Who is Michael Fremers'

Okay sometimes I just got bored and like to poke fun. Let us all send in our guess as to who in Mexico owns an Allerts MC2 and loaned it to Uncle Mikey for review? No personal attacks please. (May Issue Stereophile Vol.3, No.5; Analog Corner)
I could not believe that person actually sent his $6500 catridge to MF to review because MF could not get one from the manufactuer. I, too, would have been hesitant to unpack, mount, set-up that cartridge. That was interesting reading.
Well, Raul Iruegas might lend Mickey a package consisting of an MC2 and a certain as-yet-unreviewed phono/linestage preamp?
whats the point, other than some poor slob justifies an overpriced cartridge by seeing a good review in print (and it will be good), and fremer waists more of his time than he already does.
Dear Gregadd: I did. I'm waiting to read about, here in Mexico the magazine always comes delayed.

Regards and enjoy the msuic.
Raul-I was hoping you would hold out a little longer. If you like, I can fax a copy of the reveiw to you.
It does sort of beg the question. Is a certain phonolinepreamp scheduled for review?
I might also point out that Raul invented the term "phonolinepreamp".
I think Raul faxed the review to Michael already.

It was posted here on Audiogon a few months ago.
i know...i also know if he buys one, it will no longer be a $6500 cartridge.
It's not just all of Mikey's reviews that are equivocal. Nearly all audio reviews are.
A nice review and I usually enjoy Fremer's reviews. Thanks Rauliruegas for getting the cart to him to review. You appear to go out of your way to spread the enjoyment of vinyl.
Your steady barrage of negative commentary on every thread you post to is becoming tedious. I sure hope you treat customers better than what you serve up here. Mean spirited, petty pot shots taken from the anonimity of the Internet, do not make people think less of the target. They make people think less of the shooter.
Slipshod I will give your comments all the time and consideration they warrant,

Three cheers hip hip hooray.

BTW I just finalized a purchase of an Atmasphere MA1.
Nothing like letting your wallet do the talking.

You ever hear that song by the Beatles "Nowhereman" ?

On Topic Fremer is lucky to have Raul send such a fine cartridge. It just demonstrates what a generous audiophile Raul is. He evangelizes his feelings about the music to one and all - Novice and Professional alike.

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>>What I would like to know is who is his publicist?<<

Jmaldanado, director of:

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Kind of like Batman and Robin.
I do enjoy reading Michael Fremers reviews. He is doing a very good service to Analog music.

I would say that it was very impolite to start this thread of. The person who sent His cartridge off the Micheal in my openign did a servie to Analog music, this shows his dediaction and trust in other audiophiles.

Guys its very impolite to do that.
"I would say that it was very impolite to start this thread of. The person who sent His cartridge off the Micheal in my openign did a servie to Analog music, this shows his dediaction and trust in other audiophiles.

Guys its very impolite to do that. "

I enjoy teasing Raul. I have also been one of his biggest defenders. Since posting this thread I have communicated directly with Raul and he expressed no offense.
Gregadd - I thought your post was in good fun! Maybe the next time Raul comes to town he'll bring the Allaert with him so I can hear it too!
Gregadd---I did not put that in for you as you already have said and I quote:

"No personal attacks please."

But to the people who have tipped the line. Guys pleasea be careful as even the slightest words can do a lot of damage. Believe me I know.
Gregadd, am I missing something or is this like Zen poetry? Raul invented the term "phonolinepreamp". Is the genius in putting three commonly used words (as a phrase) together? …or is it in cunningly removing the two spaces? I don't get it.

GollyGeeWiz Happy Listening!
R_F Sayles- you're not missing anything. Sometimes things are exactly what they appear to be.
Dear friends: The MC2 Finish Gold Allaerts cartridge is so good that I think that it was a " shame " that we can't find any " professional review " about, I think it deserve it.

I choose MF because he has all the know-how to do it and he own an analog rig where the Allaerts " could be happy ".

For all of us is very educational to read reviews from the same person ( almost with the same analog rig ) on top cartridges like: Dynavector XV-1, myabi 47, Transfiguration Orpheus, Allaerts, Lyra Titan i, etc, etc. This is a great opportunity that almost no one of us could have alone.

I posted several times about the quality Allaerts sound reproduction performance and MF review give to all of us a more precise " view " on that cartridge.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I've always liked Fremer's writings about analog gear. However, I think Edward Barkers review of the MC2 Finish definitly is reading.


Let's look into the crystal ball and see what Mikey will be reviewing a few months from now.

It's a little fuzzy but clearing up somewhat. Stay tuned.
Theo: Thanks for the link to the review; Of special interest to me is E. Barker statement at the the end concerning the value of the Allaerts.
" The kind of effect on a system is almost priceless but I'm also going to call the Allaerts good value. Why? It's estimated the stylus will last between 7,000-10,000 hours. That is, between 7 and 10 times as long as an ordinary one. If you calculate that out, it makes it on par or cheaper than a Music Maker."
Sorry Audiofeil, but i think i,ll better save for the Allaerts.
Don't be sorry. It's wonderful you have $6500 to spend on a cartridge.

Go for it.
I think,rather than find some stupid(why am I not surprised)way to belittle the generosity that Raul has shown,we should applaud him!
It is hard to gain much feedback on some great products.To gain even more insight,even from Mr.Fremer's somewhat "forgiving" review,adds to our little computer banks.File it all away,for future comparative reasons.
Also,I hope Raul's pre/phono does get reviewed(even in the same manner).It could not happen to a more well deserving person,IMO!
Too bad,if some don't like it,I say!!
Sirspeedy: Can,t agree with you more.
Audiofeil: Thanks a lot for your approval..I really needed it!..specially considering how constructive are your comments and contributions throughout this forum.
Little Richard Said

Shut up !

Can I read this review online ? I looked at stereo review site no dice.

Nuff said

Shut up Shutin up

Watching Heros on TV

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Raul , it's good to see you slugging it out with some of these folks. Your comments and manner are most appreciated by me.
I agree---"Enjoy the music". :)
I have thoroughly enjoyed this thread. I will now put it between my teeth and use it for dental floss. I don't understand what motivates some folks. Differences of opinion about something is to be expected. What I find interesting is how some people invent nefarious motives for everything I, or some other reviewers do. I buy virtually all of the gear in my reference system. Yes, I get a discount but I do not have "long term loans." I try to be above board and transparent, but apparently that's not good enough for some, and recently a manufacturer told me he was disturbed that I actually own my reference system because now I'm "invested" in it, and am less likely to give a competing product a fair review or say it's as good as, or better than what I own. So, there's no winning. Oh, well.....
Hi Michael,

Nice to see you post here! I was happy to see your review or Raul's Allaert. Most people will not have the opportunity to hear as many products in the analog world as you do and I find that important. We may not always agree, but you have the benefit of much more direct experience than me and I value your commentary because of it. There are many posters here I feel the same way about.

Apparently, Audiofeil has some sort of axe to grind with just about everybody, so it's probably best to ignore his comments. Oh, he'll love this too, but if you get the chance to hear Raul's Essential 3150 Phonolinepreamp, I think you may really enjoy it. I don't know if Stereophiles rules would allow you to review it, but that's not important, just my recommendation from one analog lover to another.

BTW, great news about the Warner Bros./Hoffman/Gray reissues + new releases coming, eh? I'm looking forward to them!

Actually Mikey,you come across as doing quite a good job balancing thoughtful opinion,with fairness these days(as best as one can,I guess).You will always find the contrarians.Even I've gone that route at times.Sorry I did,in retrospect.
Why even bother with us plebians?
Just rotate some vinyl,when the need occurs.

I want you to know I really have enjoyed the interviews on your web site especially the one on gold star studio.

I don't read the stereophile/review anymore it seems almost the same as 20 years ago only the names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty. Look how Bob Carver and Henry Kloss where treated in the trades years past, now they are heroes while before they where treated shabbily by experts.

The jealousy and petty pot shots are from the "iluminati" are uncalled for. Still Arthur Salvatore has a point and you are not the only one standing in the shadows. Arthur has the forensic evidence to prove it.

Thats why there is no winning. It is not Journalisim or literature or rocket science. Its a joke business that supports a trade that supports a magazine. its a job its a paycheck.

We expect integrety and we get capitalisim instead

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Plebians? I'm sorry Speedy, but speak for your own sorry ass. You seem to go from one extreme to the other. That's fine, your opinion. But don't lump us, as in we all here in A'gon, in the same class. Especially just to garner favor with an individual who is given credibility simply because he gets his opinions published in some magazine. Sorry Mike, nothin' personal, but you know what they say about opinions.
Dear Dan: +++++ " an individual who is given credibility simply because he gets his opinions published in some magazine ... " +++++

I respect your opinion but you really don't have any idea of what you are saying.

What is your experience/know-how that you think to have for speak in that " light " way? how many and which audio items do you heard in your own system over the last 30 years: TTs/tonearms/cartridges/amplifiers/phono stages/preamps/cables/speakers/etc, etc? for how many time each one?, how many records do you own? which are your experience on live music? in how many Music Halls around the world do you have experience?, which is your experience with big name symphonic orchestras? which ones? how many times? with blues/jazz/pop/rock artists? and I can go on and on.........

IMHO a magazine ( any ) does not " make/develop " a person/reviewer ( any one ). Any person/reviewer has to work/gain its " place " through the long very long run and based on its good or not so good job.

IMHO too almost no one of us ( including you ) have the great opportunity ( in all our audio life ) that almost all reviewers have: to have in their audio system almost all the best ( and some not " the best " ) audio items out there month after month year after year, sharing with other reviewers/persons/designers/manufacturers experiences that you or me could only have on dreams.

All those experiences certainly have a high value that I respect a lot. If I agree or not with a reviewer that is another/different subject.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Anyway it is a novice method to start a business like this. Audiogon is a good place to build ones reputation and understanding of ones product. After all it is free for nothing. This forum is contribution of ideas and feedback from audiophiles and allows all of us to express freely our experiences and feelings toward components that we own and the sound which we could derive from the combination of components which we have. Not in particular, referring to the set up in specific that is highly raved by reviewers. It is what all of us who want this forum to be like in future. Personally, I want to continue to enjoy the contribution by any member and to learn more as I usually miss by having those magazines around.
Well, Raul, here again is another point where we can agree to disagree. If you really want to share your love of that cartridge with me why not send it to me so I can hear for myself in my own system and form my own opinion?

While Mike may have much more experience writing down his opinions, that doesn't make his opinion any more valid than anyone else's. Some people need to see their opinions and theories in print to somehow validate to themselves (and maybe others, in this case) that they are correct. I don't and I quit looking for validation in magazines year's ago.

I understand that you are trying to get something accomplished. I also understand that to be successful in this you need to stridently uphold Michael Fremer's opinion or your efforts will have been in vain. So once again you have taken the opportunity to belittle me. Big deal. Sure, I don't have a train load of components in and out of my system year after year. Who of us does? But really, what good does it do read about what someone else says that they hear? Does that really supercede the necessity to hear for one's self?
Dan,you surprise me with the sudden "attitude".I was being humorous,and as for the "extremes" you see in me,I have decided to be more pleasant in my posts.Sorry if I bother you,these days.
As to Mikey,I suspect there is a REAL effort, being done on his part, to be pretty fair.Not easy,and knowing a few reviewers it is NO easy task.I wanted to be complimentary,so what gives with your response to me?
Have you gotten overly confident,and ancy,since you now have a little experience,under youyr belt.
Hi all,

I'll tell ya all a little story that will likely put you to sleep. Save it for your bedtime reading (grin).

Three years ago, a former importer of English high-efficiency drivers mentioned my turntables to Art Dudley, and I subsequently set up a loaner for Art to write about.

While I approached this situation with caution (sending a high-mass turntable to a Linn lover), I felt that the benefits outweighed the risks. At the time, my installed base was fairly small, and my goal was to convey that Galibier was a real company, and not merely a pattern of electrons viewed on a web browser.

The risk was one of getting hammered in public, but I considered anything more than a lukewarm commentary from a Linnie to be more than a moral victory.

The fact the old Quattro Supreme fell into Stereophile Class-B is still the subject of friendly ribbing from more than a few friends and owners. You can my private as well as published reply to the article on my Rants Page if you're interested (Sterophile officially limits replies to 750 words and this only scratched the surface).

To the point of all of this, let's not construe anything dirty about trying to get a certain full function preamp into Mikey's hands for commentary. At the same time, Raul, please don't let anyone mistake that either you or I are wearing a crown of thorns.

As much as we love music and hi-fi, making a product "real" by manufacturing it is a lot of hard work and deserves a proper reward. There is nothing impure or shameful about this, and you needn't hide behind a shroud of benevolence.

If the cost of entry for a write-up of a certain phono / line stage is the loan of a cartridge, I say be honest and be proud - you have taken the first step toward gaining recognition.

As far as the veracity of reviewers is concerned, I'll leave this to the good Mr. Salvatore who more closely mirrors my views on the subject. That's a whole 'nuther topic.

Thom @ Galibier
As an adjunct to my response to you Dan,I have to say that your response was a downright insult,to me!"My sorry ass",and my apparent "extremes" as you interpret me??...and this,coming from the same guy who so respectfully sent me a condolence E-mail,last summer?....As to my "plebian" comment...simple humor!Get a life!I'm really surprised with you!
Someone's "ego" seems to be getting the best of them here(not mine),and maybe I was wrong to think I could become a more responsible and pleasant poster,after feeling terrible for my provocative attitude towards some,in the past.
Dear Dan: +++++ " While Mike may have much more experience writing down his opinions, that doesn't make his opinion any more valid than anyone else's. " +++++

I never say that and I agree with you that our opinion is valid too, no question about.

See you at the Zocalo.

Regards and enjoy the music.