Wilson Audio for a 1600 sq ft space

I love the design of Wilson Audio speakers and am looking to purchase a system for a 37' x 45' mostly open space living room. 

I host a lot of gatherings, from dinners to parties, so I am looking for a system that will fill the room and sound good at all volumes whether you are sitting or standing throughout the space. Doesn't have to be perfect. I'm assuming that anything will be an upgrade from my crappy ceiling built ins. I'm in my 30s and will be streaming mostly deep house, hip hop and rock from the likes of Spotify. 

I've been considering the newer Alexia 2s, the Sasha DAWs (and 2s) but also the MAXX 3 and even Grand SLAMM 2s since they seem to be heavily discounted used. I'm open to suggestions. Given the size of the room, the footprint of the speakers is not really a concern. 

Would appreciate any input you may have. 

Happy holidays. Cheers!

First off, congrats for having the means to be able to consider Wilson’s or the likes to fill such a space!

My biggest recommendation is this, seek out and find a good dealer, regardless of if you go with Wilson or not, but one that can help make some logical system choices based on your requirements and space. 

And in that, do not forget about the room itself and how you can treat it for optimal sound, discreetly, or otherwise.

And in all of that, take your time and have fun!
Take Alexia 2s over Maxx 3s as stand alone speakers.
 If you love crushing bass for the room, consider Sasha DAWs and 2 Watch Dogs. The cost will be high but it will be well worth it.  
Alexia 2 are about 45-50k used and Sasha DAWs 37k + tax new. 

Are they worth the premium when the MAXX 3 can be found used at about 30k? 

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"I've been considering the newer Alexia 2s, the Sasha DAWs (and 2s) but also the MAXX 3 and even Grand SLAMM 2s since they seem to be heavily discounted used."
Reminds me of the line from "Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys":

"The percentage you're paying is too high priced
While you're living beyond all your means
And the man in the suit has just bought a new car
From the profit he's made on your dreams"
Oh. OP must be the man in the suit? lol
@mofojo .
In fact, I think MBL would be a perfect choice, given the planned use where people will be dispersed throughout the room. MBL's will provide a non-glaring, diffuse, but completely dimensional reproduction of music.
Though if going that route, be advised you will need lots of clean power to those speakers.
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yvl OP
I’ve been considering the newer Alexia 2
I heard the Alexia’s many times in different rooms, but for you, go the MAXX 3 or better the Grand SLAMM 2.

But whatever you do, don’t whip out on the amplification, go serious "amperage power" and get Gryphon Antillion Evo monoblocks with switchable Class-A to suit your listening moods and ambient room temperature. This will get the best from those speakers in that room area.
175W, Class A 8ohms
1400W / 1ohm
7500W / 1/4ohm

Cheers George
going to do some research on MBL given the positive feedback. the 101 seems out of my price range. would their smaller speakers suffice?

still prefer the look of the wilsons to be honest...

yvl OP2 postsThanks for you response george. So you think the grand slam 2 over the maxx 3? you dont think they’re too old? im assuming it will be the same type of equipment to power either?

Haven’t contacted either seller yet but the ask for the slamm 2 is 10k less than the maxx 3. the slamms are local which is a big plus.

For some reason I can’t do PM’s today, this was the only way to answer you.

Later with Wilson were not always necessarily better, as the W/P 7’s were the best of all the W/P’s
As for you needs, that massive area of yours would like to have the bigger of the two, and that’s the Grand Slam, the Max will be fine also, but you may always "think should I have gone for the Grand Slam’s"

But like I said don’t wimp out on the amplification, at minimum a Gryphon Antilleon Evo stereo, better if you can afford it the mono blocks.

Cheers George

To be honest, the OP sounds like someone who values aesthetics and "trendiness" over sound quality. I really think your money is wasted on Wilson or any other quality loudspeaker considering your music preferences and entertainment goals. I assure you your party guests won't care if it's Wilson Audio or Cerwin Vega. Both will fill your space with sound. Save your $$.........


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Couldn't think of a better sound than of the Grand Slam's being driven by the Gryphon Antillion in the "highest Class-A" mode at dinner party levels, it would be still rich and full and you would hear and feel everything, yet still be able to talk to guests without screaming across the table at them.
Go for it  yvl OP  treat yourself and your guests.

Cheers George

Which pre amp and streamer would you recommend to go with with the Gryphon mono amps? 

Also is there an alternative to the Gryphon? If I go the Grand Slam route, I'll be on the lookout for a used set so would be good to have a couple fall backs. 
Which pre amp and streamer would you recommend to go with with the Gryphon mono amps?

That ones up to you yvl, I’m a CD man with with good cd transport and discrete MSB R2R Multibit ladder dac and passive volume control preamp. I’ve yet to hear a streamer that would make me change.

Cheers George
I am going to agree with Ozzy62 here for what I read from the OP's posting, this very much sounds like he wants a dance floor and not a listening room. This is going to be a party atmosphere and all the large dollar speakers are going to be a waste of money as no one will be getting the benefit for which those speakers are designed. Get some Cerwin Vega speakers, JBLs or if a bigger brand name is needed, get some Klipsch LaScala speakers. Those are huge and bound to impress, They are at least 100db efficient so they can be driven with one or two decent amps and still deafen his guests. The money saved can be used to buy a rotating disco ball and viola!, his own Studio 54. 
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To be clear i’m not running a nightclub. But I am a social person and constantly have people over.

My open space floorplan is not a dancefloor and can be broken down into several distinct areas. 1) a formal dinning room for 16 people 2) a living room with a few sofas around a coffee table 3) a fire place with low seating and pillows where guests tend to sit on the rug 4) a smaller breakfast table so to speak for 6 people 5) a wet bar.

I’m typically hosting 5-8 people at a time 4-5 times a week but those numbers can go up to 25-30 post a more formal dinner, maybe once or twice a month. Clusters of people start to form in each "environment" of my open space to engage in further conversations. A handful may elect to get their dance on in the center of the room which is probably the only time I’d be cranking the volume significantly up.

@yvl Your post above is very helpful. How important are aesthetics (details here will help) and speaker size? Is this be a choice you make or will family members have a say?
Have to agree with several posters that "Spotify Premium" would be a total  waste listening on ANY Wilson speaker IMO. Also you must think the entire system, amps, cables, stands, DAC just to name some other gear. Plan on spending $100,000+ or look for another speaker.
@david_ten Aesthetics are crucial. I have a somewhat surrealist decor so everything needs to be a statement piece. 

A friend put me onto Wilson. I like the way they sound, their design and the funky colors they come in. Yellow, orange or red Sashas/Alexias would fit right into my universe. I wasn't considering the larger Grand Slamm and Alexx Wilson's initially but I am now really into their over the top sculptural design. Although I'd have to forgo the outlandish color palette. 

Sadly, I'm not warming up to MBL's designs. I still hope to go see them in person because I now understand the merits of the omni technology for my space. 

For the record I also really like the aesthetic of the FM acoustics XS pyramid speakers but they are way out of my price range. 

@yvl  Thanks for your response.

Go with what you like. Choose and Deliver on your own wants and requirements.

The speakers you are considering are very well designed and thoughtfully executed. Each will need unique attention in building it's supporting cast. This will be easier since, with major brands, there is manufacturer, dealer, and broad owner support  All will deliver great sound yet be different in their own ways (speaker, chain, and room dependant).
I'd shoot for Maxx 2 or 3 or Grand Slamms.

The smaller Wilsons have always left me a bit unimpressed.
You haven't said what you plan to drive these speakers with, or if so I missed it. A big box store receiver?

Some things to consider with the Wilson’s. Placement. A Grand Slamm, properly placed, is going to be away from walls a significant distance and will absolutely be the center piece of the room. Difficult to pull off a speaker of this size (even though your room size suggests otherwise) with other living space furnishings simply due to the reality of proper placement (not footprint). Then you have the component setup and placement as well, depending on what route you take. It can be quite a challenge when you consider speaker cable (all cable) runs etc. Take a look at some very high end listening rooms and you will get the idea. The Alexia can be "tucked" a bit more and their requirements are not quite as demanding. They become part of your living landscape, not the entirety. I run my Alexia’s (version 1) all the "wrong" ways. A little too close to walls, my room isn’t a perfect sound lab, my ceiling is vaulted and my space is very much the center of my household. They even play double duty for movies/television at times. Blasphemy. Anyway, they are stellar and can fit the bill in your scenario very nicely IMO. They look great, and sound simply excellent.
Wilson would be a great choice.  If you like more avant-garde design, have you looked at the Vivid Giya G1 or G2?  They are visually stunning and sonically the best speaker I have ever heard.
@tdimler I actually almost got a pair of red Vivid Ovals for my screening room but decided to go will in wall speakers instead. I don't love the G1/G2 aesthetic. 
I'm leaning towards Grand Slamm 2 upgraded to 3 or the Maxx 3. They seem like decent value right now. Going to audition them in the next few days but most likely in smaller dedicated listening rooms.

@georgehifi is an advocate of the GS. What are the differences, pros & cons between the 2. Do the Maxx sound warmer? 

@ozzy62 I haven't decided on the equipment yet because I wanted to hone in on the speakers first. Gryphon Antileon evo and Audionet Max monblocks have been recommended so far. 
Do the Maxx sound warmer?
They will just sound easier and bigger without being louder.
A bit like a 350v8 v 427v8

Gryphon Antileon evo and Audionet Max
Gryphon for me, because you can select how much Class-A bias you want, which is a great thing to have depending on mood, and they are BJT output

Cheers George
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Do the Maxx sound warmer?
Sorry  yvl that should be:

The Grand Slam will just sound easier and bigger without being louder.
A bit like a 350v8 v 427v8

Cheers George
Hey man I get it on things needing to look good and you want something that will really impress the guests too, looks and sound.  Have you checked out the Kef Blade? Similar quality to the Wilson.  I love the Wilson sound too but personally as far as a thing of beauty the Kef blade is the winner in my opinion and is also an amazing speaker that sounds good away from the sweet spot.  If I had unlimited funds and a huge space my dream setup would be the MBL Exteme now those will rock any room and impress the guests.  Oh and don't let these cranky audiophools discourage you. 
Revel Salon 2 in gloss black might get er done too and for a ton less money.  You didn't really mention the rest of the gear but that makes a hell of a diff too, like no speaker no matter how much can sound great without a good amp and do yourself a favor and look into Roon and Tidal instead of spotify.   I have get togethers on my patio and have a nice little system out there and it's pretty obvious even there that attention is gotten more when playing Tidal via roon than anyone using spotify connect or god forbid bluetooth.  
+1 on the Salon2s. Hard to beat at the price and reaaaaally hard to beat at the used prices I’ve seen lately. Ejlif is right about the amps though, these ain’t easy to drive (neither are the Wilsons)
@georgehifi The Gryphon evo at $75k the pair new are out of my price range I'm afraid. A used set would probably still be too expensive at this point. 

What about a pair of the new McIntosh MC901 or used MC1.2Kw? 

Any other alternatives?
@georgehifi The Gryphon evo at $75k the pair new are out of my price range I’m afraid. A used set would probably still be too expensive at this point.

@ yvl OP
Then a used pair of "John Curl" Parasound Halo JC1’s, I heard these in high bias-Class A mode on the Wilson Alexia’s and the Gryphon Antillion was the only thing that was just a little better, and those you can get used and under $10k maybe even $5k

4hrs to go, make an offer of $4500.
Sell the $1.2k of BS fuses for $500, and put back the $1 ones
Cheers George
My favorite ss with Wilson is D'Agostino which were designed utilizing Wilson speakers.  Dave Wilson preferred them as well and utilized the Momentums in his home system. If size is not an issue, consider the Progression mono amps @ $38,000 list per pair.
I wonder if Avantgarde horns might be an option.  They certainly make a visual statement -- and many people seem to love the sound they make.   You could also probably save some on amplification because they're extremely efficient.  Just a thought.

The Parasounds were recommended as affordable equipment when I went to listen to the current Wilson offering at a dealer. I find them a little bland looking but will keep them in mind.

What about Gryphon signature monos? They seem more affordable.

I heard Dagostino momentums drive a Maxx 3. Momentums are too expensive but what are your thoughts on the Progressions?

What else? Jeff Rowland, Luxman? There's gotta be something out there that will check all the boxes even if it's a step down from Gryphon...

Everyone on this board seems to be anti McIntosh.

I also think MBL 101 would work great. They will surely also get a lot of comments for their looks, people will notice them. See if you can find a used pair.

Other than that I think the Kii Three with bass towers could fill a room. The include amps, you only have to add a streamer.

Third option would be horns, they can fill a room with sound. Used to be used in theaters. Used Acapella should work but might be expensive.
The Parasounds were recommended I find them a little bland looking but will keep them in mind.
Don’t worry about the look, and I think they look fine, the JC1 Halo’s will do the job nicely, and they have two modes of bias, normal bias for party time and high bias for serious listening.
This guys re-listed make him an offer

What about Gryphon signature monos? They seem more affordable.
They’ll be good also if you can afford them, also the Progressions

Everyone on this board seems to be anti McIntosh.
Their nice to stare at, as for the sound🤷‍♂️ except for the MC240's

Cheers George
Hope everyone is staying safe.

Sorry I've been AWOL but I put this project on hold due to a bout with cancer. After several months of treatment it's looking like I'm back on track to being healthy again. Fingers crossed. 

So I'm finally revisiting everything with a more YOLO perspective. I haven't pulled the trigger on the speakers yet but I've secured a stack of d'Agostino Momentums: Preamp HD, pair of M400. 

I'm also pretty much settled on a dCS Bartok. 

Now the question I have is do I stick with my plan to acquire the X1 series 3 or 5, or upgrade to the X2 series 2? Some here have argued that newer technology is not necessarily better... Do the X2s substantially outperform the X1? Will the X2 fill up my space better or is their sonic improvement only perceptible in a dedicated listening room? If that makes a difference, I will be adding a sub to my system at some point down the road. Probably a watchdog. 

Current drawbacks from getting the X2 is obviously pricing and the fact that I marginally still prefer the more retro look of the original X1. 

Wilson sasha 2 sounds better nearfield. I have tried it 3 meters
away from my listining chair and it does not sound that good;
music sounds so far away.