Am I crazy? Definitely!

Hi All, my system is Rega RP6 with Exact cart> McIntosh MA5200> Sonus Faber Auditor M / Tannoy Precision 6.2LE / B&W Cdm7Se and REL Strata III. I have a Denon 3910 mainly for listening to SACDs from time to time. Have upgraded power cables and XLO and Van Den Hull ICs. 
2 questions. Firstly, I am thinking of buying some Klipsch Heresy gen 1. All original. This would be for cranking all my Rock vinyl as none of the other speakers are really great at rock.  
Secondly, I am thinking why don’t I just sell my speakers and get something that can do everything ( mainly listen to jazz, blues, prog, rock) and instead of rotating speakers in and out ( which I really enjoy) I can just be lazy and go with one set.  Maybe Focal Kanta? Or something like that. About 10k hopefully used. 
I’m quite attached to the RP6 and the Mc ( for now) so not interested in applying my upgraditis in this area. 
Would appreciate your thoughts and ideas on both of these points. 

Mighty Moabs will rock your world, jazz you up, and give you the blues like never before. Forget used, buy new, and on Townshend Podiums you will still be under $10k and nothing but nothing will touch that not for anywhere near that amount of money. 
There's a pair of Emerald Physics open baffle. I have the 3.4s and am awaiting 2.8s (double 15s). I listen to all kinds of music. Amazing and available at huge bargain prices

Emerald Physics EP 4.4 | Full-Range | Dallas, Texas 75231 | Audiogon
You will get as many recommendations as you do replies to your query. So I will join the fray.

If you like what 1st gen Heresys do for rock, you will love the Cornwall IV. If you have the space, this might be your last speaker. They do any genre of music with aplomb. So you will get the dynamics and effortless sound horns are known for, but you will also get the delicacy and inner detail that detractors say horns lack. 

So if you like rich tonal colors, immediacy and presence, and a 3 dimensional soundstage, the CW IV just might be for you.


Hi my room is 12x18 x 9 high. Acoustically treated. 
Moabs or Cornwallis would do the trick I’m sure, just not sure I can get rid of these speakers I love that seem to have great synergy in the system. 
Thanks for feedback. 
Two ways to read that. Not sure you want to part with, or not sure anyone will buy them? Once you hear Moabs that will be the end of your love affair with SF. Once you realize how much speaker you just bought for so little you won't care if you have to give the SF away. But probably you will be able to find someone to give you something for them.  

If you want one speaker that will do it you will need an efficient large full range vintage speaker made by an american company prior to 1981 and i would select one of the big five american brands at that time.
gano said, “how does one manage to look at Moabs all day long?”

How does one manage to look at bright red carpet, too?
How does one manage to get so deep into so many shallow minds?  
I would tell you- but you'd never understand.
Hi All, thanks for all feedback. I can definitely in sell my speakers as I have standing offers from friends. Would bring in close to 5K. So would mainly cover the Moabs or Cornwalls. 
What are your thoughts on the first gen Heresy’s? Probably should set my sights higher I guesss?
Way higher. Honestly, if you get Moabs, once you hear them you will be shaking your head wondering why people would so seriously undersell and understate just how awesome they are? When seriously knowledgeable and experienced reviewers and listeners say you need to spend $20k to do better, people explode in rage at fanboy hyperbole. But then when you get them you go around and wonder why they stopped at only $20k. In truth I do not even know what you would have to spend to do better. There is even one who sold his Encores for Moabs, because he felt the Moabs have everything his Encore has, but with even more lifelike dynamics. $5k will get you Moabs with the upgrades. Totally the way to go. 
Sounds like you will be getting whatever someone else best manages to talk you into buying for exact reasons unknown.  Good luck!
No mapman, I will do the proper research and listening. Thanks for your useless post. 
maybe the Moabs sound so great at the expense of looking so...
well, aesthetics are subjective, somewhat.
Take a look at the Wilson Sabrinas... if you can possibly get a listen, you’ll most likely keep them.
The Tekton users group on Facebook is pretty active. You might find some to hear that way. I tried that and it almost worked. But then I realized, if the speakers are as good as they're supposed to be then I will be listening more to the other guys electronics and room than the speakers. In the end that turned out to be the case. Moabs definitely let you hear exactly what you have, for better or for worse. Lots of speakers editorialize, and this is great for those who haven't put together some really carefully selected components. If you have though, if you actually like the gear you have now, wow will you ever be in love with Moabs! You will hear what you have like never before!

millercarbon replied- “How does one manage to get so deep into so many shallow minds?
I would tell you- but you’d never understand.”

Seriously you’ve oversold yourself on yourself.
@astorey , astorey....of course you're crazy.....

We ALL are.  Revel in it....;)  *sheesh*L*

(Meanwhile, I've found a bit of appropo wear for our friend, MC....offered up in a 'spirit of fond ....jest'...) ;)

...gotta luv ya'....Or Else....*LOL*
....submitted for your....'consideration'......

...and remember to forget to Mark Time, to answer the questions queried by The Announcer. ;)

Miller, you've hyped Moabs five times here already.
Repeating your msg will not get it across.
It just annoys me and many other people here.
Can it.
I’ve had  Kanta 3s for about 6 months now and have no regrets. I have 4 Rel s510 subs handling the low end but the Kantas do pretty good on their own too. Good luck in your search! 

"2 questions"

Except for the title of your original post, you posted only one question ("Maybe Focal Kanta?") Is there another question?

mapman gave you the hint of what to beware of. You might have not caught a friendly advice hidden in it. Instead, you called it useless. It seems to have been waste of his time, indeed.

Good luck with your proper listening on an Internet thread.

I’m glad to hear that OP will be doing proper diligence not just listening to whoever shills the loudest so my post  wasn’t useless at least to me.
Clearthinker, I think you can take it a few steps farther but I will try to keep it polite. The Tektons are made with cheap low quality drivers. The only reason they are popular is that they are relatively inexpensive. They do go very loud at their price point. There are much superior sounding loudspeakers at their price point. The LS3 5A as an example is a  more accurate speaker with superior imaging. If you want loud, Klipsch Cornwalls will exceed the Moabs by any parameter you care to mention.
Moabs are just a big, loud, speaker that people like millercarbon can afford. So, I suppose it serves a purpose. Millercarbon just has to learn that people do not care to sleep in his bed.
Astorey, there are many excellent speakers that will play any genre of music with aplomb. With 10K to spend you should have no problem but, none of us can listen for you. Speakers are really a personal issue. All I can do is tell you what I like. I encourage you to listen to as many types of speakers as you can including horns and planar speakers. Listen to some line source speakers. IMHO you are better off with one set of excellent speakers than three pairs of limited speakers. 
The Klipsch heritage line is way more efficient than Tekton. I’ve heard several of the latest models and also Tekton. I would not own large Tektons personally due to aesthetics, though they sound OK if that is what appeals. Whatever you choose make sure that the speakers can be properly set up in the intended room for best performance, especially larger speakers.
There is a reason smaller less efficient and more bass extended speaker designs are the most popular these days. These tend to be easier to set up properly and unobstrusively in people’s homes and good ones set up well with proper amplification sound excellent. 
Miller, you've hyped Moabs five times here already.

Happy to let someone else hype them for a change. He does it way better anyway.
How any speaker works in your room with your gear is the journey.

Picking stuff out of the blue is like walking into a pitch black room with three women in it and choosing a wife. You may get lucky and then 
you may get a divorce.

The Heresy functions well for what it was designed as- a center channel
speaker for corner horns. I love horns but that one is too small. Look at some older Altecs-the M500 if you can find them. 

I heard the Tekton Impact Monitors this past weekend at a local retailer.
They are a standmount size and in the gray color the black circles did not bother me. They surprised me as being very enjoyable to listen to.
Other models I had heard were the Double Impacts and the Lores. Both did nothing for me. 

Please keep us posted!!

Why don’t you just buy Tannoys and be done?...Tannoys were used to monitor many great rock and roll recordings. Heck, even Pete Townsend owns Tannoy. It will be your last speaker.. 
"Heck, even Pete Townsend owns Tannoy. It will be your last speaker.."

Hmmmm, didn't he go deaf, or some level of it?
I hate to say it, but upgrading the arm of the RP6 to an RB880 or RB3000 (you sound like you're willing to throw a good amount of $$ at your itch) will really improve your sound and you will appreciate how much everything else sounds better. It probably would be worth it just to go to a P8. Arm makes the most difference though.

I had a P5, upgraded the arm to the RB880 and was blown away. Then I got the P8 because of a couple features and the sound also improved a little, but by no means nearly as much as the arm upgrade. I'm still glad I did it. I think the source improvement is the most satisfying. Also like VDH carts.