Compact Floor-standing Speaker Recommendations under $4k

Hello All, 

I'm continuing to build up my first HiFi system and am in need of some advice for my next speakers.  My current system is as follows: 

  • Belles Aria Integrated Amp
  • ClearAudio Concept w/ Satisfy Carbon Tonearm
  • Nagaoka MP500 cartridge 
  • Graham Slee Reflex M phono stage
  • B&W 705 stand mount (the original series circa ~2004)

Generally, I'm very happy with my setup, however I do sometimes find it a bit bright   & fatiguing after longer listening sessions.  I believe the speakers may be the cause so I'm looking for recommendations based on my current system. 

I'd like to find a neutral speaker that's non-fatiguing and hopefully a bit more full range.  So I've been considering changing to floor-standing speakers to maybe get a bit more bass.  However, size and space are of concern so would like something reasonably compact.   I listen mainly to jazz, blues, folk and some classic rock.  Really love good vocals so would like a smooth midrange.  

My budget is $4k max (new or used is okay)

I'm early in my search but so far have been looking at Spendor A7's or Proac D20's. 

Unfortunately, where I live I don't have any nearby dealers or places to demo so will have to be purchased without an audition and hopefully have a good result. I know this isn't ideal, but it's unavoidable. 

Appreciate any recommendations...thanks! 


The Spendor ( I’ve owned many Spendors ) is a good choice. The A7 is over 6 grand new so you will have to find a used pair within your budget of 4 grand!

Von Schweikert. A pair of VR4 or VR4jr would be right up your alley. They work very well with my Belles gear.

I had some floor mounts that were fatiguing in my space and tried a variety of other speakers to improve on that. The best I heard and now own are the Ascend Acoustics Tower with RAAL tweeters. This small, engineer-owned company from California does not do much in marketing or advertising and does not churn out one model after another. I have listened to a lot of speakers for a lot more than the Ascend and they really beat out a lot of competitors -- to my ear.

Right now there's a pair at TMR which, for your budget, would be a no-brainer.
For a bit more, you might try this speaker in its very recently upgraded version:

I’d take a good look at these ProAc speakers that should mate beautifully with your Belles amp…

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Pick out 10 or 12 pairs at $6K to $8K and wait for a sale. My current Audio Physic Sitara 25's were half price, my Yara 2's were 60% off. Never paid more than 60% of rrp.

Thanks everyone for your feedback! 

Definitely some brands/options I hadn't considered or was even previously aware.  The Salk & Ascend Acoustics seem interesting and similar offerings from engineering focused speaker design.  

Also with the Spendor A7's although they are now over $6k new just a couple years ago it seems they were closer to $5k new and I've seen some second hand in the $3-$4k range so thought it might be possible.  

Does anyone have experience with PMC floor-stands? Saw some good reviews in WhatHiFi and a few other sites, but then some terrible feedback in forums so not sure if those might have just been one off's?  
@henry53 I agree with you completely, I'd really like to avoid paying full MSRP as I think many great values can be had in the secondhand or even past floor models. 

I own a pair of Monitor Audio Gold 200 floor standers. I often listen for hours with no fatigue at all. They are a very neutral speaker and right in your price cap. I own the last version - assume the new version is very similar and maybe a slight improvement (upgraded tweeters). Full disclosure - I use a pair of subs but have been impressed when I cut them off and let the MA’s take over. Good luck. 

Later B&Ws (now very expensive) work really well, but for many years a lot of us found their tweeters impressive initially but too wearing for long or loud sessions.

Spendor A7s and ProAc D20s are both good options, but ATC ACM 40s might well be an even better choice.

Having heard many speakers over the years, we recently bought Neat Xplorers for a holiday home and Near Iota Alphas for my girlfriend’s house. They look unusual but unobtrusive and they sound wonderfully engaging.

Which of those would be best, as with the other excellent speakers other people have mentioned, may well come down to the details of your room, how much space the speakers have, the floor and so on. If you can’t get a demonstration at your house, I’d encourage buying second-hand (which will take patience) - let someone else suffer the depreciation.



Recently, I was able to buy a pair of used Focal Kanta 1 with the stands for $4k.  Great deal, matches great with my REL T5/x, amazing sound and absolutely zero brightness or fatigue.  

#1 fix for bright speakers is to pair it with an appropriate tube amp. It will elevate both components to another level. 

If you want a compact speaker that's more full range and of very high quality, the Philharmonic BMR bookies should be on your very short list.

It's $1,900 for some very high quality components, Raal tweeter. The crossovers are supposedly sophisticated but I know absolutely about that short of things. It's just something I repeatedly hear.

I have to clarify that I own the BMR towers and while very good and technically marvelous and a good recommendation to most people, whether it be the bookies or the towers. I just like the Goldenear BRX bookies that I had quite a bit more.

The Goldenear just has that special sauce. It's ridiculous open-window transparency is addicting. I paired it with a tube amp, matched extremely well and the sound was special. Insane details and transparency with 0 nastiness. 

You might also look at Verity Audio.  Finn model would fit your requirements if you can find one.  Small footprint tower with great SQ, including crisp bass.  After 30 years with Klipsch Forte II I went to audition the Forte IV and stumbled on Verity and found it suited my listening preferences, which are similar to the ones you listed.  Good luck on you Journey !

I am not sure your speakers are the cause. I have the very same speakers and have not found them to be bright at all.  There are no peaks at all after 1000 Hz and the response drops like a rock after 12k hz. Could be my speakers or my electronics. Or could be yours!  Could also be your room. Stereophile reported that they measured pretty neutral.  So, I would suggest demoing another pair of speakers in your room. If buying, make sure you have at least a 30-day return window. That way you can compare them to what you have. If they perform properly, then the problem is your speakers.

A little off topic, but is it just me or do others not get the Klipsch sound (because many models are within the OP’s range)?! I owned them and listened to them many times and I have never come away thinking they were anything more than a speaker built to a price point (a low one at that because the cabinets are not very well constructed). I can’t really find anything good about their sound other than they play loud and shouty…. 

p.s. DIY should be a more highly considered source. (Salk Sound is DIY taken commercial). 

@boostedis  I own Klipsch Heresy IV, and they are definitely not shouty.  

They are rich, full, and dynamic even at low listening levels.  

Why floor standers? A stand mount speaker will take up the same amount of space. If floor stander is a must, then the Spendor A2's are right at or near your budget.

ProAcs and Spendors are great within their capabilities, but they're pretty spendy for a 6-7" 2-driver tower, which in turn is pretty limited dynamically - only so much a single 6" woofer can do, both in the low bass and upper mids. My plug for Monitor Audio Silver 300 7G (2X6" woofers) or 500 (2X8" woofer). Stupendously good speakers, regardless of their price, which is about half either the ProAc or Spendor. Read the reviews from Absolute Sound, Stereophile, etc. If you have the room, then also definitely check out the Magnepan 1.7. Yes, they take lots of power, and no, they wont bowl you over with their bass, but, setup and fed properly, they are simply superb. If they worked in my room, I'd have a pair in a heartbeat. As it is I have a pair of the smallest  Maggies I keep around for for fun, even if I can't set them up ideally. 

Your dilemma sounds like a scenario where a pair of Harbeth speakers would be all you need. 

Thanks again for all your feedback and advice! 

So many smaller speaker companies I wasn't familiar with so I'm trying to research all the prosed options.  I know it's going to be system and personal preference dependent but you've all given me such great starting points.  

The Spendor A7's are still high on my list and I've seen used offerings within my price range (several on other sites around $3.5k in what appears to be excellent condition; the MSRP seems high but at the second hand price it might be a much better value proposition). 

The Salk (which I think now makes the Philharmonic BMR's as well), ATC, Verity, ProAc's and Acoustic Zen are all in contention.  The Sonus Faber recommendation also is intriguing, but there seems to be a real love/hate impression on their speakers overall...although I must admit they look beautiful it seems a bit riskier to try them out without demo-ing first. 


And as far as the questions as to why floor-standers.  I suppose ultimately, that's not critical however I was thinking it may be easier to get better bass depth with the floor stander additionally I believe the stand itself is critical to the performance on bookshelf speakers and from what I've seen the stands alone can easily get into the $500 - $1k range which ultimately reduces my budget for the speaker itself.  Now my logic may be slightly flawed so I'm open to bookshelf suggestions, however I was trying to narrow my scope a bit or I open the flood gates to possibilities.  


I am building a database and web site of audiophile speakers, with all the details:

(it’s not all inclusive)

here is the basic:

name url from
amphio Finland
avantgarde Germany
b&w England
boenicke Switzerland
børresen Denmark
buchardt Denmark
canton Germany
dali Denmark
devore fidelity USA
diapason Italy
dyna Denmark
elac Germany
focal France
fritz USA
gato Denmark
golden ear USA
harbeth England
indiana Italy
joseph audio USA
kef England
kharma The Netherland
khl USA
klipsch USA
magico USA
marten sweden
monitor audio England
paradigm Canada
Perlisten USA
polk audio USA
ProAc England
psb Canada
qln Sweden
raidho Denmark
revel USA
salk USA
sonner USA
sonus faber Italy
sounkaos Switzerland
spatial audio USA
spendor England
tekton USA
thiel thiel - closed USA
tidal Germany
totem Canada
trenner friedl Austria
triangle France
vandersteen USA
vienna acoustics Austria
volti USA
vonschveickert USA
wharfedale England
wilson USA
yg USA
zu USA

KLH model 7's on risers! I heard them twice and they are a bargain at $4K. Only problem is they won't be out for a few more months!

@grislybutter Great list.  I’d suggest adding Rockport Technologies (US), Usher Audio (Korea), Verity Audio (Canada), Reference 3a (Canada), Avalon Acoustics (US), Acora Acoustics (Canada), Vimberg (Ger), Nola (US), Audio Physic (Ger), MBL (Ger), Ohm Walsh (US), and Alta Audio (US).


yes, thank you! Most of these I heard about. I included the ones on my original list that I heard in person, or dying to hear/read reviews.

Also look into whatever model of Fyne Audio meets your budget. Very clear mids and vocals as well as everything else.


The Spendor A7s are just about the most perfect compact floorstanders in existence. They are supremely balanced and all their “sins” are ones of omission. 

Go to the Dali website shown above and look at the Oberon 9 floorstanders and read the reviews.  The have twin 9" woofers, 7" midrange, and 1.25" soft dome textile tweeter.  Frequency is 35hz to 26khz but they can be heard well into the 20hz range. Then go to and you can get them for 2999.00 delivered plus tax with a 60 day money back guarantee.  Dali makes great speakers, they just aren't well known in this country.

The SEAS Thor loudspeaker is a DIY kit designed by Joe D'Appolito.  What's always your very, VERY best value in a loudspeaker is a properly and professionally engineered design with top-of-the-line components.  Typically these projects will sell for cost of materials, so when you happen to run across someone selling theirs for less, it's an incredible value.

The SEAS Thor uses the same tweeter and similar model drivers to the Joseph Audio Perspective2 ($13k new I think.  Maybe more now).  There are two sets available for crazy low prices right now.  One is a guy in Tuscon, AZ for $750, but you have to arrange shipping.  The other is a guy in Canada who wants $1000.  Either would be a crazy good value.

You can buy the kit of drivers, crossovers and plans from Madisound for $2200, or get these for less than half that and they're already built.

Normally, it's best to demo yourself as speaker choices are highly subjective. So trying to choose a "universally acceptable" brand/model may be difficult.

Relatively safe bets full range floorstanders are GoldenEar Triton, Monitor Audio Silver/Gold/Platinum.  

Thank everyone for all the continued advice! 

Spendor A7's are still near the top of my list and found a pair within my budget through a private listing.  On the other hand also found a dealer demo pair of the Spendor D7.2's a little over budget, but not so far that I might still be able to get wife approval.  Anyone have experience to compare these two directly?  Just because the D7.2 is more expensive I'm not sure it automatically makes it better. 


Also found a ProAc dealer that has a D20R that I can demo in store [granted it's a 4hr drive but still think it's likely worthwhile].  

Finally I came across a brand I previously had no knowledge of....Jean-Marie Reynaud [JMR].  Does any one have experience with their speakers, maybe specifically the Euterpe Jubile?  From their own website they sound like they could be a very good fit, but I'm having trouble finding many reviews or personal experience.  

Thanks again! 


compact floor-standing is kind of an a oxymoron.

Only Boenicke and Totem have those that are worth looking at in the category.

Zu’s new DWX Supreme mod should do it and save you money for some other tweaks perhaps…like more musical interconnects or speaker cables etc..

@dsjs4 , This is an extremely common problem. Most point source systems have to one degree or another. They are blasting high frequencies throughout the room creating a lot of sibilance.  The most likely problem is your room. Many people totally ignore room acoustics. You probably need more sound absorption at the first reflection locations, front and side walls, ceiling and floor.  I use 4" acoustic foam tiles which are dirt cheap. 

You mentioned JM Reynaud.  I have the Bliss Silvers, which are 2 way standmounts, and the Cantibile Jubilees, which are small floorstanders.  The Cantibiles have greater dynamics and stronger bass.  Both can be driven by SS or tubed amps, and I find the sound non-fatiguing, very smooth, and intensely musical.  I sometimes run them with Belles Mps and enjoy the combination very much.

@mijostyn Thanks for the room acoustic device.  I completely agree that I probably am not achieving perfect room acoustics, however I have to work within the aesthetics of my wife as my setup is in our main living room.  WIth that being said, my room is about 14x28x8 and the speakers are about 10ft from the side walls.  Additionally I have two very large & heavy Persian rugs on the floor as well as some curtains hanging behind my listening position.  I'm unable to put anything on the ceiling so have that as a constraint.  With that being said i'm open to other treatment ideas.  

@doni glad to hear of personal experience with JM Reynaud and Belles combo working well.  I've had a hard time finding reviews and personal experience as they seem to have very limited North American presence.  However from what little I have been able to find the Cantible Jubilees do seem like a very high contender. 
Unfortunately it seems like their pricing has increased a lot recently and now retail in the US around $6k....maybe a demo pair if I could find one would be closer to my budget.  Do you happen to have any experience with ProAc or Spendor as well as they are currently also frontrunners based on availability and consistently positive reviews, but would be nice to know a comparison between the Reynaud's or how they pair with Belles. 

Thanks as always! 

You need to put sound absorption at as many first reflection sites as you can. Find them using the mirror method. Sit in your listening position and have someone move along the walls holding a mirror flat against the walls. When you see the reflection of the speaker in the mirror mark the wall with masking tape at that spot, it is a first reflection zone. Do this for both side and front walls. There are attractive sound deadening panels available which you might be able to get by the wife. 

Hello All, 

I thought I'd give an update and share that I purchased the Spendor A7's and have been quite happy overall.  Ultimately, I was able to hear a pair of Spendor A4's locally in someone's home and liked the overall sound so thought the A7 could only be an improvement.  The only other pair I was able to hear in person (again through a local acquaintance) was a pair of Sonus Faber Sonetto's. While I did like them (and they look beautiful) they seemed a little too relaxed. 

I think many people might also claim that Spendor's are too relaxed or "Pipe and Slippers" as I've heard them described but I've found them to be quite dynamic and lively so perhaps just differences in models. 

I'd still really love to hear the ProAc D20's , anything from Salk or Ascend or also the JMR's but it just hasn't been feasible.  So ultimately, in the end I took the safe choice in going with the A7's (assuming they would be at least similar to the A4's).  I was also able to find them below my budget.  Are they the perfect speaker or even the best in my given constraints...maybe not, but they have definitely been a step up from my B&W's and I think a step in the right direction to what I'm hoping to achieve.  They have a significantly more well rounded and deeper bass and have not had any fatigue issues.  So overall, I'd say it's been a positive step on my hi-fi journey.  

Thank you all for the advice and help!!!