Integrated Amplifier with the Good Bass and Extended Highs

Looking for an SS Integrated amplifier with the NAD's or Simaudio's deep bass but with the extended highs
for the PSB Synchrony speakers. I listened PSB with the Accuphase E-470 (which I shouldn't) and since then I can't find the right amplifier. I tried Belles Aria but I didn't like the bass.

@djengan - When I switched to my current Rega Elicit-R, I got a significant improvement is bass performance. You might want to check the reviews of the Rega Elicit-R as I believe the reviews also mentioned the bass performance of this integrated amp. I really like this integrated amp......
New Anthem integrated amp, STR. 200w/8 ohm, 400w/4ohm, 550w/2 ohm
ARC Room correction, DAC and mm & mc phono on board. $4499.

I have an older Anthem I225 Integrated Amp. It commands 225 watts into 8 ohms, very high voltage, current. I recently upgraded mine with Mundorf Capacitors. 

Wyred 4 Sound STI-500, or STI-1000. Hegel Rost, H80, H160, or H360. All very compelling solutions depending on budget 2-6k. 
@greginnh - I think he did like the Accuphase, but maybe not the $6000 price. I'm guessing he's searching for the sound he heard with the Accuphase, but at a lower cost. Correct djengan?
T+A Elektroakustic  PA2000R  or  PA2500R  or PA3000HV  or  PA3100HV..... May not be in your price range,  but even the lowest in model here has been compared to Pass Integrateds or the Hegel H360
Absolutely correct! Similar sound, if possible. 
I liked everything with the Accuphase. Nice deep bass, midrange and extended highs. I wish that is the price $6.000.00, I would find the way to buy it  But the price for E-470 is $12.000.00

@djengan - Ouch, $12K is real money. I did a quick google search and saw a couple around $6K, but they look like they might be grey market sellers.

The Rega Elicit-R retails for $3K. I bought mine used for under $2K and I'm really happy with it. Would be worth and audition if you have a dealer nearby.
If you are patient, you can find a mint US version E-470 for $6,000.  Another integrated to consider would be the Esoteric F-05.  

Luxman stuff is very similar sounding to Accuphase and less money.

 to be honest they are much closer priced in Japan seems Accuphase hoses markets out side of their home country.

@djengen: Great options recommended by all of the previous posters in your thread.

Is your budget 6K?

I agree with glennewdick - Luxman is more affordable than Accuphase and actually may be even more affordable with their new US distribution. I have not seen the new price list but I am certain you can get a new Luxman integrated for $6,000 or less. I have owned both brands and Accuphase is better sounding. If you are smitten by the characteristics of the E-470, you might be a bit disappointed with the Luxman integrated sound (a bit more polite that Accuphase). Music Direct sells Luxman and they offer a 60 day money back guarantee. It might be one way to go!
That's exactly the problem. As I mentioned in posting, I shouldn't try Accuphase. I did try Luxman 505ux.. Believe or not, NAD C275 with the Rogue Audio Perseus pre amplifier sounded better then Luxman but with lack of the highs compared to Accuphase.
How about Simaudio 600i and PSB Synchrony.
Consider Peachtree Nova300.  Plenty of good reviews, seems to be good bang for your buck.
Maybe an integrated with tone controls? You can tailor to your liking.

I heard the Hegel 360 at the Los Angeles Audio Show and it was very good; considerably better than the Rost although the Rost was pretty good. They performed comparison tests between the Rost, 360, and their reference separates. The 360 was fairly close to the separates and it and the Rost have built-in DACs. The demo speaker was the KEF Blade 2. I liked the Hegel sound.
The T+A has tone controls....Not well known, but well worth checking out... Here is the base model.... they compare it with the Hegel H300 & H360...


Parasound Halo Intergrated, designed by the master John Curl. Even has a dac and phono stage in it, puts many boutique >$5k units away.

Cheers George

As above,
both the Rega Elicit-R and Anthem 225 are very good for the money, indeed.  The Anthem has incredible current to drive any speaker easily.
Excellent sound from both amps.  Happy Listening!

many good ideas here. I really like the Hegel sound and the fact that they are very versatile and can be used with many types of speakers. I opted for the h200 and am really enjoying it. I will probably not replace it as I am really happy with its clean, rich sound. My next purchase will be different speakers like planars or a small tube amp as a second system as I have no desire to change the Hegel. 
I am curious about Wells Audio- have any of you guys taken a test-drive?

Happy Listening!
List of the amplifiers:
Accuphase E-270 (new) Hopefully similar sonic signature as the E-470
Simaudio 600i (used)
Hegel H160 (new)
Which one?

I had read  great stuff about the Aria. I use Belles Soloist 1. You really have picked great gear, just now personal preference and system/room synergy. Maybe also speaker placement.  
I’ll chime in, since it’s been touched on. I own Luxman’s L-590AX, and imagine it may be everything you’re looking for. Used, around $4000 in great shape. 30W in Class A. To me, it’s stunning. Still certainly not cheap, but I bet it’s tremendously similar to the Accuphase. The newest version is the L-590AXII, this is their top of the line SS integrated, MSRP is $10,000+/-.  Mine is the previous version, two years old. I'd bypass their A/B amps and move up to the Class A.
try this one if you can find it in your country: Analog Domain Isis M75
The Parasound Halo has good bass, (I own one) however the Yamaha integrateds, like the A-S1100 are capable of silly good bass extension.They have a leaner tonal balance, but their bass capabilities make me laugh out loud. 
" the Yamaha integrateds, like the A-S1100 are capable of silly good bass extension.They have a leaner tonal balance, but their bass capabilities make me laugh out loud."


I have the A-S1000 and it sure is not lacking bass drive.  That A-S1100 is next on my radar.

Primare I32 has more than ample bass and amazing, sparkling highs with no underemphasis of mids/vocals. I think the list is about $3,000. A new I35 is coming out very soon. I was really impressed with the Aria until I heard the Primare.

Dealer locator:

I like the Bryston integrated amps. Plenty of clean power and solid bass and they come with the optional DAC or phono and a standard 20 year warranty.

The Vincent SV-237 is also a very nice sounding integrated. I had it for a short period before deciding to go with their separate SP-331 amp only because I couldn't justify shelving my NAD preamp. I must confess the separate set up does sound better but not significantly.

I have a Vincent SV-237.  I am actually looking to get rid of mine to get to the next level of high end audio.  I also have a nice phono stage to go with it, which also is a vincent PHO-700.  Not sure if you are interested at all, but thought i would throw it out there.
I usually make my own intergrated by sticking the power amp chassis to the pre-amp and sending the XLR Cable into the chassis by cutting out a hole. This way you get the best of both worlds.

Just wondering how long you listened to the 505 ux?  I have read a rave review of it in one of the audio rags. I recently purchased a l-507 ux and thought it was terrible when I first hooked it up. I could not believe how bad this thing sounded. (I'm using it with VMPS  RM30 Series II speakers) I let it burn in for several days and it started to sound much better. I have had it now for about 7 days and I am beginning to love this thing.  Turned it off last night and expected I would have to wait to let it warm up again but within an hour it sounded better than ever.  It just sounds better every day.  If the class A sound is what got you then the 590 is likely to be the ticket in the Luxman line but just sayin  you really have to let these things settle and burn in to know what they sound like. 
I wish I knew more, or had more experience to comment further. When I bought my L-590AX I read all the Luxman reviews I could find, which certainly weren’t a tremendous amount. Most reviewers liked the sound of the two class A amps over the others, and the 590 over the 550. I have zero regrets. Bass is super, and very well controlled, midrange and highs are awesome, great detail, but not bright or forward. Also, from one review that I can no longer find, these amps are really only class A up to the rated 30 watts, and then switched to A/B, and were putting out about 90 watts/channel into 8 ohms.
There is an L-550AII currently for sale here for $2000. This would be a 20W amp, which was later superceded by the L-550AX, then the L-550AXII. It looks nice. For me, I didn’t want to wonder "what if", so I went to the 590.
Good luck,

You might find this worth reading.
For now I am very interested in Accuphase E-270. I understand that the E-270 won't sound like a E-470 but it should have similar sonic signature.
Power shouldn't be a problem, 90W/8Ohms - 120W/4Ohms since I don't listen music that loud.
I was lucky enough to get a mint Rega Osiris for just over 34% of list price.  At hat price it was a steal.  And yes, it is very good.  I believe that because it is a Rega product, costs $9995 list and it is not fancy enough that they are not a top seller.  And, due to these factors, occasionally a used one come up at, considering it's true quality, can also be obtained very reasonably.  Also if anything ever goes wrong, Rega is totally excellent to deal with.  That's for sure.
<<Krell dealer disclaimer>>
The Krell Vanguard intergrated amp sounds excellent.  It has a large, open soundstage, detail, legendary Krell bass punch.  It's hard to find fault with it.  I use it regularly to demonstrate $28k Magico's.  Runs them effortlessly.  It's the best sounding integrated they've ever made.  I'd add it to your list.  :-)
Vitus RI-100. Be patient. You can find them here for around $7000. Best money you’ll ever spend…..