How LONG have you been an AUDIOGONER'?

I can't believe that threads started in June 2000 and before are still going. Boy do I feel old.....

"Best female vocals on CD" 521 Posts, Started 6/4/04.

"Audiogon "RECORDINGS TO DIE FOR" List" 291 Posts. Started 1/14/01.

"Who Is Your Overall Favorite Guitarists" 354 Posts. Started 1/04/03.

"What's On Your Turntable Tonight" 1234 Posts, Started 3/4/04.

Where are all of the the Audiogoner Old Timers?

How long have YOU been on Audiogon?
I have been a member of the Audiogon community since ~1997/1998. I forget about when it was, but it was well before feedback was installed.

I've been an actual member since '01...but was reading and learning long before then.

P.S.--Man, my system has *changed* since then! I have literally none of the same gear as when I joined, right down to the power cords.
I have been a member since 2000 and started reading audiogon about one year before that. Oh my has it really been that long have learned so much and had the chance to meet some great people along the way. Every deal I have done has been a good experience on the buy and sell side great people thanks to all you audiogoner's and My friends I have had the chance to meet in our little Cincinnati audio group. A fine group of people who share there knowledge and passion of music so freely. Marc
I've been here since the site started. Once the flamers took over the site I dropped out for a couple of years though. It was unmoderated at that time. When the site was revamped and the discussion forums started to be moderated, I re-registered, although with a different username (I forgot my initial username! Also, I think that when the site was reworked, you had to re-regsiter within a certain time or you lost your previous identity, including posts and feedback comments) So the date on my current name is not when I actually first appeared. It was when I reappeared.

There's been a previous thread on how long people have been around. A diligent search of the archives should turn it up.
Lake513. You're right. This has been a great community. It still is. I also have had a multitude of different buy/sell transactions on this site with never a hitch.

It's great to see some of the old names coming together on one thread.
I recall the day I discovered Audiogon. I was so excited at the prospect of buying a "used" pair of speakers that I could have never otherwise afforded. Getting used gear was limited to the local "Reader" or the like and very much a hassel...

It was the winter of 1998 and at the time I was a huge B&W fan. I committed myself to getting pair of Matrix 802s or 3s. To me, and at the time, would have been the summit if audio nervana, alas, I never got them and end up getting a pair of Sonus Faber GPs ( I think my first purchase on the 'gon).

Now 10 years down the road and sooo much has changed in my life and sytem!

It must be exciting to be loging on to Audiogon for the first time these days!

Feb. 02 for me. I also have enjoyed the threads, both in reading and participating. I also have had many great buy/sell transactions with a lot of great members. It's interesting how some of the earlier members have dropped out. Did they just get bored or move on to another hobby and forum? It's nice to see a few of the old-timers still around. I have learned a lot from some very knowledgeble Audiogoners and I hope that somewhere I have been able to contribute some of my own experiences which has helped someone else. We are currently in the middle of a very tough economy. I have heard that it is going to get worse before it gets better. Let's hope that it gets better soon.
I have my first feedback from April 2005. I learned about this site from a friend. I love the members. Often articulate, always great to discuss/debate systems and components. I have gotten great ideas and product from other audiogoners. I have to give a lot of credit to members for how my system has evolved.
"What ever happened to SLAPPY ?"

Great question. He was one of our "Audio Comediologists".

One way or another, he could add a light note to any thread.

You out there Slappy?
On & off since 2000 or 2001.
There are many old timers who have disappeared in the past two years.
I wonder where they moved to...
geeze . . . I'm still a newbie. Nov. 2004, but that's long enough to watch many changes, including who the "old timers" are. Sadly, 'gon is missing some of the authorities, as well as some of the "Audio Comediologists" who posted regularly a few years ago.
Member since September 1999.
Started visiting ca. 6 months before that.
I've been in a roller coaster ride due to stressful life changes (job) and building a business from zero.....
Music has been along the journey through my unchanged equipment (been packed at one time for 2 years) but used a simple setup for enduring the toughest part of the storm.

Yes long time, many people had come and go, some funny others too "energetic" about their positions.

I've been reading threads now and then but sometimes don't feel that motivated to post..... so I've been around but in "stealth mode". It may happen to others as well.
I've really curtailed my forum participation here for a variety of reasons but still pretty active buying & selling. Like so many others, I lurked here for awhile before I signed on back in 2000.
Signed up 11/02 and have enjoyed the forums and great Goners I have met and dealt with.
Almost 10 years. I completed my first transaction in December of 1998 and I'm now approaching 400. Hard to believe.
Holy Crap! I too am an old koot. I've been a member since May of 09.
My how time flies. But I've got a lot of good stuff here and dealt with some really nice folks.
Y'all keep it up.
April 2000 is when I finally signed up but had been viewing for a year or so before that.