Where can I audition amps near Boston?

Hey all -

I'm planning to upgrade the power amp in my system in the next few months.  Brands I'm interested in are Bel Canto, McIntosh, and Quicksilver.

Does anyone know anyplace near Boston that carries any or all of these brands?  "Near Boston" for my purposes could include Rhode Island, eastern Connecticut, and southern New Hampshire.

I would love to be able to hear before I buy.

Thank you so much!
Quicksilver has no dealers in the Boston area.   The closest one is Audio Connection in NJ,   Natural Sound sells McIntosh, as does Magnolia, both in Framingham.   Audio Lab in Harvard Sq Cambridge also sells McIntosh and has a number of pieces on display

Goodwins in Waltham and Fidelis in Nashua sell Bel Canto.  My favorite dealer in the area is Audio Video Therapy in Nashua.... those guys are great to deal with and have a great selection... not the gear you are asking for specifically but they have a LOT on display.  Well worth the trip.   

As for Quicksilver , I think they are one of the best values in audio.   I own a pair of Mid Monos, best amps I have ever owned.  They sound incredible and have been super reliable the 5 plus years I have owned them.   I have had a number of amps both solid state and tube over the years and these babies kick ass for the money.   If 40 watts isn't enough they have three other amps in 60, 120, and 180 watt designs.   
Quicksilver products are so good for the money, I  just bought the Quicksilver Headphone Amp sight unseen from John at Audio Connections (great guy to deal with by the way)....   but I am confident it will exceed my expectations.
Hi v7, I live in NH near by. Goodwin's High End in Waltham. You use to have to call for an appointment. Not sure if he still does that. Then there is Fidelis and Sounds of Silence in Nashua, NH right on the Mass border.
thank you everyone!

rsf507, my speakers are ohm walsh tall 1000s.  I can bring mine along if the venue is open to that.
Goodwins was mentioned. A few decades ago, I visited their showroom in the Boston area; it included a gorgeous listening room acoustically treated by a professional. The sound was incredible; it started my appreciation of how important acoustics are to reproduced sound. So if that sounds interesting to you, stop in there.
Goodwin's has a "no pressure" policy and as with all retail audio establishments there's a wide range of competence among the sales staff...they may not listen to what you're saying about whatever it is you may be looking for..."walk ins" are supposedly encouraged and for the most part I've had OK experiences there...try to find a Linn belt and they recommend you go online.
Make an appointment with Goodwins. It is not a place where you can just browse by and say, "Can I hear that?"
High Fidelity Services have some great amps on demo.Check them out asap!!
@oddiofyl pretty much covered the whole audio gambit in the MA area. I live in between Boston and Worcester, and have been going to Natural Sound in Framingham for many years. They usually have a great used section too. It’s not that big of a store, but they’ve got 2 nice separate listening rooms. Good selection of turntables too. 
Westford audio in westford mass...Jim Uban...Carrie's many esoteric brands. 
I second audio video Therapy in Nashua.  Only place I do business with.  Very friendly and awesome people to deal with.  Large selection and they also have a used section in the basement.  I've seen parasound,  threshold,  krell and many others there. Huge store, lots of options.  Basement is like candy store. Worth checking out.
I second Goodwins for a good experience I had.  I stopped in for a look around while on business a few years back.  They offered to ship me a demo phono amp to try out.  Not much of that around!
The "appointment" thing about Goodwin's is nonsense...trust me, these guys want to sell this stuff so your "gear bucks" are always welcome.

Feel free to wander in but don't expect to hear anything without an appointment. 
I love this thread :-)

I married up, a Radcliffe girl and we are overdue for a visit anyway....

tell me Woods Hole and the Cape is above water ?
Been to Goodwin's (it's nearby) a few times and never with an appointment...heard plenty including Magicos and Rockports and enjoyed the visits...I have no idea what an appointment would do...get a sales person assigned to me? I could yammer as therapy...hmmm...also, after a visit a few years ago the sales dude said to stop in any time as he knew he was lucky to have me there and likely was left feeling "special."
@tomic601 as of now, the Cape and environs are still dry land....

Thanks everyone for your suggestions!  I will surely follow up, and it's also good to know about all of the resources available in the area.

Also, if anyone has any thoughts about best pairing to the Ohm Walsh Talls out of the brands I mentioned, I'd be interested to hear!  FWIW, they're 88db and 6 ohm, they have a tweeter but not really a crossover.

Thanks again!!
A/V Therapy in Nashua. Friendly, passionate, and very knowledgeable.

I wasn't impressed with the reaction I received at Goodwin's.
I have no idea what an appointment would do...
Have system setup before arrival if SERIOUSLY interested in a purchase.