Anybody watch Steve Huff audio on the Tube?

Recently became aware that his first utube channel is Steve Huff paranormal with 1.7 million subs!  Now I know how he has enough money to buy expensive gear.  I popped over just to take a look and it's bad - real bad.  It's a shame that there are so many gullible people in the world.  And it should be a crime that those of his ilk have free reign to perpetuate this crap.   

I did enjoy some of his audio content but this guy has lost all cred with me.  Unsubscribed!


Hmmm, thought I was pretty clear.  Sorry if I wasn't.  

I enjoyed some of his audio based content on his audio review channel.  His paranormal channel is complete rubbish.  A total charlatan.

Well, I bought the Luxman L-590AXII based on his review in one of his blogs several years ago. During that time he hasn’t made in big on YouTube yet. However, I have to admit he changes audio gear as if he’s changing clothes!

For somebody who owns $10K+ speakers and amps, you’d think he’d have a more souped up "Spirit Box" for talking to the dead?

Does he provide any recommendations for quality interconnects for his Spirit Box?

He's blown away by everything. I've watched a few and he's far too verbose about nothing for me. That said anyone can make YouTube videos but the real skill is in getting the traction so good for him. At one point he was sure to say that he wasn't making any money off of his videos, but I'd imagine at some point that must change.

I enjoy his audio YouTube stuff; I doubt I'd have any use for his paranormal channel either.... 

Every time he gets new gear he swears it’s the best thing since sliced bread. He is so sure that he would be buried with it .,, and then he moves on to the next endgame, ‘for the rest of my life’ equipment within a few months. 

That being said, he does have a very good system and he is very passionate about audio. I like watching his audio stuff

Steve Huff’s YT audio channel is the epitome of “never heard a bad piece of audio gear”, yet sells off many of these end game components. I read somewhere, that he possibly arranges to keep the gear as payment for the review, then peddles it for profit. It was on the internet, so it has to be true, right?  His approach has cost him credibility with me. 

Not sure if he does that with the review gear or not.  But, after seeing his laughable "spirit box" (I'm sure you need ultra high end interconnects to actually get it to work) and paranormal shysterism I don't doubt it for a moment.  And thus my point - zero credibility.

Yes - he has impressed me in the same manner - that there has never been a piece of gear here doesnt like. But, most of the gear he reviews does sound superb! And I did get a Line Magnetic integated amp he recommended, But, I had previously been impressed by their other amps.

I was unaware of his Paranormal Channel - and it does seem a bit “out there” - quite a bit! Kinda like Art Bell or George Noory on Coast to Coast AM. Not my “cup of tea” - but, apparently it is for a lot of people.

I will still view his audio reviews - but, I’ve learned to view them in that context and to confirm with others.


published reviewers’ entanglements, subtle pay-o-la and how their objectivity/integrity inevitably becomes clouded is longstanding and well known to those who have been around or in the industry for some time ... the internet and youtube is just another manifestation of the same ... it is all about trying to influence purchasers, and the economic web between manufacturers, retailers and media can be complex and somewhat hidden from view, but it is there, to be sure

old saying... when you are wondering who the sucker is in the room, it’s you... by sharing this information with us, capturing our eyeballs, who gains?  

best everyone coming here for advice and knowledge understand this, and thus take all such reviews with appropriate grains of salt ... consider it ’entertainment’ and hold on to your wallet...

Steve is a great guy. How many YouTube personalities take time to respond to email? Steve does and often with thoughtful, lengthy letters. He is passionate about gear and has had a cool life as a photographer. He even has an album cover or two on his resume. I do not judge anyone without walking in their shoes. Maybe there is something to that spirt stuff, I truly do not know and will not conclude it's crazy because a video makes me uncomfortable. If it is garbage but a good income stream, then great for him. It does not affect my life. As for him liking everything... you clearly do not listen carefully to every word or have seen and read all of his written reviews. I too have never heard anything that was garbage, save for AM radio. At our level it is simply a matter of preference. All of us have the right to prefer something over the former and if given the opportunity he has, such will happen. He speaks with passion, something that is very lacking with any other reviewer I've watched, and is transparent about what a given company has done for him in terms of discount, etc. He does not push gear like others do. He simply likes nice things and takes the time to let you know about them. There is a reason for his subs vs many other reviewers. It is not his main focus or a source of income. Sad if his other ventures lead you to conclude his camera or audio reviews hold zero weight. This very thread is part of what's wrong in the world. 

Eh, I don’t know about the "payola" accusations...

I mean sure, in the end it’s all just entertainment, but having now seen his dead celebrity talky box channel, it’s hard personally for me to believe the sincerity and passion in his audio reviews.

If Steve Guttenberg had another youtube channel dedicated to proving the earth was flat, would you even bother with his audio reviews?

Maybe if he hooked up his Fleetwood DeVille’s to his spirit box I can take him a bit more seriously?

I do not judge anyone without walking in their shoes. 

The inability to judge someone's credibility for trafficking in for-profit, paranormal, video conspiracy theories leaves you unable to judge not just this person's claims, but a vast range of other exaggerators, charlatans, used car salesmen, and politicians. 

It's not about judging them personally, whatever that means. (I mean, we're not God, right?) 

It's about trusting claims they are making about things that could and should have evidential bases. 

I'd trust Tarun: A British Audiophile in a second over this guy.

He likes and reviewed  the wharfedale diamond 225's he can't be all that bad! 😄

No.  I've read some of his reviews, but as others have said, whatever he has is "the best he's ever heard".  He really loved what he just had, but this is even better.  

I'd put him on the same level with Ken Rockwell in terms of credibility, except he's probably making a lot less money than Ken.

Steve Huff is a likable guy. Dont care about his world of paranormal nor does it influence me one way or another about his stereo gear review. YES he loves everything and then gets rid of it sooner rather than later (Except the Fleetwood’s it seems). He’s more passionate about this stuff than say Guttenberg who’s just going thru the motions with his reviews. Half of each of Guttenbergs reviews he talks about this obscure music that doesnt relate to the majority of his audience. Its like your getting an album review your not remotely interested in instead of talking about the piece of gear he’s reviewing. Guttenberg makes a living off of those reviews....I doubt very highly that Mr Huff is getting anywhere near the compensation. I find Mr Huff’s reviews more about the Gear itself than being sidetracked by other topics. Mr Huff does repeat himself often in the same review so he could cut down the time somewhat. As stated by somebody else above Mr Huff does reply to direct questions about the products. Good luck getting Guttenberg to reply to anything. He doesnt even respond to 99% of the comments on his reviews when people ask him questions/comparisons. Its just a paycheck to him and he doesnt invite interaction at all. So in that regard Kudos to Mr.Huff for being open to a personal discussion and happily answering questions to the best of his ability.

This very thread is part of what’s wrong in the world.

seriously? ... 🤔

I only have cared about his reviews where he likes something I own.

+1 @wolf_garcia ...  now THAT’s funny 👌👍

I don’t know about the "payola" accusations...

’tis true a sucker born every minute 🤣

He reports on the equipment he tries, sometimes with lighter comparison to others in the same product grade/class. Kind of like many of us, whatever we can get our hands on.  I corresponded with him a on some cables, and his perspective was about the ones he tried, and not the next-level up/down in a well known product line.  I read his associated review on product-x, and while it was a bit more focused on that one product, it further reinforced the need to simply evaluate it yourself on one's own system/room/speakers before drawing any hard conclusions. Its nice to see some of the components he chooses to put together some times. Gotta demo it yourself to know more of course. Watch what stays and gets moved on for something else, if interested. 

Just like the camera/lens gears reviews, I enjoy his reviews on audio equipments although not many of them I could afford.

@jjss49 Fixed it.

This very thread is part of what’s wrong in the world.

This very comment about this very thread is part of what's wrong in the world.

Yes, it's indicative of the industry and influencing others to chase the next best  thing.

At least Steve is not...air quotes "manufacturing" a re-badged Doge Integrated and selling it like it's something new to the world while still maintaining illusions as a "YouTube reviewer". That's another level of blurring the line where any future pre-, power, or integrated amp review from this person will be worthless.Way to undercut your day gig.

Anytime somebody accuses one of these people of 'payola' or some such, I just say 'prove it'.

I've got a lot more reason to believe somebody who is putting it out there on his YouTube channel than 'some guy on the internet' spouting off anonymously on a forum. 

Anytime somebody accuses one of these people of ’payola’ or some such, I just say ’prove it’.

I’ve got a lot more reason to believe somebody who is putting it out there on his YouTube channel than ’some guy on the internet’ spouting off anonymously on a forum.

hardly interested in proving it... you believe what you want...

folks who don’t care to understand the eco-system of how online and print reviewers get gear, keep gear, get requests from manufacturers, allow manufacturers to comment/edit their drafts, get co-opted... purely accidental correlation between rated stereophile components, reviews published, ads run... then some makers then don’t advertise for a while, their formerly recommended item gets dropped as it has been ’too long since reviewed’ ... how rave review quotes magically show up in ads run in subsequent issues ... all happily odd coincidences and circumstances, right? 👍

not even touching on you-tube economics, click bait incentives... of course, this vid is about the next big thing, best ever... wow!!! lookee here! 🙄

well, ’head in sand’ life can be good... sometimes...

this isn’t to say that what reviewers write can’t be trusted... crooked refs in sports make good calls too, but one needs to understand how they are benefitting, and how the strike zone is being skewed or embellished by ’fringe benefits’ - see tim donaghy nba...

I bought the Diamond 225 small bookshelf speakers because of his review. They sounded really good just like he said for the price. I now want to hear what Wharfdale has in a bigger box with that tweeter and midrange. It was so smooth, delicate and harmonic. I was using an old cambridge amplifier no tubes and it sounded great. Steve got me watching him. I am no into the new Polk R700 tower speakers. They are a big deal for the price. Another reviewer and another has reviewed them. Fun to watch all this research going on and I do not have to go to an audio show which I also can not afford. I like how positive and passionate Steve is, it works!

I do occasionally check out his vids, he comes off as a likable dude but I think his reviews are 100% full of shyte, as are the vast majority of these HiFi YouTubers 🙄 The only channels I actually look forward to are Big Jay and OCD Mikey…Audiophile Junkie has been posting some cool content as well.

I was all in with him and the dog Roo. He lost me when talking to Elvis, we all know he's still alive and living in Kalamazoo Mi. 



@pkatsuleas thanks didn’t know!

I just watched his Macho Man Randy Savage video. I was waiting for Steve to play Randy’s voice thru the Fleetwood Deville speakers to really get some sense of space of where Randy is speaking from but to my disappointment Steve didn’t get to that part.

I have no issue with Steve or any of the YT reviewers.  They are just passionate audio fans like us.  Why is it ok for a forum member to be blown away by some gear and then swap it out for something else later, but not Steve Huff?

I do get annoyed with the clickbait video title schemes employed by nearly all of the YT reviewers ("IS THIS $500 AMPLIFIER THE NEW GIANT KILLER???").

Also don't care if Steve is into the paranormal.  To have that affect my opinion of his reviews would just be tribalism.  It'd be like discarding a car mechanic's advice because his political views are different from mine.

I watched a few his videos, yes, it's very bad, the only thing I can say, this guy knows how to make money) 

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