Quicksilver Contact Enhancer

Hi any body tryed the above, I bought the one from Xreme AV LLC, cant say that I am happy so far I know they say to be patient and wait 21 days Iam going on 5 days, It has seem to increase the volume of the sound and it has made everything sound bright at decent volume, I had my system to a point where I was realy happy, but we always wont more and the theory makes sense and I hope I will stick it out, just interested if any body else been through the same thing and was the outcome worth the wait? or do I wipe it off and send it back!they say there never had a return!
Thanks Kel
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I've done a lot of experimenting with the Quicksilver, yes, it does sound brighter at first but over the long run the brightness disappears. Over long term use I've noticed no changes in tonality.
Some might say I'm just getting used to the added brightness. I doubt that is the case because I've done tons of tweaks over the years, some have remained, some have gone. Sometimes I can even be fooled for a few weeks, perhaps even months, but in the long term I do hear the pros and cons. Quicksilver has remained in my system for well over a year now. As usual YMMV.
The same thing happened to me and I called the owner Brian Kyle.. He stated at around the 3 week period things will settle down.. Sure enough my limited patience was rewarded by smoother highs, tighter bass, smoother midrange larger soundstage, and three dimensional sounding then before...Almost sounds like a cable upgrade but its not..
FYI I have had his Quicksilver contact enhancer for over one year and I have felt no need to switch back to the lesser products that I have indeed tried and within a month later sent them back for a refund..
FYI, Jena Labs warns against using it due to possible shorting out problems.

I've had the Quicksilver and Quicksilver Gold for years now. Initial impression is brightness but once things settled, my system became more transparent and revealing. I have not observed any uncalled for brightness or fatigue after the burn-in period. If you have not tried it, I would strongly encourage you try this on your cable feed, video cables and such. The effect on video is more dramatic and for the better from the start--amazing.
I also use the Q.S Gold and found it to be mandatory in my system ( without it I can hear a loss of resolution and a slight harshness to the sound).To say that QS is causing a brightness is misleading yourself because you are hearing your system for the first time without the addition of the micro-arcing between the contact points! I have used the QS on my HDMI DVD cables ( 3-d images that you could touch) to a startling result and on my Mercedes ignition cap and plugs ( smoother power and great mileage).I have further treated all my power supply cables inside my Wadias and fuses and power outlets and circuit breakers.It really does take 3 weeks to settle in and is well worth the wait time!!Hope this helps Dennis
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have you ever had a bad haircut that showed features of your face that you didn't like? One may believe whatever one wants, but shooting the hair dresser is a rather drastic fix for the problem that was uncovered!I have many friends that use QS with great audible sucess and a Manufacturer and Modder as well.I likey Mikey !! And he hates everything !!Hope this helps Dennis
Grant, I think you really captured the true essence of these products!

I've also heard the same thing ala many of my close friends use of a similar product - having formerly made this stuff for many years, I wouldn't dare use it on any of my gear beyond a loudspeaker binding post.
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Thanks all for your responses, I am leaving everything on at the moment 24hrs aday to see what happens, I have to say I have played the same cd everyday since posting and today I was thinking it sounds like its settling down.not so harsh, it probley did'nt help they gave me a cd enhancer at the same time, I was going to use it after run in time, I tryed it thinking I would fix the first problem, the silver stuff, I used cd enhancer on a friends system the other day with two of the same cd's that we both owned, he was shocked at the differance, it seem its worth looking at!
I found it works great for video espicially RF connectors , but not for Audio, it masks the sound.
I am no longer surprised by everyones diff experiences with equipment or tweeks --I have used quick sil gold and at first was hesitent --so I just did one piece at a time --ie the pins on my interface for my stats--sound became cleaner and more detailed--same experience with ic and speaker cable --not sure about pwr cords yet --but agree did take 3wks to settle in -- system seemed to play louder but I never got any real bright sound --in my experience it has been a more than worthwhile tweek and def worth the money--rich
I think the key is to use the lightest possible dusting of the stuff.

When I first used it I put it on like a very light coat of paint.

I think this is too much, and what causes much time for break in.

Try to make it look like there is just a fine dusting of powder and see if your results are better. I believe this enhancer works at such a molecular level and that less is all that is needed.

I only use it on things that won't get disconnected for a long time, like cartridge pins, fuses, etc.

I seem to unplug AC often enough that it would have to be cleaned off, but I have used it on IEC prongs.

WHen I wired up some outlets, I did use it on the wires before attaching to the terminals.

I would really love to try it on my tube pins, but the manufacturer has warned me not to do so, due to the potential for arcing or heat related effects. I have talked with one owner of my same amps that has had no problems using it.

I think the super light dusting method would probably be okay on tube pins.
Anyone use this on tube pins?

Quicksilver seems to have the electrical conduction measurements to back up their claims, which is a rarity for this business.

How does one use it in their circuit breakers? I'd really like to try that.
I have used it on the tube pins with superb effect and can say that you haven't heard your tube amp yet!!When you apply it just do the top 1/3 or 1/2 of the pin, this will not allow migration of the QS into the tube base.The images and dynamics will become very very dimensional.I just did my electrical outlets and pulled my breaker box wires and circuit breaker.I was able to completely disconnect power from my box and would only do this if one can shut down the electricity!!! You should talk to an electrician for the best info ( it is simple but has some real danger if done poorly).Hope this Helps Dennis
Andy at Vintage Tube Services is adamant against using it on tube pins. Says the pressure of the sockets is more than sufficient and the goop cannot enhance sonics any further.

That's good enough for me.

With many tweaks, we hear what we want to hear.
Hi Audiofeil--I can't comment on the tubes--but did hear a difference --interesting question with this or other contact enhancers is what percentage of improvement comes from just cleaning -deoxidizers etc of the contacts vs the addition of the q s gold enhancer??--rich
I agree with Bill F.
I deoxidized my tube pins and sockets every few months with Caig Deoxit and then clean the residue with alcohol 99% and finish off with Kontak. I have used QSG on tube pins in the past with no audible difference. The problem with power tubes is with the heat they generate the QSG cooks on the pins and you can't get it off later on if you have to.....very difficult. It also, "loosen" the power tubes in their socket preventing a tight fit when the stuff is on.
The only place i use it is on interconnects and speaker/power cables and my tonearm cable and cartridge pins. Not using it at all on any tubes.
Smoffatt, I heard a huge improvement and used a brass brush to clean my tubes with no ill effect.As far as tubes loosening,again I was fine with the tightness of the pins and the sound.Just goes to show that implementation is critical as well as a listening.I still think that the difference is well worth the effort for a tube amp and the differences are not subtle ( cleaning your tube pins isn't necessary because of the elimination of the arcing that use to take place between the tube and socket).For those willing to invest time and forethought, I highly recommend QSG.Hope this helps Dennis
I too have had success with tube pins. No loosening observed and the effect was certainly positive w/o any observable down side. It's worth a shot. If you don't like the effect, it can easily be cleaned with alcohol and some rubbing. Just don't over do it.


Caig pro gold on your standard stuff will not really make a signal brighter, but more energy can be heard, use this on all interconnects, electrical connections, and speaker connections.. All NON-permanent connections that you sometimes need to remove or move around, or unplug, use CAIG in the Nail polish applicator with a nice swipe on coating..

However Quicksilver is only good for one thing I have found, I hate it on all the above standard disconnect connections mentioned.. Any non-oxidizing Gold coated RCA or speaker etc.. Leave them alone or use pro gold..

More Permanent Internal Spade tin type connections like on Speaker drivers are pretty cheap and oxidize in most cases, and I have pulled drivers from speakers in the past, cleaned them up and treated with a nice coat of quicksilver really making them come back to life and give very good connection keeping the oxidation on these types of deals to ZERO.. With very good strong sonic results.. At first it might be a little forward sounding if you do all your drivers, but it will settle it seems at a point and be great power, and you never normally touch these connections again..

Quicksilver is a mess on anything else that you normally handle and I agree sonic results are not really positive unless you really had a bad connection there in the first place, plus this stuff can short out things especially Standard RCA connections. I can agree with above however on TUBE treatments, they are pretty permanent connections in the socket once you put them in unless you are always tube rolling, and it would seem and I have tried in the past tube treating and it works well.. But again most Tube pins are very cheap greyed type not very protected from oxidizing, the nice thing about quicksilver is that it will Stick and stay coated without issue of ever loosing signal unless you are unplugging it all the time, and it does get everywhere and look crappy as well. Oh but Quicksilver does not loosen and thats exactly the first reason I came up with putting it on the Most critical overlooked Connection in the speaker, The Driver spades!!

I can still recommend the Caig in most cases even for the tube pins with great results as well.. Unless you like dealing with the silver mess and Re-freezing the silver every time you use it and thawing it out again.      
where do you usually apply the QS? i apply at tube pins but never like the effect though it has been sitting for months that i wipe it off later on once i upgraded to more revealing IC.

how bout PC, do they add brightness as mention above? never try on fuse yet. anyone like the treatment in the fuses? no harsh sound after settling?
I tried Quicksilver Gold it was too bright sounding...the best that I have tried is the cheapest only $25 Crystal Clear contact enhancer from www.thecablepro.com Amazing on both audio and video!
I boutht the Qs gold and need some tips on how to apply
I've read the instructions but the jargon is a bit difficult to comprehend and don't want to make assumptions I know how to use it correctly
What are the do and don'ts when using this treatment
I'm a newbie to these kinds of tweaks
The key to NEVER having a short(with Qs or The Walker products) is the understanding of the term, "sparingly". If one applies the product to WHATEVER connection SPARINGLY, and isn't a total spastic when applying it: A short will never occur. As mentioned: The increase in signal transfer(like the change to a more transparent IC or Cable) will let you hear more of the rest of the system chain(for better or worse). In a less resolving system; You may not hear a difference. Then there are those that never hear a difference regardless of what is changed(I envy them for the money they can save).

"Then there are those that never hear a difference regardless of what is changed(I envy them for the money they can save)".

Well said and so true above.

Kenobi :)