Best and Worst customer service?

My vote goes for Sonic Frontiers, as Best! I was contacted within an hours, after e-mailing a question. Wery friendly and helpfull!(they can count me-in on the next purchase) Thw Worst? Linn audio! It's been over a month since i submited a Q! I am stll e-mailing the question...i am sort of amused by now!
Thought I did not have a problem with there equip, I called BAT for some information. They were more than happy to help and make helpful recommendations. Don't remember who I spoke with but he gave me more information than I needed, Way to go BAT.
Now on the other hand, I do love my Martin Logans, but I called for some info.. I felt like I was bothing the person who answered the call. No help what so ever. I explained to him that I was looking to buy more ML. Apparently he didn't want to help me and made me feel uncomfortable. One thing to the ML employee who answered the phone, if I was looking to buy the statements you probably would have gave me the time of day. All I can say is, if it wasn't for people like me and the others who purchase your products, then you would have no reason to answer the phone.
Just got my BAT VK200 power amp back from the factory. I bought it used, so it was not under warranty. The unit was damaged by a malfunction in the preamp, upstream, not even a fault in the amp itself. BAT fixed it for free within 48, let me say it again, 48 hours. I sent at least four or five e-mails, and all were answered during the following business day by Victor K himself. What a company! And the amp is such a musical piece of gear, I cannot believe the number of them I see for sale here. Buy one, you dummies.
MARTIN LOGAN = WORST. I have had a very frustrating experience with Martin Logan that really calls into question that company's integrity and commitment to its customers. A while back I bought a pair of ML ReQuests together with a pair of Aerius i's. I ordered them from my dealer in Florida (where I used to live) with whom I've done business since the 1970's. I thought the ReQuests with oak trim were the most beautiful speakers I had ever seen, and thought they sounded pretty good to boot. So I cleared out my savings and bought the set. For some reason, ML did not ship the speakers from the factory for more than a month. To save time and money, and to reduce the risk of shipping damage, MY DEALER advised me to call ML and ask them to ship the speakers directly from ML's Kansas factory to my home in Wyoming. I called Martin Logan, but ML (David Penrod) refused to ship to me directly, even at my expense. Thus, the speakers would have to be shipped all the way from Kansas to my dealer down in south Florida then all the way back west to Wyoming (no doubt right past the ML factory a couple of weeks later). ML said this was necessary to ensure there would be no "bad blood" with its dealers. ML never did give me a compelling reason for this irrational policy; my ML dealer was actually the one who suggested the "direct shipping" option, and Dunlavy and other major audio companies have shipped their products to me directly without my even having to ask. In any case, I thought this ML policy was wasteful and ridiculous, so I canceled my order. A few days later, ML's US Sales Manager, Dennis Chern, called me and said he was instructed "to do everything possible" to resolve my concerns so I would buy the ML speakers. He then committed to have ML pay the shipping charge if I would reinstate my order. On his promise to pay the shipping charge, I agreed to reinstate my order. Nearly two months later the speakers finally arrived from ML, via Florida, along with a $350 shipping charge. Still no check from ML, and Mr. Chern was not available by phone when the speakers were delivered. So I accepted delivery trusting ML would reimburse me later. Weeks passed, but still no word from ML. When I contacted Mr. Chern and asked him about the shipping charge, he faxed me a terse and impolite letter saying Martin Logan "was not in a position to make a decision on reimbursement of shipping costs." His letter then said I should try to get my dealer to pay for the shipping cost. Talk about creating bad blood with the dealer (not to mention the customer)! My dealer had no knowledge of ML's promise to pay the shipping charge, nor was my dealer responsible for the shipping problems that led me to cancel my order in the first place. Moreover, when I agreed to reinstate my order, Mr. Chern assured me that my dealer would not be penalized in any way for the shipping charge. Hoping to resolve this problem informally, I wrote a cordial letter to Gayle Sanders, President of Martin Logan, explaining the situation and asking him to honor the promise to pay the shipping charge. Mr. Sanders has never replied. The bottom line: I have not been able to enjoy my Martin Logan speakers because whenever I look at them, I feel cheated and betrayed by Martin Logan. I spent a lot of time and money tweaking my system trying to make the MLs sound "right," but I know now these speakers will never be right. They are tainted. And it looks like I will have to spend more time and money hiring an attorney and going to court just to compel ML to abide by its commitment to pay a shipping charge it offered to pay in exchange for my business. This might get me back what I am rightfully owed but there is nothing to make up for the frustration and loss of musical enjoyment I have experienced because of the way Martin Logan has treated me. If a company won't stand behind its word, I doubt it will stand behind its products. I will never buy another Martin Logan product. If you have read any of my other posts here on Audiogon, I think you'll see that I am not one who is prone to scandalaous accusations or muck raking. This is an honest account of my experience with ML, and since ElDragon started this thead by asking what companies have the worst customer service, I thought it was approriate to explain my experience with ML here. I have never had a more unsatisfactory experience with an audio company. As for the BEST customer service, I have heard TALON Audio is unbelievably good. (FYI, I'm not affiliated with Talon or any of its dealers.) Talon offers a 5-year transferable warranty on their speakers, and I know of two cases where Talon actually flew techicians out for "house calls" to service Talon speakers in their customers' listening rooms. Now that's standing behind your product! Don
BMI and Dunlavy, best. Wow these are class, Brian called me one day and we chatted. He clearly didn't need to take his Sunday afternoon for me. The guy is great and I concider him a friend. John Dunlavy spent half an hour on the phone with me on afternoon, again just talking audio, super class. I also have had replacement woffers sent same day from them!
Worst, I haven't met them yet.
I have never dealt with a manufacture that has given me anything but exceptional service. On the other hand the loco I mean the local stereo shop offers NO service. I was in the same situation as TheDuke was in, I wanted to buy a pair of the most expensive speakers they sold (keep in mind they have never sold a set of them before) and they made me listen to a pair of speakers that were half the price of the ones I was buying and told me that the model I wanted sounded the same! and then he had the audacity to tell me how bad the music I was listening to was and that it did not compliment the speakers and then walked away from me, so I took my $10k plus and went down the road, my gain and his HUGE loss. P.S he still has never sold a pair of speakers over $3600 High end HA! :>)Tim
I would like to commend Sumiko. I recently bought a demo Sonus Faber Solo center channel. The dealer had thrown away original boxes and manual. He explained that's why it was 40% off MSRP. I thought I'd e-mail Sumiko and see what happens. Well John Song (Good name) shipped me a manual and the original double box, no charge. Good job Sumiko.
McCormack service is excellent, I sent my DNA-2 amp for problem with rail fuse blowing on power up after a electrical surge when thunderstorm shut down ac power and apparently had a surge that damaged amp. I received a call quickly from service technician that it had bad transistor. He repaired unit that day and called and told me everything tested good after repair. I received unit 3 days later and have not had any problem since and repair was less than $150.00.They even replaced outer shipping box that was in a little bit of a rough condition. McCormack & Conrad Johnson will have me as a lifetime customer.
Worst: Vandersteen, who charged me for a tweeter voice coil while the speakers were still under warranty and they were extremely rude about it. After I gave up on trying to get good sound out of the 2CIs, no matter what electronics/cables I tried, I bought an old pair of Dahlquists with a bad tweeter. Although the speakers were long out of warranty, Dahlquist replaced BOTH tweeters with a matched pair at no charge although I tried to pay them. Theta: recently charged me $10.00 for an "Owners Manual" for my Gen Va PLUS $7.00 shipping and handling to send it UPS. This "Manual" consisted of two sheets of folded paper. USPS would have delivered this for 34 cents. Don't they have USPS in California? Worst 17 bucks I've ever spent on audio. Is this any way to treat a customer with a $5600 piece of gear? By contrast, Madrigal has their owners manuals (lots of pages)downloadable for free on their website. Way to go!
Djjd, its to bad Martin Logan screwed you like that. I love their speaks, they are nice. But I have noticed by talking to the people at ML, they need alot of work on their customer service. Its supprising to see how a company can stay in business with terrible customer relations.
Pete, from your previous post I see you've also had a bad experience with Martin Logan. I presume there are some people who have had positive experiences with ML (even though I don't see any positive comments about ML mentioned in this thread). But I wonder how many dissatisfied ML customers and "woulda been customers" are out there. I agree ML makes some nice speakers, and that's why I bought some (despite their extremely finicky nature and B+ build quality). However, like you, I can't understand the company's attitude. They exhibit a kind of arogance (which is also manifest in their refusal to allow ML stuff to be offered by dealers at reasonable sale prices). The ONLY person I spoke with at ML who seemed like a real person was Jim Power. He understood my situation and told me I could hire a shipper to pick up my speakers at the Kansas factory. After I made a bunch of long distance phone calls and finally found someone who could pick up the speakers and deliver them to me in Wyoming, I called ML back to get the speaker box sizes for the shipper. Jim wasn't around, so I was transferred to David Penrod who promptly (and rudely) told me I had wasted my time. Of course, ML's Dennis Chern was polite to me at first, but only until I reinstated my order and accepted delivery of the speakers. Then he woundn't give me the time of day. In any case, I wonder if Martin Logan's arogance somehow creates a false mystique that leads people to become a ML customer despite being treated like crap by the company -- maybe like dating a fashion model despite the bad personality or visiting Paris knowing you will be thoroughly fracked by the locals for not speaking proper French. Whatever the reason, I've learned my lesson. There are many other audio companies making great gear who actually CARE about their customers, and I will be cautious to only do business with such companies in the future. This thread contains some very useful information about the good, the bad, and the ugly, and I for one will be using it to help guide my future purchasing decisions. Thanks ElDragon for starting this thread, and thanks to everyone else for posting your experiences here -- I hope the list keeps growing. After reading through all the foregoing comments, I now wonder if it would be worthwhile to develop some sort of system here on Audiogon for rating the customer service of different companies AGers deal with -- perhaps something like the ebay user feedback system? I'm sure every company has a bad day now and then, which might explain a few of the negative experiences posted above. Though if enough people say a particular company has treated them poorly (e.g., ML, UPS), this would provide a more reliable indication of which companies to stay away from. Food for thought. By the way, does anyone have any tips to keep long-winded pedants like me from rambling on and on and.... Don
Jadem6, You must of got john on a good day?: When i talked to JOHN DUNLAVY it was 5 min and all get back to you on the tweeter,s. 3 weeks later still nothing, so i called back again and adrew was supposed to take care of me NOT.....
It finally took six weeks to get my tweeters. Now dunlavy,s are good but, I won,t buy another pair just because of my experience. There are too many good speaker co. to choose from to put up with that crap.
Steve that stinks. Yours and my three experiences with Dunlavy are so different. It just goes to show you, life is strange! J.D.
I'll comment on Martin Logan, Magneplanar, Linn and Klipsch. I called ML on crossover points for my CLS and about getting Arcici stands. They told me what the slopes and crossover points should be and the address and phone number of Aricici.

I also have a very old set of Magneplanar Tympani's. I have lost the manual and was hoping for an upgrade. Maggie had upgraded a friend's MG1 for a very low cost. They told me not to upgrade the Tympani it would cost too much. Further from the serial number I gave them they sent me a manual at no cost.

On Klipsch a friend had blown a tweeter in an old pair of Heresy. He sent the speaker back to them to be repaired. (it was out of warranty. Klipsch fixed the speaker and sent it back with no charge for the repair or shipping.

Linn on the other hand was similar to the other negative responses others have given about Linn. I needed a box for an LP 12 and a dustcover. They wanted to charge me $60.00 for the box. (Didn't get it.) They charged me something higher than what I expected for the dustcover. I asked them some questions about a Linto and there answer was so non-committal as to be useless.
J.D. You said it. Experiences our different, that doesent mean that my opinon stinks. What stinks is the way dunlavy handeled a customer service problem.
I find all these posts to be insightful. As I remarked above, every company probably has a bad day now and then, but if enough people say a particular company has treated them poorly, this would provide a more reliable indication of which companies to stay away from. Therefore, I still wonder if it would be worthwhile to start some sort of system here on Audiogon where AGers could rate the customer service of the companies we all deal with (like user feedback).
Djjd, if were going to do that. Then we should email the companies are results here on audiogon. Maybe they'll get the hint. But even though the rep had no personality that day, I just can't dump my speakers over it. They just sound to damn nice.............
there is no doubt that the worst customer service. hands down, is Sony. I purchased a XBR rear projection tv and have had absolutely nothing but problems since day one. Sony has no field reps. no customer service and does ot give a damn that I spent over four grand for a piece of junk.I can not ever find a qualified repair shop to fix it, as the last "technician" who "serviced" it made it worse, and ledt his hair(!) and dirt on the inside of the screen! He refused to come back to clean the inside of the screen (P.J. tv repair, Brick, NJ). but only after I took a day off from work to wait for him to fix the mess he made. Sony hass no interest whatsoever in the multitude of problems I had with this "top of the line" piece of junk.
The best coustomer service I feel is from Sonic Frontiers. They are responsive, and actually care if their customers are satisified with their purchases. McCormick si also quite good, although getting them on the phone can be a bit frustrating.
Probably the best service I've had was from Balanced Audio Technology. I got great technical support from Victor for a very minor problem (a dead LED). We determined what the problem was and wasn't, and then he FedExed me a new pair of suitable LEDs, all before they had received my warranty registration. I'm sure he had better things to do.
BEST-Von Schweikert Audio...Bought a used pair of VR-6s that
developed some cracks in the vaneer. Speakers were about
two year old and normally would still be under warranty, but unfortunately VSR went out of business because of the flood. I thought I was shit out of luck.
When Von Schweikert resurfaced,(this time in Ca.), I called Albert and explained my problem. Albert expressed his regret and then offered to replace the VR-6s with a brand new pair of VR-7s paying only the difference in their respective retail prices. Needless to say I ended up coming out ahead on the whole deal and am extremly happy.
Best-Dunlavy Drew Rigby. Smart, friendly and helpful. From speaker placement to finishes.

Worst-Paypay. To call it customer service is to define oxymoron. There is no service at all. Only boilerplate computer generated email.
Best: Martin Logan, Madrigal, Krell, and Faroudja. Martin Logan not only has supported panel replacements on my unit (not free--but very reasonable), they have even given me some engineering help for modifications. I really can't say enough about the personal attention and help I've gotten every time I've called. My calls are returned very promptly and I've always been helped. I do understand ML's postion on drop shipping. It can create real problems with dealers, and mail order and deep discounters. It's too bad that some have felt cheated on this policy--but it is a business decision that one has to make and stick to. I'm not in the audio business--medical in fact--and it's true there too. When you make these kinds of policies there are a few individuals that suffer from it--but overall the company and it's dealer realtionships thrive. I know when you are that individual it doesn't really seam that way--even your dealer wants to help you--but it's the protection of the other dealers that's at stake. ML is against mail order and deep discounts (they only allow 10%). Their interest is in protecting the dealer--not hurting the customer.

Madrigal, Krell, and Faroudja have also given me excellent customer service. Quick turnaround time and personalized service. It's much appreciated--and it keeps the customer coming back.

Worst: I didn't know Sony had a customer service department--I thought it was just a phone system.
Abstract7 - I do not "feel cheated" as a result of ML's drop shipping policy. I WAS CHEATED by Martin Logan's failure to pay for a $350 shipping charge Martin Logan promised it would pay if I agreed to reinstate my order for ML speakers. Martin Logan's failure to honor its commitment to pay this charge not only constitutes "poor customer service," it is unlawful.

In January I sent Gayle Sanders, President of Martin Logan, a cordial letter explaining the situation and asking him to honor ML's promise to pay the $350 shipping charge. Mr. Sanders has taken no action to correct ML's error; in fact, he has not even bothered to respond to my letter. Is this any way to treat a customer who has bought 2 pairs of ML speakers? I would be glad to email you a copy of my letter to Mr. Sanders (or maybe I'll post it here). If you read my letter, I think you'll see that I have been treated very unfairly by Martin Logan. I think you'll also see that, despite how poorly I've been treated, I have remained reasonable. I will also gladly fax you my original order cancellation letter and the correspondence from Mr. Chern (ML's Sales Manager) stating that ML would pay the shipping charge.

In response to some of your other remarks, Abstract7, it is worth noting that my dealer is the one who -- after ML had delayed shipping of the speakers I ordered -- suggested that I ask ML to drop ship to me to avoid further delays. This wasan't an attempt to do "mail order" as you suggest.

In any case, your post seems to be an attempt to discredit my experience and justify ML's conduct. I have no doubt ML treats some of its customers fairly, and I'm glad you were one of these. However, my experience with Martin Logan is ALL negative. Your limited experience cannot undo this, nor does it justify or excuse the shameful way I have been treated by Martin Logan. Don
Djjd, I'm not trying to discredit you. It's clear you had a very bad experience. My comment about mail order is to protect the dealer in your new location--not the one that you are doing business with--that's why they wouldn't drop ship to you. I really do understand your point and frustration, but I also understand MLs policy and why they do what they do. As to the $350 charge--if they said they would pay it, and you have documentation that backs that up (when and who you spoke to that promised to pay the $350 shipping charge)--then keep calling them and write them--but I'm not sure it's Gayle Sanders that will deal with a shipping charge. I would also advise that you get your dealer involved in helping you resolve this. They buy a lot more than 2 pairs of speakers from ML and have a lot more clout--and if they are a good dealer they should support you on this.

As I stated in the previous post my dealings with ML have been excellent. In no way do I want to discredit what has happened to you. That's why we have these forums--so we can see the variation in what has happened--but I did want to share my positive experience and my experience in distribution and drop shipping (in an entirely different field) and let others know there are some serious business issues surrounding that. I do hope ML makes good on any promises to you.
Thanks for the advice and understanding Abstract7. As I mentioned in a previous post, I think it is important for people to post positive and negative experiences; only by considering a large sample of different experiences can one get a sense of whether or not a company is likely to treat its customers fairly. For this reason, your post is valuable too.

I did carefully consider asking my dealer to help address Martin Logan's failure to pay the shipping cost it promised to pay. However, I decided not to bring my dealer into this matter for 3 reasons: (1) my dealer was not responsible for the shipping delay that led me to cancel my order, (2) my dealer had no knowledge of ML's commitment to pay the shipping charge in exchange for my agreement to reinstate my order, and (3) it would be wrong to burden my dealer (with whom I've done business since the mid 70's) with a problem that ML is solely responsible for creating and resolving. I'll also add that after my speakers were delivered and I inquired with Martin Logan about its failure to reimburse me for the shipping charge, ML told me to see if I could get the dealer to pay the $350 shipping charge. So not only did ML not value me as a customer, ML apparently didn't really care about pissing off its dealer either.

As for ML's policy on the drop shipping issue, I think it is important to keep in mind direct/drop "shipping" to a customer is not the same as direct "selling" to customers. If a dealer suggests direct shipping, what possible harm could that cause? It's not like the manufacturer is competing with any other dealer by shipping to a customer after one dealer secures a sale from the customer. As I explained in a post above, other companies have drop shipped their gear to me (at their suggestion, not mine), so ML's unspoken policy on the "drop shipping" issue is by no means an industry norm. Also, my situation was highly unusual, and my ML dealer was the one who suggested the drop shipping option to prevent further delay. When companies like Martin Logan adhere to inflexible rules to the point where they can can no longer take into account such unusual circumstances, they lose contact with the customers.

In any case, my complaint isn't about Martin Logan's drop shipping policy (which I still think is silly and wasteful). My complaint is with Martin Logan's failure to honor its promise. I have now had to retain a lawyer to file suit against Martin Logan to recover the $350 shipping charge ML promised to pay. I'll leave my dealer out of it and focus on those responsible. Don
Well I must comment on the recent service I got on Martin Logans. My previous post did voice my negative opinion on how I was treated by ML. Recently I called the company and must say I was treated very well and the customer service rep was exceptional. I guess some days are better than others and this time I was very satisfied with the service.
After e-mail Sony 3 times--asking the same question, with responses from Sony, but none of which answered the question this is what I finally got from them: (my last question to them is at the bottom of the post)

Thank you for contacting SONY.

You have reached the SONY Customer Information Services Center. We are responsible for providing technical support for SONY audio and video equipment. The information you request is beyond the scope of what we are able to provide.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance.

The SONY Internet Group
Customer Information Services Center

Original Message Follows:

Okay, according to the instruction manual it will play VCD, but there are a variety of formats within the VCD realm. There is the basic VCD format,which is pretty horrible and I seriously doubt that with the power of the Sony 9000ES it would be limited to that. There are XVCD formats which are
VCD formats with a higher bit rate, but still MPEG1 encoding. There are SVCD formats which are very high bit rate--up to DVD rates and use MPEG2 encoding. However, in order for a system to recognize a disc appropriately the format, bit rate, and frame size must be encoded properly (including the correct audio bit rate). I have software that is nearly infinitely flexible--but that leads to my original 2nd question:

"2. I need specific formats (including the combinations that will play back, resolution, bit rate, audio bit rate, are all important). I'm trying to make the best quality possible."

You still haven't even attempted to answer my first question which is what brand of CD-R and CD-RW will play in the Sony:

"1. I need specific brands of CD-R and CD-RW that work with the 9000ES."

I have tried CompUSA (CD-R), Samsung(CD-R and CD-RW), and Memorex (CD-R and CD-RW). None of these worked. The Sony did recognize the Memorex CD-RW and the number of tracks--but could not play it. On the other hand, I'm having
very good luck with my Pioneer players at playing all of these media brands (but my Pioneer players are very limited in terms of VCD formats--they only play the basic VCD format--which is why I am desperately trying to get this
to work on the Sony).

Lastly, it might interest you that Sony's reputation for customer service is among the worst in all of the audio and video forums. I hope that this time you will read these questions completely and answer them completely. I
would think that a relatively high end DVD player (with superb video performance I might add) would deserve a little better customer service.
Best when you get what you request. WORST when they tell you Sorry there's nothing I can do for you .Which is Bull.When ever I'm told no way ,I just ask to speak to someone else....
Best customer service in my experience recently was Klipsch.  They could have just sent the diaphram and I would have been happy but they sent a new driver.   I know they are hard to reach sometimes  ut I contacted my dealer and I was up and running ASAP

Worst customer service?  Easy one to answer,  that would be VTL.  They would not honor their lifetime transferable warranty on an amp, rendering it a boat anchor.   Luke Manley is a P.O.S. and the most rude and arrogant person I have ever spoken to in my life.
Back in the 1980ies Snell sent me two new 10 inch woofers for my c2 mk 2 when only one was needing refoaming for 250! But my best story adcom I had their cd player it would skip and the big power amp which I inadvertently shorted out,  both units will out of warranty. They were located back then in New Brunswick NJ just 30 min from my house. I drove up and they fixed both at different times each time  for a dozen donuts. both the Adcom and Snells worked up to this day when I sadly sold them to afford newer and more contemporary offerings.  
Also would be remiss if I didn't mention Grado....  excellent customer service recently....let's just say they went above and beyond.
I’ll add a vote for Innuous. I was having a problem with my Zenith 3 and emailed them.  Got a response within a couple of hours requesting more details. I was then emailed by a technical person in London who asked about accessing my desktop pc.  I gave him access and he spent 90 minutes fixing the problem .  He also  gave me some tips about improving the sound quality (which already is excellent) and answered several other questions. I highly recommend Innuous products  for servers/streaming/burning CDs for the sound quality, features and customer support.  
A few years ago, I had a blown woofer on a NOLA speaker.  I called NOLA - Carl Marchisotto, the owner of the company, informed me that there were no replacement woofers available and then spent 20 minutes advising me of suitable woofers available from other companies which could be used as a replacement.  Truly impressive.  
The Worst-Nordost...had a 3m xlr ic Odin, bought at authorised dealer, wanted retermination (as stated on their site that is something they do) and after some e mail exchange (I still got those mails somewhere) they refused. 

Excellent service-Pathos....had an integrated amp. Pathos Inpol mk2, had a problem with power (switch) supply, send it to factory, got it back in better shape than it was before,cleaned, new tubes they even took care of some small cosmetic inperfections that were made during the use.

Aldo I had never had an Atmasphere product, I was considering once to buy sh preamps and mono blocks, wrote to R.Karlsen, got all the informations about those units that were on sale, he checked the data of my speakers as well, gave me some advice about it....
Needless to say, if the opportunity comes, will buy his products without a doubt...
Amazing that a 20 year old thread has resurfaced. Waiting to see but miniDSP may end up being worst customer service that I've dealt with so far.
Best: and I mean in any business; was the late, great Thiel Audio, especially when Shari Graham was there.
Worst: Sirius XM radio who admitted fault in overcharging me through automatic payments, but refused to refund me.

Simaudio the best.

Worst Aviation Laboratories in Houston (now out of business) purchased 2 overhaul kits for my DHC6 PT6 and they sent the wrong o-rings not once but four times. 
So far, McCormack and Audioquest and Energy have been great!
    I’m sad Klipsch destroyed Energy and all their amazing speakers. Yet they keep making jamo, and no energy products. They completely shut down Energy, probably because Energy was a superior product in every way.

onkyo, tascam. Any of the huge mass produced stuff have a joke warranty. They are throw away products.   Must have thrown away 4 receivers, numerous CD players, cassette decks by jvc, technics. Tuners when we moved houses.   So much stuff I threw out.  But the one item I still have is a Wollensack recordable 8track player. Meters still work, powers on, no issues after, I can’t even remember when my old neighbor gave it to me.  Unit must be 40 years old. I think??

  It’s more palpable to deal with dealers to get stuff done. Which I now prefer to order online from a reputable company, they usually go above to make your experience a good one. 

Conrad johnson

Middle of the Road (neither good nor bad):



None so far (hopefully I'll never get there!)
Not service per se, but the nicest person in audio I have spoken to is Israel Blume of Coincident. I’ve called him with questions more than once and he has taken the time to talk to me even while not owning any of his products.

Ralph Kirsten of Atma Sphere is also very friendly and down to earth. Very nice guy.

I won’t go into detail, but TMR audio will never see a dime of my money. I’d rather pay double for something anywhere else. As I could not block them, I asked Audiogon to block me from their sales in case I accidentally make a purchase from them.  

Best Service: Modwright and Linear Tube Audio. These folks always go above and beyond when a customer is in need.

Worst Service: KR Audio (Tubes) no response about warranty issue.
Another vote for ModWright!
Great products and Dan is a great guy!

Pioneer - bad, bad, bad at providing technical support (There is NONE)
Quicksilver has always been there for me...   super reliable, no problems .....just questions that Mike always answers promptly.     Their new headphone amp is quite good,  actually amazing for the money
Best: Mark/Nick @ Rogue Audio,  Klaus @ Odyssey
Worst: Ty @ Tyler Acoustics (used to be good but something changed. Stated he will take my current linbrook sig for trade in, I was middle of a move so told him I'll let him know when I'm ready, then comes time to trade-in, says sorry I can't do it anymore as he wants to scale down. Way to stiff a customer that even bought his parents a set of his speakers b/c I liked them so much. 
Shout out to Chris Johnson at Parts Connexion......  Chris always goes out of his way to help.
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