Favorite Music When Having Sex

I think the title says it all.

What is your favorite music performance, CD or LP, that helps to create that certain ambience when you are experiencing that "special quality time" (hopefully with someone else).

I can't even begin to imagine some of the responses we'll be seeing here. Let's at least ATTEMPT to maintain some semblance of decorum, please folks? Let's all try to be the mature adults that we all think we are.

Allow me to start.

Believe it or not, I still have a thing for Pink Floyds "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" and "Welcome To The Machine". I remember a certain encounter back in my college days when listening to that album. It had just been released.

The album was new too.

That and Grover Washington "Winelight".
Buscis2, Are you single? Married men don't have sex, everybody knows that! I suppose I could listen to some coyboy sing "I'm back in the saddle again". :-)
Just about anything classical. Of course, music alone is insufficient to create the mood (at least, as Newbee suggests, among married couples). Believe it or not, the most recent disc that was spinning during our intimate encounter was "Bolero". Now there's a cliche for you ;-)
Buscis2, Actually I'm married and happy - almost an oxymoron - but I just like to play to the stereotype like poor Raymond (Everybody Likes Raymond) - oh hell, I forgot, single guys don't watch TV so you might not identify with him! :-)
Croaking of frogs (doing it) in the pond behind my house.

How about your favorite sex while listening to music?
Ozfly, Was it not Bolero that was playing in the lovemaking scene in the movie "10"? Wasn't that Bo Derek?
Funny stuff...funny stuff!

How about the "awheemawhap, awheemawhap, awheemawhap, aawheemawhap,...in the jungle, the mighty jungle...(Ace Ventura). I always like that one. Otherwise, it's ..."I'M A COWWWBOY BAAAABY!"(KID ROCK).
Buscis, you're right on both counts -- Bo Derik and Bolero. The beat on Bolero starts very slowly and then continues to build to a satisfying crescendo. Of course, the symphony is not long enough so having a repeat button helps ;-)
Ozfly, Ravel! Yea, it's a wonderful composition. I actually have an LP version. Herbert Von Karajan/Berlin Philharmonic. It's a MOFI half speed from 1978. Incredibly dynamic passages.

Now if I could only play it at 16 rpm ie: NO repeat button.

Although that speed may cause the piece to sound a little dark and "non-inspiring" (shrinkage).
So many good choices, but for me Enigma does it, Peter Gabriel's "passion", large scale Mozart pieces, Bethoven- any of it, Mahler's large scale pieces, Respighi "pines of rome" and "fountain's of rome", Al Di Meola- any of it!, Arvo Pärt(yea I know that ones a little weird)and of course Bolero, but gosh that's become cliché lately. I could go on and on, but those are a few of my favorites.
Who cares about the music at this point? Now if the post would say, fav music to get her in the mood...then I'd respond.

I will say, this is one time that my digital is on and my analog is off. I don't wanna be flippin some lp. I have better things to do...!!
Bo Derik?

Goodness, this is a bit off subject but, having not thought of that movie in so many years, it brings back a joke that came out sometime around then.

Q: What is 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1???

Ans: Bo Derik getting older....

oops, then again it just might be keeping with the subject matter.
What about the song that have lyrics like:
" Let me lick you up and down
'til you say stop.
Let me play with your body baby...(forgot what's next)
....coz tonight baby, I wanna get freaky with you..."
Yeah, I think the title is "Freaky"

Any song from 2 Live Crew Or Color me Badd's "I wanna Sex You up!"

Divinyl's "I touch myself!"...oops we're talking about with partners right? :)

...shame, shame,shame......
I almost forgot to mention, I myself have no particular song I prefer when doing it. Except my remix CD where the lyrics of the entire disc goes something like this:

"Who's your daddy, who's your daddy, who's your daddy?"

hey Busics2 TMI(to much info) How about Funkadlic? Remember nothings as goof unless you play with it and all that is good is nasty!My wife like's Marvin Gaye, Let's get it on! Even Coltrane plays the blues for the romantic moments, when you need to get her in the mood,Jfech.
Rule out LP's unless you have an auto TT.
For mood setting music look for "Nirvana Lounge by Claude Challe & Ravin". It is a 2 disc set, the 1st disc is the one to use.
Brian: I don't think that the song that you selected is a tune that you play while the woman ( women ) are actually at your place. That's more like a song that you listen to before you pick them up : ) Sean
Ive been trying Al DiMeola's Race With Devil On A Spanish Highway but I have yet to make it past 20 seconds into the song. Of course 20 seconds is about my limit anyway.
Careful folks. all is well and good. interesting nobody has mentioned 'HAND JIVE...'
Niravp- Massive Attack is good if your in that kind of mood, "100th Window" and "Mezzanine" would be my first choices. I know die hard fans love "Protection" and while I enjoy it, I wouldn't want to engage in...... well you know ;) while listening to it. For that matter Moby, ATB, BT, Tricky, Portishead, Alice Dee Jay, Darude, Daft Punk and so on all work if she's into that scene.
Audiophile music with sex is a bit risky though.
Suppose you suddenly hear a little hum appear in the right channel....can you keep it hard ?
Here in Holland there was this band called the 'Raggende manne', which means something like 'hardhitting men'...... Anyway, they had a single that went like this: you heard a lot of noise (guitars, drums etc) for about 12 seconds, and then the singer would say: 'that sucks'. End of record. That more or less describes my sexlife.....