Speaker selector app.

I wish someone made an app to help select speakers.
Here's what I want:
Full range with a silky but extended and detailed top end. No mid-range harshness. Sound good at low levels and be able to play classical music at concert levels. Good sound stage and depth. Bass down to 20hz for pipe organ music. What more could I want? Around $6000. Any ideas?
Perhaps Vandersteen 5a?  I see a pair listed in the classifieds (no affiliation) for $6,999.
Magnepan 3.7i. They will use up your $7000.00 so, if you really want to get down to 20 Hz you will have to add two subwoofers down the road. Otherwise everything you asked for is there in spades. 
These Acoustic Zen Crescendos will get you pretty close at a little over your price target...


Or these Nola KOs if you can pick them up local...


Or Joseph Audio Pulsars with a pair of SVS SB2000 subs for about $5600...



If a true 20Hz is a must have you're pretty much gonna have to employ a sub in some fashion at this price level.  Good luck with this. 
I think something like that would be a great idea, maybe taking in all the pro reviews and online reviews and condensing them into a relative selection of speakers with sound characteristics and prices. It would also be nice to have a wide selection of speakers so you can discover models or brands that you may not have heard of before. 

We have aps that do that for hotels, airfair, car rental, car sales, just about everything. 

So calling on all programmers get out there and build an app that condenses all the audio websites information and data bases into one app. GO. ...
With the new D7.2’s now announced, new Spendor D7 can probably be found for $5k-5.5k but they don’t play to 20 Hz (upper 20’s). I pair mine with REL S5 and sounds great but you won’t quite be able to get there at 6k. Maybe $7k though???
You need lots more money for that kind of speaker and then a lot more to properly drive them
There are some good suggestions above. I am listening to a pair
of Pulsars now on loan to me. Dealer demos from 2016 that come with the full 5 year warranty. $5,000. They are excellent but not going as low as you mention. I hope you don’t want them!!
An app might narrow down speaker options, but it can't tell you what speakers will work in your room and sound best to you.  Unless you don't really care about all that.
GoldenEar Triton 1r - Highly regarded and positively reviewed, extends to 13 Hz with built in 1600 watt sub amps, easy to drive (92 spl), great midrange and treble, and affordable at $6,000 a pair.
The app should have a footnote*

*Unless you have deep pockets, and a LARGE dedicated listening space, allowing tested and determined speaker placement, seeking extended bass is unadvisable!
Good suggestions here. If you have some hifi shops near you, it might be worth listening to things in the 9-14k range, find a couple of models you like and then look in the used market. 6k new your options will be limited. 
I had Triton 2s but in my room the midrange had that cupped hands sound. The sub section only had level control too.
Doubt u will find one. Get a Niles speakers selector with volume control. I have one. It works
Doubt u will find one. Get a Niles speakers selector with volume control. I have one. It works
IMO the Niles speaker control is not the best solution.  If you want to seriously compare speakers I suggest you get one of the Luxman speaker selectors - see here:  http://www.luxman.co.jp/product/#accessory (turn on Google translate).  I use the AS-50R and it's great.  Very reasonably priced on eBay - ships from Japan.

If you want the best product for speaker and RCA switching there is the ABX Switch Comparator made by Van Alstine:  https://avahifi.com/products/abx-switch-comparator

Once you have learned to listen, and have a small set of CD's (your source) that reveal ___? to your ears, the need for instant speaker selector comparison is not needed. It is also not good practice to have inert speakers in the room when listening to others. 

I remember an audio shop in Brooklyn Heights, back in the late 60's, the innovator of only having 1 set of speakers in the listening space. They had a few different size listening rooms. A storage room of speakers and dollies to go down the hall for consideration. That frees up placement options and omits vibrations of other inert speaker's cones, etc.

Anybody remember their name?
I am not looking for a manual speaker selector. I'm looking for an app I can run on my phone that I put in criteria of what I want and it suggests different speakers to me.
And you think you’d get better recommendations from an app than you would here why?  Sorry I wasted my time here. 
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I think you are remembering Innovative Audio. The owner's name by the way is also Elliot. You may also remember Kasey McKee, he was one of the best in audio retailing. 


thanks, that sounds correct, including someone else being Elliott. You seem to know the different spelling as well as Kasey.

I was only in the store, drop in without an appointment, a few times, just an impressive memory.

I didn't have much more than interest then (not interest on money, no spare change then).
SALK SONG3 ENCORE'S priced at $6,000/pair.  Certainly better than any $20.000 pair of speakers you will ever hear.

However.........soosh!  They sell direct and the dealers here sure wouldn't want to hear this.
Just more drivers in a box Larry. They may be very well designed in terms of driver choice and cross over design but in the end they are just more drivers in a box. If it comes down to that type of speaker I have not yet seen one better made than Sonus Faber. But I have not ever been near Salk Speakers. However saying they are better than any $20,000 speaker is a stretch for sure. SoundLabs 545 ESLc go for something like $13,000. 
I think this and other audio forums are the only app you are going to find. It seems that this "app"has already given you a few suggestions.
You can get very close to what you are looking for with the Legacy Signature Se’s. Go down to 22hz +/- 2db. Great midrange and the highs are very extended with the AMT tweeter but never harsh. These speakers can get low (just make sure your room can handle it) and used are in your price range. Been very happy with mine and getting ready to consider the Aeris when I go to CAF this year.