Idalia and Power Issues

I had started another thread on whole house surge protectors and the value of using them in combination with plug-in surge protectors. Forty-eight hours after I started that thread the weather models all started forecasting it would go over my head sometime Wednesday, August 30, 2023.

I’m going to use this thread to keep track of any power problems I experience.

My power protection:

  • Siemens BoltShield in the panel
  • Furman with SMP, LiFT and EVS in the HT rack
  • Three APC UPS used for PC’s, telecom and nightstand
  • External gas-discharge tube on coaxial Internet
  • 3’ of fiber to air gap the modem from the router
  • Ethernet isolator before HT network switch
  • Tripp Lite Isobar surge strips in a couple of locations.

Of course, the ideal situation is to unplug everything before a major storm, but that only works if you know they are going to happen.

I'd like to ask this thread to stay focused on Idalia and any power related issues you suffer as a result.


I missed the important part. I’m NE of Hilton Head along the South Carolina coast. No fear of a hurricane surge here but we are expecting heavy rain and lightning over the next 48 hours, along with 80 MPH winds.

Around 5 AM this morning an unexpected thunderstorm hit. Around 10 AM during a rain shower my power glitched forcing a momentary UPS intervention. Odd because there was no reason I could tell for it. No local lightning, no sounds of transformers popping.

I should also say that if I can I absolutely WILL turn off the power to my equipment before a major storm, but that may or may not be possible, and I do intend to leave my telecom equipment on 24/7 as I need it for communication.

That last part is kind of iffy though as my cable provider and T-Mobile seem to be colocated nearby, so when the power goes out to the tower, so does the Internet.  You would think these two systems would provide me with redundant coverage but about half the time they do not.

I think if you are in the path of this storm flooding maybe a bigger issue, what do I know I live in a desert. Hope all in its path weather the storm well.

Hey @jeffrey125

Depends where you are. For sure Florida will have that problem from the storm surge (the ocean moving inland) and the rain.

The further away Idalia moves from the ocean the less moisture and energy it has.

Given the long path over land Idalia will have, and where my home is the storm surge isn’t a problem, but wind and rain will be, but not nearly as bad as Florida.

That 80 MPH wind will definitely challenge our power lines with an abundance of trees falling on them, and other such problems.

@erik_squires hopefully it will Peter out before making its way north. One can hope and pray. 

I would just unplug everything for the few hours the storm moves by, and if needed, move equipment to a place that will be safe from flooding.


@gdnrbob Wrote:

I would just unplug everything for the few hours the storm moves by, and if needed, move equipment to a place that will be safe from flooding.


I agree!


Yes to above- unplug and wait it out.

If you need live storm tracking, I suggest this on YouTube. He’s great at what he does.

All the best,


And yet again you build your house out of cardboard and stick it with bubble gum. Boggles my mind.

The low price  surge protectors like Furman I plug tvs into and router 

if Anyone has a seperate modem to router get rid of it ,outdated technologies 

I had a older spectrum setup wall warts Suck !

I bought a Motorola 8702 combo it has the newer docsis 3.1  much bigger processor bigger buffer wifi range and picture on tv better , I put a Good  12 volt Linear Power supply on the router it made a very nice improvement in streaming sonics , from Linear Tube Audio , by far the best LPS under $1200, for $750 a steal 

I compared with 5 other well known brands inside everything is far better if you are serious look no further ,mine is good up to 8 amps, they can build up to 20 volt units ,maybe more.

Being in North Central Florida I alway leave my rig unplugged until listening time. Currently feeling the effects as Idalia passes through. Fingers crossed the electricity stays on. I hear transformers popping in the distance. 

Good luck Eric!  I live in the Daytona Beach area and I am so fortunate that this area is just getting some rain (much needed!) and light wind.  I feel for those in the path!  Let us know how things go for you. 

"And yet again you build your house out of cardboard and stick it with bubble gum. Boggles my mind."

What does that even mean??

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An SPD, (Surge Protection Device), will do nothing to protect from Utility Power surges, overvoltages, caused the high winds and storm water of the storm. SPDs only protect from high voltage transients lasting in a duration of a few milliseconds. Voltage surges, overvoltages, caused by the storm will last far more in duration than a few milliseconds.

Not always true. Furman protectors with Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) provides protection against lower but longer lasting voltage issues than the surge protection feature (SMP) .

These voltages can be otherwise undetected until equipment starts to fail.

Also, of course I will turn things off from power strips and breakers if the storm gets bad near me. For now I need it working so I can keep up with the news.

One of the unexpected joys of living here is when your UPS kicks in and the power glitches and then 2-4 seconds later you hear a "boom" sound. Pretty sure they just lost another transformer.

Weather wise we are doing really well.  There was minor street flooding, and light wind, but no lightning today, which is a surprise.

Equally interesting is what happens to all the battery powered cars in the storm surges.

Equally interesting is what happens to all the battery powered cars in the storm surges

@bolong I thought Tesla's were powered by lightning?? Should definitely leave those plugged in during a lightning storm to maintain maximum battery life.

How everyone made it through ok.
Last time a hurricane came my way the noise floor seemed to rise but on the bright side everything sounded more liquid and airy. 😉 Go figure!

Here in Cainhoy some wind, some rain....enjoyed WNCW

via Innous the whole time.  Weather folks have become more hyperbolic. The movie Network has proven prophetic.


Hey everyone.  Made it through with some power glitches, and now intermittent Internet access from my cable provider.  Local streets saw minor road flooding.  Certainly nothing like Charleston. 

I'll update if we have any more power issues.