Budget American made speakers?

Can anyone recommend a decent sounding American made bookshelf speaker under $1000.  Is there such a thing?
Im starting to put together what you guys would call a "budget system".  I am planning on buying a rogue shpinx v2, but havent made a decision that yet. 
I typically try to buy American first but im finding it hard to find speakers within my price range.
you might find something at www.ohmspeakers.com either new MicroWalsh for just a bit more or look in the outlet store for refurbished and updated models that offer great sound per $$$ .  The CAM42 ,model currently in the outlet store would be a good pick.
It looks like the Vandersteen bookshelf speakers are ~$1300. You probably can get them used for <$1K. Thanks for buying American! When recently deliberating a speaker upgrade, I considered the Revel F206 and F208. I quick internet search on worker and environmental protections in Indonesia turned up multiple articles of child sweat shops. No thanks, I cannot support that in the slightest. I ended up with used Thiels. They sound killer!
Also worth noting on the Rogue gear...it’s designed and hand built in the US....doesn’t mean all of the pieces are made here, which they are not...tough to buy ‘all American’ These days with global supply chains and thin margins. They couldn’t sell the Sphinx for $1,295 if all components of it were made in the US.
tough to buy ‘all American’
Charles Hansen posted on audioasylum that Ayre made very effort to source from American manufacturers. It's just not possible to *every* part from the USA.

- Chassis: Made in California, including anodizing and silkscreening.
- Transformers: Made in California and Canada.
- PCBs: Made in Colorado, using USA materials.
- PCB Assembly: Made in Colorado.
- Final Assembly: Made in Colorado.
- Resistors: Made in USA and Germany.
- Capacitors: Made in USA (Rel-Cap and Cornell-Dubilier), Germany (Wima), and Japan (Nichicon and Panasonic).
- Semiconductors: USA (Analog Devices, Burr-Brown, On-Semi, Xilinx), Japanese (Toshiba and Hitachi), and British (Semelab) companies, foundries are world-wide.
I imagine Rogue is in a similar boat.
Tekton in Utah
Lore Impulse black soft gloss
(new in box)
$1000 Pr. delivered
He shows a Pair of White Lores for $800.00
Canadian and US economies are so intertwined I consider same as made in USA .
Why don't you have some fun and build your own speakers! For $1000 you can buy drivers far above store-bought (speakers) in performance. They're are many 'Gonners who do this and could give advice. Just a thought...
Klipsch Heresy IIIs, only because I recently bought a pair…the "Capitol" version was shipped to me instead of the cheaper, normal model, and the "damaged box" deal saved over a grand from list. Yes, the box had a smashed corner (speakers were safe), but I don't listen to the box anyway. Arkansas! HA…I changed the IIIs to a black grill because the stock "looks like a sweater" grill was saggy, not unlike an actual sweater. Weirdly, I now have a "hat trick plus" of USA built stuff…Schiit Freya tube preamp, Dennis Had "Inspire" SEP amp, and the Klipsch. Also a Schiit Loki EQ gizmo, and USA Morrow cables. I do like my Russian tubes, and consider them to be refugees.
There are many used speakers in your price range. I built a budget system for a friend based on SPICA TC50s.
Thanks for all the helpful advice.  Ive been looking at speakers and reading reveiws for hours.  My mind is boggled and I now need a drink.  Time to flop a record on the marantz, flip on the old pioneer, and crank up my cerwin vegas from high school.  Sounds alright after a 6 pack.
+1 on the Omega speakers from CT! Very special, high efficiency, fast, single driver speakers packed with a lot of music magic!

+2 on Omegaloudspeakers

Budget would be Super 3I

I would say push the budget to the Super 7MK II.  

I have owned both.  Currently with the Super 7MK II.  Worth every penny.

There's actually an American Made Audio web page.  Not sure how up to date or accurate it is but there are quite a few companies.

Omega look nice. Not much of a used market. Everyone must be happy with them and keep them. 

Jon yeah saw that website. Spent some time on there.
Hey.  I am new to audiogon, but I am selling some Aerial Acoustics 6b speakers.  I run the central US for Harman CAG, so I am replacing everything.  I have several systems in my home and they are all be listed in the next day or so. 
Check out the Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1. An actual bookshelf speaker that falls within your budget. Uses the same tweeter that Spendor has used in some $3K speakers.

If you’re willing to buy used, consider the Vandersteen VLRs. With a bit of patience, you should be able to pick up a lightly used pair for $1K. Someone here recently got a pair for less than $800.

Schiit Audio allegedly sources most of their parts in the U.S. Definitely consider them for amplification.
Omega builds s very good quality speaker high efficiency 
Starting around a grand. Parts express build your own kit.
I second the vote on Ascends . I have the Sierra 2's as my surrounds. Made in Southern California
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Used Merlin TSM. Wish I would have kept mine. I had the Sphinx as well, didn’t care for it too much. 
Omega is your best bet but only if you don’t listen to complicated music
like Symphony which I don’t think you do from your post .
We need to stop recomending floor standers when he wants bookshelf .
Silverline and Totem build outstanding monitor speakers but not likely to find any under 1K that will rock out .

Louis at Omega  is a great guy and has excellent service and I know he is a rocker .

Maybe a pair of JBL - 4312M II Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) from Music Direct? 

I think they may be made in Mexico, like my JBL 4319 monitors, but like Canada, it's considered North America.

All the best,
I recommend that you check out fritzspakers.com. Fritz has been building speakers since 1973. He's very accessable and provides  excellent customer service.
Source Loudspeaker Technologies 1.6 WC Bookshelf Monitor
$995 and you can buy direct from John made in America.
Phone (860) 918-3088
701 Nutmeg Road North
 South Windsor, CT. 06074
A DIY option for you:

Selah Audio "Tono" kit:


Add Parts-express cabinets and they would cost about $950.

I own a pair of these.  Incredible value.  Rick is great to work with.  He sells many other kits and  fully assembled speakers.  
Why is so hard to understand the OP wants bookshelves at no more than 1K ???
I have recommended these before and sorry, they are not what you asked for, but for the price, I had to throw them out there. They are a kit that you would need to assemble. I'm an old time speaker builder and can tell you that these compete very well with $5000 speakers.  These are $1000 a pair and if you look, you should be able to find a $100 off coupon, They are designed by Jeff Bagby, he is an accomplished designer and this kit is very easy to put together. They are constantly out of stock,  they bring them in and sell out in just a few days.  I see them available every so often, so when they say they are due in jump on them if you are interested.  On this link, scroll down and you will see images of finished sets that others have done,  you'll notice some look outstanding and worst case look pretty good.  Good Luck,  Tim 


Why is so hard to understand the OP wants bookshelves at no more than 1K ???
Because reading has become a lost art. 

ok enough, I can't stand the criticism.  So even though I recommended and still do, a small floor stander,  here is another kit (book shelf) , this one, no cabinet assembly that competes very well at a low price.  

Actually, I wouldnt mind floorstanders, but my wife "doesnt want to look at big ugly speakers all the time."
I dont know what her problem is.
The 1k budget is also do to said wife.
God I am so whipped, im going to jump off a bridge now.
 look at the 1st kit that I posted from parts express, under $1000 and they really are excellent for triple the money, The parts alone sold separately are a fair amount more than this kit.  Morel drivers,  easy to assemble and you'll have a lot of pride telling people that you built them.  

I dont know what her problem is.
The 1k budget is also do to said wife.
God I am so whipped, im going to jump off a bridge now.
Maybe you're focusing on the wrong upgrade. 😁
How can those of us not fluent in reading know anything about bookshelves ?

sorry I recommend a floor stander the magnepan

the VLR can most definitely be purchased used for under a grand

small Sony’s Faber Concertino are also amazingly musical and about $750 used, high whipped by WAF factor in leather / Walnut 

Did you read my entire post? I also recommended he try the VLRs. I also mentioned that used pairs can be found for <$1K.
you might be wound 2 tight
” the lost art of reading” influenced my comment about a lack of fluency in reading and therefore a comment about Recommendations of floorstander because we might not know what a bookshelf IS.....

also so I believe you were the 2nd poster to point out VLR at or below a thousand