PATS 31-RAMS 20!
Not a football fan even though I live 20 miles from the Patriots stadium.  I would like to see Tom Brady get his sixth Super Bowl ring.  May the football Gods smile down upon them. 
I'd love to see the Rams win (been a fan since way back when).

Bad call aside with the Saints, if you go back and see all the holding and contact that was allowed in that game, all it goes to show is that the refs shouldn't allow all any of it to begin with. Being the most flagrant act only strengthens the argument to play it straight.

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There are things that interest me less than football, but I can't think of any of them now.
Living in and around the Los Angeles area all of my life, and remembering the greats like Elroy "crazy legs Hirsch", Bob Waterfield, Deacon Dan Towler, Dick Bass ... and all of the other Rams I’ve enjoyed watching all of these years, I have just one thing to say ... GO RAMS!


PS: Brady needs to retire. He’s just too darned good. :-)
I’m sure it will be good game and BRady is the man but the whole over-hyped production  is a Super Bore overall.
Meanwhile over at the Puppy Bowl, a terrier took a knee and gave his paw during the National Anthem.
Not digging the half time show.  Will anyone ever match Prince’s wonderful show?  Probably not.
The best commercial was the one where they incorporated Game of Thrones with the Bud Light beer.
After stinking up the joint the last five years in Saint Louis, I’m not a big fan of the Rams, but maybe it’s time for the Patriots to give someone else the trophy...
@oregonpapa Hey Frank <3 Any quarterback who can quote Douglas Malloch has my vote. <3 Gosh, we need defense. BADLY. <3 GO PATS! <3 
Low scoring affair....PATS gets their 6th Lombardi Trophy. Edelman wins MVP of the game. 

Michelob Ultra, Verizon and DEVOUR commercials stood out so far. 
Best Super Bowel ever. Watched with Mother on her 4K OLED TV with the sound off. Audio was streamed music via her Fabulous sounding system. While watching we had dinner together. A most special night.
David Pritchard
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I am not a fan of the Pats. I am a Bills fan. Yes that sucks but taking that into account you have to respect the spendor of Tom Brady. Truly a pleasure to watch and a magico athlete to be doing this at this point in his career!
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What a defensive game! Even though they lost, you have to hand it to the Rams' defense. Considering how long the Pats held on to the ball and controlled the game, it's a wonder any defensive player for the Rams was still standing. They must have been exhausted. I never thought Brady would have been held to three points through almost four quarters. 

Half time sucked. The music was terrible.

The SB is so over hyped and over produced it is barely watchable anymore.  My only hope is big corp doesn’t do the same to college football.
Rooting for the Patriots is like hoping the casino wins all the money.

It’s easy to hate the Patriots for many but I’m originally from Massachusetts and a long time Pats fan who remembers the frustrating history (decades actually). The Belichick/Brady dynasty won’t last for much longer but it’s been a great ride for us fans.

Certainly not the most exciting SB but I love what #11 MVP said post game: "It wasn’t pretty, but I’ll take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day."

BTW, the half-time show was more ugly than the game!
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It was a frustrating snoozer of a game, all defense on both sides with the Patriots eventually wearing down the Rams. Nothing like attrition being one of the deciding factors.

As for the half time, all I can ask is why do they still do it the way they do? Talk about being out of touch.

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Being a Packer's fan for 55+ years I know how special it is to "Win it all."I've been on the up, down, up, down,  roller coaster ride with my team over those years. The hard part is the spiral downward in which you become, or become again, the NFL's doormat.

Enjoy it while you can Pat's fans. Nothing lasts forever....no disrespect.
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The ROAR from the crowd for the "artists" at half-time who had less than zero talent made me puke . Twice .
Contrary to what some are saying here and many are saying elsewhere, I found it to be a very exciting game. Close, tension-filled, and well played on both sides.  (One indication of that being that each team had only one turnover). As others have said, though, I always make a point of not watching Super Bowl half-time shows.

Subsequently the Rams’ coach pretty much placed the blame for the loss on himself, saying that he wasn’t able to adjust to Belichick’s defensive game-plan. The result being that the league’s second most potent offense during the regular season, in terms of both points per game and yards per game, couldn’t get anything going. Especially in terms of their running game, which amassed a total of only 62 yards.

I was rooting for the Pats, btw, although I would have enjoyed the game almost as much if they had lost.

-- Al
That's my pats!, I  enjoyed the game,  however,  if Brady was as good as he was 5 years ago,  the score would have been quite nasty, Brady was really terrible to say the least,  half time show was unbearable🤓
     If my team isn't playing, I just root for a good game.

    But that was the worst Super Bowl game I've ever seen.  I didn't care who won and it looked like the Rams didn't either.
   Just an awful, painful game to watch.

Go Bears!
Low-scoring defensive games are never very exciting but a tense nerve-wracking affair (for fans anyway). Both defensive teams were outstanding but the Pats were brilliant. Nice article on ESPN:

Being local boy a died in the wool Pats fan, I was just old they are renaming  Super Bowl VIV, Roger Goodell decided to call it...wait for it........

Yeah, boring for all those rams fans.
Chances of rams returning to SuperBowl in 2020 are slim.Patriots chances are excellent.Great game plan by both teams but Belichik is a football genius and Brady is the goat. Eventually, father time will take his toll but until then - GO PATS!

     I actually fell asleep during Sunday's Super Bowl.  I had a dream the Pats were playing the '85 Bears instead of the Rams. 
    Wilbur Marshall came charging up the middle on a blitz and literally snapped Brady in half.  It was spectacular with a loud 'CRACK!' initiating the unbelievable carnage.  But there was no head to head contact so no flag.
     Apparently, the loud crack was the sound of Brady's spine snapping in half. This caused immediate total body paralysis and he coughed up the pigskin. Marshall scooped it up and ran the 20 yards to the end zone as snow started falling in the closed roof stadium just as time ran out in the first half.  Bears went for 2 and got it, halftime score: Bears 113, Patriots 0.
     The CBS producers quickly changed the halftime show to be Brady's funeral.  Bill Belichick had everyone crying with his highly emotional eulogy that ended with "We're on to Cincinnati,  Oops, I mean we're on to the 2nd half".  I'm still misty eyed.
    Robert Kraft had his taxedermist, who embalmed and stuffed his late and beloved pet pink poodle Gronk, do the the same for Brady.  
     To everyone's relief, he stated Brady wouldn't be placed on display in his den like poor old Gronk.  Instead, he announced Brady would be installed as the centerpiece of his future amusement park near Foxborough that'll be named Goatland.

Huh, a satirical dream that I enjoyed more than the game,
I was watching the game but threw up after half  "artists" did their thing ,felt better but started to snow here and watching the flakes was more exciting .
The Pats (yawn) are ruining (yawn) the NFL post season.  In the interest of the fans and the game, we should disband the Patriots and send their players throughout the league...then restart the Pats from zero.  Would like to do the same with University of Alabama.  Tired of watching no contests in the NCAA FBS.
There’s an old saying "New York, NY, so nice they named it twice. If you can make it here you can make it anywhere!"

Superbowl XLVI Feb 10, 2012 NY Giants 21 PATSIES 17
Superbowl XLII Feb 3, 2008 NY Giants 17 PATSIES 14

I guess the Boston/New England Patsies can’t really consider themselves "World Champs" because they can’t win against New York, baby!!!

Eli Manning - "Hey Jan, I mean Tom, got get me a beer boy; and make sure its anything but a Sam Adams!, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yukity, yuk, yuk!!!"

Tom Brady - "No, I don’t have an inferiority complex. And don’t call me Jan!"

And by the way, the Patsies have the most Superbowl losses of any team in NFL history. (Just for the record.)

The Pats have been in 11 Superbowls and the Giants been in 5. It's all about total wins and nothing else!
Written like a lame Patsy fan. Its just the stubborn little "fact" that Jan Brady, oops, I mean Giselle Brady, oops, I mean Tom Brady, never beat NY and as such, can’t really be considered "Super Bowl Champion". Yogi, life is hard, what can I tell ya’ Boo Boo.
Six Superbowl rings is more  than any other has. What can Mr. SOUR GRAPES say about that! Like I said, it's all about the numbers !
Somehow I remember in 2008 The Patsies had 18 meaningless wins and 1 GIANT loss! The thrill of victory....and the agony of defeat. So Soooo embarrassing.