Here's to the temperate, the gentle, the moderates in audio

Just a shout out to the audio dealers and youtubers who:

Don’t rant

Don’t eviscerate hobbyists and others in the industry under the guise of some kind of "truth bomb"

Don’t claim to be the only one "on your side" and then tell you to buy from them.

Want to understand what it takes to connect an individual, however limited they are, with gear that brings them music and fun.

Understand that this is for fun and that people want to enjoy audio and keep their serious attention on issues that really matter.

Provide informed and temperate commentary about audio -- Hans Beekhuyzen, Tarun, Darko, Steve Guttenberg, Lachlan (Passion for Sound), Sean, Harley Lovegrove, and many others. I don’t always agree with their analyses but they’re not trying to be "shock jocks" or leaders of "tribes."


Great post. I'd also add 'Cheapaudioman' and 'iiWi' to the list. Highlighting less expensive products that sound incredibly good. 

I like Jay's Iyagi, Thomas and Stereo, New Record Day and more.

There is a range of different styles. Some are more promotional, others are more objective (Hans, Tarun), but they all realize that a soft touch is more respectful and, ultimately, informative.

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+1 @hilde45 

Nice thread. I enjoy all the YTubers mentioned, for the very reasons you've highlighted. I have my favourites; Tarun, Harvey Lovegrove, Steve Guttenberg, Jay's Iyagi, Thomas &, Stereo (love Thomas's demeanor and delivery, makes me feel calm for reasons I cant put my finger on 😊). I also really enjoy iiWi's videos

Thanks for a refreshing post 👍

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Notice how the trolls just can't help themselves. No one invited neworleansjazz and he/she/it are attempting to re-ignite negativities. Begone, troll. You're not respected nor wanted. Go yell at a cloud.

@hilde45 i deleted my post because it was negative and did nothing to serve your noble thread

Agree with the sentiment and agree with the fact that you get more bees with honey. I have my favorite you tubers (mentioned above), AND despite the bravado OCD Mikey made some good points in his recent video, and truly knows his stuff. 

All is fair in love and Hifi.



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I’m so tempted to post that YouTube video again about cursing in French but it did have profanity on it and most likely was the reason the mods took it down. We have some really delicate ears around here.

You know, the more neworleansjazz posts, the less I find that music relevant or desirable. Such a shame to associate a ne’er-do-well with music but it’s working.

That, and I think @hilde45 got it right with his "shock jock" analogy. Those of lessor intelligence (maturity?) seem to have this need to own others.

All the best,

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Thanks for the additional suggestions. And for the pleasant remarks. Some of us read French and we understand who needs to be banned from the site.

In the meantime, have a pleasant weekend!

Alvin Lee @ Denafrips/Jay's. One of the kindest, gentlest and most helpful approach to running an audio operation.

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You can also add The British Audiophile to  the list. His calm demeanor is rare nowadays. The same goes for Goldensound.

All the best,


Winner: Best Topic of the Day

I’ve found in my 40+ years in the industry that the near (or actual) genius level individuals are the most intellectually humble -- and the best listeners. They are masters at relaying highly technical concepts into "layman’s" terms. They never talk down to others because they recognize that they have arrived at a good place and want to invite others to play along.

It’s been said that history will remember the names of those who waged wars, but the forget the names of those who prevented them.

Well done, sir.

@cdc I hope this isn't considered too far off the subject, but can you or anyone else speak to the audio quality of music pulled off of Utube.  I have heard some pretty good music from them, but I am only listening through a standard computer system, with Audioengine2+ speakers. 

Thanks in advance


Right on @hilde45 and here's to those with the courage to admit it when two things sound the same to them, and those realize that dogma is not the best method of persuasion.

I like watching all of the YT guys listed. Randy “Cheapaudioman” cracks me up. He’s a funny guy. Tarun, IIWI, Steve G, NRD. Just Audio is commercial but with humor and honesty.

I am subscribed to all the names mentioned and I quickly ran away from several who are not. But one name I just resubscribed to is Jays Audio Lab. Some of his videos are actually fun to listen too.

@hilde45 Ron Brenay & Thomas Tan have been very good to me. My Channel grew because of them. But Toronto Jay I find very Condescending and everything is “the best” he’s ever heard.

i have both friends and foes in the YouTube universe. My channel is small and I don’t care if people like it or not. I’m not sponsored but I am a Schill for specific brands and make no bones about it.

”Time Worth Wasting”


Nice additions.

One thing I especially like about some channels (E.g., A British Audiophile, Hans Beekhuyzen) is that they always open the hood and can discuss what is happening in the design and parts. I come away with a better understanding of some of the reasons a product may (may) sound good. 

Not that this kind of internal analysis is necessary to explain what is good or bad about a product -- I learn from those who don't do it, too -- but I advance in the hobby when the presenter incorporates well-grounded technical knowledge as it could apply to what I might hear.

Wow...thanks hilde45!  One of the best posts ever.  Inspiration to be more objective myself.

I have found Shane over at aussieaudiophile to very informative, humble and a worthwhile YouTube audio reviewer. I have learned quite a bit by watching OCD Mikey's videos. He freely gives out valuable information from which I have learned quite a bit.

This thread seems to have gravitated toward Youtube channels rather than dealers/manufacturers,  but let me throw J.R. Bosclair (WallyTools) into the list. He's a great example of the kind of people who make this hobby enjoyable.


can you or anyone else speak to the audio quality of music pulled off of Utube.

Do you mean the music they play when reviewing components or music for listening?

For music, it is better than some crappy MP3 download’s I have done. I don’t do critical listening but sounds in the ballpark - comparable CD’s IME. Others here can help you much more compared to streaming than I. Maybe you should post a new topic.

As for components, who really knows? There are so many variable such as what mic’ing techniques. It would be great if this was a viable way to audition. It would help the hobby a lot.

Maybe for general points it is okay.The risk is you may reject a component that would sound great when set up in your room.

I did hear the Linkwitz LX521.4 and thought they sounded bright. Same with Technics SB-C700. Goldenear plays some good representative music to demonstrate his points (ie DAC’s) and I could hear it.

I would recommend some full range Tang-band 3" paper or metal cone from Parts-Express in one of their cabinets. Just be careful to get a flat F-R or be aware if it is not. IMHO that would give you more accurate reproduction than Audio Engine (Disclaimer, I have not heard them).

Another one that looks really good, albeit only down to 140Hz.

Seas Orbit FL4RCN/F 40mm Aluminum Cone Fullrange


How about some great responsive dealers and suppliers: Aric Kimball of Aric Audio, Alvin Chee at Vinshine, Mike Kay at Audio Archon, Don Sachs, Mads Buchardt at Buchardt Audio. Chris at VH Audio…..I don’t always end up buying all of their products, but they’ve all been generous with their time and honest with their opinions (in my eyes)

I’m adding another vote for this being the best post of the day!!  Thanks, great topic!  I added a bunch of YouTube channels to my list of favorites.

@flynehome Thank you for your compliment.

I think by this point, we're all tired of the nattering nabobs of negativism and the blowhards on the internet. We're really really tired. They need to get a life and stop harshing the mellow of good people just trying to enjoy a nice thing.

Here's to Audiogon who even has a forum. Not sure what they gain from this as it's a website for selling but appreciate they do.

Scandinavian reviewer..."Stjernholm reviews" reviewer on YT (entertaining as heck).