Why Don't People Search The Forum Archives?

What CD player has a volume Control? Newbee in the world of analog? What are the best cables for the money?

Sound Familiar?

I spent some time searching the forum archives, and was amazed at the wealth of information contained within. Often, many individuals have and post legitimate questions. Although, these questions (in many cases) have been answered time and time again in the forum archives.

Unfortunately, due to the redundancy of these questions, many of the well established Audiogoner's will no longer respond to these redundant/repeat questions. This may leave the individual asking the question feeling somewhat neglected, not realizing that their question has been answered and/or discussed many times previous.

I also find it interesting, that Audiogon management explicitly states in the "What We Will Decline" section of "Moderation Guidlines", that questions of repetitional nature will be filtered and declined.


The forum archives are a tremendous resource of information. Is there a manner in which individuals posting in the forum could be directed to the forum archives BEFORE posting their particular question? I mention this because the individual posting, may find more complete coverage of their particular question already exists, yielding them much more thorough results/information. Could the Audiogon moderators utilize "keywords" of a newly asked question in order to refer to the archives before that particular question is actually posted?

Would this be considered or construed as unreasonable?

Could this be considered "overmoderated"?

Any suggestions/input?
I'm also tired of seeing the same questions over and over. I think there should be some kind of search link on the posting page.
I always search the forum archives first before asking my question. I spent hours on end sometimes just reading the valuable archives. This is why I don't answer to those that have been answered in the past. It's always easier to ask the question again but it's rather inconvenient for other people who wants to help. Best to just ignore and move on. My other pet peeve is a reference to a website without using mark-up tags. The format is fairly easy but very few people are using it. The cut and paste gets really old and tired.
I also notice that A'goN has a lot of new members. It's a process of education if you have the time to spare. I can only empathize with you but have no answer.
Perhaps a section on New Today of popular questions. It could even perhaps take the place of the 500 lp/cd listings that appear, in much shorter form of course. About a half dozen questions linked to the most informative threads about them would probably help tremendously.
Why don't we have a FAQ section like a lot of sites have? At those sites, the FAQ are right at the top of each forum, with a smiley face or a yellow sticky on them, and they are very informative. Maybe it would be too much work for the moderators, I don't know.
I've been posting here since 1999. Most of these questions have been answered several times since then.

Like Google, the person looking for information needs to think about how to search. If you want members experience with "Audio Research preamps," put the data in exactly, rather than just the word "preamp."

For ideas on how to improve your electrical, search the dozens of "Dedicated lines" posts. We have certified electricians who have answered specific questions on this subject. Where else can you get accurate FREE information such as that?

Same for NOS tubes. Put in the words New Old Stock , or NOS rather than the word "tube." There is data on almost every tube type, with many posts delving into performance differences between specific pieces of high end audio.

Perhaps this is overly simplistic for those of us that understand how Audiogon works, but as this thread has accurately pointed out, there is a wealth of information here if one takes the time to look.
Because they want to participate in an exchange with other members? If this forum is to continue, the questions of beginners should be answered if only as a form of welcome. IMHO efficiency is not necessarily the point.
Most other sites have gone to the sticky for questions that get beat to death. I'm not sure there is another way to deal with this problem. Maybe if the search feature were to be moved to the NEW QUESTIONS page also?

I agree and I always search the forums, but also as Pbb points out, beginners should still be made to feel welcome...maybe an "in a nutshell reply" and then point them into the direction of searching the forums correctly as Albertporter suggested as they may not be as good at finding posts on a particular piece of equipment.

One other thing I have noticed, is that even with the same question asked in some cases, the answers will potentially be completely different...people may have found a new cable/amp/preamp etc that is "all the rage these days"

just my 2c
If you would just do a search I think you'd find that this question has already been asked :-)
Pbb said it very well. New people on the site should be greeted. We all start somewhere and it is often the nature of that greeting/response that will keep the newbies around.

Remember, new is good, especially when you want to sell old equipment.
Some great input. And Pbb, I completely understand the point you make. I also enjoy the interaction, participation, and even the bantering amongst the members. Generally this only occurs during the introduction of a new subject or the initiation of a new thread.

Although unfortunately, on many occasions I notice threads initiated by the newer members, remain unanswered or lacking a response due to the fact that many of the more "seasoned" members may consider said threads redundant.

Could this possibly be indicative of the need for a "chat room" environment? Or could this be as simple as directing new users/members to a "Search Forum Archives" section upon completion of "initial signup"?

And BTW, Yes, this question has in fact been asked before. Although the deviation to this thread being, a feasible attempt to discover a viable solution or possible suggestions for resolving these issues. Hopefully resulting in implementation of a system or systems reducing redundancy while still offering a "welcoming environment" for the newer Audiogon users/members.

Although I do find it refreshing that those of you who have commented on this thread's possible redundancy, have actually responded.
I was just informed by Audiogon (thank you!) that we do, in fact, have a FAQ section available from Help on the Home page. I never knew! If it needs updating, I'm sure some would volunteer. For example, I think I can recite the "CD players with volume controls" and "good introductory cables" answers complete from memory now. A good question to add to any revised FAQ: "Why don't people search the forums?"
Update: I just checked our FAQ page and it's FAQ on how to use Audiogon, not on the kinds of basic equipment-related questions that people are referring to in this thread.
All good points here from both sides of the fence.

Having said that, asking the same question in 2002 might not get you the same valid responses that you'll get in 2004. Not only have situations and people changed in that amount of time, so have the products available the levels of experience garnered. With that in mind, the general consensus of a very specific product, the in's and out's of AC lines and filtration, etc... are all searchable via the archives. As i've seen here, some people actually do search first and then post due to a lack of information found in the archives. Obviously, this is the "right" way to do things but it surely isn't as fast or as personal.

Having said that, i've had MASSIVE problems trying to find specific posts in the Agon archives via the search engines. This is true even if i know specific wording used. How good do you think the results will be for someone that puts in a very generic query when you can't even get the results that you seek when you already know EXACTLY what you're looking for??? Quite honestly, the search engine here is NOWHERE near as efficient as the method being used over at AA. As such, if Agon wants to cut down on repeat questions, they should seek out ways to make the information already collected more accessible to those interested in it. Having valuables hidden in a safe may keep them valuable, but it does nothing to demonstrate the beauty and their worth to those that are unfamiliar with such gems. Sean
Sean, The best way to go nowhere is not knowing how to get there. :>)

The finest, most expertly tweaked search engines will not instill initiative in the user. Also, a lack of awareness on behalf of the user in conjunction with a lack of discipline will result in "just another redundant post".

I have been enjoying this site for over 2 years now. And I'm being very honest when I say this, I am just finding out about the wealth of information contained within this forum. Could this possibly be why I am becoming more sensitive to redundancy?

It was a point and click learning experience. Although, if the first time I posted a question, I was directed to "an annex" or a "library" or directly to the "Forum Archives". Maybe not only would I have become even more thoroughly informed, but also be more capable of asking a question with a higher level, or degree of relevance. Something we could ALL learn from, while still maintaining forum participation in a welcoming environment.

We have had some great suggestions today. I hope that ultimately , a compilation of the resulting responses could be presented to the Audiogon officianados for a possible "update", or "streamline", depending on one's perspective.

Make Sense?

I think, ultimately, the problem is Audiogon not having & PROMOTING a FAQ section with generic answers to common questions. I don't even know if having a FAQ section is possible due to rapid changes in latest & greatest technologies in audio.
I would like more functionality available for searches.

I still don't even know how the results are sorted. If I search for "Linn" the first result is from 2001, the second from 2000, and the third from 2004. They don't even appear to be sorted alphabetically.

Here are the first 5 results I get:

Linn Majik vs Kairn/LK85
Linn vs Wadia
Alarm settings with RCU and Linn Movie Di
Linn Majik biamp question
Adding phono stage to Linn Majik

This makes no sense. Can anyone explain how this works??

At the very least we need date sorting.
I specifically remember Arnie and the gang at Agon wanting to compile a very thorough FAQ section. Maybe this is the "push" that they were waiting for : ) Sean
I agree with Sean, in that:
People change,
New eqiptment is always coming out,
New members are added, and a
Poor search engine.
STFA. When I suggested the very same thing many moons ago I took some heat for excluding newbies or not taking into account the "rapidly evolving world of audio". So I simply ignore repeat posts.

I can almost understand and tolerate the 48th "I'm looking for a tube CD player with gain". Hell, many newbies aren't even aware of how to search the forums so you can't blame 'em. Maybe AudioGon needs to highlight the search feature on the "New Today" section of the forums so it's always front and center.

Now if we could only fix the "Pick my next amp for me. Linn vs. ARC vs. Bat vs. Pass vs. Bose" posts...
Jeff: I don't think that Bose has offered any preamps since the mid 1970's. As such, i would say that any of the others would probably be a better choice. To be completely PC here though, you should probably listen to all of these in your own system and decide what you like best based on your own personal preferences and system synergy. If you doubt this, look it up in the archives : ) Sean
Even after searching and reading the archives there are still questions to be had on prior information. "Strange Tonearm Tweak", being my example, an extremely long thread begun by TWL. Even in this long thread there was no mention of cartridge compliance, a concept I was completely ignorant of. I only found out after repeated postings of redundant questions. Some of us "newbies", just don't get it without repeated answers. It seems the tonearm tweak would not work with my high compliance cartridge(Grado Plat.). I'm glad I was persistent in asking those redundant questions!
Often times people just want the latest. Last months answers may not count for much.
Now, that would be a nice study. How long does it take for a post from birth to burn out, to come back, again, as the original question? I was just thinking about this a few days ago. The 'gon has been, to me, noticably redundant. When this happens audiopool enui sets in and anything can happen from that. Usually negative stuff. It would be interesting if there was a spot on the 'gon for NEW news. What's going down in the audiophool think tanks. That kind of thing. Maybe something to provoke interesting exchanges. What are the best ICs for my...? Can't takes it no more. I only recommend what I own, or use to own. Others recommend every cable under the sun ( or what they have read about in Stereophool or the like) whether they have heard it or not? And others, who have listened to every cable (get a life) recommend a plethora of choices, which means diddly squat most of the time, given the electronics/component match ups. Hey I'm going awry, here. I love the 'gon, but things are just plain ole dull , lately. What can we do to mix it up? Ed that was greati timing with your post. Took the words right out of my mouth. peace, warren
I really don't have a problem with Audiogon's Search Engine. I am one of those who often won't find what I am looking for on the first search but, having read the first results, I find clues to where I do want to go.

I found audiogon by entering McIntosh in my main search engine.

About the only suggestion I would offer is a chronological one. Perhaps the Audiogon engine could start at the most recent referance and go backwards from there.

Any discussion requires a degree of redundancy and discourse and I am not at all irked by the same question as sometimes there is an unexpected answer or opinion and this is good. Also, such posts redundant posts remind me of something that I had forgotten to pursue. True, I will on occasion suggest a search here on audiogon when I remember previous threads that had many suggestions/answers where a terrific amount of information already stored can make for lots of provocative thought.

I really appreciate it when fellow members direct me to specific threads and I extend great appreciation and respect to each of you who go through the effort to research and then provide such help!
Warren, in answer to making things more exciting round the 'Gon, I love it when there are threads on Best Jazz of 2003, or Best New Finds, or reviews of concerts and stuff. I know Ben Campbell already posted on something like this, maybe last week, I'm not intending to be redundant! But if there were more discussion of MUSIC, live and recorded, I think the forums would be more interesting. Not that I don't enjoy reading about all the latest gear and systems and recommended match-ups, too.
Good point. We all love music, don't we? Maybe we should be talk'n a hellava lot more about what we love. How' this? Gotta bug outta here, now, but I thought I'd throw some music at ya. Bought the new Nora Jones album. On first listen, I was disappointed. Took only one more listen to realize there is something special about the recording. It's growing on me all the time. Her voice is quite unique. We really don't know what she can do with her voice. She doesn't really sing anything challenging. Her range appears to be just an octave. But, then again, so was Billie Holiday's. Something lovely about that voice. I like her material as well. I like this recording/quality more than the last. Thoughts? peace, warren
OK, back from the movies and some killer sushi. No takers on Nora? Hey it's Saturday night and you all got better things to do, then talk about Nora Jones. Here's a little side bar on Nora. First album@ 22 years old, = 24 million bucks last year!! warren
Was this a trick question? People don't necessarily look at what else is currently being discussed. Check out these two on best lines/lyrics in a song.

Started 3/7/04 http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?hbest&1078707228&read&3&zzlSfar&&

Also started 3/7/04 http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?gmusi&1078641734&read&3&zzlArthursmuck&&

Does confirm prior comment though that search feature may not produce right response - one says lyric, other says line; one in "music", other in "best of".

Hmm. Which should I post to?
Is the title "Forum Archives"? if so I still have not found it. ....cheers......
Please ignore the previous post if it does not make sense...........A lot of my free time is spent surfing this Audiogon website and that would not be possible if it was not for the great people who set it up........Now, what next to buy?...