Speaker for 11x12 room

Hi guys !

Im in process of building my stereo room there is a sketch of my room

My budget is somewhere around 2.5k Usd

there will be a piano in the 8.53 wall.

what do you think will work the best for me and where is the best placement.

I don’t listen in high volumes. Don’t have measurements for db atm.

my Amplifier is ARC75se .

im considering either floorstands or monitors leaning towards monitors unless I can get a really interesting deal that still will work in this room with floor stand.


thank your for your help!

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Harbeth P3ESR would be a nice fit! I've owned them and they were my favorite small stand mount speaker!

BTW, you should post this on speaker topic. I'm sure you get many more responses!

@yogiboy i got tons of recommendations about them . I’m definitely going to listen.

and yes I missclicked, I did message the support to move it into the Speakers threads

@jeffreyw  +1

Your electronic gears on the piano with vibration control.

KEF LS50 Meta  on each side of the piano ( color matchs the piano )

In the futur , KEF KC62  subwoofer

From Stereophile measurements…

My estimate of the LS50 Meta's voltage sensitivity was 84.5dB(B)/2.83V/m…The Meta remains closer to 4 ohms for longer in the midrange but has a considerably higher magnitude in the crossover region. The new speaker's electrical phase angle (fig.1, dashed trace) is occasionally high, and I used the formula in a 1994 JAES paper to calculate the "equivalent peak dissipation resistance" (EPDR, footnote 1). The LS50 Meta has minimum EPDRs of 1.66 ohms between 135Hz and 140Hz and 1.7 ohms between 660Hz and 725Hz, both regions where music can have high energy. The partnering amplifier needs to be comfortable driving 4 ohms.

Bottom line, the LS50 Metas are not a tube-friendly speaker.


Guys the piano would be behind me close to the rear wall . 
the speaker would be near the glass door and I would put thick curtain. So basically my back is facing the piano. 
that was my initial idea at least. Or you think I should be pity the speakers on the 2.6m wall and I should sit with my back to the glass door??

im not going to buy new speakers, only used so I can max out my money on better speaker.


any suggestions regarding the speaker placement/ room treatment is more than welcome!!!

 Big glass door may produce a lot of high frequency reflections

The  speakers would be better placed , imo , on the 2.6m wall.    
Diffusion panels on that wall .

That also depends on the kind of piano  : upright piano or grand piano ?

What about a swivel chair .  You could see all around .

The piano is pretty small. It’s upright. idk why I haven’t thought about it I will put it in the bedroom. Unless it will benefit the room acoustics haha. Anyway I don’t want to hug the back wall so it doesn’t really in the way ;)

I would put it on the right wall first.
Here is a list  of 2500-5000 USD speakers so that it may fit your budget used


+1 on the Joseph Audio. I’d also consider Totem Element Fire V2 or the Fritz Carbon (all used, of course). But that’s for my tastes. What do you want out of a speaker or e correctly, what audible characteristics do you aspire to in your music reproduction system?

And you have a really great amp.   It deserves equally great speakers.

I have the same room and used the KEF LS50 Meta and KC62 sub to excellent results. I replaced the speakers with Magnepan LRS+. I needed some very powerful amps to run the LRS+ (unlike the LS50 Meta). I use a Sanders Magtech or a CODA #16 for the LRS+.

The LRS+ works great in this small room and it is better then the LS50 Meta. The soundstages is bigger, more depth and wider.

However, since the OP has a piano also in this room I cannot recommend the LRS+. I would go with the LS50 Meta


Actually, since the piano stays, you would be better off getting a RAAL SR1b earphone and the TL-1B interface box to use with your existing amp. It is better than the LRS+ and the LS50 Meta. However, it is not room speakers.

For your 11’ x 12’ room, a pair of Philharmonic BMR Monitors would be ideal.




It is a 3-way design with a SB Acoustics 6-inch ceramic woofer, RAAL ribbon tweeter and a Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) midrange.


They are priced at $1,700 a pair plus shipping.


You can contact Dennis Murphy the designer info@philharmoncaudio.com


I auditioned them at 2022 Arizona Speaker Fest and rated them number 1.

I was astonished how they blew away the higher priced entries including the ATC SCM 11.

My sentiments were shared by most attendees. It was a runaway success.




Here are the specs:





Your ARC REF 75SE power amp ($10,000) is a world class tube amp that delivers 75 watts/channel. This is more than enough to make the BMR monitors deliver their full potential.





@OP, the best placement is what you propose - speakers firing down the room towards the wall where you propose to have the piano. You will still benefit from a curtain on the glass door. You will get some reflections off the piano so it it can go in another room, it would be better. Also, it will allow you to get your chair away from the wall.  And ideally, some acoustic treatment behind you listening seat would be beneficial.

There's a wide variety of speakers that will work in that space so you are not necessarily restricted to standmounts - though you do want a speaker that has good control in the bass and that will work relatively close to the wall. That said, the Harbeths and Kef LS 50s are good suggestions that will definitely work well in the room.

I would take a serious look at those Used Fyne Audio speakers that were suggested, they work well with tubes.  Firing down the long end at the 8.65 foot wall. At least the first several 6.5 feet on each side of the speakers is symmetrical so you will get a consistent soundstage. If the piano is going to sit behind you you will be forced to be nearfield to your speakers to listen and some room reactions can be ignored. Good luck!

@daviddas Thank you for the intro to Philharmonic Audio!!  Added to the list ...


@fthompson251  ... concur, the Fyne's are worth every penny!!


Some good info OP!!

1st I would move piano to bedroom. Then I would start with putting speakers along the 12.1 ft wall.  Left speaker spaced 3' from the glass door wall with curtain. The right speaker having about 6ft space between it and left speaker. Position the back of speakers at a distance different than that of the distance from side walls. If possible place a low profile equipment rack along the wall shared with bathroom, not at point of 1st reflection, treat that wall with sound panel at 1st reflection point.  Place listening chair about 6ft from front plane of speakers.Treat the wall behind chair with absorption panel.  Make adjustments from there.

You have received many good recommendation for speakers.  I will only state that I use Fritz carbon 7s in a similar sized room. Sold direct with 60 day trial period. Very tube friendly. 



On room placement I concur with Mesch…use the long wall. The piano maybe can stay, however. On speakers, the BMR Monitors seem ideal, but Totem Floorstanders like Forests are also. Revel FS226Be are another. 

I also would look hard at the Fyne's,I'd buy them now for myself if other priorities weren't there. They probably will not be available for long

Bookshelf would be: Buchardt Audio S400 MKII, Philharmomic BMRs, Joseph Audio Prizm, and Fritz Carbon. I would personally stay away from KEF LS50, hated them with my tube amp.

The Zu DW 6 with SuperFly package are in that range as well, for a small floor stander

@mesch ty , I will try that and see the results!

I’ll also looking to hear Fyne speakers. A lot of good comments even from friend.


I came across Sonus Faber Electa amator ii, I found mk1 as well but the guy isnt willing to sell atm.

how do you guys find the Sonus Faber EA ii, would my amp be able to push them?

If I was you I’d consider placing the speakers straddling the corner where the 11.3’ and 6.5’ walls meet and put the listening chair in the back right (as your diagram is drawn).  Many manufacturers do this at shows when they have significant space constraints and it can greatly improve the use of the available space.  Just another thought and hope this makes sense the way I described it.

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Would really like to hear about the SF Electa Amator ii

If anyone has experience with it 

While I have never tried it, I think @soix has a valid alternative. I know some have had success with this approach. Would not rule it out. My approach was driven by my experiences in several rooms.

With the size of the room you have, stick with bookshelves or standmounts. Floorstanders will over-energize the space.

+1 Burchardt S400 Mk ii

@lanx0003 yes I’m looking only at bookshelves.

searching for SF Guarneri. Haven’t found any. Probably I will buy the SF Electa Amator 2

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A room that size with a piano?? Go with headphones or some PC Audio type nearfield active monitors. If going with monitors, get a capable micro sub like the KEF KC62 to go with it.


Get the KEF LS50 Actives. The concentric driver should do well in nearfield applications. KEF has always saved the day for guys with closet sized rooms. You will now also have enough room to adequately treat your room (both your piano and your speakers will sound a lot better with treatment).

@deep_333 im moving the piano to another room.

I’m settled on the Sonus Faber EA2 until I’ll have the money for Guarneri. Until then I’ll treat the room and will search for the sweet spot for positioning.


Great!  Sonus Faber makes great speakers. Enjoy the journey, spend some time with positioning. Please let know your discoveries.

One thought I had was that even though your room is close to being square, it does open up to the kitchen therefore there will be a lessening of the affects of low frequency standing waves.

I've been shopping for a room this size. So far, to me, the Proac D2R is a great value. Seemless driver integration. Music sounds very natural. Wonderful soundstaging and imaging. Great dynamics. 

Try Arendal Sound.  Best customer service in the business!  No dealers to deal with as direct to consumers. 

100% risk free with a 60 days audition period with free shipping including returns.  Tell me another HiFi company that does that?  


ProAc’s Love Tubes! ProAc’s are voiced with Audio Research. ProAc D2R with your amp , match made in heaven! 

@prefab @axeis1 
I looked for the Proac d2r . Haven’t found any. Only the d20r

in mint condition, I fear they might be too big for my room. They might work but I really don’t know..


@mesch yes! The room isn’t a real square and there is a little corridor which is around 4.5ftx2.5. But my idea is to Stratton with trying few angles.



My room is of almost identical dimensions.  After years of big monitors (Harbeth, Prana Fidelity, Grandinote) and a floorstander (WLM), I am getting much better sound with small monitors such as the Audience 1+1 and the vintage Linn Kans.  For me, it always seemed like I had to turn things up with the bigger speakers to get things to gel.  This is not a problem with the small monitors.

KEF LS50 Metas with REL T/5X sub. For me personally, the KEFS don’t produce enough low end, so I added the REL sub. The REL blends seamlessly with the KEFS & is fast enough to keep up them.

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