Recommended streamers/servers?

Up to $5,000. At present I have a SILENT ANGEL RHEIN Z1 V2 MUSIC SERVER connected to a PS Audio DS DAC via USB CABLE.
I really like my Cambridge Audio CXN V2, for a little over a grand.  It does a great job with Internet Radio, the app works well, and it has Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Chromecast.  The latter has really impressed me as a wireless high resolution source.  The C.A. works with a variety of streaming services, and you may want to check to see if yours is included (amongst popular services, Pandora seems to not work with every streamer), but if you pick a service that isn’t included you can still use one of the above wireless technologies above.  I did recently have an issue where the C.A. stopped recognizing my server, but their support was very responsive and helped me fix it.  Streamers are networking computers, subject to all the IT issues that computers have, and a reliable C.S. Is important.  The CA also has a good DAC, which you won’t need, but it has digital inputs so if the PS Audio goes on the friz it is a good digital stopgap
Have a close look at Aurender. They produce outstanding streamers in different configuration. I own two and have owned and listened to many others. I believe in general them to be the leaders in the field. There flagship is probably the most used reference streamer used in high end audio shows. They sound dead quiet (something not that common), very musical, and detailed. Buying used might be a good way to move up another level in their product lines.

I have found putting more money in the streamer than other non-speaker components a worthwhile investment. They are like turntables, if you don’t have it at the start of the signal chain then it isn’t coming out the other end… well, unless it is noise and distortion.
Auralic Aries G1 or G2.1. I have the former and think it’s great; I use the USB output. The latter is top of their line, and more costly.

Besides excellent streaming performance, both models include top-flight DSP that you can engage if you want to try resampling, parametric EQ, and such. (Or, you can leave it turned off.)
A excellent dac+ streamer board is the Bricasti M3 
retail is $ 6500, give Perrotta consultants a call and ask Him what is his best price is , it has a lot of high quality  for the money 
and many excellent reviews.
When I tried a streamer server years ago, the Auralic sounded better than the Aurender and others. I decided to stop using USB because it just never sounded good, so I bought a very good dac with i2s and Ethernet and went with Roon and sounds better than any configuration before. I don’t like proprietary servers because of many reasons, a couple are: no built in backups, sometimes proprietary OS’s, how are you going to fix an issue if the OS update fails or server can’t boot???
I understand that some of these proprietary servers tweak their USB ports for audio, but since I won’t use usb and no server company has software that compares more favorable than Roon, then why use a proprietary server
I have the sonore ultra rendu via usb to audio gd dac. It is mainly a room player   Excellent sound but have to go to settings section to select an airplay emulation.  Need this for Amazon hd which I added later.  Miss the flexibility of bluos but sonically no interest in changing 
5k to stream? Wow! How bout 179 bucks! The Grace Link Digital Radio...check it out....
Get the Bluesound Node. Does more than meets the eye. Soundstage, clarity, you can’t tell any real difference anyway...are you going to A/B switch two DACS? No! $600
+1 Cambridge Audio Cxn v2. Tried Aurender no difference in sound quality. Plus the Cambridge is Roon ready. I also have a BS node it works great also. You don't need to spend a lot of money for a streamer. The dac you choose makes all the difference.
I have a Cambridge CXNV2 as well and it’s great I for the main use it hard wired to my internet and it’s fantastic. I just last week sold my PS Audio gear and put in place a Peachtree Nova 150. This combo of Peachtree and Cambridge CXNV2 is outstanding!!!!! The staging and the clarity is unreal!!!! So happy!
in the past I had a Musical Fidelity streamer that was good.

also the support and auto updates from Cambridge is amazing. I might add that support from Peachtree was the very best.

I have a Cambridge CXNV2 as well and it’s great I for the main use it hard wired to my internet and it’s fantastic. I just last week sold my PS Audio gear and put in place a Peachtree Nova 150. This combo of Peachtree and Cambridge CXNV2 is outstanding!!!!! The staging and the clarity is unreal!!!! So happy!
in the past I had a Musical Fidelity streamer that was good.

also the support and auto updates from Cambridge is amazing. I might add that support from Peachtree was the very best.

Innuos Zenith Mk3 - many very positive reviews. Maybe the best at it’s price point.
Bluesound node. Don't let the price make you think it's not 'high end'. Read / watch the reviews, it's hard to find a negative comment, but for the issue with the automatic light switch the current batch has. I've got mine a month now and it's being used every day with great pleasure.
SERVER options:
* Roon Nucleus or sonicTransporter i5/i9 (if you want to run Roon Core)
* Innuos Zenith line (if you want to run Roon Core, or if you only want to manage a local library of digitized music files)
* Mac Mini, Raspberry Pi, or virtually any network-connected, full-function computer (if you want to run Roon Core, manage a local music file library, and also run other software for music or anything else).

A few of many STREAMER options:
* Bluesound Node (a relatively inexpensive entry-point, $550 US)
* exaSound S88 streaming DAC (~$6500)
* Matrix Audio Element series (~$3500 for the Element X, which can operate as either a network-attached or USB-attached DAC as well as a pre-amp and streamer)
* Lumin T2 (~$4500)
* PS Audio DirectStream with optional Bridge II 

For bang-for-buck value, features, build quality, and excellent SQ, the Element X is worth a look. However, Matrix is a Chinese company, which *might* be an issue for North American (or other global) customers when it comes to service/support.  Lumin also is a Chinese company. 

Bluesound and exaSound are Canadian.  If you want a Made-in-USA product, consider the Bridge II network card for PS Audio's DirectStream (which the OP already has, right?)

We have a lot of experience in this area

We have sold most of the major brands of servers 

We have had Cambridge, auraylic,Naim, innous, Sotm, Baetis bluesound,

Take away roon based servers sounded the best

Innous beat all others till we found 432evo servers out of Belgium

This server sounded even better and was an upgradeable platform

The 7500 Aeon competes with the 14k Statement and in terms of design and technology stands against the best on the market

The aeon offers complete data isolation with a seperate cpu board, clock card, and sound card,all.powered by two independent SBooster power supplies.

Dave and troy
I would check out the Antipodes S40.  Sound is very clean sounding and delivers a great signal to your DAC.  They have a very good USB connection and it definitely facilitates getting the most out of your DAC.  

It is a nice unit and has a clear and manageable upgrade path in terms of renderer, power supply and clock. 

I have definitely bought into Antipodes philosophy.  I am a dealer but do a ton of research and you will find my opinion is not inconsistent with owners, largely because I use the K40.  
I went with a BlueSound Node 2i.  When I purchased it, I added a DAC and the bass really thinned out.  I removed the DAC and I found the DAC built into the BlueSound Node 2i to sound much better.  It would be interesting to be able to compare sound quality by switching back and forth in a matter of seconds to compare.

I haven't used a single CD since I began streaming using Tidal.  Their library is enormous.  Only thing I didn't realize is it looks like Tidal removes albums overnight.  For example, they removed several Vincent Ingala albums.  I was particularly fond of his song Nasty.  This is one of the best songs to demo a sound system for sound quality.
You can put a Roon ROCK Intel NUC together for about $400.00. It will have equal or typically more processing power than other off the shelf servers. I followed Roon’s instructions to the letter and for a good year now the Roon ROCK NUC is rock solid. But you are committing to using Roon.
I use an ASUS ROG laptop as my streamer hooked up to my PS Audio PerfectWave Mk II DAC. Using Qobuz I have compared several 16/44.1 titles to their corresponding CDs played through my PSA transport. They sound identical. I figure that's about as good as I can expect.

My point here is that even streaming from a dirty, disgusting, EMI laden, noisy PC the performance equals playing a CD through the same DAC.

Your PSA DS DAC buffers and reclocks all incoming data (as does my PW Mk II). That feature should make the choice of streamer less critical. You didn't say if you plan to use Roon but I can't imagine buying a new streamer that wasn't Roon Ready. The rest of the equation is more a matter of dollars vs. pride of ownership.
I'll join the Bluesound Node2i dogpile. I demoed a few streamers, dacs, and combos up to $3k (yes, not much in audiophile land but I'm not rich either) and I personally feel the Bluesound is the best deal going without spending more. It's simply amazing sound quality, and software updates are still coming today. For under $500 US it's a staggering value.
As @tk21 mentioned, adding the Bridge II to your DS Dac might be the best option. This is made specifically for your DAC and is probably the best value option. 

If you are looking for something that will work with other DACs, the BlueSound Node 2i is a great value although it may not be quite up to the standard set by your DAC.

Along with the other excellent suggestions here, I would check out the Sonore products. The OpticalRendu, in particular, offers outstanding performance assuming you are connecting to a USB DAC. 
There are fundamental differences between using a streamers USB output to DAC versus SP/DIFF or AES output to DAC. Depending on the strength of your DAC one or the other can sound much better. The DAC must retime the USB bitstream, the others it does not.

I have found large and profound differences between sub- $3K streamers, $5K, $10K, and $20K+ streamers. It is somewhat like a turntable, in general, high quality streamers provide a much higher quality signal. This is then turned into an analog signal and amplified. It may be counterintuitive, but it makes a huge difference. On the other hand like all components it needs to be matched with appropriate quality equipment for high quality sound that is cost effective. Matching a $10K streamer with $500 DAC, preamp, and amp is unlikely to allow you to fully appreciate it’s full potential.
Brooklyn Bridge II ( or I) or Lumin T2. Both punch above their weight. Very good DAC’s on board. One box too. 

Its all about the DAC. If your DAC is good then you are good to go. I use the BlueSound Node 2i as the streamer. I want to upgrade the power supply because I heard it takes the BSN to a whole mother level. You say why spend the money?  The BlueSound OS is really nice. Plus they offer other options to add on to your whole house music system. I tested the Ayre QX-8 DAC a few months ago and I thought it was really great for a five thousand dollar DAC/streamer. 
All Streamers do the same damn thing. What's key is the DAC that the Streamer is connected to. Your Internet Service Provider and the downlink speed is more critical. Don't get me started on the Fibre Optic Crowd (unless you have 100's of feet to run between you Streamer and you ISP's modem). 

I run a Bluesound Node 2i for AmazonHD only (no more Qobuz for me) & my PCM files into a PS Audio DirectStream DAC Sr. My DSD files are played back via Audirvana or my DLNA connected (wired Ethernet) Sony UBP-X10000ES via I2S Adapters into the PSA DAC.

Spend your money on the DAC, and have at least 90 - 100mbs from your modem (ISP) into your streamer for dropout free listening. Stop the insanity !
“All Streamers do the same damn thing”

All cars, watches, door to door salespeople do the same thing too. But all streamers, record players, systems and rooms do not have the same SQ. 

Stop the insanity.
I echo the comments of people who say you don’t need to spend loads on streamers *for most people*. I’ve found the Auralic Aries G1 to be of very poor value against a Bluesound Node 2i in a review, used in a system it should fit into. 
The new 2021 node is great. Streamers as transports are one area in hifi most people don’t need to go crazy with, which I just wish was mirrored into the content of reviews which make out pricey streamers to be much much better. They can yield improvements in premium systems but diminishing returns are high. Mostly in hifi you don’t need to go crazy on streamers, unlike you can with your amp and speakers at any level, to get bigger changes. Spending on the DAC is much more worthwhile to the streaming transport and I like reviewing mainly the budget streaming transports since these are so good for what you get.
These are some videos I’ve done that could be of help.
I can only speak about the streamers that I have heard, and they range in price from a $200 (Logitech, SHM) to $3500 (Bryston).
I currently use a second Generation Node in two mid Fi systems, and in my 2 channel system, a Melco N100 and CA CXN2.  The DAC in the 2 channel system is a Bryston DAC3 and every streamer mentioned has been paired with it at some time.  I also have played files using the Network Function of an Oppo 105 and 203 in all systems.
  The cheapest of the streamers sounded a little thin compared to the pricier ones.  I can honestly say the Melco and the CA sound as good as the Bryston (they all sound really good, the Bryston OS was terrible).  The Node was perhaps 3/4 of the way closer to the pricier streamers.  I heard the current Node at a dealer a few months ago and it was very impressive.
  I haven’t heard Auralic, Innous, Naim, dCS….
  So my conclusion based on my experience is that into the same DAC, the point of diminishing return was around $1200, roughly what Paid for the Melco and the CA.  Any can do whatever they want to do with their money, but for me, the only way I would buy a new streamer is if it had some feature that comes down the pike in the future that can’t be added by a software upgrade.
Watching this thread with great interest. I like @larry5729 have done away with the external DAC (Mytek Liberty) and am just usning the DAC inside the Node 2. Puts out great bass and I find that the digital "glare" is reduced. 

Now I'm considering the purchase of a Lumin T2 but am havig a hard time wrapping my head around the $4500 price tag.
I'm very pleased with my Mano Ultra mkII (built by Magna Hifi in The Netherlands).  It connects to my Denafrips Pontus II DAC via I2S.  Still burning in but a giant improvement over my laptop.  Not insanely expensive either.
This will come down to Innuos and Auralic at that price point... always does.  I went Innuos and am very happy.  Easy solution, built like a truck, fantastic software, sounds fantastic and does not glitch. 
For your budget, I would get the auralic altair g2.1.

I am considering it myself.
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I had a Lumin T2 (now selling) and went all in for an Lumin X1 (used ones are now out there). I started with USB out of a laptop. The SQ difference was considerable when the T2 was in! The jump from the T2 to the X1 is not as profoundly noticeable but does garner a bit more.

From what I have heard the Lumin T2, Brooklyn Bridge and PS Audio (all of them with DAC’s) are terrific. So many other things come into play ...amp.. speakers... connects.. power and power supplies... life partner, etc. into the SQ of your systems.

I have experienced better SQ with mid and upper all in one streamer solutions. I have never heard any 15K-30K ones.

Most importantly I also have a lava lamp on top of my system. Ambience matters too.
All Streamers do the same damn thing. What’s key is the DAC that the Streamer is connected to. Your Internet Service Provider and the downlink speed is more critical. Don’t get me started on the Fibre Optic Crowd (unless you have 100’s of feet to run between you Streamer and you ISP’s modem).
Do not understand the Fibre Optic comment.

Here is something I asked the other day on another site.

If someone is using Fibre Optic cable from the network switch (Ubiquiti) to a Lumin X1 DAC (or a Sonore OpticalRendu and a USB DAC). Assuming that the computer running ROON Core is more than powerful enough but not optimized for audiophile silence. Does sound quality improve if one is running a customized music server, such as this CAPS 20 or Aurrentder et al, If it does improve what is the reason for that?

My understanding of the problems with network streaming was the analog noise seeping into the network and then getting into the DAC. This supposedly cannot happen when using Fibre Optic cable. What am I missing with regards to the need for a audiophile grade music server even when using Fibre?

When talking streaming, I think Fibre needs to be front and center of the discussion. Lumin now has 2 Fibre DACs and LINN has their $40K DAC with Fibre support. I am waiting on this tech to go into $1500 DACs, for example the $900 Matrix Mini-i Pro 3 DAC has RJ45 streaming input. Put a Fibre input in there and then a lot of fun will happen in the streaming space.
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Are you only using the Bluesound Node 2i dac? What dac were u using that sounded less than the Node?  I am just curious since I am in the market for a dac and streamer as well. I was considering the Denafrips Terminator II and the Bluesound.

Does anyone know what the difference between the Node and Node 2i is?
Your right the Vincent Ingala song Nasty is great, but that entire cd in my opinion is awsome.

I see the Bluesound Node does not have a USB port.  I’m would be using it with a Denafrips or Aqua dac, please advice.  

+1 for the Cambridge CXN V2.
Outstahding SQ and great versatility and a great price.
I agree quality of the DAC is vital.
I have the excellent Benchmark DAC3B
I went from a tweaked Node2i to an Aurender N100SC. Tremendous upgrade imo.
Highly recommend a DCS network bridge.
I believe that they are recently discontinued, but to be supported for a few more years.  
I went from Bluesound streaming to dCS, using the same DAC. There is simply no comparison. Unfortunately the dCS streamer (called Network Bridge) just became a legacy product, as dCS found it too expensive to maintain quality due to increased costs of raw materials and parts.  List was $5300/-. 

Caveat: the operating system (Mosaic) is quite clunky, almost primitive, as compared to bluesound.   

But if it's sound quality you are looking for it's well worth searching for existing stock with the dealers or buying a used one....

Best wishes 
I am looking for a high end streamer (a step up from blue sound) that does multi room without adding roon.  I have looked into Moon/Sim and Naim but have no place close to hear a demo.  I have 3 zones to cover.

Anyone have any other suggestions.  I kind of like the idea of separate streamer and dad but would consider the right combo.