Boressen speakers

i had the chance to listen to these last year, also planning to listen to them in Munich this year.

I look to purchase a pair not sure which model yet

What is your experience?



I don't find any value in the brand, they sound ok, but not special and looks are a personal choice. Borrensen brand will push Aavic electronics and their own cables and tbh are just a market to separate the wealthy from their money.

@steve59 Wrote:

I don't find any value in the brand, they sound ok, but not special and looks are a personal choice. Borrensen brand will push Aavic electronics and their own cables and tbh are just a market to separate the wealthy from their money.

I agree!


A Borresen+Aavik+Ansuz setup is certainly top tier sounding. I've heard Borresen 5 and Z1 Cryo with assorted Aavik and Ansuz gears. They certainly sounded precise, organic, and not clinical at all. 

If money is no object, sure, just walk into an Audio Denmark dealer, and get the whole package. No need to worry about system synergy since these brands are meant to complement each other. 

Can you get equal or even better quality cheaper with other brands? Of course, but then you would have to experiment and do your research. My own Cabasse setup is equally as good or even better than the Z1 Cryo setup I've heard, but it took me a while to tweak the setup. 

Consider Gaudek Akustik as well, their sound signature is nearly identical to Borresen. I've heard Berlina RC3 paired with Perreaux 300ix and they sounded no different than the Z1 Cryo setup. 

I own an Aavik integrated amp. I got here after owning several popular brands including, but not limited to, Luxman, ARC, Naim, Audio Hungary, Rogue Audio, Raven Audio, etc. For my preferences, the Aavik U-280 that I own is superior to everything else I've owned. I'm not rich and I do a lot of research before purchasing equipment. In fact, 70% of the time I buy used.

As for the comment regarding 'separating the wealthy from their money', you could say the same about any number of high-end brands. How about try one in your own system before passing judgment :)

I heard all 3 Boressen speakers recently at Axpona, all sounded wonderful, very musical with the M3 being the best and not by a small amount. You would think at 270 000 it should. But I can't help wonder that the rest of the equipment had a lot to do with the SQ. 

@rsf507 I agree with your comments regarding the Borresen (and Aavik) gear being highly musical. In my opinion, they have found the right balance between musicality and detail retrieval/resolution. When I bought Luxman 590AXII, I was told that it had a 'tube-like' sound signature. I did not find that to be the case. I was of the opinion that only tube gear sounds like tube gear. So I went back to tubes and never looked back. However, my Aavik integrated is the first amp I've owned where I don't miss tubes. It has enough of the warmth, midrange magic, and holographic imaging to not make me miss tubes. The only thing I miss is the lushness that tubes provide, but that's only on some type of music. For almost everything else, the Aavik is amazing. Also, it doesn't hurt that it has a vice like grip on the woofers and make the speakers behave the way it wants too.

I have heard many of them and owned two pairs. I went up the line from Scansonic MB-6B to Borresen Z3 Cryo to Borresen 02. The 02 are still to this date the best speakers I’ve ever owned. I am a dealer for a few other brands, not Borresen, and I still think the 02 beats everything I’ve had on my floor. Unfortunately they will have to go at some point as my business continues to grow. Since I run my dealership from my home, I only have so much space.

I’ve spent a lot of time with many models. In addition to the ones I’ve owned, I’ve heard the X3, 01, 02SSE, 03SSE, 05, 05SSE, M1, and M3.

While the Z3 Cryo I owned were a lot of fun and a great speaker at its price point, the 02 is a bit more refined and holographic. It can still fill a medium to large room without an issue, as long as the electronics can control them. I find Borresen are a bit harder to drive and quality electronics matter. I had great luck powering them with the T+A HV stack, Audionet electronics, and Luxman Class A amplification. I’ve never owned Aavik or Ansuz gear and cables to pair it with.

My favorite quality about them is their ability to image. They can make for a truly holographic soundstage and not be fatiguing at all. They are super fast, yet refined. It is really hard for a speaker to do both exceptionally well.

@blisshifi Would you share a little more about what you meant by "refined" that last part? Do you think super fast is a part of being refined, but the refinement is a combination of other qualities with it?

@gladmo by refined, I mean less etched and with more natural presentation. The Z3 Cryo had a sliiiightly more brash character - maybe just a bit more distortion. It wouldn’t get fatiguing, but depending on the rest of my system synergy (I am a dealer so I swap a lot of gear in and out), the Z3 Cryo could at times sound tipped up or a bit more piercing. Not necessarily fatiguing or painful, but in comparison the 02 are notably smoother while being more revealing and detailed. 

@blisshifi I think you mentioned that you have heard the new Borresen X3s as well. I currently own Joseph Audio Perspective2 Graphene and wonder if the X3s might be a step up. To be honest, I'm more than happy with the Perspectives. The X3s have to be quite a bit better for me to give them up. How would you compare these two? Thanks in advance.

@arafiq They are very, very different speakers tonally. I also have a lot of affinity for Joseph Audio and have heard all of his current speakers. I would say that Borresen is brutally more honest in the midrange. While I love the detail, tonal balance, and slightly warm delivery of Joseph, it is not the most revealing speaker. I don’t mean that in a bad way, they are simply just lovely speakers. I’ve actually reached out to Jeff Joseph to see if I could carry them since I know he doesn’t have any representation out in the Minneapolis region.

Joseph will sound more full, a bit bloomier than the X3. Switching to the X3 may be a bit jarring, and you may find them to be drier and tipped up. They deliver with a bit more contrast. They are very fast across the board, but also, being on the bottom of the Borresen line, more fatiguing. While it has the famous Borresen tweeter, the remainder of the speaker is made of cheaper components. While the tonality of the X3 is very much in the Borresen sonic signature, it is much more brash than the Z series, let alone the 0 series. It is a great speaker for those who love the Borresen sound and can only afford to spend $11-12K.

Your Perspective2 Graphene are great performers and it would likely be a sideways move to go to the X3 unless you’re craving a completely different sonic signature. Both speakers have very different strengths and weaknesses, and you will be trading one set for another. I hope that makes sense.

I’ve noticed a pair of the Perspective2 Graphene on USAM and have considered making the seller an offer. I own the Borresen 02, so that should show how much respect I have for Joseph despite their known weaknesses.

More info on the all new Borresen X3’s ! 🤔

These Borresen X3’s have to be Very Special Speakers for The Audio Analyst to be Reviewing them at his home ! 😲😈

@arafiq I am very curious to hear X3 as well. My local dealer has it now, I will probably make a trip soon. 

I don't know how Joseph Audio speakers sound. There used to be a local dealer but apparently didn't sell well enough. 

In the category of compact floorstanders, the best I've heard was the Gryphon EOS2. I actually preferred it to much more expensive Borresen 05. IMO, the Gryphon had the same level of refinements as Borresen but more fun sounding. I enjoyed my time with Borresen but with Gryphon I was tapping my feet and genuinely had a roaring time. 

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@arafiq I missed the part where you said you have an Aavik amp. Which one are you using? I see it’s not listed on your profile. 


Joseph will sound more full, a bit bloomier than the X3. 

I really appreciate your feedback. I actually prefer speakers that are more full sounding with a bit of bloom. I'll take these two characteristics over clarity and speed any day. The JA Perspective2s are so well balanced and refined that I think I will have to spend at least twice as much to get something that's considerably better. The only thing I wish the JAs had more of is a bit more tonal density. Other than that, I really love everything else about them. More than likely I will stick with Joseph Audio.

On a related note, I really enjoyed reading your review of the T+A speakers. Based on what you described, they sound more to my liking. Maybe I'll wait till used ones show up in the market as the new pricing is outside my budget for now.

I really need to quit being lazy and update my virtual system. I replaced three components (Audio Hungary Qualiton a50i, Denafrips Terminator II, Innuos Zenith MKe) with Aavik (U-280 integrated amp+DAC combo and S-280 streamer). Honestly, when Tyler from Next Level Hifi sent me the U-280 for auditioning, I was fully prepared to send it back. I never thought I'd replace my class A tube amp with class D, but here we are :)

BTW, I completely agree with @steakster . I've been reading, appreciating, and admiring your posts here on audiogon for some time. Your professionalism, enthusiasm, and honesty is a breath of fresh air. It's obvious that you are an enthusiast first (and foremost) and a dealer second. I would not hesitate doing business with you when the time comes. Thank you!

@auroravengeance I hope you're able to share your impressions of Borresen X3s when you get a chance to demo them. I've never heard the Gryphon EOS2 speakers but good to know that they compete with Borresen.  Please let us know what you think of X3s when you get around to it.

They are very expensive except for their entry level floor standers at $11k 

all their better quality is $40k and up. 

MBL I feel is that most balanced as a omni directional speaker even off axis 

their entry level 126 is excellent ,just give it 2 good subwoofers and you have a exceptional Loudspeaker system for a very fair price .

@arafiq Given your preferences, I would stay away from the X3. If your heart is set on going Borresen down the road, I would opt for a higher series like Z Cryo or 0 which are more refined and have more density to the tone. 

I would also agree that some of the T+A speakers fall in your preferences for being richer sounding, especially the T+A Talis and Solitaire lines. I’ll shoot you a PM with more thoughts since this thread is not about T+A. Wilson and Legacy Speakers are two other brands that may fall into your consideration set. 

Thank you also for your kind of words. Much of what you say is a result of a community that has been inviting enough for me to participate and reciprocate our shared passion for audio. 

I agree with the Borresen /Joseph comparison above.

No one mentioned the patent Borresen holds.

I listened to Lars Christensen at RMAF? a few years 

back give a 6 minute dissertation on how differently made  the

Borresen products are as compared any others. Basically confirmed

what my ears told me. They are the best. But Jeff J's speakers have

an advantage for anyone with sensitive ears. Either one is a great choice!

Whatever speakers you may choose from Boressen you should go only to their Cryo technology cause it does significantly makes a difference in the music been played. Witnessed that in their headquarters last year.


I attended the 2023 Florida Hi Fi Expo in Tampa......Was impressed by the MBL Room and the Magico’s.....Oz also had a great room and so did the Naim/Focal group.......BUT when I entered the Borresen room with the X-3’s playing Johnny Cash ....well , that was Stunning to say the least.I care only about one these speakers take me away, to another place in time...are they "magical" and are they duplicating what I would hear if the artist was really on stage , right in front of me. The Borresen X-3’s do it in spades! There are alot of great speakers in the 11K range, but these sounded like much more expensive speakers...I listened to the higher priced Borresens and kept thinking..."Are these worth this kind of money"....I’m not sure but I can tell you all that the X-3’s are the best sounding speakers I ever heard under $20K....The tweeter is the same as their 100K model and their cabinet is unmatched at this price prove that I’m not blowing smoke here....I bought a pair and will receive them in a couple weeks . ( There is a wait...they’re in high demand) Every so often a product hits the Hi Fi market that is a smashing value and a smashing success. The Borresen x-3 speaker is one of those rare products...Highly Recommended...I also picked up a demo Aavik U-150 ...An amp that is as warm and musical as the best class A amps..Steve Huff replaced his Pass and Nagra amps with the Aavik U-150 with a world class DAC and world class MC phono stage...That’s saying something!......Class D done right.Good Luck to All.......

I've listened to the Z3 for extended periods, on multiple occasions.

I found very little wrong with them.

What really struck me. was a very natural sounding attack and decay. But I could not find any other major weaknesses. Detail was also about as good as I have heard. 

Soundstage is also near the top of what I have heard. Image specificity, and layering, is world class. I got the impression, I could walk into the soundstage and grab the violist's bow from their hands.  


Better cheaper alternative with similare sound are danish Audiovector speakers.

Ansuz cables are exelent , best results with Borresen / Audiovector speakers.


Have you ever had Rockport speakers in your system? I’m curious how they have compared to everything else you have had. As others have said you are a tremendous asset to this forum. 



@ronboco Thank you as well! Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of having Rockport in my system, though I have heard them at shows and dealers. I know of a few customers around the country that have th as well. They are another brand I would put up there with Joseph and Wilson. Probably closer to Wilson with a kinder tweeter. They make incredible speakers in their class. 

Good Morning @joe2022 , I've owned a pair of the z3 Cryos for a few months now and can offer a few thoughts...

First, they really are exceptionally accurate. The moving mass of the tweeter is so small compared to most other speakers that it's like the finest MC cartridge. The sheer clarity of the sound, provided that they are positioned well, gives the listener that three dimensional sound we all crave. Remember looking through a GAF Viewmaster as a kid? That sense of depth was magical. Even coming from other quality speakers that's the sensation we get when listening to our new (used) Borresens. As far as the low-end goes, I've been able to move my pair of JL Audio d110's to a couple of my other systems. The Z3's completely satisfy my need for deep, even home theater deep, bass. For movies and TV, we simply have an optical cable linking the TV to our DAC for a 2.0 home theater. My wife and I watched a movie last night and about half way through I kinda noticed the speakers and it was funny because the sound didn't seem associated with them at all. The old cliche became true: they simply seemed to disappear. The sound field was immersive, complete from top to bottom, and just plain fun. 

Our stereo is simple, an Accuphase E-5000 integrated amp fitted with the DAC-60 option board, the Borresens, a NODE, and a great analog rig. A dedicated 20A line is pending.





The only thing I wish the JAs had more of is a bit more tonal density. Other than that, I really love everything else about them. More than likely I will stick with Joseph Audio.

As you might know that has been my only knock on the Joseph speakers, which is why I went back and forth between them and the Devore O series.  I'm not sure if you've seen it yet but I've mentioned on my other thread how I've had success increasing the density of the Joseph Perspective sound.

I'm using one of these small curved diffusors:

It's placed behind and between my Perspectives.   It SIGNIFICANTLY increases the sense of density, focus, texture and liveness of the sound.  It's still not as thick of course as the Devores (though with my tube amps, surprisingly thick and rich), but that sense of solidity and body is certainly increased.

Just FYI....




@prof The curved diffusor sounds very interesting and not that expensive. I think I might order one next month to try it out. Can it go on the wall behind the speakers? When you say it is placed behind and between your speakers, do you mean it's placed on the floor vertically? Or did you put it on a wall?

I have finally listened to the Borresen X3. It was driven by Aavik I-180 and S-180 and powered by Ansuz conditioner and cords of course. The last floor-stander I’ve heard was Tad Evolution One TX. Those were lovely and a true high-end. I didn’t expect the X3 to equal the Tad, but for their asking price my expectation was still high and I expected the X3 to be close to Tad in quality.

I fired up a couple standard female vocals tracks. The first thing I noticed was the noise floor was noticeably higher compared to other speakers around this price range. There was also a healthy amount of bass, but unfortunately the bass sounded rather boomy. With vocals, jazz, and indie rock, the overall experience was still enjoyable and still coherent. Separation was decent but the soundstage seemed to lack depth, the vocal and the band seemed to be compressed together in the same row. When I started listening to the classical tracks, the setup struggled to maintain composure. The boomy bass reared its ugly head here and muddled the presentation. I listened to Nelson Freire’s recording of Emperor Concerto and it was quite hard to differentiate the instruments. There seemed to be also a slight high roll-off as the piano notes lacked sparkles at higher register.

The elephant in the room is Z1 Cryo costs the same as X3 and is a far more competent pair of speakers technically, definitely deserving of its high-end status. Accurate, airy, realistic timbres, with just the right amount of bass. I loved the Z1 when I listened to it and it is in my shortlist of my next pair of speakers. So why on earth would you get X3 which IMO at best mid-fi in quality?

There are better alternatives at lower price points. Just one day later I listened to Triangle Duetto 40th Anniversary powered by Marantz 40N. This setup was cheaper than a pair of X3 yet more detailed, accurate, and realistic. The Berlina RC3 I’ve heard weeks ago was also very good. My own Cabasse setup costs less than a pair of X3 total and it is also far more competent. 

I suspect X3 exists just to elevate the rest of the the Borresen’s more expensive lineup.


I've been to a few demos Lars did and was floored by the presentation by the Raidho's and then Borrensen.s at axpona, but I've also heard the 02's maybe 03's not sure that a dealer put together and I was deeply unimpressed. saame can be said for any other brand right? set up, room conditions and driving components all have to play well together to hit it out of the park. I read when Lars and his partner worked for Raidho the speaker upgrade's included those 2 men flying in personally, getting a hotel and doing the speaker upgrades in person for a tidy sum of $40k depending on the speaker. That told me this is an exclusive club that I don't fit. Others might really value the exclusivity of such a company, I'm more of a bargain shopper.

I heard Borresen stand mounts at AXPONA 2022.  I was amazed how full satisfying bass and room filling they sounded.  They sounded excellent.  

they are good speakers. really good. bit overpriced but they simply want to overpower similar brand

Borresen speakers.........Sure, they sound incredible!!!  But, so do so many other speakers and brands that (to my ears) sound just as incredible, and can be had for so much less. I think I’ll just stick with my good old faithful pals, my phenomenal sounding Revel Salon 2 speakers, and call it a day.

They might be overpriced but I've heard several models at 2 Axpona's and they sure sounded good. Also at the other end of the spectrum are the Q Acoustics speakers. Wonderful sound and most mere mortals can afford.