Sweet new tube amp needs better speakers

I am trying to move up from my old Martin Logan 40"s. I recently bought a Cayin CS-55a  30 watt Integrated tube amp. It sounds really good with EL34s or the KT88s. I bought a pair of Triangle Borea Br-03 bookshelf speakers (under $500 / pair) and was Wowed by the improvement in sound. Now I want to move up. My goal is to upgrade to a set of speakers in the $2000 to $4000 price range. they should be floor standers under 43 inches tall and with a sensitivity of over 90db. I don't want them to be excessively bright and I don't plan on using a subwoofer.. We mostly listen to blues, rock and roots music (African, Brazilian  and Middle Eastern). My room is about 14 by 20 and open on the short side to the kitchen. I have been looking at Teckton Perfect Set 2- 10, Zu Omen MK II. Kef Q-950, ProAc DT-8 and the Triangle BR-09 and Gaia EZ. 

thank you in advance for any feedback and suggestions 
Tectons are 3 months out
Zu's out of stock

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Based on your taste of music and wanting more laid back (as opposed to up front and bright), I'd look at JBL L100, KLH Model Five, or Klipsch Forte III or IV (which are highly sensitive).

I do run ProAc Tab 10s in one of my systems...granted, bookshelf, but the fidelity is outstanding. I haven't heard the floorstanding versions, though I imagine they pack a punch and are brilliant. I just think they might lack some warmth you might want for your type of music.
We have some vinyl - preferred source - with a Pro-Ject Carbon Xpressions turntable and an Ortofon blue cartridge. A bunch of CDs, plus we do stream some stuff also via Apple lossless and an Audioengine B1 dac.
@hoytis I am interested in the KLH, I used to own some Klipschs but the horns were irritating, I have never seen the JBLl100
Take a look at a used pair of Devore Nines too. Also a used pair of Verity Fidelio’s posted in NH. Good luck with your search.
The Forte III's are a good suggestion.  Mine have paired well with Class AB ultra-linear push pull tube amps.  The DeVores tend to prefer SET or triode tube designs.  Proac may be a good choice as well.
Devore Nines are $10,000 way over my budget , unless I can find some used ones. Great looking speaker.
Is there a reason why it has to be a floor-standing speaker instead of a speaker on a stand, particularly where the speaker/stand combination takes up an equivalent amount of space?:

If you can locate the speakers somewhat close to the back wall, I would recommend looking at used Audio Note speakers/stand combination.  They make really good sounding speakers for use with tube electronics.

In your price range, I like the Rethm Bhaava speaker.  It is essentially an extremely efficient full range driver coupled to a powered woofer (built into the speaker).

I like the sound of ProAc speakers.  I think their more compact speakers on stands actually sound better than some of their floor-standing speakers, so don't overlook their box speakers.

I know people go crazy here if you mention Tekton, but, the Double Impacts are quite good speakers in the $3,000 range.

Just a bit outside of your price range is the Klipsch Forte IV system.  This is a speaker that works quite well with tube electronics.  Given the 99 db/w at 8 ohm efficiency of this speaker, your 30 watts are way more than capable of driving the speaker.
There seems to be a common theme running through this thread. Maybe you should have a listen to the Forte IV.


The ProAc is an excellent choice--the value option in their line-up.

If you could bring yourself to consider stand-mounted, the Fritz Carrera will give you good bass extension.
If you hate China then understand the KLH5 are manufactured there.  I don’t have a problem with China but many  MAGA’s obviously do. 
@ stereo5
The OP has a Cayin amp that is made in China. So I doubt he would have a problem with that. Many other recommendations like Klipsh and JBL are also made in China!

i wasn’t referring to the OP, I was referring to the China haters.  I remember when I got my GE Triton Refs and got bashed because they are manufactured in, gasp……China.  
@blue-magoohe Super Nines are $10,000 new. I've seen them for $7500 used. The original Nines can be found from 3-4k used. Great value there at that price. I'd just make sure the parts are still supported. I've had 2 pairs of Nines since they came out and went on a speaker merry go round after I sold them. Worth a look.


How about the ProAc Response  DT8? it's a low end model but I read the base is deeper on this model.
Why floor standers. I like the form factor better. I do understand that the monitors sound just as good.
Cayin is the company that make Prima Luna as well. I got the amp for $2000. my budget won't allow Mac or Ravens or Ayons
I actually have a Prima Luna integrated tube amp driving my Totem speakers. I love the sound.
Stereophile has a review on the KLH5. It is a 6ohm speaker that dips to 3.5 ohms at 140HZ.  88ish sensitivity. Might not be a good choice for a 30wpc EL34 based tube amplifier.
I’ve heard the ProAc DT 8 powered by tube amps of similar output and I liked what I heard.  I heard the Zu speakers powered by solid state amps.  The Zu’s are extremely dynamic and exciting, but they have a hard edge to the attack of notes and can sound quite brittle.  This is a speaker that I think is very polarizing; I know a number of listeners who thoroughly hate it (I kind of like it, but I also understand why it can be so off-putting).  I haven’t heard the Triangle speaker you are considering, but, I’ve heard others and generally like the brand.

Good luck on your search.
Thank you for explaining the sound of the Zu. I was considering them because I really love the way they look. I think I will back off from the Zu and get the Triangles or wait for a Tekton Perfect Set 2-10. Unless I can find some used DeVores.

Yes, the Response DT8 is what I was referring to.  I think you'd be happy with me.  Much more refined than some of the other options you're considering.
Crites Speaker.  Look and size of Klipsch Cornwall.  Make yourself or premade in unfinished birch.  Bass down to 35 Hz or so.  But I use a couple subs.  Selenium tweeter update.  About 2000 to your door.  They have a live accurate sound with nice punch if needed.  Sound good at lower volumes.  Some will say mid range coloration due to no bracing in cabinets but they don't cost 10k either.  ALK makes a different crossover if preferred. 

I clear coated mine.  My wife likes them without the grills. 

PI makes another DIY or assembled.  Cost varies with options but less than 2500.

ProAcResponse DT8
I read that they are cool sounding, but I also read they had good base. I will get some more reviews . I'm not sure how to connect a sub to the amp, it doesn't have a sub output. I think there is a way to connect them with the speakers.?
So many members have recommended these. I know they are great speakers. The problem is that they are 25 inches wide and our gear would be behind them. I think it will be too crowded our room.


and you would be $$$$$ well spent to get a Bronze ortofon… imo

enjoy your journey, and the music