system. Start with the speakers! The preamp is the heart of the system! You'll have read this here and other chat groups.

For decooney's question, Louis and I discussed solid state amps. He thought aloud about the SIT3, and then stated he'd also enjoyed the J2. I have read that at one point he had likewise enjoyed the LTA MZ2. I was surprised by the added detail that the J2 seemed to provide versus the Inspire Firebottle. I had tried most of the possible power tube pairs. I the end I liked the Gold Lion KT77s, and the Tung Sol 7581A. But going to the J2 brought a bass control and a high end extension that the Firebottle could not match, for me. I believe Louis heard my observations, and suggested the First Watts with my thoughts in mind. I believe this is why people appreciate him. That and the quality of his woodworking, along with a good ear.

With this system I started with the speakers. The J2 led to an interest in balanced output preamps. After a few interesting pieces, I landed on a Pass X2.5. Then I fell in love with the Pass remote, and my ability to swap inputs from the chair. The Omegas seem to have a distinct sweet spot in that room. I can enjoy music, but I can also compare digital sources against each other, or against the analog setup. Maybe a little geeky, yeah. I think of this system as my fast system, compared to other systems in the house. The speakers will show you what's up with your electronics.

For the record, Louis also encouraged me to break in the Omegas with some volume. Most other owners who make it through the long break in period admit that it wasn't fun at the time. Some folks would also point out that the associated gear is warmer in character, but also very quiet.

And for kicks, I'd love to try out a Harbeth in this system to compare. I'd love to stop by and listen to a Harbeth setup, or other BBC monitor style speakers, for the sake of understanding and tourism. Heck, a full tube vintage Conrad Johnson setup might be fun, too.

I want to go to Axpona next year. But right now I have to go play some music, my friends. May all your systems be well broken in.


I had a nice conversation with Louis today and I took a leap of faith and ordered a pair of Super Alnico Monitors .    Haven't decided on finish , I will give that some thought this weekend. 

I wanted a different speaker  than anything I've had in the past.  It will be used with a pair of Quicksilver Mid Monos in a second system.    I also wanted something that will also play nice with my 300b amp too. 


@oddiofyl   I think you will be pleased.  Be patient.  Delivery will probably be later than promised.  Explore different veneer options.  Louis can do virtually anything you want.  He likes to try veneers out of the ordinary.  I love my monitors in Padauck.  After one year they have darkened and are richer and more beautiful than ever.  

Suggest you upgrade the binding posts to Cardas CPBP along with some Neotech internal wiring.  Just finished that upgrade myself and find it was well worth the modest cost.

Thanks Corelli,  I’m still hung up on what finish but it will be awesome no matter what I choose.   Problem is when I look at his gallery and instagram pics I can’t decide.    I’m terribly indecisive.  Can’t go wrong, all of his speakers look great. 

I have a full system, minus speakers.  It is all the gear displaced from two years of upgrades.   This will be a bedroom system so my initial budget was $1000 .   After looking at the Super Alnico Monitor I decided to double the budget given that I had zero out of pocket for amps , pre, tuner, Vault 2 , REL sub….   I had everything but the speakers.   Hopefully it will gel together for a nice small system.  

Can’t wait to pick them up. 

@oddiofyl As a QS owner, I'll be very curious about your thoughts regarding the speakers. I'd also be interested in trying Fyne, Tannoy with my QS. Have you tried horn speakers? My fave tube is the KT77 on my QS, and that is partly driving my interest in Omega.


Omega speakers are simply wonderful. They adore high quality SET amps and sources. They are certainly an exercise in patience during break in! Louis is great to chat with and if you move forward you receive a gorgeous looking and beautiful sounding speaker by a passionate artisan. 

Hilde 45 ,   I was using the Quicksilvers with my Forte IV and they sounded great.  Those amps also drove my Heresy III , Revel  106 and  PSB M2  ....  they work great with just about any speaker.    

Thats the great thing about most QS amps, they can use any el34 or 6L6 type

My current favorite tube in those amps are the JJ 6L6 gc.   Great sounding tube.  

With speakers I usually only buy after an audition,  but I heard so many great things about these speakers I am going to take a leap of faith.   12 x 15 room, 40 watts of tube power should be perfect for a small system.  

Although these are for my 2nd system I fully plan on using them in my main system to.    Definitely want to hear them with my 300b amp too.  

Ii was trying to sell the QS but I changed my mind.   Where am I going to get a great pair of amps for the $1000 or so ?   Nowhere !    I'll be using my trusty Sonic Frontiers SFL 1 ,  a Vault 2i,  a RME adi2 DAC, and a Fanfare FTa1 tuner.    All stuff that was in the closet, not being used.    Finally a solution for all of my used gear.  

Oddiofyl the super alnico are unbelievably good. They pair well with 300B amp tubes.

@oddiofyl  Thanks for the elaboration. These remain on my list. There are some used for sale in my area, but they are bookshelves and I'm kinda done with bookshelves. I'm close to The Music Room and am keeping my eyes open for some horn speakers to try out. I'd love to try out the O/96's but they are not a speaker a dealer would likely let me try at home. 

I like both floor standers and bookshelf speakers. I miss not having a nice pair of stand mounts though. These should be perfect in the space they will be in

Will be interesting hearing  them in my main system too....

Excellent!  oddiofyl I am happy for you.

I went with figured walnut, because it was interesting without being too exotic. He's had a dark oak, and maybe a reddish wood that I've liked in his pics. I like to say, "research exhaustively, then decide impulsively."

That bedroom system should sound great.


I'm the same way, I usually research stuff til it's discontinued.     I asked him to quote me on a few different wood finishes.   Ultimately I may just go with Macassar Ebony.    

I am super indecisive so getting as far as brand and model was half the battle.  I have heard nothing but great things about Omega.  I was looking  for a smallish speaker that was sensitive enough for any amp to drive.    Although its for a second system no doubt they will do some duty in my main system.  

They will be in a 12 X 15 room so it should be a perfect fit 

@oddiofyl  In your smaller room I have to believe the Omegas will perform very well indeed.  I use mine in a second system where the room is much larger and is open to the upper level of our home and with a 4wpc SET they generate wonderful rich sound with a spl that is more than adequate for the type of music I use these for.



I agree with you that I’m also not a fan of someone changing designs all the time either.  However, the Super 3XRS’s haven’t changed at all except to install a superior driver.  I had a pair of them a few years ago; they were quite nice.


The other pair of Omegas that I owned were an early pair of Grande 8’s in Sapele.  They were a rare pair of dual front port wide baffle speakers that Louis only made a few pair of, that he actually preferred to the later smaller front baffle speaker.  The wide baffle ones were more expensive to produce.

I've owned several pairs of Omegas and I prefer his Alnico drivers. Currently with a set of Super Alnico Monitors in customer burled walnut and fumed oak. 


Maybe Louis read your comment LOL.. take a look now, is that better?