Best U.S.A. speakers?

HI,What are the ten top best speakers made in the united states?
Martin Logan
Jeff Joseph's Infinite Slope Speakers
Von Sweikert
Tyler Acoustics

all come to mind.
Evolution Acoustics
Classic Audio Reproductions

all need to be considered. Cheers,

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I respect the engineering and build quality of Wilson but many of the speakers leave me cold. I didn't like any of the Watt/Puppy versions until the 6 came out. I have never liked any of their big models. I've always liked the Sophia in both of its' iterations.
there are so many good ones, it would be easier to make a short 'worst' list.
there are so many good ones, it would be easier to make a short 'worst' list.....add chapman to the good ones list.
Identifying the Best American speakers is sort of like the Akroyd character in the Dragnet movie identifying the Yugo as "the cutting edge of Serbo-Croation technology." There just isn't that much out there.

My entrants are:

Soundlab U-1
Revel Salon 2
Vandersteen 5a
Magneplanar 20
Magico Mini
I almost forgot to mention Edgar Horns and Classic Audio Reproductions (American?) T-1 and Hartsfield knockoff. I've only heard these at shows, but, they sound pretty good under those trying conditions.
Best I have heard,Analysis Audio,,,completely filled a large room with the best sound ive heard to date
I'm not from the US, but from my perspective:

Martin Logan
Joseph Audio
I agree with Ray the printer. The speakers are fabulous but they are not made in the USA.
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Evolution Acoustics MM3
Sonicweld Pulserod
ESP Concert Grand
There are 2 others that come to mind, but I can't think of thier names now. I guess I'm getting old.
If one were to take out the china or overseas influence, would there be ten?
Salk Sound. How did you miss this one. Guys, the HT3's best Sophia II's, 802D's, etc.
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One of the best (if not the best) hasn't been mentioned - YG Acoustics is made in CO.
I recently bought the Ohm Acoustics Micro Talls and I am AMAZED at how good they are and I have owned MANY speakers. Ohm does not receive near the recognition they should because they are a low key direct purchase company that doesn't advertise and does not get reviewed besides SIXMOONS.COM.
Don't forget Digital Phase. Made in the US for
over 20 someodd years. Currently enjoying a
pair of AP-4's.
>> 07-03-08: Tvad
>> Are there any US manufacturers left off the list at
>> this point?

to answer your question: yes!
We have left out Green Mountain Audio (of Colorado Springs). Of all the speakers that I have heard so far, I would say that the Green Mountain Audio speakers are one of the best (if not the best) when it comes to cone driver type speakers. I was at the RMAF 2007 & I heard MANY, MANY speakers so I'm citing my opinion from 1st-hand listening experience. I must add that I am a Green Mountain speaker owner FWIW. As usual, YMMV. IMHO.

do ensure that you consider Green Mountain Audio speakers. You will not be disappointed at all w.r.t their sonics & you will not find a more humble & genuine person than Roy Johnson (the owner & speaker designer). IMHO. FWIW.
In no particular Order:

Green Mountain Audio Calypso
Hyperion Sound HPS 968
Zu Cable Definition Pro
Cain and Cain IM Ben and Bailey subwoofer
Devore Fidelity Silverback Reference
Ohm Walsh 5-S3
Vandersteen Model 5A
Magico Mini 2
Revel Ultima Salon 2
Magnepan 20.1

Perhaps not the most expensive, but the "Best U.S.A. speakers" IMO. There are actually a lot of good speaker "systems" designed and assembled in the U.S.A. There are not a lot of DRIVERS designed and manufactured here any longer - although at least some of these speakers feature unique or custom in-house designs. It's in the higher volume stuff where The U.S.A. is totally left in the dust...
Aerial Acoustics . The 20 T is an American Classic.


Yes, Im a dealer ... thought I would add that before im attacked by unohoo
Barefoot MM27 active monitors(using Bryston amps).The new reference monitors for recording studios worldwide...yes,they are that good.Hand made in California,USA.
07-03-08: Tvad
Are there any US manufacturers left off the list at this point?

Love my Talons>>> Khorus X Series II 8^)
07-04-08: Spenceroo
I would say SP Technology deserves a top spot.

I agree.....
Two excellent companies I have had the pleasure of working with in reviewing are Bill Dudleston's Legacy Audio in Illinois and Bruce Thigpen's Eminent Technology in Florida.
How about Platinum Audio (now out of business)? Phil Jones is now with Soliquy and fomerly with Acoustic Energy. I still have a pair of Platinum Solo's which everyone raves about.
The request was for speakers MADE IN THE U.S.A. How many of the above suggestions really qualify?

What do you mean by "MADE IN THE USA"? Designed in the USA? Designed and Assembled in the USA? Designed, Assembled and all pieces Fabricated or Manufactured in the USA including: Rubber, Plastic, Paper, Metal Frames and Other Parts, Wires, Wood and Various Other Exotic Materials and Components? If you mean the later, then this is a very tall order and there are probably very few if any speakers that qualify as "MADE IN THE USA". Perhaps that is your point?
LOL. Macrojack. The marketing hyperbole is all manufactured in the USA and the assembly of foreign built parts is also done here - that is what counts!!!
Disclaimer: I sell Proclaim Audio Speakers.

I will put the Proclaim 100's up against any other US speaker regardless of price. I guarantee they will hold their own vs. any of the competition, understanding that it is all subjective.
hi avantgarde:

if preference is subjective, then you cannot guarantee that any speaker is competitive with any other.

since i prefer panel speakers, i will always find any panel speaker prefereable to any speaker which is not panel based.

as you say, it is all subjective