How Do You Store Your Record Collection? Recommendations Please!

Greetings all,

I'm looking for a more elegant solution for my records. I currently use a a large deep wood bookshelf but have run out of space and the style is no longer produced by the company so need to figure something else out. Which got me wondering what most folks use to store their records.

Looking for recommendations. Ideally I'd like a manufacturer that's currently in business so I can add on more shelving/units as needed. 

Please share!

Also, has anyone tried any storage solutions from these folks? I like the aesthetic and being in a NYC apartment being able to attach to the wall is a big bonus.
In 2 large custom made wooden bookcases with 6 shelfs.Great for my many classical(EMI,DECCA,VIOLIN LPs,Sinatra jazz and blues records etc.The records on the wall is to weird for me however.
I've had to go with a variety of bookshelves. I just do my best to have them as visually alike as reasonably possible. Plus, the way I figure it, if the shelves themselves are filled with records, who the heck except for you and your spouse will notice? 
Records should be stored upright under just slight pressure. You fill a space until you can just get your finger in between. Partially filled shelves
with the records leaning is not good. I have a large bookend that I use in the partially filled space. 
I just finished building a walnut built in equipment and record cabinet that will store 1600 records. I'll have room for another 1000 records in a sofa table book case style cabinet. 
If you google record storage you will find hundreds of commercial examples. You have to pick what is best for your situation. We cannot do that for you.
Thanks for the replies. I am interested in if there are companies that build storage solutions specifically for records. I know I can google and find results for shelves that can accommodate records but was wondering with all the high end companies making racks, stands, etc. if there were any making storage solutions - correct depth, height, spacing, dividers.

Or places that will make custom shelves, especially in the NYC area. 

Thanks all!
IKEA storage cubes are indeed an excellent & cheap way to store LPs, but I have to say that if you live in a humid climate they'll get wobbly before too long.
You can have custom cabinets built- cost of lumber is high now, don't know what availability is of cabinet making level carpenters where you are, but I ran out of room with an entire floor for storage in a large (5400 sq ft or so) house in NY. Build ins were a little more than the Ikea stuff (which is good on the cheap- I use them here in TX, but substantially reduced the number of albums pre-move); people tend to prefer some racks that show the face of the album rather than the spine, but given the number of records I had at one point, that simply wasn't possible. 
Custom also allows you to take advantage of various areas that are unsuitable for a free-standing shelving system. Worth pricing that route as you look at ready made. 
I have IKEA Kalax shelving units. Almost Made for albums. Simple and clean design.
I bought one sturdy Ikea storage shelf to place my Loricraft 4 on top of. The rest are like Peaches crates but less expensive. On EBay, a seller named leolarve sells a 24 inch Vinyl record crates for $30-$40. I bought 4. I put 2 of those cardboard sheets that come with medial mailers for LP's underneath the bottom panels for a little support.... 
It depends on the amount of albums you have. Tens, hundreds or thousands or tens or thousands,
Go to
The LP racks are solid oak/maple/walnut.
They are stackable. Each module holds 150 LPs.
They’re made by Amish people...quality is great.

I added a white oak top and put my amp and turntable on there. Add one oak shelf to a module and you can put a preamp and CD player in there.

When joined together 2 high and 3 across (6 modules and 900 LPs) they take on a very sleek, modern mid century proportion.

The stacked LPs add mass and create a stable platform for a turntable.

They’re $135 each in unfinished oak. I just rub in a little tung oil but they look great raw. Worth every penny.

You're welcome
I also use maple shade shelves. Just bought a third one to add to the stack as I was running out of room. 
The teebooks design has very little side support at all. I'm concerned for the safety and good shape of the records. 
Check out Damon Kelley’s work at DK Vinyl Displays. He also sells on Etsy.  I have a couple of his units are am extremely pleased with his work. He has a good deal of variety and can custom any of his pieces. Highly recommended. 

Rackit on Etsy by Ryan Tinsel.  You can stack them to the ceiling if you want.

In upright position with min pressure between them on a bookcase, 33cm height shelves, that can hold up to 1,8k lps. 


Home built book cases hung on wall with French cleats .. each holds hundreds...13.5x 13.5x far I've made two. Will make more when time allows. Wall mounting is the way to go, saves precious floor space. I already have enough record shelves on the floor.
I have IKEA Kallax units which work just fine---lots of different configurations you can choose from.
lets start with the fact that low shelves suck.

next, damage prevention: you want to avoid too much wear on the bottom edges, or banging the corners getting them in/out. Too tight will result in label edge damage, and circular impressions into the covers. Too loose will encourage warping. Dividers, adjustable, on smooth surfaced shelves help with avoiding all these things.

I had 2,500 and just inherited 4,000 lps, and the professional library shelving my friend bought from a library sale. Slots bottom and rear to insert dividers on 1" spaces, easy to maintain/adjust spacing.

I sort the bulk alphabetically, with separate categories for: classical; christmas; show tunes; collections. Alphabetically: you need a plan: 1 in, 2 out!

Any wall mounted system: I would start adding wood, vertical strips on the studs wherever thay are (not always where you hope they are), panels or horizontal strips, seriously attached to studs, then mount the 'system' onto the wood. Plywood panels painted same or different color as wall, or plywood with stainable veneer, hardwood strips, many options, including letting the wood panels/strips start and transfer the weight to the floor, then the upper screws keep it from falling forward. 
I forgot to mention:

I left the wood cases behind, took only the shelves with dividers. I put the library shelves on top of rolling wire shelf units. If you can find shelves with dividers, and you leave the extra 3/4 - 1" height clearance, you can put them on/in anything.
I just bought a “Better Homes & Gardens” six cube unit on eBay, <$70 delivered...with 200+ records in it I guess it has room for at least another 100-150...and it makes a better turntable base than the Pangea Vulcan rack I’d been using

These are very affordable and work well.
There are also 3 shelve wooden units if you look on Amazon.
I got two which I placed side by side in my office.
I built my own very easy. Pre cut black pipe and oak stair treads all from Home Depot. Stained the oak black and wiped off fast to give the look weathered. Used 3/4 inch pipe if I wanted I could dance on top of it, solid as a rock.
Wow! Thank you all. So helpful and a lot to look through. Exactly what I was hoping for when I posted this, so really, thanks for the responses. I look forward to supporting one or perhaps more of the businesses mentioned.
@sandthemall - I'm gonna get the Mapleshade racks. They look sturdy and not reasonable in price.  Thanks for the recommendation.
IKEA Kallax - enough of them so that the vinyl isn't packed too closely together.  Only downside to it is that there are no backs to the units.  But otherwise cheap, not ugly and scalable.
IKEA Kallax. Glued it together with wood glue in addition to provided fasteners. Then, bolted the Kallax shelves to each other, and also bolted them to the walls. (Have them from floor to ceiling). Beautiful, 5yrs old, and still looks brand new, zero buckling nor bending, and shelves all packed to the brim.  
Somebody above recommended the LPBin 2. I use the LPBin3. I chose it for the wheels. I can move my collection easily to route cables. clean the floor, etc. 
The drawback is that it takes up a bit more room than sideways shelves and is quite tall, so shortys need not apply. I do love being able to flip through my collection like I was in a record store.

Kallax users: Any "poke through" problems? Had a couple of dowels pop through the laminate during assembly. Did I do something wrong?
I also have LPBin3 and very happy with it. Very solid build difficult to roll on carpet when it’s full. The build quality is ok, not great, but very reasonable cost. The nicer ones I looked at were either very expensive or too small for my collection 
I’m so glad this entry took off. I think I am going to purchase a few of the maple shades and outfit one wall with the ikea shelves. I may but the lp bin for another room!