Wayne's Audio Turntable Periphery Stabilizing Outer Ring

Anyone have any reason to NOT give this a try (besides the price)? Or anyone recommend an alternative? I have great weights/clamps/mats but definitely own a few thousand less-than-absolutely-flat records, and feel like it’s a shame to be missing contact.


If the spindle on your deck is long enough, a center clamp(not weight) along with a rubber washer to dish the LP is a cheap way to flatten not so flat LP's.

I use the screw down clamp, along wth rubber washer on my VPI.

Periphery ring does require a little more attention, to avoid a disaster. 

Weight… only on some turntables will it not be too much mass for motor or suspension. Second, watch out for your stylus, great way to snap it off.

Are outer rings not usable with some very wide-bodied pickups which ride close to the record surface (due to short or non-existent cantilevers)? The Deccas and Londons, for instance.

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Not worried about weight so much, the TY is an SP10mk3 so plenary of torque, but having a stylus accident would be tragic indeed! 

I did some research when I thought I might want one of these for my VPI and found out that many audiophiles who buy them wind up not using them because they get to be a PIA. Now that’s just what I found, you may not. Also. Haven’t heard great feedback on a some non OEM rigs and sellers. I’d do some research, and if you have a VPI it might be better to stay with an OEM ring so that it will fit properly. Just my 2 cents..

I’ve had two is Wayne’s heaviest weight rings — one for several years and would not buy again. I used with a Dr. Feickert Firebird TT. The TT has 3 motors for the platter. The improvement in sound is modest — if any. The ring is a hassle to mount —compared to the Clearaudio system. Over time, the rings themselves  warped — albeit modest. The Wayne’s rings are no bargain IMO. 

FWIW my VPI turntable came with a periphery ring and I have yet to use it. I am nervous about my cartridge getting accidentally hung up on it by my inattention. I run a fairly expensive cartridge so I will live with any warped albums. Luckily so far I do not have any bad warped albums. The worst one I sent back for a refund. 

I have the VPI periphery ring and use it on a few warped records that NEED it. It works perfectly but on the average record I don't use it.


I had a TT weights ring many yrs back and while it worked it was a PITA to use. Had yo use a centering contraption to make sure it was on perfect then had to be VERY careful with your cartridge not to get damaged. Used it for a month then it sat unused. Not worth the hassle. Prefer a screw down record clamp now.

I have one. It made a huge difference. Cupped albums are now dead flat. The sonic differences are noticeable. Worth every penny. 

I’ve used the Clearaudio ring for almost 10 years now. It’s become 2nd nature; I don’t even think about using it. Yeah you have to be careful cueing up, but you should be careful anyways!! The CA ring works even with wide and low Koetsu stone bodies, but only JUST clears it for the 1st music grooves. Yes I’ve had it lightly "kiss" the outer edge of a Koetsu (no harm). Cartridges with "out there" cantilevers are no problem, obviously. Probably not for the squeamish, but there have been 0 ring-caused incidents here in 10 years.

The centering mechanism is machined to exactly fit Clearaudio platters, and it works wonderfully. Perfect centering is a cinch. If I didn’t have that, I might have abandoned ring use. Some of those other centering devices look AWFULLY inconvenient. I had a Merrill Heirloom (still have in a closet) and its ring didn’t even bother to come with any centering device - you just kinda eyeballed it. You’re just gonna have to try it to see if you can deal with that aspect.

My CA ring has accumulated several small dings on the thin inner lip. That’s the downside of a very thin inner part (the upside being allowing a Koetsu to clear it). I don’t even know how most of those dings appeared; it’s just fairly delicate and time will take its toll. Doesn’t affect the performance, though.

I love that I (mostly) don’t have to worry about warps anymore. A few records are so damaged in patches (heat damage?) they cannot be corrected by a ring; those go in a discard pile. I’ve encountered just a few of those over the years.

Anyways, summary - I love my ring! Also have a SOTA Nova V with a vacuum clamp that works great, but there’s just something more satisfying about (gently!) ka-thunking a big metal ring on the table for each side, and it looks cool too! The Clearaudio tables are quieter than the vacuum SOTA, too (probably has to do with the bearing as well).

I bought one, used, perfect, nice price compared to new at Wayne's. SS-1 or SS-2, it's downstairs,


I'm using a walker these days, I'll find which one another time.

It's very nice, impressive quality, has easy centering device. I intended to use it for all LP's, not just warped ones, more stable contact with mat, combined with center weight I use now. Basically, let the stylus move, not the grooves.

Even new 180 g LP's have minor warps I find.

Unfortunately, the weights that hang down just hit the wide rim of my Vintage JVC TT, TT81


So, I'm gonna part with it, just been distracted by medical issues the past 5 months.


All very informative responses, thank you all. Unfortunately there’s no OEM ring for Technics, so either I machine one or 3rd party tweek like Wayne’s … he does have one specifically for Technics which does not employ the hanging weights as the platter perimeter is chamfered. The PITA factor may very well determine how much of a role one of these plays in my listening.

I tried one of these a few years back. the centering hold is not precise enough to ensure an accurate placement of the ring. Secondly the mass was really not high enough on the one I bought to feel it did the job properly. I returned mine, did not feel it really was doing the job correctly. 

I use an old TTW ring on my VPI with the original acrylic-lead platter that is too small for the VPI ring. 

My ring is about 2.5 pounds.  I find that to be sufficient.  Not only does it flatten records, but it bonds all records to the platter.  Beyond that it adds weight to the platter beyond the platter itself adding to the flywheel effect and benefiting speed stability.

IMO it benefits the SQ of all recordings and I wouldn't be without one.  It is also far easier for me to place on a disk than a screw in VPI center weight, as those need adjustment for particular records. I do use a "dead" center weight.  It has all become quicker and more automatic for me than the screw in weight.

It is true these rings can ruin a stylus.  Of course one can be very careful.  My own response was to make the placement of  the stylus at the beginning of a record so automatic and precise that I can do it blindfolded.  I wrote that up here on another site.  It's been many years and it has never failed.

I’m with @z32kerber 

No going back for me. It may be a case of YMMV but for my table it improves the contact with the platter, regardless of record, and seems like the last piece of the turntable setup puzzle for me. I also find it super easy to use.


IF your cartridge is a LOW RIDER, the clearance between the bottom of the cartridge body and the top of the ring may be very small, or not enough, so that the beginning of track 1 cannot be played, the cartridge body must move 'in' enough for it not to contact the top/inner edge of the ring.

Clearaudio Outer Limits is an alternative. I have one on a second system deck and it works dandy. The spider alignment tool is a bit quirky to use. On the main table I use a VPI Periphery Ring which works just dandy as it is designed to be used with their 12” platters. 

No experience with the Wayne’s Audio product although it looks very well designed. 

A very ugly solution.  Not elegant at all.  I would hate to have that in my system.

Just bin the warped records.

Au_lait, I have a mk3 too. The design of the platter and the way it sits deep in the chassis is not conveniently compatible with any peripheral ring. I’m sure you appreciate that as much as I. Be careful. On the other hand, I have the OEM peripheral ring made by Kenwood specifically for my L07D TT. I have tried it out a few times and concluded it has a slight negative effect on SQ even when I place the LP on top of, not under, the flange. (It’s scary to use it as it was intended in terms of risk to the cartridge.) As a result the ring sits in a drawer.

@lewm Ahhhh ok that’s the intel I needed, thanks amigo you just saved me some money.


Au lait , Wayne periphery ring is easy to use. I like it a lot. Wayne give good discounts , You can return it if not satisfied.Very nice guy to deal with.No hassle.

au_lait, I did not mean to put you off giving it a try, but if you haven’t been able to verify that an aftermarket ring will not interfere with platter rotation, especially with an SP10 Mk3 or similar, I would either look for some verification in advance that it will work or take the ring on a money-back basis, which jayctoy seems to say you can get from Wayne. Wayne may even already have other customers who use his ring with a Mk3 or he may make a modified ring specifically suitable for the Mk3. Just because I am not thrilled with the Kenwood ring on my L07D does not mean others wouldn’t perceive a benefit; the idea of a peripheral ring is valid, even if only to increase rotational inertia of the platter (which lord knows the MK3 does NOT need, since the platter is already 21 lbs). Incidentally, my Kenwood ring is probably more than 40 years old and is certainly warp free. That should not be a problem; warping will negate the potential good effect of any peripheral ring. After warping, a peripheral ring is not even a very good doorstop.

@lewm The records I'm thinking of are not that warped, I have loads of reggae and dub for example that I've bought over the years from Jamaica, and some of them they're just slightly cupped, some more than others, but still easily playable. I'm definitely not binning them as @clearthinker suggests! Wayne does have a Technics version, checking if suitable for SP10, was thinking to give it a try on the MK3 and MK2, as far as I can tell the platters are the same dims. I'm not worried about the inertia.

@au_lait      Can easily see how your Jamaican records got too much sun.

I said bin warped records you can't play.  Warping is a matter of degree.  If they are 'NOT THAT WARPED' then quit complaining and play them as you suggest - EASILY PLAYABLE.

What are you worrying about??

Anyway, my Aeroarm plays severely warped records no other arm will play.  How?  Because is is 1/4 of the effective length of a typical 9 inch arm and about 1/5 of the mass.  There is always an answer for those who seek.

I’m a huge fan of the TTW periphery rings.  I find it makes LP’s sound better, with lower distortion.  Never tried Wayne’s, but is his a clone of the TTW?  

I own and use a Wayne's Audio periphery ring and love it. It is the one for a Technics SL-1210GAE. I have been using it 3-4 years now with no regrets or accidents. You get quite used to setting it properly on the LP and centering by eye. Highly recommended. Dana

Clearthinker, with respect, how can a very short tonearm negotiate warps better than a typical longer tonearm? The effect of a warp on VTA would be magnified for a very short arm.

The Link is showing a producer of Periphery Rings, whom I have discussed their work in the past.

There was a offer at the time of using different metals (Phosphor Bronze) was my interest. Also Chamfered inner faces of the weights were also discussed and was able to be offered to work with Platters with a Chamfer, such a SP10 MkII.