Full range speaker recommendation

Looking for recommendations for full range speakers. 

price range is sub $6000. Current setup is Jeff Rowland 501 Mono Blocks, Jeff Rowland Capri Preamp, McIntosh MCD-350 SACD, Cambridge CXN streamer, Rega P6 with Songbird low Mc. 
Room is 17’x15’2” with vaulted ceiling. 
Currently have ATC SCM 11V2 with two REL S2 subs. 

any insight would be greatly appreciated 🙏

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What are the sound qualities are are looking for/ What do the ATC's lack? Are you wanting stand mount or floor standing speakers? Keeping the REL subs? Do they integrate well for you... enough to use with the newer speakers?

op - as mentioned above, you need to specify what you are hearing now, what you are seeking to improve, what music you listen to, how loud, live or dead room, setup/placement limitations (dual use room, or dedicated) and so on... photos of the room would help

more we know, more we can recommend something that will work well for you, otherwise we are kinda shooting in the dark...

ATC’s seem a little lean to me. REL’s are great and would be keeping them. 
Mostly listen to jazz, classic rock and a little classical. 
Room is dual use with a small recording studio and baby grand. 
Listen at a little above moderate levels. 

you can insert a photo using the buttons on top of the forum posting area... there is one for ’image’ (square with the mountain and sun symbol) - there you will need a link to the photo you are using, that link to a photo sharing app like google pics etc etc

or else go to main audiogon menu, see ’virtual systems’ and ’create system’ -- there you can post photos of your current system

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If you can find them Snell B, Alll, and Allli will deliver big full range sound and they will fit your budget. Look around they’re out there.

Klipschorns…I have a Jeff Rowland Continuum 500 integrated powering my Khorns. The results I hear is nothing short of amazingly phenomenal pure analog sounding music. Very dynamic with superb textures when playing hi-res music. 

California Audio CD Ikon Mark Ii is my CD player

Has analog and digital (18 bit) output

works very well 

keep or sell for new?? 

A second vote for Klipschorns for your tastes in music. I found mine shone on classical and big orchestral works in particular. Pure Audio Project Trios are also amazing. 😎 BH 

Sonus Faber Lumina Vs should work well in that space.

If you want to keep a form factor similar to the ATCs, Spendor Classic 2/3s will be fuller sounding than the ATC's.

Lastly, as a total alternative, it's worth giving consideration to Magnepan (Magneplanars) - they might lack a bit of punch on classic rock but they are superb speakers.

Recently added a pair of Focal Aria 936 and am quite smitten. If possible to audition somewhere, may be worth a listen. 

I recently went through a similar price range search and ended up with Klipsch Forte 4s. I would have happily bought the Cornwalls but they were a bit too big. For full sounding speakers I also loved the Focal Arias, was very intrigued by the Paradigm Founders, and I also really like the Kef R series. Lots of great choices, good luck!

Magnepan 3.7i on the used market with your subs should sound fantastic. I play mostly rock and some jazz on mine along with a bit of classical and have enjoyed every minute. Also check out Philharmonic audio Dennis McDonald makes some excellent speakers.

You're listening on the long wall and your width is 15 feet or so. That's kind of a short distance, relatively. I'd think you'd need a speaker that can pull off a full range sound in that configuration. With that in mind, 

I've been interested lately in Eminent: http://www.eminent-tech.com/index.html?fwd=LFT8.html

These speakers sounded good when I heard them. They're big and heavy but you might  consider Legacy https://legacyaudio.com/products/view/signature-se

Devores might be good, too.

I think the Harbeth P3ESR or Vandy VLR CT's would work wonderfully in that room and give the OP that fuller sound he is wanting. 

I don't think any Magnepan is going to work in that room due to size limitations. 

You should be able to post pictures directly from your device, NOT using a hosting site. People used picture hosting sites 20 years ago.

I don’t think any Magnepan is going to work in that room due to size limitations.

I agree!

Maybe a pair of JBL L100 classics



Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Ramesh lounge chairs are super comfortable but put me at a lower listening position than I would like. 
I’m going this week to listen to a pair of Watt/Puppy 5.1. Although I hear that they are difficult to place properly. Will definitely check out some of the suggestions mentioned. 🙏


glad you got pics posted... speaks thousand words

and you now have a great many excellent thoughts

i have recently fallen back in love with maggies, just love them, but no way they would work in the op’s room

also agree you need to go with a small form factor traditional front firing standmount or floorstander with good dispersion and well suited to close-to-wall placement... good news is there are quite a few good ones out there with sweet warm tonailty (harbeth, fritz, classic spendors...and so on...) ... to go with the excellent and well suited rel sub pair...

fwiw - watt puppy's will not be warm sounding... also, you might try to demo a different power amp in your system if you have a chance... try a hegel integrated or a pass int or power amplifier

I bought my Magnepan 20.1s ($12,500 new) used on Audiogon for $5,500. I absolutely love them. Definitely keep the REL subs for some extra bass punch and with those mono blocks, you have plenty of power to drive the Maggies. I see a few other suggestions for Maggies on here already and there's a reason for that.

I don’t think I’d try floorstanders with significant bass output in your room, and bass will be easier to manage (and likely better) with monitors and your subs.  I’d recommend Joseph Audio Prisms or used Pulsars as JA has done shows with Rowland electronics and apparently pair well, and the JA monitors will add some fullness and heft that you’re looking for.  Best of luck. 

The best stand mount speakers I have heard are Wilson Audio Duette. You get incredible sound with these. If you combine these with subwoofers.... I can't imagine the sound. Interestingly there is a listing on Audiogon for a used pair.

Other than that, my vote goes to Tekton Pendragon or Double Impact SE or Vandersteen 2CE Sig III with your subwoofers. I have the Double Impact SE and they are very dynamic speakers with LOTS of bass and punch. My Vandersteen speakers are the 2CE Sig II and paired with subs are very refined, less in your face.

If new, Spendor Classic 2/3.  If you look for gently used, you could step up to the Spendor Classic 1/2.

The Focal Aria posters are a waste - what a joke. Higher end Focal - sure. 


I can't recommend the Sonus Faber Sonetto VIII enough - with the subs you will fill in the very lowest the towers don't but they have EXCELLENT bass extension and super clear mid and upper ranges.

I had Maggie 1.7 and now 3.7i with dual subs in a 12 x 15 room and they sound fantastic

Following johnto’s comment and responding to an earlier poster, there is absolutely no reason why a pair of Magnepans will not work in that room.

Separately, (Saul Cohen), it’s not that the Watt/Puppies are difficult to place, but they require very patient and accurate setup. However, you could still find them a mite unforgiving tonally.

@blackbag20 +1

I generally refrain from commenting on something, unless I have firsthand experience. However, in this case there is a bit of reference and context. 

I met Jim Salk a couple of times at audio shows and listened to his different models. I really wanted the SS 8's (~$9,000); the latest was the SS 9.5 floor stander. Retailing for around $12,000, they were some of the best speakers at that show. 

Long story not as long ... the newest Salk offering is the BePure 2 ($6,000). According to Jim Salk  "this design is the best sounding speaker we have ever produced". To me that speaks volumes, and I plan on getting a pair in the (hopefully) not-too-distant future. Hope that helps.

Best wishes and Happy Listening!

P.S. - Jim Salk is a professional gentleman, very knowledgeable/helpful, and willing to answer any questions. Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the company whatsoever.  

Used pair of Vandersteen 5As.  Pretty easy to dive, powered subs, plenty of room adjustments, and they get better with associated equipment.  Have had most of the speakers mentioned above and these still play music for all types.  Not a Vandersteen fan boy.  They just do a lot of things correct and you can adjust to your taste.  We use ours in our music room with 30wpc class A tube mono-blocks.  Pretty amazing sounding for around $6K used.  Plus good resale value.

Many great recommendations here (I'd expect nothing less). Just wanted to mention a smaller provider, Tyler Acoustics (tylersacoustics.com). I bought my first pair of speakers from Ty Lashbrook way back in 2004, and he just made me a new pair recently. If you buy-in to the fact that all commercial audio equipment is built to a price point (which makes sense), and thus a mix of quality and (very often) somewhat lesser quality where you can't see it (cross-overs, wiring, connectors, and so on), you can't beat the price/quality ratio that Ty offers. His stuff is all hand-made to order, the build and craftsmanship are top-drawer, and all internal components are top quality. They sound great, and Ty is just a super guy to work with. Again, worth checking out for grins, if nothing else. Just wanted to mention, 'cause like I said, Ty's a great guy, he's been doing this for a long, long time, and a hidden gem, IMHO.

JM Reynaud Abscisse Jubilee floor standers…..beautiful midrange and full bass.

Two full range speakers (old school) for a large room ESS MONITOR’S or a set of Acoustic Research AR-9’s both GREAT sounding if you have enough power

For floor standers, Revel Studio 2 speakers or JBL Project Array 1400.  Both can be had used for that price but may require patience to find. I’ve owned over 200 pairs of speakers over the last 50 years, from many, many manufacturers, and those are the best I’ve found in your desired price range.  If you lean more to classic rock than jazz, I think you’d be better off with the Array 1400s.  

For stand mount, listen to Dynaudio Heritage Specials.  You’ll be astonished.

I’m kinda new to high end audio - at least from the perspective the brands that seem to be frequently suggested by readers. 

Q. Is B&W too much a mass market product that it’s not cool to suggest it? Or are their products just not as sonically good as some of those mentioned?  

I own B&W 805D3 and do like the imaging and balance. Still need a sub but I think? they sound pretty good. 

Just curious. Thx. 


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