What are you streaming tonight?

As we are in the modern age of music I thought I would see how this fares.
We have threads specific for cdp and tt so why not streaming as it is a modern media.
I don't care if you stream Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, Paradise Radio or any number of internet stations.
I would like you to share your tastes and method of streaming.
I will start off with 

Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino... Arctic Monkeys via Tidal .
Pandora Premium..Mix stations:Cool Jazz,Big Band Standards & Chris Botti radio...Thanks to my Quad VA-One I can stream via USB from computer,Bluetooth from my phone & my entire FLAC library from FiiO DAP...Now WTH to do with all these silver disc?
How are you finding the Pandora Premium working out for you?
It was on my shortlist to try as I have been using the basic Pandora for years now. 
@uberwaltz - I stream Radio Paradise at some point nearly every day. I have discovered more new music via Radio Paradise, than any other method over the last couple of years.
^^^ I'm not sure I really hear much difference in sound quality,which IMO is CD quality.I really like the Shuffle option & the choices of songs in specific genre are always right on my taste...I have Prime  Music if I want to listen to a specific song or CD..Main reason I upgraded was to eliminate commercials...

I spend many hours each week mostly streaming from my music server.

I run both Logitech Media Server to stream to Squeezebox Touches (2) and a Squeezebox Radio.

I also stream from Plex Media Server to various in house devices like tablets, Amazon Fire TV box, and Iphone. I synch files to the Iphone in Plex and then stream from the Iphone to ApplePlay in my car.

I also stream on occasion from Radio Paradise and other internet stations on various devices including Squeezebox Touches and Squeeze Radio, and browser on tablets, iphone, and other devices.

Occasionally I will stream Amazon music and Pandora from Iphone to Carplay.

I still have a large vinyl collection also. I convert those to digital now when I listen and stream the files from same music server from there on in at home, in car, in the office, out of town, wherever.

So I am pretty much streaming all the time these days.  Good music available everywhere, sounds great and love it!
Hell of a set up there Mapman!
Sounds like you have just about every base covered!
Streaming Parallel Lines by Blondie
Via Tidal on my phone at the airport waiting to go to work, groan!
Thanks uber. I’ve been at it for a number of years now and been through the various ups and downs.

The biggest down is not having a backup of your files when the day comes (and it will eventually) where your disk storage fails. Maintaining and using backups is a bit of a pain! Not an issue if you are streaming content provided by others over the internet. I’ve had to restore my somewhat large music library twice from backups due to disks going bad after a few years or so.   It takes me over a day to restore my entire library currently if needed.

I wish converting vinyl properly were faster and easier but I’ve come up with a cost effective solution that works very well yet still time consuming.

I am paranoid! I made two backups of my Vault drive and two of my PC drive!
4 separate 2tb usb drives in total, I try to update the image every couple weeks.
Overkill maybe but after having restored everything to a new pc drive after failure it is well worth the insurance!
Using an Auralic Aries Mini into a Schiit Gungnir MB to listen to ripped CDs as well as music from Tidal, Spotify and internet radio (like Radio Paradise that reubent has posted about). Spotify’s Browse/Discover function has been a great way to discover new music.

Last night listened to William Orbit’s "Hinterland" on Tidal. Number 4 in his Strange Cargo series.

A point of clarification. The Minority Report isn’t strictly CD only, though at the time it was started (2012) CD was the prevailing "digital" medium (the biggest part of the "non-vinyl half") - hence "What’s in your CDP tonight?" Over the intervening 5 years, my CDP has gotten less and less use. Most of what I’m posting there is from Tidal or Spotify along with CDs ripped to hard drive. It’s rare to be actually spinning a disc these days though I still prefer to buy when I find a "keeper" on one of the services. Amazing how quickly things change.
Completely agree on cdp usage
I sold my esoteric as I could not stand its accusing stare every day from not being used...lol.
I have an old Pioneer cdp just in case though.....

I am hopeful this thread can be the modern day equivalent of your cdp thread.
Haha...the TEAC (Distinction series) I don't use (much) could be considered a poor cousin to your Esoteric.   Likewise, to your Pioneer, I have a Denon 2910 I recently re-discovered.  Nice, pre-blueray, universal  player.  
Streaming Electric Gypsy Trio Live at the Rumpelkammer Hot Jazz Festival on Tidal. Setup is an Auralic Aries Mini with Sbooster power supply to an Audio Note Dac-3 Signature. I basically just stream Tidal or my ripped cd's and downloads I keep on a NAS drive which is backed up in a hybrid RAID configuration and also backed up to Amazon's Glacier cloud service.
What a modern world we live in!
streaming Tidal in-flight on my phone!
Attention Attention... Shinedown

@uberwaltz you are streaming offline content I presume? I download offline content to my phone specifically for traveling it's great to be able to do that!
I had choice of both!
Seriously live internet at 36000ft.
But yes I have a lot of content I have dl for offline use as well
nice uber I don't fly that often and when I do usually bargain basement airlines that charge extra for wifi so I never use it. Love that offline content I got a 128GB Iphone7 last year just for extra storage space for offline.
I fly for work all the time, 2.4 million miles on Delta alone so far, work pays for it, not too bad $50 for a month of unlimited in air internet.

I have "just" a 64gb sd card in my phone
Nice Ghosthouse!

Audioslave self titled album.
Imho Chris came across better in Audioslave than Soundgarden although I know many disagree.
Via Tidal on laptop in hotel
Spotify out of my I-pad air using an Apple photo USB interface out of the I-pads lightening connector to a Dragonfly Red DAC plugged into the USB then into a Dynaco PAS-4 Tube preamp (Panor Corp version 1995) using Telefunken E88C tubes feeding twin Harman Kardon Citation II tube amps (1960) using EI KT 90 tubes, driving a pair of Martin Logan SL3 Electrostats.  I select Spotifyies high resolution feed, which is better than CD quality.  Spotify allows you to create up to 10,000 songs in your library.  I’ve got 5 decades of collecting vinyl and a large collection of CD’s.  I prefer the Spotify feed, outstanding separation, clarity,  immediate response to selections (no waiting at all, its instant), and my digital library now eclipses my physical collection.  Couldn’t be happier, they have everything I’ve every looked for. 
Nice newf27!
If you had told me 2 years ago that I would be streaming and hearing better sq than my Esoteric could put forth I would have laughed you out of town.
Now I am streaming probably 50% of my music, the remainder is split between vinyl and cassette!
Final cut for tonight

A Decade of Domination.....Pantera

Brutal! Just right to send one to sleep...lol
Billy Thorpe Children of the Sun followed by Pink Floyd Any Color You Like...Imaging & Sound Staging extravaganza!!!
Listened to Radio Paradise tonight while doing a bit of work. Loved it, as always. I think the SQ is very good, and getting better with 320K and now FLAC (on iPhone and Android apps). FLAC is coming soon to their desktop player. Can't wait, as I listen mostly via my Windows and MAC laptops.
Hotel California... The Eagles
Never gets old.
Via Tidal on my Laptop
Going to have to invest in a decent travel bluetooth speaker sooner or later.
Any suggestions welcomed!
Swiss Radio Days Vol 28 Jazz Live Trio with Kenny Wheeler and Alan Skidmore on Tidal.
How great is it that with a touch of a button we can relive a complete decade?
My Pandora 80’s Alternative station...Oh man,The Go Go’s,Till Tuesday,Berlin,Talking Heads,The Bangles,The Tubes(GREAT story of seeing them in a peanut bar in Monterey,Ca.that was the local Hells Angels meeting place),U2 Rattle & Hum concert in Phoenix,Az.with BB King opening!The US Festival!I’m amazed I actually remember a lot more than I thought I could,lololol...
Some blasts from the blasts there freediver!

I am having an 80,s  moment or 3 myself

Simple Minds, Talk Talk, Men At Work, Frankie Goes To Hollywood etc.
And probably would not buy one of them just search and destroy from Tidal!
Streaming Tidal— Karrin Allyson, “Nature Boy” and “ Moanin” are standouts.  She is just superb. Set up is NuForce STA-200, Luminous Audio Passive PreAmp and CEntrance DacMini.  DIY WAW speakers and cables.
John Lemke's "Nomad Frequencies" by way of Spotify (Tidal was having buffering issues earlier this evening).

For the curious, the whole album on YouTube:


The Ghost Moon Orchestra... Mostly Autumn

Tidal has been fine in my hotel room tonight!
Jamming to some Scary Pockets, a fun side-project from Patreon founder (and one half of Pomplamoose) Jack Conte.  

Basically funk'd versions of a  number of past and present pop hits performed with Conte on keys and a rotating crew of studio musicians and guest vocalists.  They have a bunch on Youtube as well as Tidal.  
Start the morning off on the way home on the plane
Tidal via my phone

One Day Remains.... Alter Bridge
Everybody else is doing it... The Cranberries.

Home at last so Tidal via my rig glorious SQ!
Lazy day today
Streaming Pandora free basic on "my Shinedown" station.
Over the years Pandora has been "trained" pretty well on what I like and do not like so very rarely does it even play a song I do not like.
Makes for great background music while attempting to catch up with household chores!
This mourning Pandora+ is playing my Cowboy Junkies station..Includes artists like Mazy Star,Cranberries,Six Pence None...Have a great day everyone..